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Arcadia Humphrey (Pleasanton) Pierport (Bear Lake)
Bar Lake (Parkdale) Indian Village Pleasanton
Bear Lake Kaleva Pomona (Copemish)
Big Four Corners Lemon Portage Point (Onekama)
Brethren Malcolm (Bear Lake) Red Park (Onekama)
Brown Twp. (Copemish) Manistee Star Crossing
Chief Lake (Brethren) Marilla Stronach
Copemish Maue Corners (Onekama) Tannerville
Douglas (Onekama) Newland (Onekama) Udell
Dublin (Wellston) Norwalk (Onekama) Warren's Corners
East Lake Oak Hill (Manistee) Wellston
Filer City Old House Wic-a-te-wah (Onekama)
Hale Corner Onekama Junction Wildwood
Harlan Onekama Williamsport
High Bridge Parkdale Yates Corners

Manistee County Road Names
(Sorry, I do not have information about the origins of the road names)

Adamczak Rd. Eleven Mile Rd. Lindroos Rd. Professional Dr.
Adams Rd. Elm Rd. Linke Rd. Prunsk Rd.
Adamson Lake Rd. Erdman Rd. Lintula Rd. Psutka Rd.
Alkire Rd. Erickson Rd. Listen Rd. Puustinen Rd.
Allen Rd. Erwin Rd. Little River Rd. Quartermile Rd.
Anderson Rd. Falk Rd. Long Rd. Read Rd.
Anson Rd. Farnsworth Rd. Lumley Rd. Red Apple Rd.
Archer Rd. Farr Rd. Lyman Rd. Red Man Rd.
Arrow Rd. Faylor Rd. Madison Rd. Reno Rd.
Asp Rd. Feldwak Rd. Maidens Rd. Revolt Rd.
Baily Rd. Fife Springs Rd. Majeska Rd. Rice Rd.
Bair Rd. Fist Rd. Makinen Rd. River Rd.
Baker Rd. Flarity Rd. Mallard Rd. Romona Rd.
Balsam Rd. Franklin Rd. Mallison Rd. Romsek Rd.
Bar Lake Rd. Fredrick Rd. Manke Rd. Rose Rd.
Bayview Rd. Frost Rd. Maple Rd. Saari Rd.
Beall Rd. Gear Rd. Marilla Rd. Saint Pierre Rd.
Becker Rd. Gilbert Rd. Marzinski Rd. Sanoski Rd.
Beers Rd. Glovers Lake Rd. Mathisen Rd. Schaef Rd.
Benton Rd. Good Rd. Maxey Rd. Schneider Rd.
Bentoski Rd. Graf Rd. McClelland Rd. Schoedel Rd.
Berg Rd. Grant Hwy. McMartin Rd. Seaman Rd.
Betsie River Rd. Griffith Rd. McNeil Rd. Sedler Rd.
Bialik Rd. Guenthardt Rd. Merkey Rd. Siegfried Rd.
Big Baay Rd. Gunn Rd. Michigan Ave. Simpson Rd.
Big Four Rd. Harlan Rd. Milarch Rd. Six Mile Bridge Rd.
Big Pines Rd. Harris Rd. Milks Rd. Skidmore Rd.
Bigge Rd. Hart Rd. Millarch Rd. Smeltzer Rd.
Birch Rd. Healy Lake Rd. Miller Rd. Sorrenson Rd.
Birchwood Rd. Herkelrath Rd. Moore Rd. South Claybank Rd.
Bishop Rd. High Bridge Rd. Moss Rd. South Glen Oak Rd.
Bosschem Rd. Hill Rd. Mud Lake Rd. South High Bridge Rd.
Brandt Rd. Hilliard Rd. Myers Rd. South Huff Rd.
Brewer Rd. Holso Rd. Nesson City Rd. South Kettle Hole Rd.
Burtker Rd. Hopkins Forest Rd. Niemi Rd. South Line Rd.
Butwell Rd. Hopkins Rd. Nine Mile Bridge Rd. South Portage Point Dr.
Caberfae Hwy Horseshoe Bend Rd. Nine Mile Rd. South Shore Rd.
Cadillac Hwy Horseshoe Creek Rd. Norconk Rd. South Skocelas Rd.
Camp Rd. Hoxeyville Rd. Norman Rd. South Snyder Rd.
Cedar Creek Rd. Hulkonen Rd. North Claybank Rd. South Warfield Rd.
Cermak Rd. Hull Rd. North Custer Rd. Springdale Rd.
Chalker Rd. Hulls Rd. North Glen Oak Rd. Steffins Rd.
Chamberlain Rd. Husier Rd. North High Bridge Rd. Steinberg Rd.
Cherry Rd. Indian Village Rd. North Huff Rd. Stronach Dam Rd.
Chicago Ave. Iverson Rd. North Kettle Hole Rd. Suida Rd.
Chief Rd. Jaeckel Rd. North Oak Rd. Swanson Rd.
Chippewa Hwy. Jebavey Rd. North Skocelas Rd. Swigard Rd.
Chrestensen Rd. Johnson Rd. North Snyder Rd. Tannerville Rd.
Christy Rd. Jones Rd. North Tower Rd. Taylor Rd.
Clements Rd. Joseph Rd. Northwood Hwy. Thirteen Mile Rd.
Coates Hwy. Jouppi Rd. Nurnberger Rd. Thomas Rd.
Collins Rd. Joy Rd. Old House Rd. Thompsonville Rd.
Connelly Rd. Keillor Rd. Old Stronach Rd. Thorpe Rd.
County Rd. No. 1 Keith Rd. Olson Rd. Tompke Rd.
Creamery Rd. Kemmer Rd. Oravainen Rd. Valencourt Rd.
Crescent Beach Rd. Kenny Rd. Orchard Hwy. Van Rd.
Croy Rd. Kerry Rd. Pak Rd. Viaduct Rd.
Dam Rd. Kettner Rd. Pasanen Rd. Voelm Rd.
Dickson Rd. King Rd. Peacock Rd. Vondra Rd.
Dilling Rd. Kott Rd. Peterson Rd. Ware Rd.
Domres Rd. Krause Rd. Phyllis Rd. Warfield Rd.
Doneth Rd. Kropel Rd. Pihl Rd. Wells Rd.
Dontz Rd. Kurick Rd. Pine Creek Rd. West Fox Farm Rd.
Dorothy Rd. Lahti Rd. Pine Lake Rd. West Preuss Rd.
Dzuibanek Rd. Lake Shore Rd. Pines Rd. West Udell Hills Rd.
East Fox Farm Rd. Lakeside Ave. Piney Rd. Wildwood Rd.
East Lake Rd. Lakeview Rd. Plagany Rd. Willis Rd.
East Moss Rd. Laverne Rd. Pleasanton Hwy. Wills Rd.
East Parkdale Ave. Leckrone Rd. Pole Rd. Wilson Rd.
East Portage Point Dr. Leffen Rd. Polen Rd. Witala Rd.
East Preuss Rd. Lenz Rd. Pomeroy Woods Trail Rd.
East Udell Hills Rd. Letteau Rd. Poplar Rd. Yager Rd.
Eight Mile Rd. Linderman Rd. Potter Rd. Yates Rd.
Ziehm Rd.

Manistee City Street Names
(Sorry, I do not have information about the origins of the road names)

Arbor Ln. Frost Rd. Michael Warren St.
Arthur St. Gillespie Rd. Mill St. Washington St.
Ashland Grand Monroe St. Water St.
Avenue A Grant Nee St. Webster
Avenue B Greenbush Nelson St. Willow
Avenue C Greenwich Rd. Nine Mile Bridge Rd. Windswept Dr.
Beach Grove St. Northwater 1st Ave.
Bluff Ave. Guthrie Rd. Oak Dr. 1st St.
Bowerman Rd. Hahn Rd. Oak Grove 2nd Ave.
Brickyard Rd. Hancock Oak St. 2nd St.
Bridge Ave. Harbor Dr. Oakfield 3rd Ave.
Bridge St. Harris Rd. Oakwood St. 3rd St.
Broad St. Harrison Olson Rd. 4th Ave.
Brown Rd. Harvard Ln. Oxford 4th St.
Browning Ave. Hastings Ave. Page Rd. 5th Ave.
Bryant Ave. High St. Park Ave. 5th St.
Caberfae Hwy. Hill Rd. Parkdale Ave. W. 6th Ave.
Canfield St. Hillcrest Dr. Pearce Rd. 6th St.
Cedar St. Hilty St. Perry St. 7th St.
Center St. Holden St. Pine St. 8th St.
Chapman St. Holly Ct. Pinecreek Rd. 9th St.
Cherry Rd. Hopkins Poplar 10th St.
Cleveland St. Huer Hill Rd. Preuss Rd. 11th St.
Concord Hughes Princeton Rd. 12th St.
Condon Rd. Industrial Park Dr. Prospect 13th St.
Cornell Ivy Ln. Quincy 14th St.
Cosmos Rd. Jackson Ramsdell 15th St.
Cross St. Jefferson  Residential Dr. 16th St.
Cypress St. Jerumbo St. Riegle Rd. 17th St.
Davis St. Joan Ave. River St. 18th St.
Dinsel Jones St. Robinson St. 19th St.
Disposal Rd. Kemmer Rd. Rose Ln. 20th St.
Division St. Koscuisko Sheridan 21st St.
Domres Lake Shore Dr. Sherman 22nd St.
Driftwood Lake St. Short St. 23rd St.
Duffy St. Lakeshore Rd. Sibben St. 24th St.
Dunes Dr. Lansing St. Smith St. 24th St. E.
East St. Lexington Sophia St. 25th St.
Eastlake Rd. Lincoln St. Spruce St. 25th St. E.
Elbert St. Linwood St. St. Mary's Pkwy. 26th St.
Elliott Dr. Locust St. Staunton St. 26th St. E.
Elm St. Lynn Steinberg Rd. 27th St.
End St. Madison Stronach Rd. 27th St. E.
Engelmann Magill St. Surfside Dr.
Fairview Main St. Sweetnam Dr.
Falleen Manistee St. Sycamore St.
Filer Ave. Maple Rd. Tabor St.
Filer City Rd. Marlawn Dr. Tamarack St.
Filer St. Mason Taylor St.
Filmore Maywood Ave. Tubbs Rd.
Ford St. McKee St. Van Buren
Forest Ct. Meltzer St. Vine St.
Fowler Ave. Memorial Dr. Wall St.
Fremont Merkey Rd. Walnut St.

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