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April 11, 1885


Should Manistee never have a worse Common Council than the last, her future will indeed be fortunate.

Mr. Douville's election is a rebuke to the meddlesome cranks whose ambition seems to be the arraying of employees against employees.

Dr. L.S. Ellis will be remembered as a well-meaning public officer, who had the good fortune to be compelled to appoint competent men to public positions by the determined effort of the Common Council.

The Democrats swept the State by majorities ranging from 15,000 to 30,000. Hon. A.V. McAlvay, of Manistee, has the honor of running ahead of his ticket all over Michigan. In this city he received a handsome majority and 424 more votes than the balance of his ticket.

Was born near Milwaukee, Wis., in 1844. His father is a native of la belle, France, his mother an American; he came to Manistee in 1866; was always a dyed-in-the-wool Democrat, and enjoyed the reputation of being the best political organizer in this section; held the position of Recorder, Marshal, Treasurer, and Judge of probate; somewhat resembles Tim Nester - excepting that he does not run with the same machine; is an excellent listener, but slow of speech, unless he has something particular to say; will undoubtedly be a Democrat till he dies, and when crossing the Styx with old Charon will convert the son of Erebus and Nox to vote the Democratic ticket - at least, we believe, he'll try to; he is married.

Is a native of Lorraine; is one of the pioneer settlers of this county; was elected alderman from the Third ward several times, and served two terms as County Treasurer; is a Democrat who never "bolted' a ticket; is capable and is as honest as the day is long.

A native of Norway, and a graduate of the Christiana University; is 35 years of age; came to Manistee in 1869 and was engaged as a scaler until the fall of 1882 when he was appointed city clerk in place of J.P. Baxter, who was elected County Clerk and Register of Deeds; he was elected to the same position in 1883, re-elected in '84 and again this spring; under his administration the City Clerk's office attained a degree of efficiency equal to any in the State; he is a ripe scholar and an accomplished linguist, but not much of a politician; is very much stronger with the voters than with the practical "wirepuller;" so long as he conducts the affairs of his office as satisfactorily as heretofore, he can afford to be reasonably independent.

JOHN McANLEY, Ald. First Ward
Was born in Canada in 1854; came with his parents to Manistee in 1867; learned the blacksmith trade, and worked at it until a couple of years ago, when he opened a grocery and provision store in his building, corner of Washington and Center streets, where he can be found generally from 5 A.M. to 10 P.M.; he never drank intoxicating liquor, never smoked, and never mixed in politics; is a good member of the Council, and may be depended on to vote evert time for that which he believes to be the best interest of the city; is married.

Saw the first glimpse of light at Mecklenberg-Schwerin, Prussia, in 1855; his father came to the United States in 1858; fought in the Union army, and received an honorable discharge; Ernest came here in 1870; learned the blacksmith trade, and worked at it until he took charge of the Mamerow House; built the block opposite F. & P.M. passenger depot; is agent for Best and Blatz, Milwaukee brewers, and runs the Mamerow House saloon; served two terms in the Council before this one, to which he was elected on Monday; made an excellent record; is married.

WM. NUNGESSER, Ald. 2d Ward
First opened his eyes in Hesse Darmstadt, near Frankfort-on-the-Maine, in 1837; came to the United States with his parents in 1846; attended school, and worked on the farm until '61; volunteered as a "high private" in Co. D, 12th Wis.; for bravery on the field was promoted step by step and had the honor to be mustered out Capt. of the Co.; came to Manistee in 1869 and engaged in the furniture business with Mr. Lucas; firm dissolved, each running in the same line on their own account; was elected alderman of the 2nd ward last spring, and school trustee last summer; is a straight as a string and can state without lying that he never beat anyone out of a cent in his life; always paid 100 cents on the dollar; makes a good alderman; is married.

C.D. GARDNER, Ald. 2d Ward
Was ushered into the world in Medina county, O. (Ohio), in 1841; learned the jewelry and watchmaking business; when the war broke out; volunteered and went to the front, where he staid until it was finished; settled in Manistee in 1876; although a steadfast Republican and a watchmaker  his reputation for truth and veracity was never questioned, that we heard of; he used to belong to a band years ago, but has since reformed, and only indulges his musical proclivities in the privacy of home, where he finds congenial auditory in Mrs. G. and the children, who are all more or less proficient musicians; he served two terms in the Council, and Poor Commissioner for two terms; he never sought an office nor accepted a nomination without reluctance; people here would rather believe that Manistee salt was no better than the Saginaw article rather than that Mr. G's official act could be influenced by an unworthy motive.

Dr. JOHN KINSLEY, Ald. 3d.Ward
Is a native of Philadelphia, Pa., of Pennsylvania Dutch stock; was born in 1849; went to school and was studying medicine when the war broke out; left college and joined Abe Lincoln's "Yankee hirlings;" fought through the war, and carries around sundry cuts and bruises as momentos of the time that stirred men's souls to - seek their relatives in Canada; went in as a private was mustered out as Captain; after the war he finished his studies in medicine and graduated, came to Manistee in 1866; was very independent; worked in the pine woods; saved sufficient to enable him to open an office; in company with Mr. Danville he opened a drug store; prospered; has a large practice; was thrice mayor of Manistee; in official as well as private matters his reputation is gilt-edge; is married.

THOMAS FINAN, Ald. 3d Ward
Is the youngest member of the Council, and has the honor to be the first native of Manistee ever elected to a public office in this city; was born in Manistee township in 1861; is now 24 years of age; received a good education in the public schools; was in the grocery and provision trade, but a couple of years ago went into the saloon business; never drank liquor or used tobacco in any shape; is of medium height, and a fine specimen of physical manhood; his reputation is to be made; can safely state that he will never become a party to any dishonest transaction, or be led into any scheme that would bring dishonor on his name; not married.

JOSEPH SAILE, Ald. 4th Ward
Is a native of Widdinburg, Prussia; is 43 years of age; came to the United States in 1854, and settled in Manistee in 1868; is a tanner by trade and at present is engaged in the hide business; was four times elected a member of the Common Council, and enjoys to a rare extent the confidence of the voters in the Fourth ward; he is present at every meeting of the council and holds the full respect of his confreres; the interest of the ward are jealously guarded by him he deserves the sobriquet of "Honest Joe" Saile by which he is usually designated.

Is a native of Alsace; was born near the Rhine in 1831; came to Manistee in 1867, and is serving his second term on the council; he is by occupation a filer in a saw mill; George has had the benefit of a good education; on all matters of official conduct he is intensely sensitive, and it is doubtful if ever an official strove harder to perform a duty more conscientiously than George; common humanity is prone to mistakes and errors; he is no exception to the rule; but none will admit a mistake quicker or strive honestly to correct it sooner; his ambition is not to be brilliant, but to live and die an honest man and a good Democrat.

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