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Here are some brief notes from one film of Manistee County Probate Court records. The files contain copies of original documents presented to the courts, and are very valuable to researchers. These files contain anywhere from 3 to 30+ pages each. These films can be rented through your local LDS Family History Center Library.

Probate Files A No. 2-50 1855-1968
FHL Film #945571

AINSWORTH, Henry d. 29 Nov 1879; Rachel L. Ainsworth, Administrator
ATKINS, Robert d. 25 __, 1871; Allen R. Atkins, Administrator
BROWN, Adam d. 06 Mar 1876; Elizabeth Brown & Jacob Lucas Executors
BARRETT, Francis d. 12 Jun 1858; John Canfield, Administrator
BENTON, Nettie May Age 3, adoption by Ellen & Jesse O. BUSH, 04 May 1876. Mother is Phoebe Benton, father was Albert Benjamin Benton. Albert was listed as deceased, but it was crossed out.
BRAUER, Ludwig d. 17 May 1876; Rudolph Brauer, brother, Administrator.
BRITTAN, Samuel d. 1877?, includes his handwritten will, Nathan S. Brittan, Executor.
BABINAW, Emanuel Minor, John N. Miller of Arcadia named Guardian. Son of the late M. Babinaw of Frankfort.
BOHALL, Leonard M. d. Oct 1875?; Isaac N. Tillson, Administrator.
BAUR, Joseph & Josephine Minors, children of John Baur, who d. 06 Dec 1877 at Morrison, CO. Joseph Baur Guardian, Anna Baur Executrix.
BARRETT, John d. 11 Jan 1879; Father Willigan, Administrator.
BROWN, Leo. B. & Charles Minors, children of Adam Brown, to Eliza Brown, 24 Sep 1878?
BALLARD, Ingeborg 28 Apr 1880; no family, sent to the MI Asylum for the Insane, Kalamazoo.
BIRKAY/ BIRCAY/ BISKIE, Frederick d. Apr 1864, Brown Twp.; Johannah Grund, Administrator
BRITTAN, Juletta Minor, Samuel Brittan is Guardian; 16 Aug 1871; sent to MI Asylum for the Insane. Abandoned estate.
BEECHNER or BUCKNER, John d. 05 Jun 1868; David D. Ingram, Administrator
BOYD, James B. d. 19 Jan 1867; James D. Boyd, Administrator
BOLLAND: Bloomy, Benjamin, Abram & David Morris Herbst, Esq., appointed Guardian; Nov 1870, Minor children of Lazerus Bolland & Sarah (deceased).
BUFKA, Julia, John & Henry Minors, Nov. 1880, John Bufka, father, deceased. Deserted case.
CHRISTIANSON, Marion 7 Jul 1880, sent to MI Asylum for the Insane at Kalamazoo. Son is Nels Peter Johnson, age 25, sound of mind.
COLE, Maggie d. 20 Jun 1880; John Bowie, Petitioner.
Abandoned estate.
CANFIELD, Edmund d. 26 May 1871 at Chicago. Brother of John Canfield, Administrator is Lewis B. Harrington, Esq.
CARLTON, Eddie Adoption & name change. Eddie __, adopted by B.F. & Eliza Jane CARLTON. Abandoned Estate.
CANFIELD, Edward Minor child of Edmund Canfield.
CRON, Emma d. 31 Dec 1888; Contains her handwritten will, Frederick W. Cron, Executor.
DICKSON/ DIXON, Eliza d. 16 Aug 1872; John Dixon, Administrator
DURANLEAU, Xiste d. 27 Jul 1873; Zelma A. Duranleau, Administrator. Zelma later becomes Zelma Mayrand.
DUNN, Thomas d. 06 Sep 1877; Mary Dunn
DOLOSKI, Antoni Minor, apprenticeship indenture to Charles J. Tomlin as a farm servant, 10 Mar 1877.
DELLOW, John Minor, Nov 1878. Mary Dellow, mother, appointed Guardian to protect his wages. Father living.
DAILEY, James Jr. Minor, Adoption by C.N. and Adelia Collins. Name changed to James Collins. Lived on poor farm. Later lived in Tawas, MI as James Daley.
DURANLEAU, Zelma Zoe 10 Oct 1878 property or guardianship; Zelma Duranleau.
DUNHAM, Henry 31 Dec 1878; Insanity and epilepsy, sent to MI Asylum for the Insane at Kalamazoo at the expense of William Dunham.
DAHL, Ellen 20 Dec 1879, has been insane for 4 days, sent to MI Asylum for the Insane at Kalamazoo by petition of Christian Dahl.
DICKSON, Ida May & John Lewis 1875, minor children of Eliza Dickson; Allowing sale of land by John Dickson. Ida May became Ida May Reynolds Hayward of WI; John Lewis later lived in Hograim?, WA. George Wislen is half-brother of Lewis.
DINWOODIE, William d. 28 Jan 1868; James Dinwoodie of Ontario, Administrator.
DOUGHERTY, Patrick d. 07 Oct 1868; Winifurt Griffiths and Jeremiah L. Taylor are Administrators.
DONOHUE, Mary Jane Minor daughter of John Donohue, deceased. 1867. Antwine Blair, Petitioner for Guardianship.
DAILEY, Michael Minor, age 3, Adoption by Wm. & Jul Ann Powers; 12 May 1880. Child of James Dailey. Name changed to Michael Powers. Lived at poor farm.
ECKWALD, Kassabretta 1875, Insane, sent to MI Asylum for the Insane at Kalamazoo.
ELLIOTT, Benjamin 1869? Parents from Dorsetshire, England. John Mounstephan, Administrator. Abandoned estate.
ENGELMANN, Nathan 25 Oct 1871; late of Milwaukee. Michael Engelmann and Sarah Engelmann, Executor & Executrix. Sarah later became Sarah Kitzinger.
ESTES, Eva E. Minor, age 18, abandoned estate. Daughter of George H. Estes, late of Illinois, 15 Apr 1874. Names Harry R. Miller as Guardian.
FINAN, Owen Died 27 Oct 1856 at Chicago, Cook Co., Illinois. Names brother, Michael Finan and spouse, Bridget Finan as administrators. Children are John and Francis J. Finan.
FAIRBANKS, James M. Died 17 Dec 1871. Isaac N. Tillson, administrator. Daughter is Ida May Fairbanks of Dayton, OH. Ida b. 24 May 1857 at Bushnell's Basin, NY. Parents divorced in '63 or '64, father went to Michigan.

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