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Here are some brief notes from one film of Manistee County Probate Court records. The files contain copies of original documents presented to the courts, and are very valuable to researchers. These files contain anywhere from 3 to 30+ pages each. These films can be rented through your local LDS Family History Center Library.

Probate Files A No. 51-104  1855-1968
FHL Film #945572

FINCH, Japhath & Eliza E., Minors Children of Amos & Eliza Finch. Documents discharge mother, Eliza, from guardianship - dated 27 Sep 1915. Eliza originally appointed guardian in March 1879. Inventory of estate. Luther B. Finch of Arcadia is a brother.
FOWLER, John S. Adoption & name change. John Penny (Renny?), age 7, adopted by S.W. Fowler and Fannie L.N. Fowler. Dated 19 Jul 1879. Earlier paper dated 17 Apr 1878.
FINAN, Francis J. Died in 1876, a resident of Manistee. Handwritten Will dated 22 Aug 1876, witnessed by T.J. Ramsdell & M. Willigan. Mother, Bridget Hogan, Executrix.
FIELD, Herbert Died (murdered) 5 Sep 1869, no will. William Dunham, administrator. Was with Vanderpool-Field Bankers. Rachel Hill was his aunt. (He was killed by his business partner, Mr. Vanderpool)
GEAR, Sarah T.
Father was Peter Gear. Mother, Sarah F. Gear, appointed guardian. James W. Gear of Pierport.
GRANDJOHN, Nicholas C. Deceased. Lilias? S. Davis, widow, is administrator. Children: May L., age 21; and Rose M., age 18. Dated 08 Jan 1889. Abandoned estate, 11 Aug 1915.
GLOVER, John Died 12 Mar 1876. Sarah B. Glover administrator, 19 Mar 1878. Her name is Sarah B. Hopkins in 1881.
GROSS, Daniel Died 17 Dec 1872,  left no will. William Dunham & Elizabeth D. Gross are Administrators, dated 3 Feb 1873. Orders for allowance for widow. Children are Daniel & Matilda Gross. Abandoned estate, 16 Sep 1915.
GLOVER Children, Minors Children are Coulborn, William, Thomas, Abraham, Sarah & John, Francis. In a letter written by Stacy Thompson, dated 20 Jul 1915: Hannah G. Kilborn is sister-in-law, lives at Mesa, Mesa Co., Colorado. Wm. Glover lives at Thompsonville, MI. Colbourn is thought to have died. Thomas died at Tacoma, Washington 15-18 years ago. Francis died about 30 years ago. Abram lives at Rifle, Colorado. Sarah (the mother) died 25 years or more ago in Blaine Twp., MI. John lives at 127 Spadina Ave., Toronto, Ontario. John Glover, age 11 years, is adopted by Catherine C. and Thomas Simpson of Bear Lake, 13 Jun 1878. Now known as John G. Simpson.
GREEN, Gottlieb Deceased. Children: John W., David, Samuel, David, Mary H. Dunke. 29 May 1878, paper signed by Michael Dunke. Was a resident of Pleasanton.
GROAT, Robert Recommended for State Lunatic Asylum by Dr. Mead. Robert is a pauper with no family. Dated 2 Jan 1880.
GILLETT, John A. Alleged insane. Petition by Hannah Gillett to be guardian is discharged. Children are Phebe A., Olida A., Chas E., Harry S., Albert M. On 19 Jun 1868, Fowler & Dumett, attorneys are ordered not to be permitted to practice in this court until purged of contempt. Abandoned estate, 29 Jul 1915.
GOLDEN, Myrtle Estelle 13 Jul 1875, Anna Wilimena, 1 year, natural daughter of William & Anna Sophia Youngberg, of Manistee, is adopted by James & Eunice? Golden. Abandoned estate 29 Jul 1915. Name now Myrtle Estelle Golden.
GIFFORD, Alice, Minor Is a grandchild of Ephraim Newland, who died 7? Sep 1859 at Stillwater, Saratoga, NY. His widow, Sarah Newland, d. at Stillwater on 22 Dec 1867. Children: Cordelia S. b. 29 Jul 1827, d. before her father, was md. to William H. Gifford - (her daughter Mary Louise md. Joseph Townsend and lives at Chicago - her daughter Alice, age 17, lives at West Hudson, NY.) Mary, daughter of Ephraim Newland b. 29 Jul 1829 d. 11 Mar 1833 at Bennis Hights?, never married. John B., son of Ephraim, b. 24 Nov 1833 lives at Stillwater. Alice Gifford wants $ from the estate.
GILLETT, Minor Children Josephine A., Phoebe L., Olida A., Charles Edward, Harris S., Albert M Gillett are children. Estate of John H. Gillett. Hannah Gillet is guardian, dated 31 Mar 1869. Abandoned estate 15 Jul 1915.
GULLIKSON, John Insane,  indigent. Granted certificate for admission to the Michigan Asylum for the Insane. Examination papers by Dr. Siqveland, 17 Apr 1878.
GRAHAM, Willis & Clara D., Minors Children of Seymour Graham. Mary Graham Halstead appointed guardian, 11 Aug 1889. Seymour was a Private, Co. K., 152 Regiment of the Indiana Volunteers. Abandoned estate, 15 Jul 1915.
GRAHAM, Kate Adoption, change of name. Kate Graham, age 2, adopted by Charles C. & Mattie W. Tuttle 27 Oct 1898, name is now Kate Graham Tuttle. Abandoned estate, 29 Jul 1915.
HULL, Sarah A. Died 12th or 14th of May, 1875. Handwritten Will & inventory. Widow of Oscar W. Hull, who died 6 May 1874. Resident of Onekama. Executors are: Samuel E. Hull & Augustine Farr. Children are: George W., William, Oscar Mead & Ruth. They homesteaded in 1872. Oscar b. 23 Jun 1871, Ruth b. 17 Jul 1874. No birth dates for other children.
HOUGHTON, Hattie & Emily Dependent & neglected children of Arthur Houghton & Harriet Houghton. Harriet's whereabouts are unknown. Hattie is 8 years old, and has been maintained at the county poor house.
HAYWARD, Henry Died 12 Jun 1878 at Pleasanton. Will dated 9 Apr 1878. Widow is Eliza Ann. Children are Amanda Vanalstine, over 21, Wm. Henry, over 21, Zachariah, age 17; Sarah Ann, age 16, L.G.W., age 14; Mary Eliza, age 10.
HAYWARD, Children L.G.W., Sarah Ann, Zachariah, Mary Eliza, minors. Michael Dunke was appointed guardian. Handwritten statement by Zachariah that releases Mr. Dunke from his personal guardianship, since he is of age.
HILLARD Mary Catharine Letter of exam by doctors, 9 Jun 1880, referred to the State Lunatic Asylum. Her father, Phillip Hilliard, says his wife is aged & ill, and cannot look after Mary C. any longer. The family resides in Maple Grove.
HOLM, Mathildo Lauritz Jensen Insane for 3 years, no family. Letters of examination dated 3 Jun 1880. Referred to the Michigan Asylum for the Insane at Kalamazoo. Patient has $600 inheritance at the Akers Sparbank at Christiana, Norway. Edward & Thomas Kenny are appointed guardians 17 Jul 1880.
HUYCK, William Died 5 Jul 1867 at Manistee, no will. George J. Shackelton appointed administrator & guardian of Emma Annette. Widow is Muriale? Daughters are: Elizabeth Cecelia? Nott and Emma Antoinette Huyck.
HILL, Rachel Died 19 Dec 1873. Rachel Hill was never married. Huge file, as Rachel was a very wealthy person. Mary Hill Wing is her sister. This tangled family web includes sister Phebe Hill Greenleaf, deceased, and her son Mark Hill Greenleaf of Brighton, Mass. Mark accuses everyone in Manistee of hiding Rachel's assets, lots of paperwork. Petition of Mary Hill Wing of Anderson Mills Co, IA lists heirs: John and Frank Ayer, of Minot, Maine. They are sons of Joan Hill Ayer, sister of the deceased.
HANSON, Henry Handwritten Will, dated 5 Aug 1871. Rosalia is wife and executrix, along with Bernhard Brown. Children are Henry, age 3, William, age 17, Frederick, age 6 weeks.
HARPER, Joseph Sr. Died 1 Nov 1871 at Wisconsin. Late of Stronach.
HADSALL, John Charlotte A, widow & administrator, lives at Filertown. No will. Children are Herbert J., Thomas A., Carrie H.
HOOD, J. Baptiste Insane. Examination papers by doctors dated 16 Dec 1885. Referred to Northern Michigan Asylum for the Insane at Traverse City.
HINTZ, Michael Insane, pauper. Doctors examination papers dated 16 Dec 1883. Referred to Northern Michigan Asylum for the Insane at Traverse City. Fred Hintz is a relative.
HUYCK, Emma Annette Minor, petition for appointment of guardian, Emma's father was Wm. F. Huyck. G.J. Shackelton & E.L. Shurly appointed guardians, dated 17 Sep 1867. Emma is 18 years old.
HANSON, Trine (Mrs.) Died 25 Dec 1879. Handwritten will dated 4 Mar 1879. Christ L. Peterson is executor. Children are Peter John Baur, 19; Louis Baur, 30; Sena or Lena Nelson, age 25 years.
HALE, Leo T. Request for re-count of votes cast for office of Manistee Co. Clerk & Register of Deeds, election was held 6 Nov 1888.
HENDERSON, James Request for re-count of votes cast for office of Manistee Co. Sheriff, election was held 6 Nov 1888.
INGRAM, Ida Nellie Minor, Nomination of D.D. Ingram as guardian. Ida Nellie is over 14 years old, and daughter of David D. Ingram. Paper dated 17 Jun 1878.
JOHNSON, Simons Died 08 Jun 1873 or 1875, at Whitehall, Muskegon Co., MI. No will. Widow is Patrine? of Manitowoc, WI. Children are Christian J., Sarah. Hans Peter and Martin of WI.
JONES, John Died 31 Aug 1876 at Onekama. No will. No names known of  any legal heirs. Abandoned estate, 27 Jul 1915.
JOHNSON, Pearl Marion Adoption & name change, 18 Mar 1878. Allen McKee & wife Artha M. wish to adopt the natural daughter of George E. Johnson & wife Carrie E. Johnson. Pearl is 4 years old. Name changed to Pearl Marion McKee.
JOHNSTON, William M. Died 15 or 16 Nov 1863 at the Village of Mackinac. No will. Susan Johnston is widow. Interested parties are Mrs. Ann M. Secor, and Johnson children: Lewis S., Charles, James, George, Marion, Virginia, all of Manistee, except for Lewis, who is in the US army.
KELLY, William Minor. John Eagan, step-father, appointed guardian. Son of Michael Kelly, deceased. Bond is made by John Eagan as principal, Michael Finan as surety.
KERRY, Stephen Incompetent, resident of Brown Twp. Dated 3 Dec 1871. Thomas & Mary Kerry signed as guardians, 3 Dec 1872. Mary is wife.
KINNEY, Jullietta Helena Deceased, wife of Ephraim Kinney. Beautiful handwritten will. Letter from Ephraim dated 17 Sep 1875, they lived at the village of Mount Salem?, Elgin Co., Ontario. Also mentions the Bodwell family of Bear Lake.
KOMASZINSKI, John Minor. Son of Catharina Komaszinska, born Romanska. John is 2 years old. Father, Martin petitions for guardianship, dated 26 May 1879.
KELLY, Michael Died 1 July 1862 at Manistee. William Kelly petitions court. Michael's widow, Margaret Kelly, is now married to John Eagan. John Eagan is administrator. No will.
LEVIQUE, Imogene Adoption and name change. Xavier Levique & wife Charlotte adopted Imogene Benton, age 6, natural daughter of Albert Bengman Benton & his wife Phoebe of Manistee. 12 May 1876.
LOW, Edward B. Died 10 Jun 1872 at Manistee. Handwritten will dated 27 Jun 1870. Edward is from Medina, Ohio. Esther, his wife, is appointed executrix. Child is Alice Cox.
LEITCH, Neil Died 09 Jul 1876 near Ontonogon on Lake Superior. Huge file. Wife was Mattie J. Leitch, they were married 5 Oct 1869 at Forrester, Sanilac Co., MI. Mattie is now Mattie J. Stokoe.
LIST, Christian P. Died 15 Dec 1875 at Manistee, no will. Fredrica, wife, is administrator. Children are Christian, John, Thomas and Peter.
LARNE, Joseph T. Dated 8 Mar 1877, Joseph is insane and indigent. Doctors examination papers, and letter from neighbor, Thomas Simpson of Bear Lake. Sent to the Michigan Asylum for the Insane at Kalamazoo. Mathew Larne is his father. Joseph was married with children.
LEAVER, George Died 04 Nov 1879 at Marilla Twp. Wife, Anna Olivia Leaver is administrator. Child is Georgianna. Georgianna dies 30 Jan 1880.
 LEGGETT, John W. Minor, John is 16 on the 3 Nov, 1880. Hannah Robinson is his mother.

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