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Here are some brief notes from one film of Manistee County Probate Court records. The files contain copies of original documents presented to the courts, and are very valuable to researchers. These files contain anywhere from 3 to 30+ pages each. These films can be rented through your local LDS Family History Center Library.

Probate Files A No. 105-160 1855-1968
FHL Film # 945573

105 LEAVER, Georgianna
Died 30 Jan 1880, left no Will. Her mother, Anna Olivia Leaver lives in Marilla. The administration bond was signed by her mother.
106 LENTZ; John, Mary, Joseph & Frank Minors. Children of John Lentz, who died 28 Jul 1865. His death occurred in Texas, while a soldier in the service of the U.S. He left no Will. Guardian bond signed by Margaretta Lentz Kolb, and Michael Cichenowski on 03 Sep 1866.
107 LAKE, Julana A., Alfred G., Rudolphus & Chester E. Minors. Children of George Lake, deceased. Mother is Sarah M. Crandall, formerly Lake, of Cleon Twp. Orson Rudd appointed Guardian. Guardian bond signed by Lewis Crandall 02 Dec 1870.
108 LOWE, Sarah
Died 08 Jul 1873 at Bear Lake, left no Will. David Anderson is named Administrator 04 Sep 1873. Heir is a minor son of the age 12 years being in Bear Lake County. (No name)
109 LINDGAARD, Andrea Louisa Minor. Letter of Guardianship dated 27 Nov 1870. Bollett, K.M. Christianson (sibling?)
110 LARSEN, Ann S.
Died 27 Sep 1881 at Manistee, left no Will. Joseph Pigeon of Oceana Co. petitions for administration to be granted to Theron S. Gurney of Hart, MI on 18 Oct 1881. Husband is Christopher Larson. (Note: The spelling of this name varies in the papers: Larson or Larsen)
111 LeGRAFF, Jennie Bell Adoption & name change, 13 Mar 1880. Child of Joseph & Tilda LeGraff. Jennie is 9 years old. She was adopted by John & Bridget Ann (McCormick) McDonald. Jennies new name is Jennie Bell McDonald.
112 LeGRAFF, Henry Adoption & name change, 09 Mar 1880. Henry is 10 years old. Adopted by Michael & Antona Augusta Voltz, name changed to Henry Voltz.
113 LeGRAFF, Etta Cordellia Adoption & name change, 05 May 1880. Etta Cordellia is 5 years old. Adopted by Chas. & Margaret Crosby, new name is Etta Cordellia Crosby.
114 LeGRAFF, Edward M. Leroy Adoption and name change, dated 08 Jun 1880. Edward is 6 years old. He is adopted by Antoine & Johanna Blair. His new name is Edward M. Leroy Blair.
115 MAU / MAUE, Phillip
Died 11 Mar 1875 at Bear Lake, left no Will. Elizabeth Mau, his widow, is Administratix. Children are: Marcella, age 14; Elizabeth, 13; John William, 17; Henry, 9; Charles, 7; and Lucius, 5. In 1892, Elizabeth is now Elizabeth Rogers, and Marcella is now Marcella Dailey.
116 McGUINEAS: Thomas R., Alexander, Harry (Henry), Hugh, William, David & Lizzie Minors. Father was Hugh. Mother, Martha nominated Guardian.
117 MORTENSON, Christina Late of Free Soil, Mason Co. John Mortenson petitions for Administratorship 09 Nov 1875. George W. Bullis is Administrator Ca. 21 May 1877. Heirs at Law are: Peter Nisson & Anna Nisson of Nykjob_ng?, T.O., Denmark.
118 McANLEY, John Died 21 Mar 1877 at Manistee, left no Will. His widow, Sarah, is Administrator. Children are: John, James, Minnie & Mary.
119 MILLER, Henry Died July 1877, left no Will. Widow is Catherine, who later becomes Catharine Krueger. Administrator is Herman Meranda. Children are: Albert, Ernest, Otilia & Amelia. Otilia later becomes Otilia Zurofski, Amelia becomes Amelia Finedore.
120 MILLER; Albert, Amelia, Ernest & Otilia Minors. Caroline Kruger appointed Guardian 10 May 1878. She is later listed as Caroline Kreiger on the discharge of administration form.
121 MORGAN, "Manistee" Died prior to 17 Jul 1929. He was sent to the Traverse City State Hospital about 40 years ago, did not have a known first name, so was called 'Manistee' after his county of residence. Admitted to the hospital at Kalamazoo on 14 Jul 1879 as an indigent, insane person. No record of relatives.
122 McCORMICK, Martha, John, Francis, Margaret & Emma Minors. Children of Bryan & Elizabeth (McDonald) McCormick. Bryan died 31 Aug 1877 at Browntown. Elizabeth is appointed Guardian.
123 McCARTHY, John Died 27 Feb 1880 at Brown Twp., left no Will. Administrators are his widow, Rosa McCarthy, & Dennis McCarthy. Children are: John Jr., age 4, and Thomas, age 1.
124 McCORMICK, Bryan Died 31 Aug 1877 at Browntown, left no Will. Widow is Elizabeth (McDonald) McCormick, of Manistee City. Children are: Bridget Ann McDonald of Browntown, Mary McCormick of Manistee City, Margarett McCormick of Manistee City, Martha McCormick of Browntown, Emma McCormick of Manistee City, and sons John & Francis McCormick of Manistee City.
125 McCORMICK, Thomas Minor. Child of Michael & Ann McCormick, Thomas was 19 years old on 16 Oct 1879. Ann is appointed Guardian.
126 MILLER, August Died abt. 15 Feb 1880 at Manistee Co., left no Will. Alexander Dunlop is Administrator. People with interest in the estate are: John & Charles Miller of Manistee, Fred L. Miller of Marcus, Iowa, and Louis Miller.
127 McAUGHEY, Robert Children of Robert McAughey, deceased.Catherine (McAughey) Thompson is mother. Children are: Eliza Jane, Thomas & Robert. Their step-father, James Thompson, is appointed Guardian 21 Nov 1861.
128 MANDRO; Margaret, Catherine, Mary & Peter Minors. Children of Andrew Mandros, deceased. Peter Huwer, step-father, is appointed Guardian. Mother is Susanna (Mandro) Huwer. In 1915, Catherine is now Mrs. Catherine Gnewuch; Margaret is now Mrs. Margaret Schmeling.
129 MILLER, Harry Adoption & name change.Harry is 3 years old on 01 May 1875. Harry is the son of Nils Nielson & his deceased wife, Christina Nielson. Harry is adopted by Harry R. & Sarah R. Miller.
130 MARTCH (Mantch?), Christian Spendthrift. Christian is age 70. File contains a request for a Guardian of his estate.
131 MORTENSEN, Mary Louisa Adoption & name change, 07 Oct 1872. Age 10 days, adopted by A.J. Moore & Mary E. Moore. Name is now Mary Louise Moore.
132 McCARTHY, John Jr. & Thomas Minors. Guardianship given to Rosa McCarthy, 29 Mar 1880. John Jr. is age 3 on the 23 May 1879, Thomas is age 1 on the 10 Apr 1879.
133 MOLDT / SALWAY Adoption & name change. Infant female child of John & Caroline Moldt is adopted by Joseph & Mary Salway. Name changed to Angeline Salway, 15 Sep 1865.
134 MORIN, Joseph Died Feb 1877. Will is dated 13 Feb 1877. Administrator is John Clavette, his son-in-law.
135 MOLDT, Minnie, Mary, Annie, Sophie Minors. Children of John (deceased) and Caroline Moldt. Petition for appointment of Guardian, dated 12 Feb 1867. Children are: Minnie, 11; Mary, 9; Annie, 5 and Sophia, 1 yr. Letter of Guardianship mentions John Freiberg & Henrich Ernst Lei__.
136 State of Mich. vs. Frederick Myers Frederick sold intoxicating liquors without them being inspected to Watson Carver & John Flanigan. Court session held 10 Jun 1872.
137 State of Mich. vs. Thomas McGuineas Thomas, age 12, b. 11 Sep 1865, was stealing grapes when confronted by Henry Young. Henry's younger brother, Charles, age 10, witnesses Thomas point a pistol at Henry. Thomas referred to the State Reform School for Boys at Lansing until he reaches age 18. Papers dated 20 Sep 1877. (Note: Thomas is at home for the 1880 census)
138 Manistee R.R. Co. vs. James Dempsey, Antoine E. Cartier, Gershon Wyborn & William Wente, Jr. Railroad right-of-way land purchase case, 02 Mar 1882.
139 M. & G.R. R.R. Co. vs. Wm. Reinsch, et al. Railroad right-of-way land purchase case, trial held 17 Sep 1892.
140 M. & G.R. R.R. Co. vs. Michael & Johanna Dummero Railroad right-of-way land purchase case.
141 M. & G.R. R.R. Co. vs. Edwd. & Matilda Silvernagel  Railroad right-of-way land purchase case.
142 M. & G.R. R.R. Co. vs. John & Johanna Lantz Railroad right-of-way land purchase case.
143 Manistee R.R. Co. vs. William J. Forth Railroad wanted his land for space to build the train depot at Manistee.
144 NUNGESSER, Nancy A. Died 16 Mar 1879 at Manistee, left no Will. Her husband George is Administrator. Children are: Geo. F., Frank W., Myrtle C., Harry and Nancy A.
145 NUNGESSER, (Children) Minors. Their father George is appointed Guardian, 21 Apr 1879. Children are: George F., age 7 on the 17 May 1878; Frank is age 6 on the 1 Jan 1879; Myrtle C. is 4 on the 1 Sep 1878; Harry is 2 on 25 Aug 1878; and Nancy is 3 weeks old on 26 Mar 1879. Later on, Geo. lives in Loyalton, Calif.; Frank lives in Butte, Mont.; Myrtle lives at # 8 E Brooklyne St., Boston, Mass; Harry lives at Clackamas, Oregon; Nancy is Mrs. Maud Prentice, and lives at 1153 Lincoln Ave., Denver, Colo.
146 NIMS, Almena Died 06 Jan 1879, left no Will. Julius Nims, her son, is appointed Administrator on 17 Nov 1879. Later, Mrs. M.A. Tibbitts writes the following: Seymour Nims wife lives in at Vernon Center, Minn; daughter Mary A. Tibbitts lives at Harvard, Idaho; daughter Eliza Hubbard lives at Manistee; daughter Paulina Beals lives at Mankato, Minn; daughter Martha Wardwell lives at Mankato, Minn; son Seymour Nims lives at Vernon, Minn; and son Julius C. Nims lives at Manistee.
147 O'CONNELL, Peter Died 06 Sep 1858, left no Will. Mary O'Connell is his widow. Children are: Mary S.  and John O'Connell.
148 OAKLEY, William Minor. Father, Henry Oakley is appointed Guardian. William is age 17 on the 15th of Sep 1877.
149 OLSEN, Bernt Died 15 Nov 1893 at Foedorcksted?, Norway. His brother is John Edward Olsen of Manistee. Children are son Iver? Olsen, age 8, in Norway and daughter Alfild, age 6, at Manistee.
150 PETERS Train Railway Co. Land right-of-way papers.
151 PETERSON, John Died 22 Aug 1870 at Manistee, was never married. His father died 186_ and his mother 1854 at Fredricksburg, Denmark. Other parties interested in John's estate are: Rasmus Nelson, Shirley Fisher and Rasmus Chrismenson.
152 PITCHER, Delos Alleged Incompetent. Delos lives at Bear Lake. His brother is Grant Pitcher, who brings the charges. Court session held 5 Sep 1892. Leo F. Hale, his employer, disagrees with this charge. Leo says Delos is an old soldier, has been in prison and had a hard army life. He asks that Delos' brother's petition not be granted.
153 DAVIS, Mary Ann Adoption & name change, 18 Jul 1867. Mary Ann is the daughter of John M. Davis, and is adopted by the Probert family.
154 RISDON, Robert Died 1 Jan, Instant. Typed Will. Robert had no children. B.M. Cutcheon and his widow, Cornelia, are Executors. Orange Risdon is his father, and lives at Sabine, Washtenaw Co., Mich. Nephews are William Meade and Lewis R. Meade, their mother is Harriet Meade.
155 RUSSELL, Perry Died 25 Nov 1878 at Wexford County. Edwin Russell is Administrator. Widow is Ella T. Russell of Manistee. Children are: Oliver, Earl, Alice and Edna Russell.
156 RASMUSSON, August Died 3 Nov 1878 at Manistee, left no Will. Hannah Peterson is his widow. Children are Charles & Laura Rasmusson.
157 RASMUSSON, Charles & Laura Minors. Charles is age 4 on the 5th of Feb 1880; Laura is 2 on the 01 Mar 1880.
158 RUSSELL, Oliver Minor. Son of Mary C. Russell, late of Manistee. He is 8 months old on 27 Sep 1870. Perry, his father, is appointed Guardian. On 05 Jul 1879, James Russell is appointed Guardian for Oliver, his father Perry is now deceased.
159 RADIKE, Edward Died 05 Dec 1872, left no Will. His mother is Berta Hulda Schoening (formerly Radike). Augusta Amalia Henriette Radike is his sister, as is Ottilie Florentine? Hulda Radike Miller. Annie Nicholson holds his mortgage. William Miller is Administrator, dated 29 Dec 1872. Edward also called Adolph?
160 RUSSELL Children Children of Perry & Ella T. Russell. Ella T. Russell appointed Guardian, 07 Aug 1879. (Ella later becomes Ella T. Wente)
160 NEWLAND, Ephraim Died 7? Sep 1859 at Stillwater, Saratoga, NY. His widow, Sarah Newland, d. at Stillwater on 22 Dec 1867.

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