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Here are some brief notes from one film of Manistee County Probate Court records. The files contain copies of original documents presented to the courts, and are very valuable to researchers. These files contain anywhere from 3 to 30+ pages each. These films can be rented through your local LDS Family History Center Library.

Probate Files B No. 50 -101 1855-1900
FHL Film # 945576

50 JONES, Rosa Catherina Adoption and name change. Rosa is the child of Ole and Maria Sundstroem, age 6 on 15 May 1883. She was adopted by Lewis S. Jones and his wife Olive C. Jones on 15 Jan 1884. The parents last name is also spelled Sundstroum on some papers.
51 UDELL, Henry S. vs.
BIRD, James
James Bird rents a room from Udell, and hasn't paid for two months. He is asked to pay or vacate the premises.
52 GIRARD, Lloyd Birney Adoption and name change. Lloyd is the child of Frank Girard (deceased) & Lizzie Miller. He is adopted by Merritt H. & Ellen Curry, 22 Oct 1883. His name is changed to Oscar H. Curry.
53 GALE, Willie Jerome Adoption and name change. Willie is the child of William & Eva E. Gale. He is age 5 on the 19th July 1883. He is adopted by Arthur Charles Pomeroy & Annie C. Pomeroy on 08 Nov 1883. His name is changed to Arthur Charles Pomeroy. Willie's father William Gale had custody of his son, it does not say that either parent was deceased.
54 WILSON, Frank Died 20 Nov 1881 at Abram Steinman's home in Arcadia. Mr. & Mrs. Albert Wilson are parents of the deceased. Seymour Calkins is the Administrator.
55 JOHNSON, August Died 16 Dec 1879, left no Will. His wife is Mary Therese Johnson. Mary states that they were married at Ada? in Sweden, Europe, during the summer of 1859. There is a letter from Catherine Sullivan in the file.
Ella J.
Alleged insane. Ella is a resident of Cleon Twp. Her husband, W.D. North is cripple and indigent, unable to support her. He states they married in 1851 at Franklin, W.V. Children are: Laura V. North, 18; Brooks North, 15 & Bertha North, 9. Cause: Exhaustion consequent upon hemmorage at the time of change of life. Referred to the MI Asylum for the Insane at Kalamazoo, 13 Nov 1883.
57 KERRY, William Fowler & Oscar Minors, reside at Browntown. They are children of Stephen (deceased) and Mary Kerry. Mary is appointed Guardian 17 Jul 1882.
58 THORP, Margaret E. Died 15 Nov 1881, left a Will dated 01 Nov 1881. Fanny Holden Fowler is Executrix. Interested parties are: Mary Sullivan, age 32; James Thorp, 27; Robert J. Thorp, 19; Elizabeth J. Davis, 22; John B. Thorp, 29; Margaret N. Thorp, 25; Mary Jane Norton, 20; and William T. Thorp, her husband, age 77. Grandchildren are Maggie (Mary) Sullivan; 10; Charles Sullivan, 8; Mary Sullivan, 2; Willie Thorp, 2; and Libbie Davis, age 2.
59 ANDERSON, Hans Hans died in Manistee about 12 Aug 1883, and was in the dairy business before his death. He also owned land in Washington Co., KS. His wife, Christine Anderson Hanson is Administratix. His estate was probated in 1883. Their children are Karen/Carrie Anderson, Tillie Anderson & Hans Anderson.
60 RADKE / RADKA, Rudolph Died 21 Sep 1883, left a Will dated 11 Sep 1883. Executors are Solomon Rothschild and Wilhelm Hahn. His wife was Albertina. His brother is Hermann Radke. His father, Hermann Radke was willed his land in Woodson Co., KS.
61 REYNOLDS, Joseph Died 16 Feb 1883, left a Will dated 5 Apr 1870. When he wrote the Will, he lived in Milwaukee. Sarah, his widow, is Administrator. Sarah died 17 Feb 1894. Their daughter is Sarah Elizabeth Babcock.
62 BAUMANN, Emilie Died 15 Feb 1883, left a Will dated 23 Nov 1882. The following people are mentioned, but the names and cities are quite difficult to read: Charles & William Dummy?, Kulalzkow?, Prussia. Pallenia Schuelke, Palzeau?, Prussia. Augusta Grade, Scholle_be?, Prussia.
63 ANDERSON, Peter Died 28 Sep 1882 at Manton, Cedar Creek Twp., Wexford Co., MI. His son was named Adrian Rositer Anderson, but now has been adopted and is called Adrian R.A. Richley. Eben Richley is the Administrator.
65 HOLDEN, Harvey Died 04 Apr 1880 at East Saginaw, Mich. Harvey owned property at Alleghany Co., N.Y. His widow, now Mary E. Newson, is Administrator. Son is Frank T. Holden.
66 KING, Elizabeth Died 24 Jun 1883 at the home of Sophia Benedict, her daughter. Sarah A. Hilton is Administrator. Children (all adults): Mrs. Laura Montgomery of Hope, Dakota T.; Mrs. May Perry, of Herman, Minn.; Mr. James King, of Ann Arbor, Mich.; Mr. John W. King of East Tawas, Mich.; Mrs. Sarah A. Hilton of Manistee; Sophia A. Benedict of Manistee. Grandchildren, heirs of daughter Elizabeth Schram, deceased, are: Mrs. Leola Whiteman of Minneapolis, Minn. and Arthur Schram, age 16, of Herman, Minn.
67 POWELL, Frances Adoption and name change. Frances is the child of Francis Powell & Fannie Powell (deceased). She is adopted by Omus D. Green and his wife Lydia Agnes Green. She is now called Fannie Green.
68 JANSON, Sophia Adoption and name change. Sophia is the child of Carl C. Janson, her mother is deceased. She is age 7 on 20 Apr 1882. Name was to be Lillie May Carr. Notation in file: "See 'Magnan', parties adopting child never appeared."
70 NASON, Eva & Hellen Minors. Children of Almond W. Nason, deceased. Their Aunt, Annie Denning is appointed Guardian 03 Oct 1883. Hellen is age 7 on 03 Jan 1881. Eva is 11 on 20 Oct 1881. Uncle is M.R. Denning.
71 BRANDT, August Minor. August is age 3 years on 22 Oct 1882. He is the child of Charles Brandt (deceased), late of Onekama. Their mother, Augusta Wendt, is appointed Guardian.
72 HUNT, Robert Francis Adoption and name change. He is the child of William & Jessie (deceased) Hunt. Robert is age 8 weeks on 18 Sep 1883. He is adopted by John and Mary James, name changed to Robert Francis James 19 Sep 1883.
73 DESBACK, Jacob Alleged Insane, about age 33, of Bear Lake. Wife is Tina (Ernestine). 23 residents signed a petition to apprehend Jacob, roaming the streets at large, and considered dangerous. Papers dated 17 Mar 1883. Case dismissed, not referred to any institution.
74 SHELDON, Henry & Orlie Children of George E. Sheldon & Mary A. Sheldon. Mary died first, George appointed Guardian 22 Aug 1882. George died, and James E. Cody appointed Guardian about 19 Mar 1883. Harry is 17 on 26 Jun 1882, Orllie is 10 on the 7 Aug 1882. Their brother is William F. Sheldon of Bear Lake.
75 KOKKINS, Halvor H. Insane, recommended to the Insane Asylum at Kalamazoo or Pontiac, 18 Sep 1882. Andrew Hanson is married to his sister.
76 CUYKENDALL, Jennie May & Lewis Children of Frank Cuykendall, mother deceased. Both adopted by William H. & Margaret Wood of Pleasanton Twp. on 07 Oct 1882. In 1943 Lewis, who goes by the name Geo. L. Wood, lived at the Short Course Barracks, East Lansing, MI.
77 COBLER, Maud & Frederick Children of Aaron Cobler, late of Kossiasco Co., Indiana. Emeline Teters is appointed Guardian 19 Jun 1882. Maud is age 13 on 7 Jan 1882, Frederick is age 6 on 17 Oct 1882.
78 CALEF, Ebenezer N. Deceased. Widow is Abagale G. Calef, who says she married him about 49 years ago at Lowell, Mass. (dated 3 Jul 1882) Heirs are: Edwin Calef, Emma W. Shores, Mary A. Gruper?, Flora J. Calef. Also listed is Eugene Hopkins, his grandson by his deceased daughter Georgiana H. of Waupun, Wis.
79 McMANUS, Katie Adopted by Frank M. & Tillie Viall, 17 Mar 1884. Katie was a ward of the Michigan State Public School at Coldwater, MI. In 1921 she is Mrs. Theodore Chapman, living at Vicksburg, MI. In 1935 she writes the clerk again, this time as a widow, living at 1321 Bristol St., Elkhart, Indiana. She signs her name as Mrs. Edna Chapman.
80 LITKE, Amelia Insane. Husband is Gustave Litke. Recommended to the Michigan Asylum for the insane at Kalamazoo.
81 WILLBRANDT, Gertrude A. Adoption & name change. Child of Katherine (Kate) Willbrandt. She is adopted by John H. & Loantha Roberts, who are lighthouse keepers at Manistee, on 5 May 1884. She was 3 mos old on 22 Apr 1884. Her name was changed to Cora Roberts. On 25 Mar 1935, Mrs. C.F. Blem, of Elk Rapids, MI, write the clerk trying to obtain information on Gertrude, saying she is her half-sister.
82 BAILEY, Jessie May Adoption & name change. Child of Charles A. Bailey, mother deceased. Adopted 8 Sep 1884 by G.F. & Jennie J. Knowles. Jessie was age 5 on 24 Nov 1884.
83 BABNEW, Anna Alleged insane. Anna is 29, and the wife of Julius Babnew, age 32. The doctors say she is suffering from functional menstrual derangement, and is not a candidate for any insane asylum.
84 LEE, Grace Adoption & name change. Father is Lewis D. Lee, mother is deceased. Adopted by Cyrus & Anna E. Marsh, 30 Jun 1884. Grace is age 2 on 12 Jul 1884. In 1921, Grace writes the clerks office asking for information about her father,  who was from Eastlake. She said Lewis Lee also had a son named Frank, and a daughter Blanche - she hopes to find these siblings. Her address at that time (1921) was: Mrs. Grace Messenger, 5227 Greenwood Ave., Detroit, MI.
85 BELTRA, Mary Louise Adoption & name change. Mary Louise is the child of Liby Beltra, and was age 1 on the 29 Mar 1884. She was adopted by Andrew P. & Susan Olsen the 27 May 1884. On the adoption papers her name is written "Mary Louise Saturday", not Beltra.
Albert H.
Deceased, no date of death listed, no will. Francis B. Buckner is named Administrator on the guardian bond, dated 1883. His wife was Nessie Buckner, who is called Nessie Cushing in1897. On 27 Jul 1883, his sons are: Elroy B., age 10; Socrates, age 15, and Bertie, age 9. His brothers are: Frank and Elisha James. His sisters are: Mary Watkins and Cathrine McKehney, both of Ontario, Canada; and Etta Jones, of Detroit. His mother is Sarah Buckner.
87 BUCKNER, Elroy B., Socrates & Bertie Minors, Elroy B. is age 18 on the 20 Jan 1883; Socrates is age 15 on the 14 Jun 1883; Bertie is 17 on the 17 Oct 1882.
88 DERING, August Late of Springdale, left no will. No known heirs. Samuel M. Sears appointed Administrator 01 Apr 1884.
89 MYERS, Vera May Father was John M. Myers of Pleasanton, deceased. Mother, Mary C. Myers appointed Guardian 01 Mar 1884. Vera is age 1 year on 22 Sep 1884.
90 BOWEN, Harvey Died 20 Jun 1883 at Pierport, Arcadia. Will dated 12 Jun 1883. Son, John D. Bowen is Administrator. Family: John D. Bowen, son, age 44; Artemus Bowen, age 51; Meleca? LaBonta, age 47; Benjamin Bowen, age 42; Charles Bowen, age 37; Arthur Bowen, age 32; Lynn Bowen, age 29; and Fred F. Bowen, age 26.
91 JONES, Louise & Henry Minors, children of Peter Jones, deceased. Agnes Jones is appointed Guardian 21 Apr 1884. Louisa is age 15 on 22 Mar 1884, and Henry is 10 on 04 Nov 1884.
92 SOMERVILLE, James Died 24 Jan 1883. Widow is Margaret J. (Haite) Somerville, age 52. Son James E. Somerville is appointed Administrator 19 Mar 1883.
93 WILSON, George Died 28 Apr 1884. Widow Fanny is appointed Administrator 16 Jun 1884. Family is: Fanny Wilson, widow, age 57; J. Albert Wilson, 36, son; Charles Wilson, 33, son; Mrs. Mary Sophia Clark, 31, daughter, of Big Rapids, MI; William A. Wilson, 28, son; B. Franklin Wilson, 24, of Milwaukee; and Elizabeth Emeline Wilson, 20, daughter. (All of Manistee except Mary Sophia and B. Franklin)
94 FISHER, Chas Andrew Adoption & name change. Theresa A. Fisher is his mother, father deceased. He is adopted by his oldest sister and her husband, Lurton Arkill & Sarah F. Arkill. He was age 2 on 31 Aug 1884. In 1941 Chas Andrew (Fisher) Arkill lived at 818 1/2 Superba Ave., Venice, Calif.
95 GALE, Benjamin Died 25 Jun 1884 at his home in Pleasanton. Left no will. Clarissa Gale, widow, age 43; Hiram Gale, son, age 21; Harriet Gale, age 19, daughter; Olive Gale, age 16, daughter; malinda gale, 11, daughter; Ellen Gale, 7, daughter; Janette Gale, 5, daughter. Hiram Gale appointed administrator 15 Sep 1884. Geo. Hopkins held the mortgage on his farm. In 1895 Hiram Gale lived in Joyfield, Benzie Co., MI.
96 GORDON, Marguerita, Patrick, Mary Ann, John & Isabella J. Minors, children of Michael & Julia Gordon, who both appear to be deceased. Maggie Lanigan is appointed Guardian 03 Nov 1884. Margaret is 16 on 21 Jul 1883; Patrick E. is 15 on 22 Feb 1883; Mary Ann is 13 on 04 Dec 1883; John is 11 on 22 Aug 1883; Isabella J. is 6 on 01 Sep 1883.
98 WILCKE, William Died 16 May 1884 at his residence in Manistee City. He owned a grocery & provision store. Nicholas Cramer appointed special administrator 19 May 1884. Melina Wilcke is Guardian. Children are Agnes Wilcke, age 3 and Alma Wilcke age 2. In 1914, the daughters are: Agnes L'Amie and Alma Daniels.
99 CARLTON, Clifford C. Minor, age 5, of Bear Lake. Benjamin F. Carlton is appointed Guardian. 03 Nov 1884. Mother, Eliza J. Carlton is deceased. In 1915 Clifford C. Carlton lives at 712 Sixth Street, Detroit, MI.
100 MYERS, John M. Died 31 Jan 1884 at his residence in Pleasanton. Mary C. Myers, widow, age 27, is appointed Administrator on 21 Apr 1884. Daughter Vera May is age 17 months.
101 LAUBENTHAL, John Deceased. Veronica Bucher appointed administrator 30 May 1887. Heirs are: John Laubenthal of Manistee; Peter Laubenthal of Detroit, Matthew Laubenthal of Detroit, Anna Maria Hermes of Detroit, Lena Laubenthal of Detroit, Carrie Laubenthal, and Jos. Laubenthal (deceased).

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