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Here are some brief notes from one film of Manistee County Probate Court records. The files contain copies of original documents presented to the courts, and are very valuable to researchers. These files contain anywhere from 3 to 30+ pages each. These films can be rented through your local LDS Family History Center Library.

Probate Files B No. 370- 422 1855-1968
FHL Film # 945583

370 BUCHNER, James L. Died 09 Apr 1891 at Bear Lake, left no Will. Widow is Margaret Buchner. Children are: Jane Bond, age 24, of Bear Lake; Cora Blanchard, age 21, of Burnham?; Elmer M. Buchner, 18, of Bear Lake; Ray Buchner, 15, of Bear Lake; Ella M. Buchner, 11, of Bear Lake; Erbe Buchner, 9, Harry Buchner, 8, and Morris Buchner, 3, all of Bear Lake.
371 MANDER, Andrew Died 24 Aug 1864, left no will.Chas Gnewuch named in letter of administration, dated 26 Apr 1891. Children are Maggie Smeling, Katie Gnewuch and Peter Mander. Another daughter, Mary Johnson is deceased and left grandchildren: Mary Johnson, 15; Josie Johnson, 14; and Henry Johnson, 10. Susan Hoover is also named as an interested party.
372 BABINGTON, James Died 19 Feb 1891 at a hospital in Big Rapids, Mecosta Co., MI. His father is George Babington, age 60, of Meaford, Ontario, Canada dated 02 May 1891. Louis E. Morris is Administrator.
373 GRUND,
Henry & Edith
Children of Albert H. Grund, of Brown Twp., deceased. Thomas Kerry was originally appointed Guardian. After his death, Johanna (Grund) Tomke / Tompke is appointed Guardian, dated 14 Aug 1893. Henry is age 7 on the 27 Jan 1891; Edith is age 5 on the 30 Apr 1891.
374 BUCHNER, Elmer, et al. Appointment of Guardian. Ella M. is age 11 on the 27 Sep 1890; Maurice is age _ on __; Erbe is 9 on the 24 Oct 1890; Ray is 16 on the 21 Jun 1890; Elmer is _ on the __; Harry is 8 on the 13 May 1890; and Morris is age 3 on the 15 Jun? 1890. Ella M. is Ella Hilliard in 1915.
375 BANTER, Frank Minor. John Banter, of East Lake is named Guardian to Frank on 22 Jun 1891. A note is made on a piece of paper that Mrs. Carrie Johnson, widow of Frank Banter, resides at 18214 Wilson Ave. So., Bellingham, WA. There is no date on the paper.
376 MAMEROW, Alma et al. Minors. Children of Ernst Mamerow, deceased. Catharina Mamerow is appointed Guardian 13 Jul 1891. Children are: Alma, age 12 on the 25 Jun 1891; Elizabeth,  age 10 on the 01 Sep 1981; and Max, age 8 on the 12 Jun 1891.
377 JACKSON, Martha Died 07 Jul 1891 at Manistee. Handwritten Will dated 18 Oct 1888. John Seymour is appointed Executor on 18 Oct 1888. Sons are Edward Jackson, age 48, of Manistee; and William Ford, age 53, of Milwaukee.
378 SHIGLEY, Sarah Alleged insane. Lives at Burnham, Manistee Co. Ernst Shigley is husband. Admitting order to the Northern Asylum for the Insane, Traverse City, is dated 30 Jun 1891.
379 EVANS,
Flora E.
Age 23, alleged insane. Husband is John D. Evans, they have 3 children. Admitting order to the Northern Asylum for the Insane, Traverse City, is dated 11 Jul 1891.
380 BACKING, Henry Died 17 Mar 1890 at Filer Twp., left no Will. On 20 Jul 1891, the children are: Emma LaSalle, age 30, of Filer City; George Backing, age 29, of Oak Hill; Anna Organ, age 26, of Oak Hill; Lewis K. Backing, age 24, of Oak Hill; and John Backing, age 18, of Oak Hill.
381 ANDERSON, Harvey Minor, age 4, child of Marion O. Anderson, deceased. Louis J. Anderson is Guardian, dated 03 Aug 1891.
382 MALINOWSKI, Louisa Alleged insane. August Malinowski is husband, they have 5 children. Admitting order to the Northern Asylum for the Insane, Traverse City, is dated 17 Sep 1891.
383 NOWAK, Antonina Age 35, alleged insane. Husband is Michael Nowak, they have 5 children. Admitting order to the Northern Asylum for the Insane, Traverse City, is dated 28 Sep 1891.
384 NELSON, Chas A. Adoption & name change. Child of Bettie Nelson, unmarried woman. Chas was born 1 May 1891. He is adopted by John H. & Amelia Banter on 13 Jul 1891.
385 ERICKSON, Frank Adoption & name change. Child of Minnie Urbam__fke?, unmarried woman. Frank is age 6 months, born 09 Jan 1891. He is adopted by Lars and Johanna Erickson.
386 BACKING, Catharine Died 02 Oct 1885 at Filer Twp., left no Will.
387 ROSTEL / ROESTEL, Rosalia Died 25 Nov 1891 at Manistee City, left no Will. Julius Rostel is named Administrator, 03 Aug 1891. Children are: Henry Hanson, age 23, Manistee; William Hanson, age 21, of Milwaukee, WI; Fred Hanson, age 20, of Manistee; August Rostel, 18, of Manistee; Robert Rostel, 11, of Manistee; Augusta Rostel, age 14, of Manistee and Anna Rostel, age 9, of Manistee. In November, 1925: Henry Hensen, age 57, of Manistee; William Hensen, age 55, of Milwaukee; Fred Hensen, age 54, of Racine, WI; August Rostel, age 52, of Manistee; Robert Rostel, age 50, of Manistee; Augusta Rostel, age 48, of Manistee, and Anna Rostel, age 43, of Manistee.
388 HALE, Harriet E. Died 27 Apr 1891 at Pleasanton. On the 11 Jul 1892, children are: Mary Rau, age 33, Bear Lake; Wm. Hale, age 31, of Pleasanton; Harry Hale, age 29, of Pleasanton; George D. Hale, 26 of Pleasanton;  Mary A. Hix, 23 of Bear Lake; Mattie Hale, age 16, of Bear Lake and Roy Hale, age 12, of Pleasanton. James P. Lamont is named Administrator 27 Jun 1892. .
389 SMITH, Abby A. Died 18 May 1875 at her home in Pleasanton, left no Will. John Smith of Pleasanton was her husband, daughters are Julia Elizabeth b. 27 Jan 1871 and Martha Emogene b. 26 Aug 1866. In 1891 Emogene is now Emogene Rothgeb, and lives in Frankfort, MI; Julia is now Julia Youngblood of Dowagiac, Cass Co., MI; the father John L. Smith lives in Joyfield, Benzie Co., MI.
390 ROSTEL, Minors Their father, Julius Rostel is appointed Guardian, mother Rosalia is deceased. (see #387 above) August is age 18 on 27 Feb 1891, Robert is 16 on 16 Mar 1891, Augusta is 14 on 27 Mar 1891 and Anna is 9 on the 05 Nov 1890.
391 PELASKI, George & Frances Minors. Edward Kozlowski appointed Guardian 28 Sep 1891. In 1905, Frances is Frances Milan or Millan of Lucas Co., OH.
392 FIELDS, Adelaide Died 07 Jun 1891 at East Lake, left no Will. Samuel Fields is Administrator. Adelaide owned some land in Courtland?, Kent Co., MI. As of 05 Sep 1891, Charles A. Fields, age 44, son, lived in Chicago, IL; daughter Charlotte A. Johnson, age 39,  lived in San Francisco, CA; daughter Sarah A. Bryant, age 35,  lived in Manistee Twp.; son William S. Field, age 30, lived in Manistee Twp.; and grandson Ray Field, age 5, lived in Manistee Twp.
393 McCORMICK, Ann Died 20 Jun 1891 at Manistee, murdered by Jack Kehoe, her son-in-law. Max Baumann is appointed Administrator, 12 Oct 1891. Estate appraisers are Ted Wing & James Finan. Owned property at lot 4 block 14 Filer & Smith's Addition. Children are: Nellie Kehoe, age 34, Thomas McCormick, 32, and Annie McCormick, 22, all of Manistee. 
394 BROWNRIGG, Minors Children of Henry Brownrigg, deceased, and Anna. Anna is appointed Guardian 01 Oct 1891. Children: John J. age 16 on 16 Nov 1890; Lillian F., age 15 on 11 Dec 1890; Jennie L., age 14 on 19 Aug 1890; William H., age 10 on 30 Nov 1890; Etta M., age 8 on 11 Dec 1890; and Eva V. age 6 on 12 Aug 1891. In 1909 Eva is deceased, Lillian is now Lillian F. Goodheart.
395 MILMOE, Patrick Alleged incompetent. His Aunt was Bridget McGowan, who died and left him $2,973.67, all which went to his brother Brien Milmoe, also now deceased. Milmoe says he's resided temporarily in Manistee Co. for the past 14 years, he is a citizen of the state of Louisiana. Says he came to Manistee in May, 1890 to visit his mother that lives here. File has to do with his mishandling of money.
396 O'NEIL, Theressa Adoption & name change. Theressa , age 3, is an orphan, daughter of James & Mary O'Neil. She is adopted by Stephen A. Cahill, age 36, and Margaret Cahill, age 29, of 529 1st St., Manistee, on 14 Sep 1891. Name is now Theressa O'Neil Cahill.
397 HEATER, Albert H. Dependent child, age 3 on 19 Jul 1891. Ordered to State Public School 06 Oct 1891. Amelia Heater is his mother, his father was William Heater, who abandoned the mother & child. His whereabouts are unknown.
398 BROWN, Chas. Of Onekama, died 23 Sep 1890. Widow, Christine Brown is appointed Administrator 7 Dec 1891. Children are: Daniel C., Bertha, Henry, Edward & Charles. In May of 1918, Christine is now the widow of Julius Widemann, and Bertha is now Bertha Domres.
399 ROUNDS, Nancy B. Died 22 Jul 1891 at Manistee City. Ella E. Tomlin is Executrix. Handwritten Will dated 13 Aug 1881. Heirs are: Daughter Ella E. Tomlin, age 35, of Manistee, and granddaughter L. Edna Tomlin, age 8 mos., of Manistee. Ella is the wife of Charles T. Tomlin.
400 SMITH, Anna C. Deceased. Her sisters are: Lucy A. Sibben, age 33; Nancy B. Smith, age 31. The girls were the daughters of Anna Smith - no middle initial.
401 MILMOE, Patrick Spendthrift. Patrick is now age 51, and asks for a guardian for his money. He selects Father Grimme, who died, and then Father Steffes is involved. He's down to $1,500 now. (See #395 above)
402 CRAWFORD, Arthur Ross, & Louis P. Minors, father Louis P. Crawford is deceased. Stella (Estella) Crawford, mother, is appointed Guardian. Arthur Ross is age 6 on 29 Jul 1890, Louis P. is age 2 on 25 Aug 1890. Stella is later known as Estella Crawford Howes by marriage.
403 DEJA, Martha Minor, child of Adam Deja, deceased. Amelia Deja is appointed Guardian 09 Nov 1891. Martha is age 5 on 14 Jan 1891.
404 SHEARING, James Died 20 Feb 1891 at Marilla, left no Will. Widow is Catherine Shearing. On 18 Mar 1891, children are: James Shearing, age 22, George Shearing, age 17, Elizabeth Shearing, age 15, and Catherine Shearing, age 20, all of Marilla.
405 LeFLEUR, Margaret Died 29 Apr 1890, handwritten Will dated 29 Apr 1890. Marie J. LeFleur is Executrix, dated 21 Jul 1890. Children mentioned  are Marie Jennivieve LeFleur, age 22, of Manistee; and William Henry LeFleur, age 20, of Manistee. Others are mentioned also: Lillie Follis?, age 24, of Superior City, Wisc.; Margaret Madden, age 30, of Me__, Wisc.; and Mary Russell, 34, of Me__, Wisc.
406 NELSON, Ludwig Alleged insane. Daughter is Mrs. Christian Smith. Admitting order to the Northern Asylum for the Insane at Traverse City dated 16 Nov 1891.
Cora & Maude
Adoption - Cora and Maude, daughters of Arthur W. and Olive M. Mayhew, are adopted by their Grandparents, William A. Mayhew & Eliza, on 30 Nov 1891. Cora is age 2 on 02 Sep 1890, Maude is age 1 on 12 Oct 1890.
Lulu May
Mary A. Anderson is adopted by John and Rachel Crayton on 06 Jan 1892. Her name is changed to Lulu May Crayton. She was adopted from the Childrens Home Society, 230 Lasalle St., Chicago.
409 BRANDT, Joachim Died 13 Dec 1891, left a handwritten Will dated 28 Jul 1891. His widow is Mary Brandt. Family members are: Mary Brandt, age 56, Onekama; Emma Waggoner (Mrs. S.C. Waggoner), age 33, Manistee; Frances Miller, age 29, of Eastlake; Bertha List (step-daughter), age 33, of Marine? City, Mich; Rudolph Brandt,  age 36, of Manistee; and Edward Brandt, age 26, of Onekama.
410 BURT, Samuel P. Last residence was Milwaukee, Wisc. Died 10 May 1884 at Metropolitan, Mich., left no Will. Elizabeth T. Burt is his widow. Administrator is William P. McLaren of Milwaukee, dated 25 May 1885. Children are Henry Proctor Burt and Henrietta Cook Burt.
411 POPKOWSKI, Michael Died about 11 Sep 1891 at Filer Township, left no Will. His widow is Magdalene Popkowski of Filer Township.
Rev. Henry Wm.
Died 25 Nov 1891 at Manistee. Lengthy handwritten Will is dated 20 Nov 1891. Father Joseph M. Steffes is Executor. Relatives mentioned are: Bernard Grimme, his brother; and another brother and his family - Joseph Grimme, his wife Mary, their children Frank, Minnie, Katie, Mary & Annie. Margaret Montague was his housekeeper.
Missing files, not on the film.
415 TRAVERSE, Sarah Died 01 Nov 1891 at Bear Lake, left no Will. James Dodd, of Bear Lake, is Administrator. Son Jeremiah Traverse lives in Iles?, Sangamon Co., Illinois.
416 MALLISON, Estella & Emma Children of Lawman Mallison, deceased. Their mother, Amelia F. Hangfus, of Burnham, Manistee Co., is appointed Guardian 14 Dec 1891.Estella May Mallison is age 17 on the 17 Jul 1891, and Emma Isabella Mallison is age 14 on the 08 Jan 1891. Estella May is later Estella May Touhey by marriage.
417 JORGENSON, Connie, Emil & Laura Minor children of Hans Jorgenson, deceased. Emil & Connie are over age 14, Laura is age 13 on 11 Jan 1892. Paul Hanson is appointed Guardian 28 Dec 1891, mother is Christine Hanson?
418 ALLEN, Kittie, Edith, Wm S., & Florence B. Minor children of James Allen, deceased. Stepmother Alice M. Allen asks for appointment of Guardian, the mother of the children (unnamed) is also deceased. D.A. McLeod is appointed Guardian dated 03 Feb 1892. Kittie is age 14 on the 27 Apr 1891; William S. is age 12 on the 09 Aug 1891; and Florence B. is age 10 on the 15 Oct 1891.
419 ANDERSON, Carrie, Matilda & Hans Minor children. Christine Hanson, mother, is Guardian. Carrie is age 14 on 08 Oct 1891; Matilda L. is age 11 on the 21 Jul 1891, and Hans is age 8 on the 26 Jul 1891. In September, 1906, the mother Christine is deceased, and Carrie is now Carrie Burdick by marriage.
420 BAILIK, Mary Dependent child, John Bialik is father, Johanna Bialik is step-mother, natural mother is deceased. Mary is age 8 on the 19 Oct 1891. Order admitting to the State Public School dated 18 Jan 1892.
421 WHITTING, Charles Died 08 Jan 1892 at Onekama, handwritten Will dated 05 Jan 1892. Mrs. Minnie Witting of Onekama is his widow. Richard F. Wendel is appointed Administrator 15 Feb 1892. The file contains a large list of creditors, it looks as if Charles may have has some sort of general store in Onekama.
422 WATSON, Charles Died 29 Dec 1891, left no Will. His widow, Viroqua S. Watson, age 30, is appointed Administrator 23 Feb 1892. Children are: Garfield A. Watson, age 11, Glenn P. Watson, age 9, and Chas E. Watson, age 5, all of Manistee. In October of 1900, they all still reside in Manistee except for Garfield A. Watson, who lives in Hart, Mason Co., MI.

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