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V. 5   1881-1894

FHL Film # 0945568
Filmed 13 Sep 1973

These are copied in the exact order as they appear on this film. For further details, you can order the film from your local LDS Church Family History Library.

Keep in mind that Wills may give descriptions of land holdings and personal possessions that are passed down, but not a complete accounting of their belongings, net worth, debts, and business matters. This complete accounting, if it exists, would be in their individual probate file - which will often have a copy of the Will inside of it. (If there was any Will, because many didn't make one!)
Your best bet is to always check both sources of paperwork.

Pg.1 KANOUSE, George M.
Will signed 11 Jan 1881 at Salt Lake Territory, Utah, witnesses were J. White, M.D., J.W. Mason, and his wife, Clara E. Kanouse. Died 13 Jan 1881 at Salt Lake City, Utah. Children named: Harry, Ray and Marion of Manistee County.
Pg.9 CONKLIN, Philemon J.
Will signed 02 Apr 1879 at Bear Lake, witnesses were Alfred B. Chamberlain & S__ Chamberlain. Wife Levina Conklin is the executor. Died 14 Apr 1879 at Bear Lake. Children named: Clara Rosedell Richmond, Myrtie Minerva Conklin, and Mattie Violetta Conklin.
Pg.17 CONKLIN, Julius A.
Will signed 07 Aug 1881 at Pleasanton. Wife was Mary F. Conklin, witnesses were Geo. B. Pierce, Mary B. Pierce, and Samuel Norconk. Died 12 Aug 1881 at his home in Pleasanton. Children named: Lois B., Charles E. Emma P., William F. and Florence W.
Pg.25 RUSSELL, Harriet
Will dated 07 Jul 1879, witnesses were David S. Harley and D. Bemiss. Edwin P. Russell, son, is executor. Died 23 Oct 1881 at Manistee. Children named: Andrew, William H., Eliza A. Picket, James H., Chas. H., Edwin. Grandchildren mentioned: Oliver, Earl, Alice and Edna.
Pg.33 WAY, Willard V.
Will dated 20 Feb 1873, witnesses were S. Spink and Francis Hollenbeck. Last residence was Perrysburg, Wood Co., Ohio. Wife is Sophia.Desires to be buried at Perrysburg Cemetery.
Pg.41 MORIN, Joseph
Will signed 13 Feb 1877, Stronach residence. Witnesses were Al. Magnan and John Forest. Executor is John Clavette, Died 1877 at his home in Stronach. Children mentioned: Frank Morin of Quebeck, Canada; Thelesphore Morin of Loudington, MI; Joseph Morin of Chicago, IL; Adolphe Morin of Manistee, Albert Morin of Manistee; and Eleanor Clavette of Manistee.
Pg.49 THORPE, Margaret E.
Will dated 01 Nov 1881, Manistee residence. Witnesses were S.W. Fowler, Mrs. Rhoda A. Kester, and Miss Kate Norton. Husband is William T. Thorpe. Mrs. Fannie Holden Fowler is executrix. Died 15 Nov 1881 at Manistee. Children mentioned: Mary Sullivan, James D. Thorpe, Robert J. Thorpe, Elizabeth J. Davis, John D. Thorpe, Margaret W. Thorpe. Also, friend Miss Mary Jane Norton is also mentioned.
Pg.57 SECOR, David D.
Will dated 27 Feb 1882, Manistee residence. Witnesses were David S. Harley, Ann Marshall and Sarah Secor - his wife. Died 26 May 1882 at Manistee. Children mentioned: Alvah B., Lewis W., Carrie M., Minnie, Fred and Roy.
Pg.65 BAUMANN, Emilie
Will dated 23 Nov 1882, Manistee residence. Husband was Wilhelm Baumann. Witnesses are Herman H. Hensick & Elizabeth Hensick. Died 15 Feb 1883 at Manistee. Mentioned are Emilie's siblings: Charles & Wilhelm Dummer of Kluelzkow, Prussia; Pallenia Schuelke of Palzean, Prussia; and Augusta Grade Scholletenbengu? of Prussia.
Pg.73 REYNOLDS, Joseph
Will dated 05 Apr 1870 at Milwaukee, WI. Witnesses are Nath Pereles, Robert Koepke and George Schmidt - all of Milwaukee. Wife, Sarah Reynolds is executrix. Died 16 Feb 1883 at Manistee. Child mentioned is Sarah E. Babcock.
Pg.81 RADKE, Rudolph
Will dated 11 Sep 1883, witnessed by Wilhelm Hahn & Albert Busch. Wife is Albertina. Executors are Solomon Rothschilds & William Hahn. Died 21 Sep 1883 at Manistee. Mentions his Father, H. Herman Radke, and brother - Herman Radke.
Pg.89 BOWEN, Harvey
Will dated 12 Jun 1883, Arcadia residence. Witnesses are Leo F. Hale & Grenville K. Estes of Bear Lake. Executor is his son, John D. Bowen. Died 20 Jun 1883. Children mentioned are: John D. Bowen, Artimus Bowen, Melica LaBoula?, Benjamin Bowen, Arthur, Lynn and Fred F. Bowen.
Pg.97 JONES, Peter
Will dated 14 Jan 1884, witnesses are George Lamoulague & J.P. McPherson. Wife, Agnes Jones is executrix. Died 14 Jan 1884 at Manistee. Children mentioned: Hobard, Louisa & Henry.
Pg.105 KESTER, Jerome G.
Will dated 04 Aug 1885, witnesses are Lydia A. Swain? & Sarah McGregor of Bear Lake. Wife is Rhoda A. Kester. Died 09 Aug 1885 at Bear Lake. Children mentioned: John B. Kester, Harison Kester and Maud Kester.
Pg.113 ANDERSON, Jesse
Will dated 25 Mar 1882, witnesses are James Dodd, John H. Ware & John W. Cowgill. Wife, Elizabeth Anderson, is executrix. Died 18 Sep 1885 at Bear Lake. Children mentioned: Simeon B. Anderson of Arkansas; David F.; Elizabeth J. VanSickle of Dexter P.O., Yarmouth, Canada; Anthony E. Anderson.
Pg.121 JACHO, Dorothea
Will dated 25 Mar 1884. Witnesses are Louis E. Morris & Otto Baumann. Executor is John Kinsley. Died 21 Apr 1885 at Manistee. Children mentioned are: Minnie Ma__tzski & Christine Jacko.
Pg.129 BIGGE, Charles
Will dated 27 Oct 1885. Witnesses are Charles Germar? & Fred Hintz. Executor is Ernest Mamerow. Died 29 Oct 1885 at Manistee. Children mentioned: Mathilda Bigge, b. 26 May 1869; Carolina, b. 25 Aug 1871; Emma, b. 2 Dec 1875; Charles, b. 6 Dec 1877; and John, b. 15 Dec 1883.
Pg.137 PEOPLES, Burton
Will dated 23 May 1868. Witnesses are Henry Erb, Hiram Hicks, Simeon Anderson. Died 28 Aug 1868 at Bear Lake. Brother is Charles Peoples of Ohio. Some property bequeathed to Saloma Anderson.
Pg.145 CONKLIN, Levina
Will dated 11 May 1886. Witnesses are Catherine B. Fox & Alica A. Thorburn, Executor is A.H. Lyman. Died 25 May 1886 at Manistee.  Children mentioned: Mattie V. Conklin, Clara C. Richmond, & Minnie C. Richmond. Grandchildren mentioned are Everett C. Redmond, Earl S. Richmond and a baby boy, not yet named.
Pg.153 HARVEY, John
Will dated 07 Sep 1880. Witnesses are E.J. Richmond & S.A.F. Richmond. Executor is E.J. Richmond. Died 07 Jul 1882 at Arcadia. Son is Vincent Babenaw.
Pg.161 MAKER, Frances C.
Will dated 28 Apr 1885, Bear lake residence. Witnesses are Julia S. Fall, Leo F. Hale & Ida B. Keebaugh. Husband is Bion Maker, who is also named the guardian of son Erwin Adelbert Maker. Died 30 Apr 1885 at Bear Lake.
Pg.169 AYERS, Sarah
Will dated 13 May 1886, Filertown residence. Witnesses are David S. Harley & Calvin S. Davis. Calvin S. Davis is executor. Died 11 Feb 1887 at Filer Township. Persons mentioned are: Albert D. Ayers of Big Rapids, MI; Ann Eliza Cartier of Ludington, MI; Matilda Ann Lash of Mapletown, MI; William L. Ayers of Old Mission, MI; & Sarah Ellen Clark of Filertown. (Exact relationship not given)
Pg.177 WILLIAMS, William M.
Will dated 17 Sep 1886. Witnesses are Philip W. Niskern and R.T. Mead. Executor is Nels Johnson, brother. Wife is Elizabeth Williams. Died 08 Sep 1886 at Manistee.
Pg.185 BURCH, Samuel
Will dated 16 Feb 1886, residence at Anthony, Harper Co., Kansas. Witnesses are F.M. Anderson & J,B, Herring. Wife is Mary L. Burch. Executor is G.W. Bennett. Died 02 Apr 1886 at Anthony, Harper Co., KS. Children mentioned: Emma (youngest); Eldest are Mrs. G.W. Bennett, Mrs. G.M. Kanouse, Mrs. James Gow & Horace Burch.
Pg.193 DENNING, Annie
Will dated 18 Sep 1884. Witnesses are: George A. Hart, Cora S. Secor & J.H. Grant. Executor is her brother, Alexander Ralston, of Clearfield Co., PA. Died 02 Jul 1887 at Eureka Springs, Arkansas. Children mentioned are: George R., of Ashland; John R., of Manistee; Nellie D. Irwin (wife of John P. Irwin) of Curvainsville?; Walter S., of Manistee; Wm. H., of Ashland;  and Mary E. of Ashland. A niece, Evylen Nason of Ashland, is also mentioned. (No, I don't know where Ashland is)
Pg.201 SEMIA or SENNA, Carl
Will dated 06 Jan 1886, Brown Twp. residence. Witnesses are: Thomas Kerrey & John M. Kerrey. Executors are: William Karnsch & William Kettner. Wife is Christiana. Died 08 May 1886 at Brown Twp. Only child mentioned is Emma Carolina, who later becomes Mrs. Kaerusch.
Pg.211 ENGELMANN, Michael
Will dated 27 Jan 1886, Witnesses are T.J. Ramsdell & Louis E. Morris. Wife is Sophia Engelmann. Died 29 Jan 1888 at his residence in Manistee. Children Are: Fanny, Rosa, Sarah (Engelmann) Kitzinger, Ida, Lilly, Lena E. Cohn, Julius. Nieces & nephews: Eugene A. Friend, Mable Friend, Nathan Friend, Dora Friend, Sidney Friend and Blanch Friend - all of Milwaukee. (I did not see the actual copy of the will in this file, information is compiled from other papers.)
MACKEY, William
Will dated 16 Dec 1887. Witnesses are: John Egan, of Manistee & Justin Altmann of Filertown. Died 19 Dec 1887 at Manistee. Everything is willed to a  personal friend, Bridget Owens.
Pg.233 HURLBURT, Jerome
Will dated 16 Jul 1887. Witnesses are John N. Brodie & Frank Cosart. Leo F. Hale is Admiistrator. Wife is Clarinda Hurlburt. Died 24 Jul 1887 at Bear Lake. Children are: Clara L. Saddoris? of Bear Lake; Delos Hurlburt of Bear Lake, and Joseph N. Hurlburt of Bear Lake.
Pg.241 O'NEIL, John
Will dated 10 Dec 1886, Brown Township residence. Witnesses are: Thos. Kerry & Richard Breen, both of Chief P.O., Manistee Co. Wife is Bridget O'Neil. Died 19 Dec 1886 at Brown Township. Children are: Mary A. Gannon of Dakota Territory; Joseph O'Neil of Muskegon, MI; John O'Neil, Nellie, Sarah Theis, Clara, Belle, James, William, Francis, Ellsworth and George, all of Manistee County.
Pg.249 BASS, Anna M.
Will dated 27 Apr 1888. Witnesses are: A.V. McAlvay, Mrs. Rosalia Campbell and B. Bailey. Husband is Adelbert Bass. Died 29 Apr 1888 at Manistee. Persons named  to receive property in Will are: Mrs. Clara Yates, of Grand Rapids, MI; Albert Chambers of Grand Rapids, MI; Mrs. Stancill of Manistee; and Mrs. Bernard Bailey of Manistee. Additional family members named: Isaac P. Yates, brother, of Batavia, NY; Adelbert S. Bass, husband, of Manistee; Clara Yates; Mr. Albert Chambers; Mrs. Stancill; and Mrs. Bernard Bailey.
Pg.257 GABLE, Henry
Will dated 21 Feb 1888, Cleon residence. Witnesses are: Everett L. Pepple & Aaron Pepple, Aaron also being the Administrator. Died 13 Mar 1888 at Cleon. He requests a cemetery monument with this inscription:
"Anna Gable, 1st wife of Henry Gable, b. Jan the 8th of May 1827, d. 10 Jul 1855.
"Sarah Jane Gable, 2d wife of henry, b. Maryland, Frederick Co., May 30, 1828 d. May 29 1887.
"Henry Gable, b. under French possessions ,County Strasburg, Twp. of Seltz, b. Dec 14, 1811, died ___.
Named in Will are Joseph Gable, Josephine Gable, and Mary Plowman of Marilla.
Pg.265 ARNOLD, Emma
Will dated 04 Apr 1887, Milwaukee, WI residence. Witneses are: Sarah Pashelles of Milwaukee and Albert T. Stade of Milwaukee. Husband is Charles H. Arnold. No date of death given. Children are: Raymond & Charles Arnold of Milwaukee.
Pg.273 WELCH, Lydia
Will dated 02 Sep 1885, Onekama residence. Witnesses are: A.W. Fair & A.L. Telford both of Onekama. Died 14 Dec 1885 at her residence in Onekama. Children mentioned are: Edward of Onekama; Riley of Onekama, James of Onekama; Harvey of Elyria, Ohio; and Mrs. Louisa Fowler of Onekama. Other names mentioned are Collier and Johnson.
Pg.281 LAIRD, William Robert
Will dated 02 Mar 1882, Manistee residence. Witnesses are: Roy J. Cram of Detroit; Harriet L. Taylor of Manistee; and Jennie E. Martin of Ypsilanti, MI. Died 02 Dec 1886 at Manistee. Others mentioned: Martha Martin or Laird, his youngest brother Davis James Laird of New South Wales; and brother Henry A. Laird.
Pg.289 THORP, Charles J.
Will dated 01 Feb 1888, Manistee residence. Witnesses are A. Burns & Peter Flansburgh. Died 03 May 1888 at Milwaukee, WI. Named in Will are: Fred Thorp, Illinois, brother; Henry Thorp, Manistee, brother; Mrs. Mary Sullivan of Manistee, sister; John D. Thorp of Manistee, brother; James D. Thorp of Manistee, brother; Margaret H. Seymour of Duluth, Minn., sister; Elizabeth J. Davis of Manistee, sister; Robert J. Thorpe of Baraga, Baraga Co, MI, brother.
Pg.297 SMITH, Clarisa
Will dated 04 Mar 1884, Bear Lake residence. Executors are James S. Griswold & George W. McKnight of Bear Lake. Died 19 Sep 1887 at Bear Lake. Children: Sarah Patch of Pierport, Onekama; Mary Ellen McKnight of Bear Lake; Eliza J. Griswold of Bear Lake; Catherine Phillips of New Fane, Niagara Co., NY; James Smith, of New Fane, Niagara Co., NY; Charles Smith of New Fane, Niagara Co., NY; William Smith of Oakland Co., MI. Another name mentioned is Condon.
Pg.305 WILSON, Richard
Will dated 14 Aug 1888, Brown Township resident. Witnesses are Mary Alice & Frances Kerrey, Executor is Thomas Kerrey. Died 7 Nov 1888 at Amasa Walker's, in Burnham Twp., Brown Co. Mentioned are: Margaret Thompson of Chief P.O., Brown Co.; Mary Hannah Walker, Burnham Twp., Brown Co.; Harriet Clapp, of Kalamazoo, MI.
Pg.313 OGILVIE, Mary
Will dated 24 Nov 1885. Witnesses are: Byron M. Cutcheon & Nellie C. Marcy, Executor is Lathrop S. Ellis. Died 11 Apr 1888 at Hugh Crawford's, in Manistee. Sophie Engelmann ia a legatee, Congregational Church, trustees.
Pg.321 RUGGLES, Emeline D.
Will dated 19 Jul 1884, Manistee residence. Witnesses are: R.C. McClure & M. Fay, Jr., Executor is Charles F. Ruggles. Died 13 Jan 1885 at Manistee. Husband is Daniel P. Ruggles, he got only $5.00. Son is Charles F. Ruggles, daughter is Mary D. Buckley, wife of Edward Buckley.
Pg.329 MAPES, Elben L.
Will dated 7 Feb 1888. Residence was Manistee, now in Birmingham, Alabama. Witnesses are: E.A. Glover, H.S. Pendergrast & Lou Krider? Died 28 Feb 1888 at Birmingham, Ala. Wife is Ellen Mapes. Mentioned are daughter Lucy Mapes of Detroit; Elena Mapes of Detroit; Mapes & Rolland Mapes, minor children. George & Deward Mapes are brothers.
Pg.337 BAUR, Joseph
Will dated 28 Dec 1888. Witnesses are: Henry Wm. Grimme & Louise Morris. Executors are his wife, Anna Baur, b. 28 Aug 1841, & Patrick Noud. Died 01 Jan 1889 at Manistee. Children are: Catharine Rosenfeld b. 30 Jan 1862; Rosa Baur, b. 27 Jan 1864; Cecelia Baur, b. 28 Aug 1866; Julia Baur, b. 26 Jul 1868; Sophia Baur, b. 14 Aug 1870; Margaret Baur, b. 21 May 1872; John Baur, b. 24 Nov 1873; Joseph Louis Baur, b. 13 Jan 1875; Emil F. Baur, b. 26 Jun 1877; Lenore J. Baur, b. 31 Mar 1879.
Pg.345 GRAHAM, Joseph
Will dated 20 Feb 1877, Bear Lake residence. Witnesses are James Dodd, Alverdol Bearss, & Hew Ramsay Brodie. Died 26 Jan 1889 at his residence in Bear Lake. Wife is Janet Graham. Children are: William Graham, Robert Wilson Graham, Archibald James Graham, Thomas Perkins Graham & Richard Scott Graham.
Pg.353 HUTTON, Christopher
Will dated 25 May 1889, Maple Grove residence. Witnesses are: Harvey C. Caldwell, George M. Blair & Leo F. Hale, all of Bear Lake. Executor is Isaac W. Bond of Maple Grove. Died 15 Jun 1889 at Bear Lake. Mentioned are: Jane Bond, formerly Jane Buchner, Elmer Buchner, Cora Buchner, Ray Buchner, Ella Buchner, Irby Buchner, Harry Buchner, Morris Buchner, his grandchildren; and Abraham Hutton, Jacob Hutton, Joseph Hutton, William Hutton, John Hutton his brothers.
Pg.361 MAMEROW, Ernst
Will dated 08 Jul 1889, Manistee residence. Witnesses are Otto Firzlaff & Louis E. Morris, Executors are his wife, Mrs. Kate Mamerow and his friend, Albert Baumann. Died 09 Jul 1889 in the 1st Ward of Manistee. Children are Anna Mamerow, Elisabeth Mamerow & Max Mamerow.
Pg.300 JASCHKE, Catherine E.
Will dated 2 Apr 1879. Witnesses are Wesley Stubbs, Sarah Stubbs & Wm. Mackey. Died 14 Jun 1889 at Manistee. Named as guardians of her children are Jacob & Catherine Richards of Addison, Washington Co., WI. Children are: W. John Wise, Charles Andrew Wise, Mary Caroline Jaschke and Edward Levy Jaschke.
Pg.377 RUGGLES, Daniel D.
Will dated 04 Aug 1885, Manistee residence. Witnesses are A.J. Dovel & R.W. Smith. Executor is Constant Moody Ruggles, son. Died 05 May 1888 at Manistee. Mentioned are: Charles F. Ruggles of Manistee, son; Mary Dennett of Chicago, niece; Mrs. Ewald Andrae of Manistee, friend; and Constant Moody Ruggles of manistique, MI, son.
Pg.385 JOHNSON, Andrew (Anders)
Will dated 11 Feb 1887. Witnesses are Gilbert Overn & Anna Olson, both of Onekama. Executors are: August Lyman & John M. Kerrey. Died 15 Apr 1889 at Browntown. Mentioned are: Mary Christina Lyman, Emma Lyman, Johanna Lyman, August Lyman, Matilda Lyman, Louisa Lyman, Clara Lyman and Alfon Lyman.
Pg.393 McKINSTRY, James
Will dated 31 Jan 1890, Pleasanton residence. Witnesses are: Catherine McKinstry and Hugh McKinstry of Pleasanton & Ellis Humphrey of Springdale. Executors are: William Probert & Ellis Humphrey. Died 01 Feb 1890 at Pleasanton. Family includes: Margaret, his wife, William, of Pleasanton, Eliza Jones of Bear Lake, Martha McKinstry of Bensonia, Benzie Co.; Jane Cutler of Blane P.O., Frankfort; Sarah Norconk of Empire, Leelanau Co., MI; Hugh McKinstry and Catherine McKinstry of Pleasanton.
Pg.401 WEAVER, Lydia
Will dated 5 Jan 1890, Greenbush, Clinton Co., MI residence. Witnesses are John Bumgardner & Frank Avery. Executor is John Weaver, her son. Died 02 Apr 1890 at her residence in Arcadia. Daughters are: Eliza Palmer of Greenbush, Clinton Co, MI; Sarah Williams of St. John's, MI; and Tillie Avery of Denver?, Colorado.
Pg.409 DUNMIRE, Anthony
Will dated 31 Dec 1889. Witnesses are John Griner & John Milliron, both of Colfax, Benzie Co., MI. Executor is Alonzo Chubb. Died 03 jan 1890 at Colfax Co., Benzie Co., MI. Children: Matilda Hartman of Cleon; Zachariah Dunmire of Cleon; Anna Dunmire of Cleon; and Levina Brown of Colfax, Benzie Co. Levina died 07 Jan 1890.
Pg.417 DUMMER, Catharine
Will dated 01 Feb 1890. Witnesses are: Alexander H. Dunlap & Daisy E. Dunlap. Died 05 Mar 1890 at her home in Manistee. Husband is Charles Dummer, son is Henry Dummer.
Pg.425 CRON, Emma
Will dated 07 May 1887, Emma was 21 years old.Witnesses are Clara Ducks & Mary Timmermen. Her husband, Frederick W. Cron is Executor. Died 31 Dec 1888 at Manistee. No children.
Pg.438 LaFLEUR, Margaret
Will dated 29 Apr 1890, Manistee resident. Witnesses are: D.S. Harley & A._ Jarvis. Died 02 May 1890 at Manistee.Children are: Marie J. LaFleur of Manistee, William Henry of Manistee, Lillie Follis? of Superior City, Wisconsin; Margaret Madden of Milwaukee, and Mary Russell of Milwaukee.
Pg.441 McNEIL, Murdock
Will dated 31 May 1885, Browntown resident. Witnesses are: Edward Kenny Sr., James Murphy & Edward Kenny Jr. Executor is Edward Kenny. Died about 10 Jun 1885 at Brown Township. Catharine McNeil is his wife. Children are: John McNeil of Tanner, MI;  Charles McNeil of Cadillac; Alexander of Manistee; Mary Daily of Empire, MI; and Frank of Manistee.
Pg.449 WALLACE, Martha E.
Will dated 08 Dec 1892. Witnesses are: Urettah? E. Solomon & Ida Beels, both of Manistee. Executor is John Wallace, husband. Died 10 Dec 1892 at Manistee. Children are: James N. Wallace of Chicago; Flora May Phelps of Chicago. Granddaughter is Eva Washburn of Chicago.
Pg.457 FRIEDONE?, Wilhelmina
Will dated 17 Mar 1890. Witnesses are: George Almbach, Lavinia Pritchard and Michael Scott. Died 17 Apr 1890 at Manistee. Daniel Friedone is husband, children are: Marie Sophie Raskey, of Stronach; Wilhelmina of Manistee; William of Manistee; August of Filer City.
Pg.465 SOLOMON, Harriet A.
Will dated 02 Apr 1892. Witnesses are: Joseph V.C. Makantz? and Theodore Horton. Executor is Geo. A. Hart. Children are: Betsey Mackey, Edwin Solomon, Oscar Solomon & Walter Solomon. There are no other papers with this will.
Pg.465 COLLINS, John
Will dated 04 Oct 1890, resident of Bear Lake. Witnesses are: Satie Strobridge, Duncan Gillis & Frank Pontzius? Executor is wife, Mattie Collins. Died 07 Jan 1893 at Bear Lake. Children are Viola Lucille Collins & Winifred Collins, both minors.
Pg.473 THEIS, Ellen E.
Will dated 02 Jul 1892. Executor is son Richard F. Theis. Witnesses are: Herbert S. Harley & Richard W. Smith. Died 19 May 1893 at Alco, Escambia Co., Alabama. Childen are: Emma E. O'Neil of Alco, Ala; Richard F. Theis of Alco, Ala; Edwin N. Theis of Manistee; and Henry Theis of Alco, Alabama. Earl Theis is a grandson.
Pg.481 PROBERT, William
Will dated 27 May 1875. Witnesses are: Ellis R. Humphrey & Stillman H. Green. Died 21 Jun 1893 at his home in Pleasanton. Jane is his wife, Mary Ann is his adopted daughter, and his half-sister is Agnes Keilor of Pleasanton.
Pg.489 BROWNSILL, Elizabeth
Will dated 30 Aug 1889. Executor is Mrs. Ann Marshall, her daughter. Witnesses are: J. Brownsill & James H. Russell. Died 20 Jan 1893. Daughters are: Mrs. Sarah Secor and Mrs. Ann Marshall. Son is Edwin Brownsill.
Pg.497 CHRISTIAN, Anna
Will dated 02 Jan 1893, Bear Lake resident. Executrix is her daughter, Olivia. Witnesses are: Thomas Smurthwaite & Lonais? Parreaut? Died 03 Jul 1893 at Bear Lake.  Husband is Jim Christian. Children are: Olaf C.of Bear Lake, Cordelia Smith of Menominee, Olivia Christian of Bear Lake, Jim T., of Manistee, Adolph of Manistee, Benjamin of Bear Lake, Theodore of Bear Lake, Charles of Bear Lake, Anna of Bear Lake, Julia of Bear Lake and Melvin of Bear Lake.
Pg.505 ROBINSON, Nelson George Sr.
Will dated 28 Sep 1889. Executors are son George Robinson of Quebec and Margaret Robinson Harmer. Witnesses are: Albert Walkley & Thos. Oglethorpe. Died 31 Aug 1893 at Manistee. Family includes: Mary E. Locke of Woodbridge, Ontario; George Robinson of Quebec; Christopher C. Robinson of Hartlepool?, England; Henry C. Robinson of Glenlevit, Prov. Quebec; Frances I. Robinson of Chiss_ Mall, England; William T. of Desselronto, Ontario; Edward Robinson of LaCeller?, Quebec; Margaret harmer of Onekama; Charles Robinson of Brittannia, Ontario; Sarah A. Robinson of Manistee and Grace E. Robinson of Manistee.
Pg.513 SCHMIDT, Herman
Will dated 28 Oct 1893. Executors are Joseph Saile & Paul. Witnesses are: J. Kingsley & Louis Morris. Died 11 jan 1894 at his home in Manistee. Christina Schmidt is his widow; children are: Ernest Schmidt of Waukegan? Ill; Paul, Max, Otto, Henry, Rosa and Herman of Manistee.
Pg.561 JOHNSON, Marie
Will dated 14 Apr 1894, Brown Twp. residence. Witnesses are: Thomas Smurthwaite & Frank L. Fowler. Died 15 Dec 1894 at 83 Second Ave., Manistee. Children are: Helge Anderson of Chicago; Emilie Jones of Manistee; Jennie? Mickelson of Thompsonville, and Keri Hanson of Free Soil.
Pg.569 HANSON, Christian
Will dated 25 Jun 1881. Witnesses are: David S. Harley & B.F. Pennock. Wife, Anna Hanson is Executrix. Died 26 Mar 1897 at his home in Manistee. No children listed.
Pg.577 ANDERSON, Ben.
Will dated 03 Jun 1895, Bear Lake residence. Witnesses are: Ludwig Larson of Bear Lake & Joseph Hurlburt. Died 22 Jun 1897 at his home in Bear Lake. Father is Andrew Anderson, mother is Helen Anderson, brother is Andrew Anderson. Ollie Anderson Halter is sister. Also Agnes Anderson, Adolph, Bert, Morris & August, all of Bear Lake.
Pg.585 BLAIS or BLAIR, Peter
Will dated 11 Jun 1897. Executors are his wife, Angeline Blair, Thomas Despres and Theodore Blais. Died 09 Jul 1897 at his residence in Manistee. Children are: Alma, Celia, Edward, Theresa, and Ernest. Trustees are Thomas Despres & Theodore Blais.

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