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Many thanks to Barbara, a friend of the Manistee MIGen Web, for the idea of this page to display your KNOWN and UNKNOWN Manistee County Ancestors. If you would like to contribute a photo of your Manistee County Ancestor, send me a .JPG or a .GIF image and include the name(s) of those in the photos. You might also list the surnames this photo is connected to, especially if the person is unknown. If you like, I'll link the text under your family photo to your E-mail address for queries. E-mail a photo here

Please be aware that I cannot post photos of LIVING individuals
without their "written" consent. Thanks!

Back row: Ella Doris, (?), and Clair Keaning
Bottom row: Flo Burns, Clara Case, Jennie Wilson,
Maud Wood, and Sue Collins.

Photo by Hanselman, Manistee

Ferdinand Abele and Pauline Kettener
Related Surname: Danforth

Robert Curtis
1932, Bear Lake

Pauline Gielczyk Dembinski
Wife of Joseph Dembinski

1879 - 1939

Sylvannus and Susannah Evens

The Evens Family
Front (r to l): Sylvannus, Susannah, William
Back (r to l): Minerva, James, Lloyd, Thomas, Sade

Sylvanus and Susannah Evens
Family Homestead - Marilla Township

Elias Henry Lovell
Taken 1870 Bear Lake
Married to Adalia Dailey

Eliza Berse (Burrows, Burrous) Lovell
Bear Lake
Wife of Nathan Lovell

Ida Lovell
Bear Lake
Daughter of Nathan Lovell and
Eliza Berse. Married to S.W. Wilson
1878 at Manistee

Nathan Lovell
Husband of Eliza Berse
, father of
Elias Henry and Ida Lovell

McCormick - Breen Family
Children of Francis John McCormick &
Mary Electa "Mame" Breen

The Ranta Family
Standing (l to r):
Arnold Ranta, Mary Serafina (Halonen) Ranta, Elis Jalmar Ranta,
Rudolph Hjalmar Ranta
Sitting (l to r):
Martha Elizabeth (Ranta, Hautamaki) Wierimaa, Sylvia (Ranta) Siltenen
c. 1941 - Kaleva

Margaret Haite Somerville and Evalyn Ramsdell
In the front yard of the Somerville home,
possibly 466 First Street, Manistee.

Maud L. Wood and Madge Ramsdell
Maud was the daughter of George I. Wood and
Emma Somerville. Which Ramsdell family did
Madge come from?

The Somerville Family, 1860s
Related Surnames:
McCormick, Tuxworth, Wood

Frank & Nellie McCormick Somerville

Danforth Home
158 Jefferson St., Manistee

Somerville Home
466 1st Street, Manistee

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