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With Illustrations and Biographical Sketches
of Some of Its Men and Pioneers.
Published 1882 by H.R. Page & Co., Chicago

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81 Physician, drug store in Bear Lake
ANDRUS, C. A. 82 In charge of grist mill of Hopkins Bros., Bear Lake
ARNOLD, John L. 74 Foreman at Ruddock, Nuttall & Co. mill
BABCOCK, S. 65 S. Babcock & Co., Mill
BAER, William 74 Merchant Tailor
BAKER, Dr. Seth E. 72 Dentist
Baldwin, Pierce & Co. Store
75 Clothing Merchant; Baldwin, Pierce & Co.
BALSAM, Frederick 77 General charge of Filer & Sons
BARRY & FINAN 73 Liverymen
BAUMANN, Albert 74 Millwright at Davies, Blacker & Co. mill
BAUMANN, Otto 69 Sheriff of Manistee County
BAUMGARDNER, W. G. 77 Saw-filer at Filer & Sons sawmill
BAUR, Joseph 59 Saloon, Grocery, County Treasurer
BAXTER, John P. 68 Bookkeeper> Grist Mill builder
Bear Lake Roller Mills 72 Hopkins Mfg. Co., Proprietors
BEDFORD, S. 75 Steamboat Agent > Sr. member; Bedford & Buckley
BEEBE, Dr. C. V. 66 Medical Doctor
BENEDICT, E. E. 64 Lawyer; Ramsdell & Benedict
BERKMAN, Swan 73 Engineer - Stronach Lumber Co. Mill
BIGGE, Charles 71 Saloon
BLANCHARD, J. 82 In charge of R.G. Peters lumbering interests at Bear Lake
BODWELL, E. A. 82 E. A. Bodwell Merchantile, Bear Lake
BODWELL, J. E. 87 Merchant at Pierport Village
BRISTOL, P. M. 71 Filer, Louis Sands Gangmill
BROOKS, Richard 75 Brooks & Sweet, shingle manufacturers
BROWNRIGG, William 75 Deputy Marshall, City of Manistee
BUCKLEY, J. A. 75 Bedford & Buckley - lime, stone & coal
BUNTON, Charles B. 81 Mill in Bear Lake w/ D.D.Smith; Hale & Bunton Merchantile in Bear Lake
BURCH, Samuel 75 Music Teacher, Merchantile, drugs & confectionery
CADY, Edward J. 75 Started the Manistee Advocate newspaper
CALKINS, Seymour 87 Stillman & Calkins; Pierport Stave Factory, farmer
CANFIELD, John 58 Manufacturer of lumber; Canfield, Wheeler, Magill & Co.
CONOVER, S. S. 67 Manufacturer of harness and saddles> Real Estate & Insurance
COOK, M. S. 66 City Surveyor
COOK, Prof. Webster 66 Superintendent of Schools
CROSS, M. J. 73 Proprietor - Baur Exchange Hotel
CULVER, A. C. & Son 82 Proprietor of the Bear Lake Independent
CUTCHEON, Gen. B. M. 56 General, Lawyer
DAVIDSON, J. S. 82 Foreman at new Hopkins mill, Bear lake
DAVIES, Evan T. 65 Davies, Blacker & Co. Mill
DEMPSEY, James 59 Second Postmaster, One term Mayor of Manistee
DENNING, M. R. 69 River driver, Manistee Boom Co.,  one director of Manistee National Bank 
DOELLE, Louis 74 Proprietor of the Franklin House hotel
71 Bookstore, Insurance
DOUVILLE, W. W. 71 In charge of Douville Bros. Bookstore
DUNLAP, Alexander H. 63 Lawyer
DUNLAP, Fletcher W. 66 Lawyer, Grocer
EATON, Edward B. 74 Farmer> Millwright at Filer & Sons
ELLIS, Lathrop S. 59 Physician
EMERY, Andrew J. 74 Saw-filer at Stokoe, Nelson & Secor mill
ENGELMANN, M. 58 Engelmann & Kitzinger, 2 term Mayor of Manistee
ERB, Henry 81 Sawmill & farm in Bear Lake
ESTES, G. K. 81 Insurance, Real estate, Loan & loan collection business in Bear Lake
FAGAN, John 74 Engineer at Canfield & Wheeler's mill
FAULKNER, A. L. 74 Thompson & Faulkner Printers
FILER, Delos L. 76 Founder Filer & Sons Mill
FILER, D. L. & Sons Mill 52
FILER, Delos Warren
77 Son of Delos L., Filer & Sons
FILER, E. Golden
76 Son of Delos L., Filer & Sons, also Fruit business
FINCH, Henry 44 Captain, US Life Boat Station, Manistee
FIRZLAFF, Frank 73 Franklin House, sold pine lands, saloon.
FOSTER, H. D. 71 Millwright at Louis Sands Mill
FOWLER, Hon. S. W.
Fowler business block and Residence
61 Senator of Eaton Co., Judge
FRANCK, John C. 75 In charge of Louis Sands store on River St.
FRIEND, A. 66 Friend, Joys &  Co., Dry Goods
FRISBIE, A. 73 Store - Sportsman's supplies
GARDNER, C. D. 71 Jewelry Store, alderman Second Ward
GNEWUCH, Capt. Charles 61 Capt. Tug Line>Gold medal for bravery> Owns intrest in Canfield Tug Line
GRANNIS, C. D. 74 In charge of telegraph & telephone lines
GRAVES, Gurden 77 Engineer at Filer & Sons
GRAY, Wilson H. 67 Lawyer
HAINES, Abel S. 68 Merchantile, grocery & dry goods
HALE, L. F. 81 Hale & Bunton Merchantile, Bear Lake
HARLEY, David S. 68 Lawyer
HARRISON, I. M. 72 Medical Doctor
HARRISON, Agnes B. 72 Medical Doctor, wife of  I. M. Harrison
HART, Geo. A. 73 Clothing Trade> Pine Lands> Sec.of Manistee Water Co.
HASENFUSS, J. H. 74 Engineer at Stokoe, Nelson & Secor mill
HAUSER, Christian 65 Alderman, County Treasurer
HELGESEN, Harvey 74 Grocery, General Merchandise at Freeland, Manistee
HELLESVIG, John 72 Bookkeeper - Horace Taber & Sons Mill
HENDERSON, James 73 Liveryman
HIGGINS, Andrew 72 Livery Stable
HILTON, Henry S. 66 Proprietor of Manistee Times
HISLOP, T. George 72 Deputy Clerk & Register of Manistee Co.
HOFFMAN, Richard 77 Editor/Publisher of the Manistee Times
HOPKINS, George W.
79 Founder, Hopkins Bros. mill in Bear Lake
79 Brother of George, Hopkins Bros. mill, Bear Lake
HUGHES, David 75 Lumbering
HULBURT, Capt. R. W. 74 Commercial Job Printing, Hulbert & Faulkner
HYLAND, Joseph 69 Boiler Shop in Manistee> Yoss & Hyland, commission merchants
JACK, Andrew 73 Proprietor of Union Boiler Works (manufacturer)
JAMES, T. B. 72 Saw Filer at Horace Taber & Sons sawmill
JONES, Peter 70 Started first brewery in Manistee, also drug business
JOYS, C. E. 66 Friend, Joys & Co., Dry Goods
KIES, B. W. 68 Kies & Ward, Insurance Agents
KING, Lyman T. 82 Farmer in Brown Town
KINSLEY, Dr. J. 69 Oldest resident Physician in Manistee
KREMPEL, Henry   73 Meat Market
KUESTER, H. F. 74 Proprietor of Meat Market, Fourth Ward
LAIRD, Capt. W. R. 56 U.S. Harbor Inspector in Manistee
La MONTAGNE, George 67 Medical Doctor
LARSEN, H. B. 71 Dry Goods Merchant
LEONARD, Azro B. and Residence
Pine Lands, Hardware
LEWIS, C. B. 64 C.B. Lewis & Sons, shingle manufacturers
LONG, L. B. 75 Delbridge, Long & Hubbell planing mill
LUCAS, Jacob 76 Lucas & Nungesser Furniture
LYMAN, A. H. 72 Druggist
McALVAY, A. V. 67 Lawyer
McANLEY, James 75 Proprietor of the National House
McGUIRE, John 75 Lumbering
McGUINESS, Alex 74 Son of Hugh, Salesman at Stronach Lumber Co. Store, Deputy Postmaster at Stronach
McKEE, Allen 66 Engineer & Machinist at Manistee Lumber Co. Mill
MAGNAN, Adolphus 65 Judge of Probate
Mamerow House
71 Blacksmith, boarding house, Blatz Milwaukee Beer - Manistee Rep.
MANSEAU, Joseph L. 73 Millwright
MEAD, Richard T. 64 Physician
MEE, Harry 75 Timber Broker
MEE, John 67 Hardware
MILLER. L. W. 73 Photographer
MOODY, D. F. 71 Palace Billiard Hall
MORRIS, Louis E. 67 City Attorney, justice of the peace
MOWATT, David W.
70 Superintendent Canfield Mill> Engelmann Mill
NOBLE, Fred 71 Grocer
NUNGESSER, William 76 Lucas & Nungesser Furniture
NUTTALL, J. F. 65 Son of L. W., Bookkeeper at Ruddock, Nuttall & Co. lumber firm
NUTTALL, L. W. 65 Ruddock, Nuttall & Co. Lumber
OGLETHORPE, John 71 Grocer & meat market
OLDFIELD, H. V. 72 Medical Doctor
OVERPACK, A. L. 72 Veterinary Surgeon
OVERPACK, S. C. 72 Wagon and carriage manufacturer - (invented the Big Wheels used for logging)
PECK, C. J. 71 Filer at Horace Taber & Sons Mill
86 General Merchandise, grist mill at Pierport Village
PETERS, Richard G.
59 Proprietor of two mills in East Lake
PETERSON, Thorwald 71 In charge of  Louis Sands logging camps on the river
PFEIFFER, August 75 Lumbering, bridge tender
POMEROY, J. C. 71 Manufacturer of soda water, mineral water & fruit syrups
Livery Stable
72 Proprietor of City Livery Stable & 'Bus Line
RAMSDELL, J. M. 70 Insurance - Real Estate
RAMSDELL, Hon. Thomas J. 56 First Lawyer in Manistee, major property owner in Manistee
RICHARDSON, V. W. 64 Editor of Manistee Democrat
RIETZ, Charles 65 Pres. Chas Rietz & Bros. Lumber Co.
RIVERS, J. V. 74 Foreman & Saw-filer at Canfield & Wheeler mill
ROBINSON, N. G. 72 Superintendent & boom master of the Boom Co. of Manistee.
RUGGLES, Charles F. 68 Loans money for purchase of pine lands and logs
RUSSELL Brothers 64 Grocery & Hardware
SALLING, E. N. 70 Lumber business
SANDS, Louis
Sands Gang Mill
Sands Red Mill
Owner of two saw mills
SEYMOUR Brothers 70 Ice Cream, Grocery, Dry Goods
SHATTUCK, E. M. 74 Saw-filer at Davies, Blacker & Co. mill
SHORT, William E. 72 Manistee City Treasurer
SHRIGLEY, James H. 69 Member of  Wheeler, Johnson & Co. machine shop
SMITH, Appleton M. 69 Manistee Times
SMITH, D. D. 81 Bernhardt & Smith planing mill in Bear lake, Justice of the Peace
SMITH, Russell F.
The Russell House
77 Bear Lake Township pioneer
SOMERVILLE, James E. 73 Harnessmaker, J. E. Somerville books, wallpapers, framing shop
Sorenson House
74 Proprietor of Sorenson House hotel
STEADMAN, T. P. 70 In charge of telegraph lines, painter, marble shop
STEELE, S. J. 82 Engineer at Hopkins mill, Bear Lake
SWEET, Benjamin 70 Lumber business
TABER, Austin 72 Son of James Taber, Sawmill
TABER, Horace
Taber & Sons Mill
65 Horace Taber &  Sons, lumber manufacturers
TABER, Lewis 72 In charge of the old mill of Horace Taber & Sons
TILLSON, Isaac N. 81 Postmaster at Bear Lake
TOMLIN, Dr. C. W. 81 Pioneer Physician in Bear Lake, drug business in Bear Lake
UDELL, Henry S. 69 Clerk in Canfield Store> Mills> Log Handler on river> county surveyor
WARD, A. O. 66 Insurance & Real Estate. Ward & Ramsdell, Kies & Ward Insurance
WENTE, William 65 Sec. & Treasurer of Manistee Lumber Company
WHEELER, A. O. 66 Manistee Tug Lines> Wheeler, Johnson & Co. machine shop
WHEELER, Edward D. 64 Lumberman; Wheeler, Magill & Co.
WHEELER, Hon. H. H. 67 Judge
WHITE, Jerry 74 Head Sawyer at R. G. Peters
WILCOX, Dr. J. B. 73 Dentist
WILLARD, W. H. 73 Druggist
WOOD, John P. 73 Architect
YOSS, Peter A. 69 Yoss & Hyland, commission merchants

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