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History of Manistee, Mason & Oceana Counties,
Michigan, Illustrated.

Published 1882 by H. R. Page & Co., Chicago

In this list we cannot attempt to give the names of streets, but commence at the west end of South River Street, which runs parallel with the river and the harbor, and extends from lake to lake, a distance of over a mile and a half.

William B. CRIPPEN's foundry and machine shop
Root beer manufactory of John FLANSBURGH
Store and warehouse of Messrs. CANFIELD & WHEELER
Residence office of Dr. ELLIS
Foundry and machine shop of WHEELER & JOHNSON
Shoe shop of Caspar SCHNEIDER
A grocery store
Grist mill of John BAXTER & Co.
Union Boiler Works of Andrew JACK
Paint shop of SAYLES & GREGORY
Joiner shop of GREEN & LONG
Brick block of James O'BRIEN. Occupied first story by the dry goods store of H. W. MARSH, and the second story by the Odd Fellows hall and rooms.
Merchant tailor, R. PENZIEN
Dock and warehouse, J. F. KIRKLAND & Company
Insurance and telegraph office, WING & HAWLEY
Otto BAUMANN, meat market
Millinery store, Mrs. Otto BAUMANN
Photograph, artist and picture gallery, E. E. DOUVILLE
Lumber inspector's office, Gilbert YOUNG
Milwaukee House, BAXTER & FINCH, proprietors. This is the largest hotel buildingm probably, on the shore, it being ninety-three feet front by eighty-eight back, and contains 60 rooms.
Unites States Hotel, L. MAGOON, proprietor. This was mostly burned last season, and has been rebuilt and improved.
Blacksmith and carriage shop of Silas C. OVERPACK
Livery stable, Hugh McGUINEAS
City Hall, Hugh McGUINEAS
Postoffice block, L. S. ELLIS, proprietor and postmaster. This block contains the drugstore of  D. CARLTON & Co., postoffice, and office of the Manistee Standard, O. H. GODWIN, editor and proprietor. Printing office of R. HOFFMAN.
BAUR's grocery store and steamboat bakery, in BAUR's brick block. This block contains also the law offices of RAMSDELL & BENEDICT, N. W. NELSON, Esq., and DOVEL & MORRIS. Justice office, S. S. GLOVER; sheriff's office, Peter YOSS; dentists' offices of J. B. WILCOX and K. A. BRIGHAM; office of city recorder, T. B. COLLINS, Recorder; Merchants' Bank, J. L. TAYLOR cashier; restaurant in basement, ANDREE Bros. Dock and warehouse, J. BAUR
City Hotel, GREGORY Bros., proprietors. This hotel is three stories high, and is among the few buildings that survived the great fire.
Barber shop, J. G. McKEE
Dry goods and grocery store, TYSON & SWEET
New brick block of DOUVILLE Bros., not yet occupied
Clothing and boot and shoe store, George NUNGESSER
Book and stationery store, DOUVILLE Bros.
Tobacco and cigar store, LADUC & DURANLEAU
Grocery store, BLACK & THOMPSON
Drug store, WILLARD, HALL & Co.
Office Dr.'s MEAD & FISHER
Jewelry store, GARDNER & BIXBY
Harness store, RUSSELL Bros.
Harness store, J. SOMERVILLE
New auction store, J. JENKINS & Co.
Store wareroom, J. JENKINS
Store formerly occupied by LUCAS & NUNGESSER
Shoe shop of P. JOHNSON
Tailor shop of Mr. BAER
Candy store of Mr. A. BOWEN
Grocery store, McMASTER & HYDE
New store of Mr. DICKINSON
Merchant tailor, Mr. John EAGAN
Hardware store, RUSSELL & MEE
Grocery store, WEYMOUTH & KENNEDY
Insurance office, SECOR & SHORES
County Clerk's office, C. HURD, clerk and register
Law office of Messrs. BULLIS & CUTCHEON
Grocery store, J. A. JOHNSON
Office of Dr. SIQUELAND
Hardware store, E. BUCKLEY & Co.
Star clothing house, GREGORY Bros.
Dock and warehouse, PALMITER Bros.
Flour and feed store, LYMAN & WRIGHT
Root beer manufactory, John FLANSBURGH
Millinery store, Mrs. HALEY
New grocery store, L. T. KING
Milwaukee clothing house, M. HERBST
City meat market, Henry KREMPLE
New store, unoccupied, J. G. McKEE New three story brick block of LUCAS & NUNGESSER, which contains furniture, ware and sale room of LUCAS & NUNGESSER, drug store of W. E. SHORT & Co., law office of A. V. McALVAY, and restaurant of Messrs. HORNKOE & Co. Barber shop of J. J. McKEE
Brick store of CUSHMAN, CALKINS & Co.
Merchant and tailoring rooms of W. EDWARDS
Manistee Lime Works, WING & BUCKLEY.
Cabinet shop and second-hand furniture store, J. JENKINS
Manistee City Rink
Paint shop of THORP Bros.
Joiner shop, J. W. TENANT & Co.
Shoe shop, W. E. POLHAMUS
Times printing office, in Times block. Land and law office, S. W. FOWLER
Lumbermen's store, M. KAHN
Restaurant, HALBER & McFAY
Confectionery and fruit store, M. C. COX
Fruit store, J. BANISTER
Grocery store, WEYMOUTH & KENNEDY
Fruit and vegetable store, J. C. NIMMS
Dollar store, M. S. ROOT
Land looker and surveyor, C. F. RUGGLES
Boot and shoe shop, Christ. HANSEN
New York store, KAHN & NEWMAN
Dry goods and clothing store, A. STUMES
Law office, A. H. DUNLAP
Photograph rooms, J. W. RUNKLE
Boot and shoe shop, N. OLSON
Furniture shop, Nargood HANSON
Jewelry store, MAGNUS & KOKLIN
Barber shop, H. YOUNG
Grocery and provisions, Frank OLK
Restaurant, John BAUR
Planing mill, GEE & PRESTON
Brick block, containing grocery & crockery store, Joseph BAUR. Large Masonic Hall in second story.
Planing mill, S. SIBBEN & Co.
Drug store, Dr. J. KINGSLEY
Barber shop, Wm. DROHER
Hotel, German Home.
Restaurant, Otto FIELD
Grocery and confectionery store, C. POMEROY & Bros.
Confectionery and tobacco store, Samuel BURCH
Drug store, Neil JEWEL
Scandanavian clothing house, FIELD & MILLER
Grocery store, Henry MOWE
Eagle Hotel, Fred. MILLER
Foundry and machine shop, STOKIE & BOWIE
Broadway store, W. F. MILLER
Restaurant, John FIELD
Justice office, R. A. SEYMOUR
Cigar and fruit store, R. A. SEYMOUR
Boot and shoe shop, P. KLIES
Third Ward market, M. CIECHANOWSKY
Restaurant, Hans PETERSON
Drugs and medicines and fancy goods, Peter JONES
Shoe shop, O. ANDERSON
Sorenson's Hotel, J. SORENSON
Shoe shop, H. SHOENING
Manistee Steam Boiler Works, KIRSCH & Son.
St. Charles Hotel, J. HALTER
Scandanavian House, Mrs. HANSON. This house is 111 feet front, 63 feet deep, and two stories high.
German Home, B. F. SCHOENBECK
Lake House, P. NEIHOVEN
Fireman's Hall, city building
Grocery store, Thomas KINNEY & Co.
German Hall, German Workingmen's Society, 143 members
Meat market, Solomon ROTHCHILDS
Store, grocery and supplies, GREEN & MILMOE
Grocery store, Charles GRUNDE

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