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From page 524 of the 1875 Michigan State Gazetteer and Business Directory, Kin through Som. Available at the Lansing Library, 401 S. Capital Ave., Lansing (517) 367-6418
KINGMAN, Almon, Groceries and Provisions, River
KINSLEY, Dr. John, druggist, River
KIRKLAND & BEDFORD, Forwarding and Commission Agents Goodrich Transportation Co.
KIRSCH & PAULUS, boiler works
KREMPEL, Henry, Meat Market, River
LAIRD, Capt. W.R., harbor inspector
Lake House, Peter NIEHOVEN Propr, cor Lake and Division
LALONE, John E, Barber, cor River and Maple
LARSON & HAMLIN, propr skating rink, Maple
LARSEN Bros, Variety Store, River
LaSALLE, Frank, grocer, Maxwell Town
LEDUC, Antoine, Cigar Mnrf and Dealer in Tobacco and Cigars
LUCAS & NUNGESSER, furniture dealers and undertakers, cor Maple and River
McALVAY, Aaron V, lawyer, cor Maple and River
McGREGOR, John, Furniture Dealer and Undertaker, River
McGUINEAS, Hugh, livery stable, Water
McKEY, John G, Tobacco and Cigars, also Barber Shop, opp City Hotel
McLAUGHLIN, James E, Land Office, Lands Explored and Pine Lands Estimated, Dunlap's New Block
MAGNES, Peter, Watches, Clocks and Jewelry, River
MAMEROW, Rudolph, saloon, Harrison, 1st ward
Manistee Times, (Weekly) Appleton M SMITH, Publisher, Schneider's Block
MASON, John, saloon, River
MASSEY, Richard W, barber, River
MEE & BROOKS, log jobbers, River
MEE & VINCENT, lumber dealers, River
MICKOLSON, Christ, meat market, cor Sibben and 4th
MORRISON & ROSSIN, carpenters, 1st
MUELLER, Wm, saloon, River
NEALY, Joseph, saloon, opp City Hotel
NELSON N West, Insurance Agent and lawyer, River cor Maple
NICHOVEN, Peter, Propr Lake House, cor Lake and Division
NIMMS, Julius C, Confectionery and News depot, River
NUNGESSER, Geo, clothing, tobacco, cigars, etc, River
OLK, Frank, grocer, River
OVERPACK, Silas C, blacksmith, cor Water and Pine
OVERPACK, S C & Bros, harness, saddles, etc, River
PAGE, Mrs.___, Millinery, Dunlap's New Block
PATTERSON, Mrs. Anna, boarding, 1st
PENZIEN, Robert, tailor, cor River and Spruce
PETERS, R G & Co, lumber mnfrs and general store, Maxwell Town
PETERSON, Hans, boot and shoemaker, River
PETERSON, John, boot and shoemaker, Maxwell Town
POMEROY, John C, soda water mnfr, River
POMEROY, C & Bros, Grocers and Confectioners, River
PRESTON, Jasper N, architect, River opp postoffice
RAMSDELL, Thomas J, deputy collector of customs office, River opp postoffice
RAMSDELL, Wm D, tannery, on Manistee Lake
RAMSDELL & BENEDICT, lawyers, River opp postoffice
RAMSDELL, W D & Co, tannery, n s Little lake
RIETZ, Chas & Bros, lumber mnfrs and general store, Maxwell Town
ROBERTSON, August, confectioners, 1st
ROTHSCHILD, Solomon, meat market, First Ward
RUGGLES, Charles F, Land Office, River
RUNKLE, John W, photographer, Lake
RUSSELL, G I & Co, hardware, River
RUSSELL Bros, Hardware, Stoves and Tinware, River
RUSSELL Bros, harness, saddles and trunks, cor River and Maple
RUSSELL, CURRIER & Co, shingle mill, Filer Town
SANDS, Louis, lumber mnfr, e s Manistee Lake
SCHNEIDER, Caspar, Boot and Shoemaker, River
SCHOENBECK, David F, Propr Central Hotel, cor Clay and Division
SCHOENENG, Henry, Boot and Shoemaker, River
SECOR, Charles & Co, Manistee City Bank, cor River and Oak
SEYMOUR, Richard A, Justice of the Peace, cor Maple and River
SEYMOUR Bros, (John & Richard A jr),Confectionery, Bakery and grocery, River
SHORES & DOUVILLE, insurance, River opp postoffice
SHORT, W E & Co, druggists, cor Maple and River
SHRIGLEY, J H & Co, lumber mnfrs, e s Manistee lake
SIBBEN, Solomon, shingle and planing mill, River
SIBLEY, Eva, photographer, Maple
SIQVELAND, T Oluf, Physician, cor River and Oak
SIMPIER, Joseph, Saloon, River
SMITH, Appleton M, Publisher Manistee Times, Schneider's Block
SMITH, Norman R, lumber inspector, River
SOMERVILLE, James E, harness, saddles, etc, River

From the 1877 Michigan State Gazetteer and Business Directory,(Manistee County) page 594, names Ka through Wi. Available at the Lansing Library, 401 S. Capital Ave., Lansing (517) 367-6418
KAHN, Morris, general store, River
KENNY, Thomas, grocer, corner 1st & Sibben
KINSLEY, Dr. John, druggist, River
KIRSCH, Andrew, boiler works, S. Water
KITZINGER, Gustav, agt. Englemann & Northwestern Transportation Co.'s
KLER, Philip, shoemaker
KLINGBIEL & MeSSINGER (Wm Klingbiel, Geo P. Messinger), clothing, River
KREMPEL, Henry, meat market, River
LAIRD, Capt. Wm R, US harbor inspector
LANDOLT & WARD (Albert Landolt, Alla O Ward), insurance agents, River
LARSEN Bros., General Merchandise, River
LaSALLE, Frank, grocer, Maxwell Town
LEDUC, Ellen, cigar mnfr, River
LEWIS, Edward C, county clerk and register, River
LUCAS & NUNGESSER, (Jacob Lewis, Wm Nungesser), furniture, River
McALVAY, Aaron V, Lawyer, cor River and Oak
McANLEY, John, Blacksmith, also Propr Boarding House, Washington
McCORMICK, F & Co (Frank McCormick, Silas C. Overpack, Eugene Douville), clothing, River
McGUINEAS, Hugh, livery stable, S Water
McKEY, John G. Tobacco and Cigars, also barber shop, River
MAGNES, Peter, jeweler, River
MAMEROW, Rudolph, saloon, 1st ward
Manistee Advocate, (Weekly) E J CADY, Editor, River
Manistee Times, Appleton M. SMITH, Editor and Propr, River
MARONDA, Herman, saloon, 2nd
MARSHALL, Wm, harness mnfr, Maple
MASON, John P, saloon, River
MILLER, Wm, saloon, River
MORRIS, Louis E, lawyer, River
NELSON N West, lawyer, cor River and Oak
NELSON & WALKER (N. West Nelson, Theodore C. Walker), abstracts of title
MICKELSON, HANSON & Co. (Christ and Nels Mickelson, Rasmus Hanson, E N Salling) general store, Sibben
OAKLEY & LYON (Henry Oakley, James Lyon) lumber inspectors
OLSEN, Nils, shoemaker, River
OVERPACK, Silas C, wagonmaker
OVERPACK, S C & Bros (Silas C, Alfred L), harnessmakers, River
PALMER, Ishmael, barber, River
PATTERSON, Wm R, grocer, River
PENNOCK, Benjamin F., physician, River
PETERS, R G, sawmill, Maxwell Town
PETERSON, Matthias, saloon, 2nd
PIELLUSCH, Henry, boarding, Lake
POMEROY, C & Bros, (Chas and John C Pomeroy) grocers, River
POMEROY, John C, soda water mnfr, River
RAMSDELL & BENEDICT (Thomas J Ramsdell, Edwin E. Benedict, Digby B. Butler) lawyers, River
REITZ, Chas & Bro, sawmill and store, Maxwell Town
RICHARDS, Joseph, fruit and vegetables
ROTHSCHILD, Solomon, meat market, First Ward
RUDDOCK, PALMETER & Co ( Thos S Ruddock, James S. Pameter, A B LEONARD, Lawrence W NUTTALL), sawmill and store
RUGGLES, Charles F, Banker, Dealer in Pine Lands and Real Estate, River
RUSSELL & MEE (Geo I Russell, John Mee) hardware, River
RUSSELL Bros (Perry, Charles H, Edwin, Andrew J, and James H) hardware, shingle mnfrs and grocers, River
SANDS, Louis, sawmill, e s Lake
SCHNEIDER, Caspar, lumberman, River
SCHOENBECK, David F, propr Central Hotel, cor Clay and Division
SEYMOR Bros (John and Richard A) grocers, River
SHORES, Eugene A, insurance agent, River
SHORT, W E & Co (Wm E Short, T B Collins) druggists, cor Maple and River
SHRIGLEY, J H & Co, sawmill, e s Lake
SIBBEN, Solomon, lumber, River
SIMPIER, Alphonse, shoemaker
SIMPIER, Joseph, saloon, River
SIQUELAND, T Oluf, Physician, River
SMITH, Appleton M, Editor and Propr, Manistee Times, River
SOMERVILLE, James E, harnessmaker, River
Sorenson House, John L. SORENSON, Propr
SORENSON, John L, Propr Sorenson House and Steamship Passage Agt, River
STUMES, Adolph, general merchandise, River
TABER, Horace, sawmill, Filer Town
TIEFENBACH, Charles, saloon, River
Times and Standard, of Manistee, Smith W FOWLER, Propr, Maple
TRAVER, Mrs. Helen, millinery, River
TUXWORTH, Harry A, confectioner, Maple
Union Boiler Works, Andrew JACK, Propr, cor 1st and Spruce
VanSICKEL, G A, pictures and frames
WENZEL & REILAND, (Chas Wenzel, John Reiland) saloon, River
WHEELER, Magill & Co, sawmill, e s Lake
WHEELER & JOHNSON (A.Oren Wheeler, Nels Johnson) Founders and Machinists
WILCOX, Jackson B, dentist, River

From page 772 of the 1879 Michigan State Gazetteer and Business Directory, Manistee County. Available at the Lansing Library, 401 S. Capital Ave., Lansing (517) 367-6418
NAME * BUSINESS * (few street names this time)
KANOUSE, George M, propr Dunham House
KINNEY, Thomas, grocer
KINSLEY, Dr. John, druggist
KIRBY, A D, livery stable
KIRSCH & HYLAND, boiler mnfrs
KITZINGER, O & Co, (Otto Kitzinger, Mrs. Elizabeth J WING) shingle mnfrs
KITZINGER, ROTHSCHILD & Co, (Otto Kitzinger, Solomon Rothschild, Giles M WING) general store
KLINGBEIL, Wm, merchant tailor
KREMPEL, Henreich, meat market
LaMONTAGNE, George, physician
LARSEN Bros, general store
LEMPKE, H Rev, (German Lutheran)
Little River Boom Co, E Golden FILER pres, Thos J RAMSDEL, sec
LUCAS& NUNGESSER (Jacob Lucas, Wm Nungesser) furniture
LYMAN, Ashael H, Druggist
McALVAY, Aaron V, lawyer
McGUINEAS, Hugh, livery stable
McKEE, John D, barber
McKINLEY, John, blacksmith
MAGNES, Peter A, jeweler
Manistee Advocate, Advocate Publishing Co Proprs, E J CADY Editor and manager, River
Manistee Times, Appleton M SMITH Editor and Propr
Manistee Times and Standard, Smith W FOWLER, Propr
MARSHALL, Wm, harnessmaker
MASON, John P, saloon and billiards
MAXTED, ALBRO & KOBE (John D Maxted, Jonathan T Albro, Fredrick J Kobe) Auction and Commission (see adv.)
MEAD, Robert T, physician
MECHAN, Edward, carriage mnfr
MEE, John, Hardware, Stoves and Saws
MESSINGER, George P, clothier
MICHELSON, Christian, general store
MORLEY, Wm, blacksmith
MORRIS, Louis E. lawyer
MORRIS & NELSON (Martin Morris, N West Nelson) lawyers
NAHAN & KUESTER, meat market
NIMMS, Julius, confectionery
NUNGESSER, George, clothier
OAKLEY & LYONS (Henry Oakley, James H Lyons) lumber inspectors
O'DONOVAN, Daniel, physician
OLSIN, Nels, shoemaker
OVERPACK, Silas C, carriage mnfr
OVERPACK, S C & Bros (Silas C and George W) harness
PATERSON, Wm R, grocer
PENNOCK, Benjamin F, physician
PETERS, R G, Lumber Mnfr
PIRSIG, August, shoemaker
POMEROY, C & Bros (Charles and John C) Wines and Liquors
RAMSDELL, Thomas J, collector of customs
RAMSDELL & BENEDICT (Thomas J Ramsdell, Edwin E Benedict) Lawyers
REILAND, John & Co, (John Reiland, Joseph bauer) liquors
REITZ, Charles & Bro's Lumber Co, (Capital, $400,00), Charles Reitz Pres, August Reitz Sec, Lumber Mnfrs and General Store, Maxwell Town
RODKE, Joseph, saloon and billiards
RUDDOCK, Palmeter & Co, (Thos S Ruddock, James H PALMETER, Azro B LEONARD, Lawrence W NUTTALL) Lumber Mnfrs and General Store, cor 3rd and Ramsdell (see adv.)
RUGGLES, Charles F, Banker, Dealer in Pine Lands and real estate, River
RUSSELL Bros (Andrew J, James H, Perry, Charles and Edward) hardware, grocers, lumber and shingle mnfrs
SAILE, Joseph, hides, etc
SANDS, Louis, lumber mnfrs
SCHMIDT, G, physician
SCHOENBECK, Daniel F, saloon
SECOR & BAXTER (Charles Secor, John P Baxter) grist mill
SEYMOUR Bros (Richard A Jr, John and Fredrick) grocery, confectionery
SHORES, Eugene A, insurance
SIMPIER, Joseph, Prop Union Hotel (see adv.)
SIMPSON, J S, painter
SIQUELAND, Torvald O, Physician
SMITH, Appleton M, Editor and Propr Manistee Times
SOMERVILLE, James E, harnessmaker
SORENSON, John, saloon and billiards
STOKOE, Walter, lumber and shingle mnfr
Stronach Lumber Co, John THORSEN, pres, Peter WELBES, sec, lumber mnfrs and general store, Stronach, 5 miles up Little Lake
STUMES, Adolph, dry goods
TABER, H & Sons, lumber mnfrs and general store
Union Hotel, Joseph SIMPIER Propr (see adv.)
WARD & RAMSDELL (Alla O Ward, James M Ramsdell) railroad and steamship insurance and ticket agents
WENZEL & REILAND (Charles Wenzel, John Reiland) saloon and billiards
WHEELER & JOHNSON (A Orrin Wheeler, Niels Johnson) founders and machinists
WHITE, Thomas, grocer
WILCKE, Wm, grocer

From the 1881 Michigan State Gazetteer and Business Directory, page 796, Manistee County. Available at the Lansing library, 401 S Capital Ave, Lansing, MI (517) 367-6418
NAME  * BUSINESS * (few streets)
PLOKHOOY & WEBSTER (John Plokhooy, James Webster) Hardware, Stoves, etc, River at Greenbush
POMEROY, C & Bros (Charles & John C) liquors
POMEROY, John C, soda water mnfr
RADKE, Joseph, propr Eagle Hotel
RAMSDELL, James M, insurance
RAMSDELL & BENEDICT (Thomas J Ramsdell, Edwin E Benedict) lawyers
REILAND, John & Co (John Reiland, Joseph Baur) liquors
RICH, Sherman, confectioner
RIETZ, Chas & Bros Lumber Co, Chas Reitz pres, Aug Reitz sec, saw-mills and general store, Maxwell Town
ROTHSCHILD, Solomon, meats
RUDDOCK, PALMETER & Co (Thomas S Ruddock, James H Palmeter, Lawrence W NUTTALL) saw-mill and general store
RUGGLES, Charles F, Dealer in Pine Lands and Real Estate, cor River and Poplar
RUSSELL Bros (Charles and Edwin) lumber mnfrs and grocers
SAILE, Joseph, hides, pelts, etc
SAMMON, Andrew, grocer
SANDS, Louis, saw-mill and general store
SAWYER, Wm E, lumber inspector
SCHOENING, Henry, shoemaker
SEYMOUR Bros (Richard A Jr, John and Fredrick) Dealers in General Mdse and Pine Lands, 111 and 113 E River
SHULTS & WALL (Mary Shults, Maggie Wall) dressmakers
SIMPSON, Joseph S, painter
SIQVELAND, Torvald O, Physician and Surgeon, 201 E River
SMITH, Appleton M, editor and propr Manistee Times
SNYDER & WILCOX (Harry P Snyder, Jackson B Wilcox) dentists
SOMERVILLE, James E, books and harness
SORENSON, John L, hotel
State Bank of Manistee, T J RAMSDELL pres, Wm DUNHAM cashr
STEINHART, Isidor, shoes
STOKOE, J Walter, saw and dhingle mill
Stronach Lumber Co, John THORSEN pres, Peter WELBES sec, saw-mill and store
STUMES, Adolphus, dry goods
TABER, H & Sons (Horace, Herschel and Sumner) lumber mills and general store, Filer City
THOMPSON & BURKE (Stacy C Thompson, Will H Burke) Editors and Proprs Manistee - Independent, 143 W River
THORP, Henry T, painter
TIEDEMANN, Henry, saloon; Also Agent Val Blatz's Milwaukee, W River
VanDUZEN & JOHNSON (James VanDuzen, John Johnson) saloon
WARD, Alla O, bookseller
WENZEL & REILAND (Charles Wenzel,___Reiland) saloon
WERNES, Peter, confectioner
WESLER & HENTZ (John E Wesler) barbers
WHEELER, JOHNSON & Co (A Orrin Wheeler, Niels Johnson, James A ___) founders
WHEELER, MAGILL & Co (Edward Wheeler, John CANFIELD, Wm Magill) mnfrs, e s Lake
WHITE, Thomas, grocer
WILCKE, Wm, grocer
WILLARD & HaALL (Wm H Willard) drugs
WILLIAMS, Wm M, wagonmaker
WING & BUCKLEY (Giles M Wing, J A Buckley) lime mnfrs
WISSNER, John D, butcher, Maxwell Town
WOODROW, George H, grocer
YOSS, Peter A, propr Baur Exchange
YOUNG, Gilbert, lumber inspr
YOUNGER, John G, confectioner
ZIMMER, John, harnessmaker
ZIMMERMAN, Edmund, grocer

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