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These are entries from the Manistee County Marriages film,
Index to Marriages v. 1, 3-4 1855- (dates not given) # 945506,
available for loan through libraries and family history centers. Some names may not be spelled correctly due to film clarity. Not every marriage appears in this index, many of my family members never made it to this index for reasons unknown. This Index does not give marriage dates, but refers you to the other available films for dates.

If you know of any corrections, please send me an E-mail. Include both persons
names as shown here, book and page numbers, and corrected names. Thanks!

Caution: Not in TRUE alphabetical order -
These are "as listed" on the pages.
Some areas of the index are impossible to read.

Bridegroom Bride Book Page
Yuss, Paul Bigge, Tillie 1 6
Youngfeld, Herm Olson, Katie 3 38/37
Young, A. J. Richmond, Emma 3 40
Young, Aeford (Bedford) Conrow (?), Mary 3 65
Young, James Clark Mrs. C___ (Allyn) 3 77
Young, Oswald Michaelkowski, Minnie 3 85
Young, Wm. E. Conway, Mary 3 86
Yenik (?), Wm. Mouke (?), Clara 3 100
Yanke, John A. Nuchakoska (?), Augusta 3 148
Yanke, Herman Kuable, Mathilda 3 183
Yorhowsky (?), Frank Koneiczna (?), Mary 3 197

Bride Bridegroom Book Page
Yeschka, Amelia Paskey, Charles 3 47
Young, Mrs. Mary C. Shaffer, D.C. 3 47
Yellings (?), Emma Condlin, David 3 70
Yanke, Emily (Foltz) Urdel, Charles 3 73
Yatkowska, Rosa Wrzesinki, Val 3 120
Young, Minnie B. Miller (?), James 3 150
Young, Rachel Russell, Hugh C. 3 222

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