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With Illustrations and Biographical Sketches
of Some of Its Men and Pioneers.
Published 1882 by H.R. Page & Co., Chicago


Has an invested capital of $75,000, and is owned three-fourths by Mr. A.O. WHEELER, and one-fourth by Capt. GNEWUCH. The line comprises seven powerful tugs, viz: The C. Williams, Irma L. Wheeler, Frank Canfield, J.C. Osgood, Charles Gnewuch, Hunter Savidge, and D. Cutler, Jr., and in connection with these, one Holly rotary wrecking pump, and one Worthington, besides lifting screws, lighters and all the latest improved wrecking appliances. The line has been in existence fifteen years. Starting in 1866, with the tug Savidge, three new tugs were added the same season, and under the efficient management of Mr. WHEELER, the line has enjoyed only successive seasons of prosperity. One particularly mentionable fact, and one that speaks highly for the efficiency of the masters of the tugs, is the immunity of the line from accidents and disasters. Not a tug has been lost, or damaged by collision, and not a boiler explosion has occurred during all these years. The only misfortune of the character was the recent burning of the upper works of the Frank Canfield, necessitating the expenditure of some $2,000 for repairs. Of the three men lost, belonging to the tugs, during the fifteen years, only one can properly be accredited to having met his death from his vocation - Capt. TAGGART, of the Edwards, in 1875, who was killed by the tug striking a pier. WINCKLER, the man recently lost, seems to have tumbled overboard while asleep, rising and beginning to walk along the deck near the rail before being fully awake. The other was George KIRWIN, who was seized with a fit, one 4th of July, some years ago, and losing control of himself, fell overboard and was drowned. This excellent showing as to the efficiency of the men handling the tugs indicates shrewd judgment on the part of mr. WHEELER in the selection of his men. It is, however, only the same sound judgment he has shown at all times in working his way up from a poor boy, wholly unassisted,, to the rank of a leading citizen of Manistee - foremost in all public movements looking to the building up of the city and to its permanent prosperity. Business in the tugging line, although still fair, has been somewhat supplanted of late years by the increased number of steam barges or propellers. Of the seven tugs of this line five are employed on the river, and occasionally let for excursions, or despatched on wrecking expeditions, while the Williams and Wheeler are kept busy towing scows of limestone hither from Mud Bay, and scows of building stone from Sturgeon Bay, Wis., there being no stone of either kind on the shore of this lake.


Is of recent origin, having been started in 1880. It belongs to Mr. James DEMPSEY, one of the leading lumbermen of Manistee. There are two boats - the Alfred  P. Wright and William R. Crowell, both of which are large and powerful boats.


The following is a list of steamers and vessels of Manistee, with the names of the owners. When it is considered that nearly all of these steamers, vessels, barges and tugs are first class, both in size and appointment, and that several carry near half a million feet of lumber each as cargo, it will be understood that Manistee stands second only to Chicago and Milwaukee in the magnificence of her fleet.


Dwight Culter, Jr., steamer.
Tug Hunter Savidge.
Tug C. J. Gnewuch.
Tug Irma L. Wheeler
Tug Frank Canfield
Tug J. C. Osgood
Tug C. Williams


Propeller R. G. Peters
Propeller Maggie Marshall
Schooner Isabella Sands
Schooner A. W. Lucky
Schooner Arendel


Steam Propeller Albert Mitchell
Schooner J. B. Prime
Schooner M. Capron
Steamer John A. Dix, Engelmann & Cochrane
Schooner Annie O. Hanson, Engelmann & Babcock
Schooner Cuba, same.


Steam propeller Fayette.
Schooner Windsor


Steam propeller Charles Rietz
Schooner John Marks
Schooner Florence Lester
Schooner Agnes L. Potter


Tug A. P. Wright
Tug Wm. R. Crowell
Schooner City of Toledo
Schooner Truman Mose
(L. Sands has one-quarter interest in these vessels).


Steam propeller Norman.
Schooner R. C. Crawford
Steam barge.


Tug Shepherd, H.T. THORPE
Tug Dick Davis, J.E. RUMBELL
Steam propeller Lewis Gilbert, and schooner Wonder, SEYMOUR Brothers.
Steamer John Smith, John SMITH
Propeller Grace Patterson, Wm. K. PATTERSON
Schooner Dan Hayes, A.W. FARR
Propeller Milwaukee, WING, MORGAN & Co.
Schooner Len Higby, C. MICHAELSON
Schooner John Mee, W.W. CHAPIN
Tug Gem, Dan PADDER
Schooner Lucia A. Simpson, FILER BROS.
Steam propeller James H. Shrigley, CANFIELD & SHRIGLEY
Schooner Mama Jepson, George JEPSON
Schooner Birdie, H. GEZON
Schooner Traveler, X. LAVAKE


MARINE LIST - With Captains




Tug "Margaret"


Tyson, Sweet & Co.

Tug "C. Williams"


Canfield Tug Line
Tug "Parsons" Capt. C. MYERS Canfield Tug Line
Tug "Edwards" Capt. E. TAGGART Canfield Tug Line
Tug "J. C. Osgood" Capt. T. ACKERMAN Canfield Tug Line
Tug "Hunter Savidge" Capt. Peter MARSH Canfield Tug Line
Tug "Mud Hen" Capt. L. LAVINE Canfield Tug Line
Tug "Ida M. Stevens" Capt. TOGOOD Dempsey & Cartier
The "Ida"
Passenger steamer
Capt. SMITH Smith & Son
Steam Barge "Hilton" Capt. J. COCHRANE Wing & Buckley
Steam Barge "Chas Rietz" not named Rietz Bros.
Steam Barge "M. Groh" not named Gifford & Ruddock
Bark "Sanborn" not named Lyman & Wright
Scow "J.M. Hill" Capt. Dan MABEE Lyman & Wright
Schooner "Nellie Church" Capt. Charles OTTO Wing & Buckley
Schooner "Parker" Capt. John LARSON Tyson, Sweet & Co.
Schooner "Napoleon" Capt. D. DOUGLASS Tyson, Sweet & Co.
Schooner "L. McDonald" not named Cushman, Calkins & Co.
Schooner "J & A Stronach" Capt. HALL Gifford & Ruddock
from Racine
Schooner "J.B. Newland" Capt. H. JONES Gifford & Ruddock
from Racine
Schooner "Gladiator" Capt. ANDERSON Rietz Bros.
from Chicago
Barge "Harmony" not named Rietz Bros.
Barge "Windsor" not named Gifford & Ruddock
Hooker "Jenny Lind" not named Gregory Bros.
Hooker "The Great West" not named Geo. A. Ford
Hooker (Not named) not named Mr. Seymour
Fishing Boat not named Messrs. Horton & Hall
Fishing Boat not named P.C. Taggart
Fishing Boat not named Norwegian Bill

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