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Midland County, Michigan Obituary Index, 1928–1950


This file contains abstracts of obituaries published in the Midland County Republican and the Midland Daily News only. The years covered are 1928 through 1950. The total number of records are over 8000. A similar book published earlier by the Midland Genealogical Society includes a listing of the obituaries reported in three earlier Midland County newspapers and covered the years 1872 through 1927. The Republican was published from 1872 to 1937 at which time it became the Midland Daily News.


This project was made possible though the efforts of several people who abstracted and typed the original data. The editor would like to acknowledge and thank the following volunteers for their efforts. A big thanks goes to Virginia Parsons who did most of the transcribing from microfilm, a huge and time consuming job. Others who helped were Betty Bellows, Doug Applegath, Jeri Shangle and Nancy Lackie.


Abstracts were made from the microfilm copies of the original newspapers in the Grace A. Dow Memorial Library, 1801 West St. Andrews Dr., Midland, MI 48640.

The entries in this book are only the deaths reported in the newspapers, not all the deaths that occurred in Midland County. Some deaths of relatives of residents, ex-residents and other notables are also included.

Many entries show more than one newspaper reference. This usually happened when the death was the result of an accident or some otherwise newsworthy event.

Other references that may be of help to genealogy researchers are the Midland County Obituary Index 1872–1927 and the Midland County Cemetery Records. Both books were published by the Society earlier and are available in the Grace A. Dow Memorial Library in Midland Michigan.

Obtaining a copy of an obituary

Anyone who wishes to obtain full copies of any obituaries indexed in this volume can do so by sending their request along with a self addressed envelope to:

Midland Genealogical Society
Grace A. Dow Memorial Library
1710 West Saint Andrews Drive
Midland, MI 48640



To save space in the comments column several abbreviations were used:

Abbreviation Meaning   Abbreviation Meaning
a/o aunt of   m/o mother of
b/o brother of   nc/o niece of
b-i-l/o brother in law of   nee maiden name
bur buried   nf/o nephew of
d died   p page number
d/o daughter of   s section of newspaper
F or f female   s/o son of
f/o father of   s-i-l/o sister-in-law of
grf/o grandfather of   sis/o sister of
grm/o grandmother of   u/o uncle of
kia killed in action   w/o wife of
M or m male      

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Last Name First Name Obit Date Page
Quaddy Albert 2/9/1933 6
Quaddy Edward J. 11/2/1937 6
Quaddy Leo 4/12/1943 4
Quance George 10/9/1947 4
Quance Marvin 11/15/1948 3
Quehl Elsie Martin 6/25/1936 6
Quehl Newell Don 6/24/1944 1
Quigley Archie 10/17/1935 3
Quilet Elizabeth 6/27/1939 6
Quinn Charles 8/4/1932 6
Quinn Frances 2/19/1948 13


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