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Said and Done
Muskegon High
Hackley Manual Training School


Recently I was contacted by a wonderful lady from Arizona indicating that she had purchased a box of books at a yard sale. In the box was a very well preserved copy of the 1918 Yearbook of the Muskegon High and Hackley Manual Training School Said and Done. Never having been in Michigan, nor any relatives from here, she wanted to share it with those who would most benefit from its contents.

A very special thanks to Betty Myers for her contribution.

Graduating Class of 1918
Anderson, Florence Buitendorp, Alice May Andrews, Millard W. Q.
Ashley, Charles Betts, Ruth Cone, Bessie Udell
Carbine, Clara May Copeland, Helen Elizabeth Appel, Robert Leonard
Akin, John Clover, Marion Austin Chassee, Eva
Chamberlain, Elinor Louise Dahl, Edna Bolthouse, Herman Wilfred
Bovik, Verner Damminga, Gertrude Bernice Gaynor, Adele
Gould, Helen Elizabeth Heath, Gertrude V. Brown, Earl Henderson
Coutchie, Alex R. Hansen, Edelborg Hansen, Irene Marie
Harnau, Susie Julia Johnson, Geneva Berg, Arthur
Curtis, Milton A. Kline, Ethel Maude Koblishke, Helen Marie
Lager, Elsie Josephine Lipman, Ethel Wilhelmina Follrath, Clifford
Dratz, Francis A. Loss, Leonore Loree, Jewell Marguerite
Lamoreaux, Kathryne Blanche Lawrence, Mina Oril Dietrich, William
Donelson, Arthur Loosemore, Mary S. Meyers, Grace
Moffet, Vesta Mason, Martha Hartwell, Shattuck W.
Forbes, Howard Keith Murray, Susie Morrisette, Gladys
Nielson, Lillia Helga Oosterbaan, Grace Elizabeth Jesson, Lloyd
Johnson, Theodore W. Pringle, Nina Gladys Peterson, Gunhild
Pearson, Gladys Rietdyk, Katherine Effie Korff, Joseph Henry
LeBoeuf, Russell Leo Rowe, Mattie Elizabeth Schrier, Sena Vonsella
Stevenson, Myrtle Smith, Helen Leon LeBoeuf, George Henry
Martin, Alvin Vincent VanZalingen, Mary Katherine Wolfe, Grace H.
Wagner, Corelli Marie Young, Ruth Margaret Manning, Stuart Moore
Sturgis, Howard Wells Yager, Elizabeth Senecal, Wilfred
Stanton, Leslie John Sutch, Robert Orry Thompson, Loren Edward
Valk, Allen Schuler VanKersen, Lionel William

Remembering Those Students Who Died 
During the School Year - 1918
Wilson, Billy Hudson, Bertha Johnson, Edith
Johnson, Carter Steiner, Daughn Brown, Charles Arthur
Engle, Lowell Dexter, Elmer


Honoring Those Students Who Joined
the Military from 1910-1918
Aldrich, William Beach, Clayton Gay, Cecil
Mason, Willard O'Leary, John Olsen, George
Albers, James Benedict, Ralph David, Joe
Larson, William Vevia, Paul Pedler, James

Abbott, Thomas Koelbel, Wlater Whelan, Edward
Jacobson, Astor Rosen, Harold

Hopperstead, Arnold Rogers, Ralph Schull, Harry
Ingalls, Garcia Neate, Clarence Baker, Wilfred

Beers, Charles Garrity, Thomas Matel, Joe
Holst, John Erwin, George Barlow, Francis
Studebaker, James Carpenter, Henry Ward, Ezra
Kay, Robert Garber, Frank Deylitz, Paul
Emmons, Francis Thompson, Authur Rowan, Howard

Arneberg, Palmer March, Bruce Whelan, Leslie
Nelson, Austin Stone, George LeFevre, Louis
Misner, Rheo Nolen, Martin Turner, John
Conger, Carrol L.

Davis, Orville March, Carroll Bennett, Ralph
Stevenson, Harold Vos, Walter Olander, Carl
Caughey, Robert Witt, Frank DeVette, William
Rouse, George Lewis, Kenneth Spring, Russell
Taylor, Vernon Houseman, Reuben White, Orville

Sicard, Lyman Trotter, Clinton Pedler, Harry
Akin, Richard Williams, Robert Lewis, Fred
Sibert, Lyndell Butterfield, Lander Tibbitts, Melville
Sturgeon, John

Hinchman, Donald Hanson, Harold Booth, Charles
McLaughlin, William Sundberg, Verner

Cutler, Carlyle Teufer, Philip Loberg, Ole
Anderson, Willard Barr, Kenneth Hibner, Harold
Prescott, Harvey Beach, Andy Cross, Clarence
Miller, Vincent McNamara, Harry Johnson, Fred
Johnson, George D. Freye, Louis

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