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BIG WEESAW, married to SUSANNAH PUMFERY GEARING, they had 2 son's Frances M. and James A. one or both may have taken the name of ROUSE later. Susannah remarried WILLIAM ALONZO ROUSE. THANK YOU fAYE

Any information on Luella SPLITSTONE- Almond GOULD White Cloud Michigan area Little family information. I was told my step grandmother was Ottawa - Thank you Lois VanderLaan

I am searching for information on my Grandfather and any family that maybe left living. Grandfather used the name Joseph Roy (Le) and the name of Saga-wi-nia , in various spellings. I think he was Chippewa , but most deffinently from the Great Lakes Nations. He was born between 1890 &1912. I was told he was either Orphaned or Taken from his family and sent to an Indian school. That is mother`s name might of been,, but NOT sure mind,, Mary Arrow (Aroa??) I was also told before 1963 that there was family living on a Rez in Kansas somewhere. Please contact me if the name or any information sounds familuar. You can contact me by Email or snail mail. P.O.Box 717 Burley, Wa 98322 Thank you Kindly, Mrs Nees

Dear Rose Edwards I am searching for information regarding John JOHNSTON, Jane JOHNSTON SCHOOLCRAFT, and their Ojibway ancestors, the Chief Waboojeeg, and Oshawguscodaywayquay (whom I believe is his daughter). I am a descendant of John JOHNSTON. Many thanks for your assistance. I enjoyed your beautiful and useful web page. Warm regards Cyndi Tebbel grandmother was marcelle porlier,born feb.10,1900. she told me that she had traced her family back to the green bay, wi, area to jaques porlier. he was a fur trader as well as the first recorded teacher in wi.. he was married to a women listed in the history books only as a "half-breed" menomonee woman. i think her name was 'Morning Star' but i don't know for sure. my dad says that there is a statue of her in the city of green bay but i wasn't able to find it when i went there. i can find a lot of info on jaques but not on her. i feel like i'm missing half of my family! any help finding the connections would be greatly appreciated.

my gr grandmother is carrie Susan DOWNER, born cir 1878, michigan, possible
Hesperia, mi, believed to be potawatomi. do not know her parents name, do know
that she married Eugene Gillem. any ideas would be appreciated!
Jane at 3/8/99

Looking for information regarding Lydia (Lidia) CURTIS b. early 1900s (1900-19100) on Keewanah Bay Indian Reservation, daughter of Julia CURTIS. Also, Henry BEDELL, also member of KBIC. Thank you.


We are looking for our grandparents:
CLAYBORN HARRIS,b 1766 NC wife unknown. son HARDON HARRIS,b 1797 NC married unknown Potawatomi woman. daughter CHARLOTTE,b 1836 IN, d 1997 Whitehall, Muskegan County, MI. married GEORGE G. CHANDLER, b England, d North Muskegan, MI. son DAVID WILLIAM CHANDLER. Harris family was recorded in IN 1850 census as Black and in 1860 MI census as Mulatto.

I am looking for any information on Louis POULIN or Marie PAQUETTE born in St.Alexandre and St.Bridget Provinces of Quebec Canada. Marie was my
great great grandmother and I understand she was half Indian. I would like to find out if this is true and what tribe she came from. Anything about my heritage would be appreciated.
Thank You. Creta

I am looking for any GASCO..KEWAYGOSHKUM online I am the son of Nancy and the Grandson of Marion(Mary) Lived around the Traverse Bay area (Pashabie Town) Harbor Springs Boyne city etc... If your out there drop me a line


ROBINSON, Francis b. 1797 Ontario county unknown or French Canada. came to Mackinac County, MI before 1826. CAN>MI 1700-1890

PLANKEY, Rufus b.1875 Ontario county unknown and/or French Canada.
Immigrated in 1890 and came to Mackinac County, MI. CAN>MI 1700-1850

Contact: Betty Kienitz at
Web page address:

LAVAKE/LEVEQUE/LEVESQUE, Mary b. c 1821 French Canada. Resided in
Ontario, county unknown & Montreal, Quebec CAN>MI 1800-1905 Came to
Mackinac County, Michigan around 1849.

LAJOICE/LAJOIE, LOUIS J. b. 1813 L'Assumtion, Sandwich, Essex County,
Ont. CAN>MI 1800-1910. Came to Mackinac County, MI around 1849.

Contact: Betty Kienitz at
Web page address:

My name is William Ross and I was born William SPOON, August 3, 1965, Fort Frances, Ontario. My mother Lillian died in 1972. My brothers names were Caribou, Michael, and Kenny. We lived on the Seine River First Nations Reserve. My brothers and I were adopted, all to different families. I have made contact with the reserve and now know that my brother Caribou died in 1984.

I am desperately trying to find my brother Kenny, b. 1963? His name may have been changed. I am hoping he remembers his family and where he comes from. If any of this sounds familiar please contact me, even if it is just to say you are alive and well. Adoptions did take place across borders so he could be anywhere.

Bill c/o H.Bastien

P.S. Also registered with ADR in Ontario, Canada. There is approximately a ten year waiting list to conduct a search.

My wife and I are trying to trace Josephine ANSE, one of my wife's ancestors, and supposedly the daughter of a Chippewa chief around the time of the American Revolution. She was born around 1785 - 1787, and was married twice. Her first husband was Louis Babbeau, a Hudson Bay trapper (awarded Private Claim Number 11 in St. Ignace). Her second husband was Jean Baptiste Lajuennes. Josephine and J. B. Lajuennes were my wife's great great great great granparents. Josephine ANSE died around 1866 - 1871. We would appreciate any information about Josepine ANSE and her ancestors.

Thank You,
John Wood


I am looking for information on the name NEDEAU/NEDAN. I have been told that my ggg-grandmother was Native American. Unfortunately, no one in the family would talk about it so I do not know what tribe she was from. I was told that she was from the Alpena area. My ggg-grandfather was Thomas Franklin. Their daughter, Anna Mae Franklin, was born May 15, 1898.

I would also like to find information on my GG-grandfather, Robert Van DOLSON. We also believe that he was Native American. His cousin, Frank Dolson, was a very dark man, with dark hair and no beard. His occupation was trapper. He died in the 1970s in Alpena County. Any information or leads would be appreciated. Thank you.

Vicki Dulebohn
3510 W Saginaw,
Lansing, MI

I'm looking for relatives/information on Tobias GREGORY b 7-17-1868, d.
7-13-1929, Nona GREGORY b. 6.14-01 who married Claude PLACE b. 4-3-1890 in Michigan, possibly Benzie County area.

I'm having difficulty finding any information on them as they were Ottawa Indians. I can't find marriage information/any children. I'm kind of stuck.
Any information or guidance on where to turn would be appreciated via e-mail.

Paula Walters e-mail address
I do not have access to the Durant role of 1908 or the 1870 annuity roll in Michigan as I live out of state. I am looking for a Charles O. THOMPSON born May 8,1867 in Muir Michigan and Henry THOMPSON his father born in Michigan. His mother was Martha DOCKENS born in Michigan. All three were from the Grand Rapids area I do believe. Does anyone have access to these rolls to see if they are on them? I would be forever grateful. Paula Walters

My Name is Mary Jane Hooton-Cuevas In the late 1960's a statute or park was dedicated to my Great-Grandmother in as I have been told St.Joseph, Michigan, She was the supposedly the last princess of the Pottawatomi Indians of that area, her daughter Evelina Verdalia?? Higbee or Higby (Hooton-Newton) was my grandmother,born around 1898 and she died in 1968-69 in South Bend was invited and did attended the dedication, she had one brother who died in infancy.
My grandmotherhad two sons Ralph and Edgar. Edgar died a few years ago and Ralph, my father has always refused to discuss the fact of his being of Indian
I am proud of the fact and want to obtain more information, so I can tell my children and grandchildren. I would like to get the name of my Great Grandmother, I want to learn all about her. I am 51 years old and know very little of my family
history, can any of you help me?? Thanks in advance
Mary Jane Cuevas
Clewiston, Florida

I am looking for information from 1933-1945 from reservation books on Chief
Turner from Big Bear Island in Ontario, Canada. I am especially looking for certaian family names that should be in the records re: Joseph Ross Turner, William Ross Turner and Helen Ann Turner. Any information You could give me would be VERY MUCH APPRECIATED. Thank you Kelly. You could contact me at e-mail adress

Looking for ancestor information on a Potawatomi Woman named Mary GRIFFITH. She married John MARTIN around 1788 possibly in Vincennes, IN. they were the parents of three children: Laurent (1790-1804), Betsey (1798-1864) and Jane (1796-1864). Parents were deceased by 1804 as children were placed in guardianship in Knox Co., IN. Jane and Betsey attended the Rev. Isaac McCoy
Indian School. They were granted land in the Treaty Between the United States and the Potawatomi Indians of October, 16, 1826. Jane MARTIN married Nathan BALLOU 1 May 1821 in Vincennes, Knox Co., IN at the Old Cathedral. They are my ancestors.
Please contact me via snail mail or e-mail. Sandy
McBeth, 709 E. Locust St., Petersburg, IN 47567

Oct.8, 1998

My name is Carole Mehling. I am told that my grandfather is Indian who was born in Pigeon River, Michigan. His full name was Edward EVANS. He had two sisters:one is Blanch who married to Smith and moved to State of Washington born a daughter name Geneive Smith in Seattle, Washington. other sister who had a son, both were killed in car accident in south of california.

Now Edward EVANS born in pigeon River, Michigan. His father name was John EVANS. Edward signed up the army in Ste. Sault Marie Militry station in Michigan. He was assigned as cannoneer in maine. Later he was killed from work for lumber company in california. He is now buried in the military cementart in Elto, California. I need help to prove. Thank-you, Carole

I am researching the roots of Louvicia or Lavinia SMITH who married Frank ACKLEY and who is reportedly from a Chippawa family. Louvicia (sic) and Frank were in Michigan possibly during the mid 1800's. They had a son born in 1868 who was reported born in Michigan and also reported born in Ohio on different census. By 1880 census they were in Texas. If anyone out there knows of a connection, please contact me. Thanks. Jerry Patricia Austin

Sept. 30, 1998
I'm trying to gather info on my Grt-grt grandparents on my mothers side.
Their names were Luella Mae HARDWICK, John HARDWICK, George HARDWICK Sr.
Sophia WILLIAMS/MIDWASHE. Also there is Mary Jane CADREAU, Joseph CADREAU, Rebecca CADOTTE, John CADOTTE.
These relatives are all Chippewa or Ottawa Indians on the Durant Roll.They all lived in the Upper Peninsula.Mostly in Delta county. Although the Cadreaus lived on Sugar Island.

Angus A DeVerney Jr.
PO Box 53
Cecil,OH 45821

Sept. 30,1998
Searching for any info on the NEDEAU surname. My mother swears they are SSM Chippewas,but I found a Joseph NEDEAU on the Durant Roll listed as a Grand Traverse Ottawa.He's the only one listed on the Roll.
I also need info on his wife Anna MACCABEE. Idon't know if she is Native or not. The Durant Roll has Joseph's wife listed as white and gives no name. Joseph's mother's maiden name is Julia BEAVER. Anna's mother's maiden name is Mary METWASH.
Angus A DeVerney Jr.
PO Box 53
Cecil, OH 45821

OTTOWA WOLFORD (approx 1860's - 1957), IMO LUCRETIA WOLFORD WALLS (approx 1900-1962), my great grandfather and his daughter, my grandmother. Resided in southwestern Michigan, principally Berrien Co. May have lived in Ohio during the 1920's. Tribal affiliation unclear. Any information greatly appreciated.
Tom Walls

My name is Sherry Kupsick, I am doing research on my grandfather side of the family. Looking for information on Joseph KEQUOM b. 1830's? d.?? in Michigan Oceana County. He had 4 Children Emma, Tomhas, Susan, and Cathrine. His wife or wives unknown. Please if anyone knows of him e-mail me. Thank You
Sherry Kupsick E-Mail Sher

Looking for information on John Rodney Coger Campbell B-11-28-1882 D-9-1-1929 In British army WW I (?) any information would be appreciated
Julie Bauknecht

My name is Kathy Vincent. I'm researching my husband's line of VINCENT's, who settled in the Trout Lake, Strongs area of Chippewa County. I have a possible link to a Sophie who, before marrying a man named John Baptiste VINCENT, had a child who family tradition claims is a full blooded Ojibwa Native American. One researcher says his name would be Louise TEKENISTAKWEN. When his mother married John VINCENT, he took VINCENT as his last name. He married and had three children, one of whom would by my husbands grandfather, Louis VINCENT. (born 1876) I'm needing some verification of any of these facts. An supporting information... or any information at all about the VINCENTS in the area of Chippewa County. I visited gravesites in the spring, but had less knowledge of the family then and so I'm anxious to find out more. There are many Vincent graves at Trout Lake, near Strongs, MI. I don't know where to find any information about the persons buried there.. but ANY information about this family would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks again,

Kathy Vincent
15080 Charter Oak Blvd
Salinas, CA 93907

Isabella County, Mt Pleasant area, Michigan
How and where to search for birth, death, and marriage records on my family. Any help will be so appreciated!! I have expired my search with Isabella Co. and Michigan state records.
My g. grandmother: Nancy AGAHGO married John R WARD. Durant census: Nancy WARD 80 f Grv 7328 Ne-gaw-ne-quay Ref: 32-52 6-53 Res Mt Pleasant. Two daughters Martha, married Ben NEWTON and Margaret or Maggie (my grandmother), married Alex CHIPPEWAY/LOUIS/LEWIS. (I own the Raymond C. Lanz book Michigan, 1870-1909)

My mother and her family are listed in Raymond C Lanz Michigan, 1870-1909 "Grand River Band" -Ottawa I have applied for enrollment but have not heard back yet. I would like to recieve correspondence with any members Surnames: AGAGO, AGAHGO, CHIPPEWAY, LOUIS, LEWIS, NEWTON, WARD

Please E-mail to

My name is Angus Arthur DeVerney Jr. My mother has done some pretty thorough research on our heritage and now I take over the search.According to the 1910 Durant Roll my grt-grandfather, William Diverney? was a Grand River Ottawa. My grt-grandmother,Angeline Wahbuscum was listed as a Grand Traverse Ottawa. William Diverney had a remark that he was also known as William Perissieu. This might have been his "adoptive" father's name as it doesn't sound to Native. Come to think of it Diverney doesn't either. There lies our dilemma. Also in the remarks is one that Williams first wife,Lucy Aken, died.Together William and Angeline had as of 1910 these children Levi 16, Josephine 13, John 12, William 9, Moses 4, Frank 2. Any information on any of these people or on the Perissieu name would be appreciated.

My mother's last name jone's daughter chet jone's my grandmother's name i don't remember that's bad, My great grandparent's name's were Lewis & Pearl Jones, were the names fit in i don't know. Like i wrote you before my ancestor was Ricks Robinson who married a Potawatomi maiden in the 1800's I would like to find out about his life and too get my name added to the potawatomi Nation's rolls

Thankyou for your time. And my address is Steven Stark
918 gary allen trace Moody, Alabama 35004

Am trying to find tribal affiliation on: Serena PERROTT (1850?) married to Eugene Gillem Also Susan Carrie DOWNER. I believe one of them is Pottawatomi, need to find out which band.
Any help would be appreciated!
Thank you, Jane aka

Hello My name is Steven Stark, And would like your help searching for ancestor. But Most of the records were burned in a church fire, And sur-names i do not know. I only know one name that my mother gave me. His name was Ricks Robinson of Lowell,Mi. Who married a otawatomi maiden name unknown to me. back in the1800's I would like some info on my Native American family before the cenus rolls close. Could you please help me in my search ? thankyou for your time.

My E-mail address is, My mailing address is Steven Stark, 918 Gary Alan trace Moody,ALabama 35004

I am looking for relatives of my great-great grandmother, Sarah Susan MOOSE, born in 1808 in Washington County, IN. I believe that she was Potowatamie. She married Andrew Pottorff. If you have any information on the Moose family, I would appreciate hearing from you.


James Gammon
I am looking for information about Stephen Mack Jr. son of Col. Stephen Mack. He married Hounegok of the Michigan Potawatomi Tribe. They were married in Winnebago County Ill. in 1840 and had two children [Mrytie Mack and a son (unknown name)]. Any help would be appreicated.

I am in search of information of my grandfather who was native american from Michigan/Canada Ojibwe tribe. He was adopted by Albert Charles BALDWIN and Dorothy HUMBLE Baldwin of Howard City, Michigan. Albert Charles Baldwin was born 1849 and died 1919. Dorothy Humble Baldwin also had the surnames of Hackman and Hamacher. My grandfather was
adopted as Charles Edgar Baldwin, the birth certificate found in Montcalm County states date of birth as August 9, 1896. He died in Sturgis, Michigan, on July 15, 1935, of typhoid at the age of 39. The Montcalm County Probate Court told me that adoption records are secured and unaccessible. How do I proceed?
Susan L. Baldwin Bouchie
3321 Jupiter Road, Las Cruces, NM 88012

I am searching for information on my grandmother who I believe may have been adopted. I believe this because she was always told she was Indian, that her father was Cherokee and her mother was Indian "with a little French from way back". Her name was Opal Nokomis SMITH, b. 1910, d. 1992 in Southern IL. The only family she ever knew was from southern Illinois. Her "parents" were Milo C. SMITH and Ida COX Smith. I have searched for Native links for these two and really don't find anything. My grandmothers middle name, Nokomis, is the only Indian name I find anywhere in her family. I might add, Opal Nokomis Smith certainly looked Native! She was dark skinned, (she tried to stay out of the sun) had black hair (lots of it on her head, little elsewhere) and black eyes. If anyone has any ideas or suggestions please contact:
Robin L. Roberts
P.O. Box 821
Marion, Marion, IL 62959


Looking for ancestor/ descendant information on an Ojibwe Saulteaux woman named Francoise HAGISSE. She married at Fort Michilimackinac, July 6, 1752 to Jean Baptiste BRILLIANT dit BEAULIEU, a French soldier from Fort Repentigeney. They moved to Saginaw, Michigan where he practiced Native American medicine. I descend from their daughter Catherine who married Antonine MENY. Please contact me via snail mail or internet.

Wendy Waltman Paddison
2700 Shimmons Box 235
Auburn Hills, MI 48326

WILSON, WALTER JAMES born July 7, 1912, Peck Michigan died. late 1960's in Michigan. I am seeking information about my father believed to be full blood Chippewa/Ojibwe. youngest of 13 children. Oldest brother, GEORGE WILSON b.1883, Ruth, Michigan near Tahquahmenon Falls which is now a National Park. George Wilson may have been enrolled in 1920 or before. I think the family band was called Lac Deux Desert..
MAGGIE WILSON may have been a sister. Family tradition is that in the 1730's, FATHER JAMES WILSON, missionary priest, Sault Ste Marie region, married into Ojibwe nation, and left the priesthood. This branch of family did not marry white again until 20th century.

Thank you. Robyn Hawk Wilson Brown e-mail
snail mail :PO box 6203, Bakersfield, CA 93386-6203

My Great Great Grandmother was Cordeia Donefier,My Great Great
Grandfather Was George Gour From Canada,we have looked all over Quebec
but think they originated from a Reservation just Outside Quebec,they
had a daughter Harriet Zo Gour born in Vermont about 1880 she died
shortly after giving birth to my Grandfather George S. Trefren,everyone
claimed Abenaki Lineage,but I think it is beyond that if anyone knows
anything feel free to contact me at hey possibly
Algonkin from near Odanak Reserve?..HELP! K'chi Wliwni Nedoba,Carlos

I have a grandmother that was born on the Muncee Reserve, Annie May Brooks. here is what I have; she was born 1898, in Middlesex County, township of Ekfrid(home of Muncee Reserve), she had brothers James and Joe, and sisters Mame and Carrie, ///Her father was Albert Brooks (AKA - Ashbury Brooks) he was born on Muncee reserve, he had brother and sisters of these I have the names Walter, William, Gamola and Cherry. My dad went to the funeral of Walter who passed away on December 5, 1967 in North Buxton or Chatham, Walter was born January 30, 1884 in Inwood. My great-grandfather Albert Brooks was married to a Matilda McPhail - Brooks. She had Wrinkee as Grandparents.

Joe Jacobs

Looking for information on LEMIEUX - Thedilis (Theodore) married to
Joanne Harris. Chippewa, lived around 1840-50s, Wisconsin, Minnesota
and Michigan.

Fur trapper, spoke French....

Any information will be appreciated.

redleader son of beargrease

I am in search for my great grandmother. Her name was Mary Jane French (Brooks). She was born possibly at the Reservation in Muncie Ontario approximately 1868.

She married Gamaliel Brooks approximately late 1800's. Gamieliel was her second husband. She had two children Sarah and Elizabeth prior to this union, they were of full Objibwa desent.

Stories are often told of a grandmother Kishekatog that could be her grandmother or mother? I do not know her band number or where to begin to find out more information.

Any help in finding her or her family would stregthen my Journey.My spirit walks in the path of my ancestors journeys. Thanks in advance for your efforts in this request.

Yvette M. Burton

Looking for info on Mary Bully married Robert McGillvery about 1890 in St Ignace, MI.

Maxine Shannon

Need descendants and parents of Louis Dafoe (half-breed) and Joset Gunville/Gonneville (half-breed) m. 24 Jul 1833 in Chippewa County, Michigan Territory. Also same on Joseph Miniclian and Mary Ann Gunville/Gonneville m. 24 Jun 1833 Chippewa County, Michigan. (This data from County Records)

Pat McArthur, Box 2170, Port Elgin, Ontario N0H 2C0

DRAPER, Bethuel m. Carrie (surname and tribe unknown). He was a fur trapper living in Wausau WI in 1850 and Rockland, Ontanagon Co. MI in 1870. They had ch. Mary b1848, John b1849, George b1852, Mary Sarah b1854 Jessie b1866 and James b1869. We have been unable to trace any of the children other than Mary Sarah. We would eventually like find the
tribe Carrie was from. The family seems to have been associated with U.E. Main in Wausau, WI who was also married to an indian woman, Kathe, - possibly these women were related.
Mary Sarah DRAPER m. John KING c. 1870 they resided in Calumet MI. Their ch. Mary Alice b1873, Christine Lilly b1875, Cecelia A. b1877, Jos.b1879, Alexander George b1880 and Louis b1882. At least two of the children, Cecelia and Louis, attended the Indian Technological School at Mt. Pleasant, MI where they were in 1900. If anyone has any information on the DRAPER or KING children, or on the tribal affiliation of the family

UPDATE: concerning Bethuel DRAPER and his wife Carrie, of Wausau WI and Ontanogan Co. MI. I have recently learned that Carrie's native first name was Kenebgok. Bethuel and Kenebgok were married 2/1851, Marathon Co. WI. Does anyone know what Kenebgok would have meant? Anyone with knowledge of this family please contact me.

please notify me at or snail mail: Judy Driscoll 26846 Edgewater Bl. NW Poulsbo, WA 98370

Greatgrandfather    Lyman Moyer  
Date of Birth 1890
Date of Death 1919

Greatgrandmother   Anna Ella Wilson
Date of Birth 1890
Date of Death  1972

Thank You for Any Info you may have on them.
Regina Richardson

My name is John Heath and I live in Mclean V.A.. I am researching my family ties with the Objibwa and or Chipewa tribes. Possibly there are two indian links, one between a French fur trader and another with an English ancsestor. My great grandfathers name was Edwin Strong and I believe his wifes name was Zoe. They had a daughter (my grandmother) Zoe Strong in 1896 . The earliest known place they resided was Antigo Wisconsin in 1896-1903,  North Fondulac
1903-1906. On the other side of my family, my grandfather Roy Heath lived in Deleuth MN and was born in 1894. I have been told that there are ties on both sides and I am very interested in my possibe indian roots and would appreciate any help
Thank you
John Heath.

I have been trying to find out something about my 5 greats grandfather or grandmother. his or her name was DOKOTO and lived around iron mountain in the 1830s. i know he was chippewa and married a poiuer may be misspelled. i have heard the name was latter changed to cody as in wild bill. quite a story huh! i thought maybe you might have some info. love your web site!!!

I am in search for my great grandmother. Her name was Mary Jane French (Brooks). She was born possibly at the Reservation in Muncie Ontario approximately 1868.

She married Gamaliel Brooks approximately late 1800's. Gamieliel was her second husband. She had two children Sarah and Elizabeth prior to this union, they were of full Objibwa desent.

Stories are often told of a grandmother Kishekatog that could be her grandmother or mother?  I do not know her band number or where to begin to find out more information.

Any help in finding her or her family would stregthen my Journey. My spirit walks in the path of my ancestors journeys. Thanks in advance for your efforts in this request.

Yvette M. Burton

I am looking for info on Mary BULLEY, who married Robert MCGILLIVERY about 1886.  She is my late husbands Great Grandmother.  Please e mail Maxine Shannon at

I am looking for information on George Jay BROZE. He lived his final years in Red Wing Minn. and died in 1970 or later.He was married to Lucy CHARLES. He was Chippiwa and She was Stockbridge Chippiwa.She died in 1965.I need her mothers name as well as the dates and places of birth of her children.My mother was her seconed born and I need to find her place of birth.Believed to be Red Wood Falls Minn.
George Joyner
1213 Plum Dr. E.
Fernandina Florida 32034

I am looking for any information that there might be on a *Mary White Feather Goin*. I know that her father was a Charles Goin and her mother an unknown Potowatomi woman. Mary White Feather Goin married about 1805 to Francis Lavoy. They had one daughter that I am for sure and her name is Mary Lavoy she married Joseph Duvall in 1830. They had a son by the name Samuel Duvall in 1843. Mary and Francis Lavoy lived in southeast Michigan possibly in the Erie, Mich area. Thaks for what ever help I get. Kurt Herrel at:

I am looking for the e-mail adress for Three Fires treament center/ halfway house.
Although I am overjoyed that I have found this site, at this time I have no questions about lineage, as all my paperwork is at my Mothers house. Extensive work has been done on my Grandmothers' (Eva Anthony Cherette) line and I would be happy to share that information with you in the future. Three Fires Treatment Center/ Halfway House is located in Bark River, Mi. I have no idea who the internet server up there is. I would appreciate any info you can give me. Thanks

I am researching TROTTER.  We have always been told that Trotter was Ottawa. I have traced back from my gfather-Howard A./married Lillian Orr, ggf-Abram V./married Edith Jackson, gggf-William Harvey/married Charlotte Jewel(l), and ggggf-John W.W./married Elizabeth Preston.  The first I have found of John W.W. Trotter is 1850 Michigan census, Van Buren Twp.  From 1850 forward this line of the Trotter family seems to remained located in the Van Buren Twp./Ypsilanti area of Michigan.

Any help (tying into a tribe or anyone/anything else) would be greatly appreciated!!!!!

Janet Trotter Barth   snail mail: 3510 Dixboro Lane, Ann Arbor, MI 48105
e mail:       

I am seeking information on my great-grandmother whom I think was Native American.  Her name was Margaret GOLTON.  She was born in OH in May 1859 and married Andrew BAKER.  They lived for several years in Paulding Co., OH.  They then moved to Kalamazoo, MI. Andrew died in 1925 and Margaret in 1933.  They are both buried in Kendall cemetery, Gobles, Van Buren Co., MI.  Their daughter Gertrude married Earl WINCHELL.  They were my grandparents.  My Uncle Roy said when he was growing  up in the 1920s their house was always filled with Indians.  For that reason I wonder if Margaret was Potawatomi Huron.  No knowledge of the famil has been passed down.  Any information would be greatly appreciated.

Debra Winchell, Troy, NY,

Our family is looking for information regarding the surname HINMAN, John or Henry.  He married Emma WABENO/WABINOW/WABINAW who was a Saginaw Chippewa.  We have reason to believe that he was also Chippewa but are not able to connect him to the Saginaw.  Other HINMANs were on the Mt Pleasant School roles. 

My uncle is Neuel (Denny) Denman of Lapeer MI (810)664-4885.  I live in Anchorage, Alaska, Linda Kumin, email:

MACK or MARK, Looking for information about my G-Grandmother Ms. Myrtie Mack or Mark b. abt 1840-5 of the Potawatatomi Tribe in Michigan. She married an Englishmen from Massachusetts, Edwin Drake, abt 1860-5 and moved to Wisconsin.  Their son Alson Drake was born 16 Jul 1869 in Eau Galle, Wisconsin and died 28 Aug 1911.  Any information would be helpful.

December 17, 1997
Tom Ford, of Harvard University, and myself, of Hillsdale College, are researching information about a Potawatomi Council Chief who was removed from Hillsdale County, Michigan, to Council Bluffs, Iowa in November, 1840.  We have three main questions to answer about Chief BAW BEESE or his sons - Pamasaw and Ma Kee, who later may have become an American Citizen named Joseph MacKee.  The questions: When did Baw Beese die, where did he die and where is he burried.  Any smidgen of help would be more than just appreciated.  Thank you.  Dan Bisher
10040 S. Hillsdale Road, Camden, MI 49232

December 1, 1997
Richard MONTGOMERY's mother is known to be Morning Star of the Chippewa tribe.  Richard was born and raised in Kansas.  His father is unknown. I need help proving who is mother is and finding his father.  Any suggestions would be appreciated.
Myrna Goddard PO Box 1745 Kent WA 98035-1745

November 27, 1997
I am searching for material on the "Mighty Chief Kayak". I am told he was "Le Grande Chef" of the Algonkin (Algonquin?) Nation. Other records show him as Potowatami. His name was supposedly attached to the canoe his People used with such skill. I am helping a friend who is descended from Kayak through his daughter, called by some, "Autumn Wind" in his search. It was Autumn Wind who married Jean CADIEUX who became immortalized in the "Lament of Jean Cadieux" and is buried on Calmet Island in Quebec.

I've been searching for some trime now and upon seeing your "Page" and notes, I thought I'd try to find the connection. Any help would be gratefully recieived.
James Fash Nesbitt

November 17, 1997
EMERY family.(Grand Traverse Band of Ottawa/Chippewa???) I have a letter from my grandmother Thirza Emery that says her grandmother's surname was FAQHUAR. My grandfather Leonard Emery, Sr, is said to be related to Patrick Noganoshe (sp?) Ring any bells with anyone? Am trying to enroll into the tribe. EMail me

November 10, 1997
I'm looking for information on surname BUCKWHEAT. My ggmother was OLIVINA BUCKWHEAT b.1844-1846 in Canada. Married JOSEPH DOUGLAS. Joseph Douglas homestaded in Hebron in 1883. I believe OLIVINA BUCKWHEAT to be Chippewa. Her father's name was Joseph BUCKWHEAT, mother Unknown. Any information would be greatly
appreciated. Thank-You

I am researching TOWNSEND, Rosetta A. b. 1850-1865.  She married my 3rd great-grandfather ALLERDYCE, Alexander sometime in 1884.  Rosetta was born in Michigan and was Chippewa.  I believe from what information I have at this time in the Gaylord Michigan area.  Alexander and Rosetta were listed in the 1880 census, but there was only one child metion, Rosetta M. If anyone can help me find out more about my 3rd great-grandmother it would be a great help.


snail mail:  Annita Gail Polmounter
                6 Paris Ln
                Mt Morris  MI  48458-1048

I am just getting started on my mothers side and keep hitting brick walls. My grandfather was Chippewa/Ojibway from Charlevoix, and eventually Marquette, MI.

I am told that there was census taken of all Ottawa and Chippewa/Ojibway indians. I believe it is "OTTAWA and CHIPPEWA INDIANS of MICHIGAN, 1870-1909" by R. C. Lantz. Have you ever seen this or is it any where on the web that you know of?

What I do know so far:
JOHN LABLANCE Birth date : Apr 2, 1899 Charlevoix, MI Death date : Apr 1978 SS# : 367-18-9557
I know there are many LaBlances in Charlevoix, as I use to live there. Of course I wasn't interested in genealogy at the time. (Rats!And-- I now live in Key West, FL)

I am trying to find out who my grandfather's brother & sisters were? Any old census records, Indian Records? I do not even know his parents name?

I have sent for the birth certificate from County Clerk in Charlevoix, but JUST TODAY found out where he was born! I am excited and not very patient..sorry!

John LaBlanc was either 1/2 or 1/4 Michigan Chippewa Indian from his mothers side.

Any help on JOHN LABLANCE and family really appreciated!

Michele Howell Dipert

August 12, 1997
I am researching CHEIF WHITE PIGEON from 'White Pigeon, MI. My mother's maiden name is PIDGEON. At some point the surname changed from WHITE PIGEON, to PIGEON, to PIDGEON. I am trying to find out when all these changes took place. Can you help me. CHEIF WHITE PIGEON was potawamie, Ojibwe thank you

August 05, 1997
I am looking for information concerning Ivy Mary STRICKLAND (married name - Brady), her mother, Bessie BRADLEY (maiden name unknown), and any of their possible ancestors.

Bessie was born on an Ojibwe reservation in Michigan. She often took Ivy there to visit, while she was still a girl. I understan that their matrineal descent goes back to a Lydia SMITH (Ojibwe name unknown), somewhere in the early to mid 1700's.

Any information people may be able to provide concerning any of the above will be most welcome.

J. S. Brady,
Eugene, Oregon

August 01, 1997
I am looking for information on my 4th GreatGrandfather CHESAUGAN (or variations of that spelling). His name appeared on approximately 5 Potawatomi treaties, from the 1795 Treaty of Greenville down. He was eventually removed to KS from IN in 1838. I'm searching for his ancestors, DOB, POB, DOD. I believe he died outside of Topeka KS. His daughter was married to Louis VIEUX. Thank you.

Susan Campbell

July 18, 1997
I am looking for the parents of my ggrandfather, Louis MAQUASH DUPELL (or Dupell Maquash).

He is listed in the 1871 Ontario census as 20 yrs old, Indian, Roman Catholic, laborer. He was working at Bruces Mines and later migrated to the iron mines in Clinton County, New York were he met and married my ggrandmother, Ella Roxbury. We are sure he was Potawatomi, not Objibwae.

Thank you.
Karen DUPELL Drickamer

July 06, 1997
Looking for information on family members born in Berlin, MI is now Marnne, MI just outside of Grand Rapids, MI Great Grandfather was Franklin P. WELLS born 5-9-1864 died 12-8-1932 IN Marne,MI. married one Ada BIGELOW born 4-15-1869, died 12-20-1908 Marne,MI.

Thank you Lynn

July 03, 1997
McKinney Goslin was the name of my husband's great-grandfather. He was of the Citizen Band Potawatomi. I think he was born around 1890. He and one of his brothers married two Kickapoo sisters, surnamed Cadue, in Kansas. (McKinney married Sophia). Does any one have McKinney Goslin listed as a sibling or child of anyone in their line? McKinney and Sophia lived in Brown County, Kansas, on the Kickapoo Reservation, and later in Kansas City, Missouri.

SKelly Murdock-Billy

May 2, 1997
Iam Ojibwa. I was adopted @ the age of 6 to an older family in Lansing, at that time you were not able to maintain contact with your family. I was born to Emerson Chingman & Geraldine Wesaw. It was given the name Teri Kae Chingman, on May 18, 1954. I know that I also have a sister by the name of Denise Kae Chingman who was born 9/55.

I was legally adopted, but my sister Denise was not, but I have no way of locating her. I have since asked my aunts on my mother's side, but they do not know where she is, and as far as my father's family, my last living aunt what called home in December.

Do you know of anyway I might be able to start my search? Please advise.

I live in Loma Linda California, so it is hard to do any research since all my roots are in Michigan, I am hoping that you might be able to help.
Thank You!

Carmen Pinheiro

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