Old Queries from 1999


Sunday 12/05/1999 4:03:46pm
Name: Kenneth J. Bhirdo
E-Mail: kenchris@swbell.net

Location: Houston, Texas
Comments: I am searching for AGNES HARE who is my ggrandmother. Her maiden name may have been OLSON. She was born in 1898 or 1899 in the UP around Escanaba, or perhaps Marinette, WI. She gave birth to my father MARION FRANCES OLSON in 1913. She adopted my father to the BHIRDO family in 1915. She married a man named HARE. They had two daughters, DORTHY HARE (now MATHERS, living in Chicago) and ANNETTE (married NORTHRUP, then GOLDEN). My father did not know his mother, but was told by an aunt that she moved with her husband to an indian reservation, probably around 1930. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
Ken Bhirdo


Thursday 12/02/1999 2:25:46am
Name: Isadora
E-Mail: isadora3@onlink.net

Location: Manitoulin Island, Canada
Comments: Any information on the following name,BEBAMASH Isaac D.O.B. Nov. 20, 1894 - 1966, Isaac's father's name is Francis BEBAMASH no information on D.O.B. Lived on Manitoulin Island, ON, CA


Saturday 11/20/1999 11:57:42pm
Name: Carla Walker
E-Mail: nightsun57@earthlink.net

Location: Connecticut
Comments: I am enrolled Citizen Potawatomi. I am looking for family roots prior to the removals, but have gotten stuck four generations back. My great-great grandfather is David Rhodd #631 on the Kansas 1863 rolls, who was married to Julia Rhodd, also listed on the rolls as #632. They are parents to the orphaned children listed next, who were given Oklahoma land allotments # 68, 69, 70, & 71, at the Sac & Fox Agency. The children are listed on the 1887 Allottment Roll as Israel #111-age 10, Charles #218-age 4, Edward #226-age 15, Josephine #227-age 13, Alexander #554-age 24, and Henry (Harry) #639-age 22.

David and Julia were deceased somewhere between 1883 and 1887 when the allotments were made to the children via guardians. Place and date of David & Julia's deaths unknown at this time. This is why there's so little info available. The kids were absorbed by other families. Anyone have any leads on this?

I also have a copy of an Affidavit; State of Kansas, Shawnee County dated October 1, 1960, RE: Simmonds: Henry Rhodd is listed as father of Josie Ellen Simmonds. Henry's indian name is listed, but is quite blurred on the copy. I am guessing it says WES KAH. Is this name familiar to anyone? This document also confirms that Henry is son of David # 631, Kansas rolls in 1863.

The Census of 1875, Shawnee County, Kansas shows David Rhodd # 631 as being born in Iowa, and having come to Kansas from Iowa. This would put David and his parents at Council Bluffs sometime after the removal from Missouri.

The question is: Who are David's parents? Who are Julia's parents?



Saturday 11/13/1999 7:49:53pm
Name: Bonnie (Norton) Potter
E-Mail: greydog@telenet.net

Location: Up-state N.Y.
Comments: Looking for any information on the SNAY name. She was my GGGrandmother.She would have been born in the 1840's.Her given name was AXILDA.She married Joseph BASHAW. My GGrandfather Joseph Bashaw was born in St.Hyacinthe,Quebec.


Wednesday 11/10/1999 12:40:16am
Name: Chris Mai
E-Mail: mai@centurytel.net

Comments: I am distant related to KENEESEQUE (Nancy Bushett 1793), her mother O-BE-NE-GE-SHIP-EQUAG, and her father KA-TA-WA-BE-DA., and his father BIAUSAW ("Broken tooth"). I have many spellings and dates on these people. My fore-father was a pioneer (Samuel Ashmun Jr) in the Sault Ste. Marie, MI in the 1820 and married KENEESEQUE at Sandy Lake, by tribal custom and in the Soo. Any persons with more information to share?? Regards Hank & Chris Mai-Ashmun please e=mail mai@centurytel.net and c.c. aysomai@aol.com


Sunday 11/07/1999 4:13:07am
Name: Sharron Shagonaby Wiggins
Location: Ft Worth, Texas

Comments: Seeking SANDY SHAGONABY, Odawa/Potawatomi, removed from Native American family in Holland, MI, during approximately 1946-'47 at age of 3-5. Sandy was my mother's sister's daughter and we were raised as sisters until I was removed from family in 1945, at age 5, to be adopted by a white school teacher. Believe that Sandy was removed shortly thereafter to also live with a white family. Her mother's name was AMELIA SHAGONABY and our grandfather was JOSH SHAGONABY. If you know Sandy, please ask her to contact me by E-Mail: Pokag@aol.com or by snail-mail at P.O. Box 14501, Haltom City, TX 76117. I have information about her younger sister, whom she doesn't even know exists, and about an entire family who would like to know she is alive and well. (by SHARRON SHAGONABY WIGGINS)


Friday 10/08/1999 3:27:11pm
Name: lo
E-Mail: darrow@livingonline.com

Location: michigan
Comments: Well here goes, trying to set up family tree. My mother is a Drew, name orginialy Drow is as far back as I get. Her grandfather" name was Seemon Drow, married a (Armina) LacrosseStory told through the years of Indian Princess. My grandfather was ottawa. Travelled around IL


Wednesday 09/15/1999 4:01:14am
Name: Tammy Brown
E-Mail: richiesfam@msn.com
Location: Lake Orion Michigan

Comments: My mother was born on May 16, 1947 to LOREN HARTZELL and BARBARA MENOMINEE. Her birth cert. stated that at the time of birth there was 2 other living children born to her mother. My mother was adopted at the age of 6 months to Marie and Alton Rifenbark. We would like to find some information (any) on the 2 other siblings that my mother has, or any member of her family. 2 other family names that we have came across are PERRY and COTA. We know that her mother lived on BAY MILLS.
Any info that you might have on any of these people would be greatly appreciated.
Thank-you, Tammy Brown


Monday 09/06/1999 6:42:32pm
Name: Carol Adamczak Reffitt
E-Mail: CrRatley@cs.com
Location: Montana

Comments: I am searching for information on my grandpareents and mother. My grandmother was May Pete aka Paw-co-naw-be-no. She was a member of the Grand River Band. She lived at Harbor Springs boarding school when she was 15 yrs. of age. I know less of my grandfather. His name was Augusta Smith and he was Potawatomi. My mother was born in 1925. Her name was Katherine Margaret Smith. Her mother died when she was 8yrs. old. Mae was struck by a car and killed instantly. My grandfather died when my mother was 12. My mother went to an orphanage. My mother had two siblings. Her brother was William Smith. Her sister is Elizabeth. My Aunt Liz lives in Harbor Springs Mich. Since she was so much older she lost touch with my mother after she went to the orphanage. My mother first married a Frank Saugie. I'm unsure of the spelling. She had three children with Frank but two died. My stepsisters name is Judith or Judy. She should be in her early 50's. If anyone knows anything about them I would really like to know.


Wednesday 09/01/1999 1:14:00am
Name: Connie VanBlaricom
E-Mail: cvanb@webtv.net
Location: Cincinnati, Iowa

Comments: Looking for info on Eli Putnam (spelling ???) born on Kalamazo Mich. Reservation. He married there to a Paul or Pauls (spelling????) do not know first name. Traveled to Canada (during war) to Muncey Indian Reserve in Ontario. Possibly daughter named Margaret, also born on Kalamazo Reserve. All are buried on Muncey Indian Reserve in Ontario Canada. Margaret married Sheldon Caldwell in Canada. Their children Bill, Clara,(had 2 children Margaret & son) (both James & Clara died young adults) Mabel(married T. Bissett, children Douglas, Thomas, Robert, Helen,, married Joseph Pheasant child Joseph Alexander Pheasant) and Zeta (married Grosbeck) buried on Muncey Reserve. Lena (married Sikes) possibly buried in Mich., and Agnes (McCullough) buried in Arizona.


Sunday 08/22/1999 11:36:29pm
Name: MILLER, Reuben R., Sr.
E-Mail: denhams@arn.net
Location: Dowgiac, Michigan

Comments: Rueben R. Miller, Sr. is my maternal grandfather who died in 1969, before I was born. He was forced to give up his heritage to marry my grandmother, from what little I've been told. He came from the Bad River Band of the Chippewa. My mom and her brother are in the process of getting their papers. I have a lot of questions and wanting history.

Jenifer Denham
4218 Hetrick Dr.
Amarillo, Tx 79108


Thursday 08/19/1999 2:19:44pm
Name: daid busha (boucher)
E-Mail: claysgang
Location: northeastern michigan
Comments: Iam searching for information on The Brabant (Brabeau,Brabaw etc) family history. The name is listed on several lists concerning the Ojibwe Tribe. Iam the greatgandson of Philomena Brabant Boucher. Her father was Peter Brabant and her mother was Jane we do not know her last name. She is belived to have been the Ojibwe connection. Philomena was born in Kingston,Ontario in the Thousand Island Area. Peter and Jane? had three other children,Frances,Joseph and Lester. The last we know Philomena had married Isador Boucher about 1880 and resided in the wallaceburg , ontario area. Does this name ring a bell with anyone? Any info would be greatly appreciated.


Monday 08/09/1999 4:08:04am
Name: Patti McKenzie Kinzie
E-Mail: estellallys.don@juno.com

Comments: Searching for information about my 4th great-grandparents. John Kinzie was known as "sha-wa-nee-kee", Potawatomi members helped him during the War of 1812. Margaret McKenzie lived with the Shawnee & Delaware (1776-1790?) in the Chillicothe Village. Tecumseh taught her the Shawnee language, and she was known as Little
Sun. I have a story about the Shawnee visiting her grave site at night.
Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.


Sunday 08/01/1999 6:10:43pm
Name: Barbara Day
E-Mail: gingerday@salamander.com
Homepage Title:
Homepage URL: http://
Referred By: Just Surfed On In
Location: Minnesota
Comments: Stephen Mack (M) Ho-no-ne-gah(Bird's Grove, ILL)
marriage was 7-15-1832
Any information on there children?
One is Mary Mack- Married Charles Stocker, they had Emmaline Stocker she married John B. Londrosh they had Alex Londroche he had Phillip, he had Olive Any help?
stephen Mack's sister married Joseph Smith--Founder of the Mormon Church


Sunday 08/01/1999 6:08:40pm
Name: Barbara Day
E-Mail: gingerday@salamander.com
Location: Minnesota

Comments: Stephen Mack (M) Ho-no-ne-gah
marriage was 7-15-1832
Any information on there children?
One is Mary Mack- Married Charles Stocker, they had Emmaline Stocker she married John B. Londrosh they had Alex Londroche he had Phillip, he had Olive Any help?
stephen Mack's sister married Joseph Smith--Founder of the Mormon Church


Friday 07/30/1999 9:14:11pm
Name: Deborah V. Chivis
E-Mail: deborah.v.chivis@cis.mi.us

Location: I was born in Grand Rapids Michigan. I believe my family was in Allegan county.
Comments: I am trying to find my indian hearitage on my Father's and my mother's side. My Father was name Vernon Chivis Born in Grand Rapids, MI. My Grandfather name was Fred Chivis and his father was George Chivis. Grandfaterh Fred had relatives/brothers name John, George and Percy Chivis. I understand there was a Mary Chivis too. My cousin 3 times removed, John Chivis, was vice chair of the Polawatomee group. There was some talked that one of the members may have murdered him. He past a few years ago. Place of birth that I have heard of are Canada, Ferndale-MI, Allegan-MI. I know that my great grand father was one of the first indian settlers in the S.W. Michigan Area.

On my mother side, My Mother maden name is Thelma Maxine Connolly. She was Board in St. Louis. However, her Mother Name was Maggie Andersen or Anderson. Maggie was born in Missippi. Maggie and her mother lived on a indian reservation in I believe in Calveston Texas most of her younger life. Her father's last name was name Anderson. My mother grandparent's moved to Detroit Michigan and I believe I still have cousin's there. My mother's father, my Grand father was name John Connolly. He was also born in Texas, but lived in Missippi, St. Louis and Manistee Michigan. James Earl Jones, the actor, is my first cousin on my mother side. He indicated in a book he wrote that we are probabaly chippewa indians.

Any help anyone could give would be greatly appreciated. Thanks


Monday 07/12/1999 8:33:24am
Name: Pat Engle
E-Mail: pate@hit.net
Location: OK
Comments: Monday, July 12,1999
CHIEF FEATHERHEAD, A Cherokee or Potawatomi Chief?
Need book or source to find his tribe and place in history. Thanks, Pat at pate@hit.net


Friday 07/02/1999 4:30:52am
Name: Ellen Rininger

Comments: I am looking for information on the SCHOFIELD who appear on the Durant rolls. My gr grandfather William Schofield
was the son of his English father (name unknown) and his indian bride. Family lore tells us he was one of 13 children
a Chippewa. This family wandered through Canada and Northern Michigan. William settled in Cadillac Michigan-died in Saginaw and is buried there. William Married Harriet Pruyne from New York.
The name Frye seems to mean something to me but I can't remember the reason. Am hopefully searching my indian heritage and need help!


Saturday 06/26/1999 6:42:13pm
Name: Joel Johnson
E-Mail: jdtx@webtv.net

Location: Texas
Comments: JAMES BETTS from MICHIGAN is my Greatgrandfather (Chippewa). He was born about 1885 in Michigan and had a son by the nickname of "STUB" BETTS. My grandmother (his daughter) was born in Luce County in 1915, so I assume he was from around that area in 1915. I heard he was from the Pellston area. Any information about this individual would be most appreciated. So far I can omly find his name on my gandmother's birth certificate. Thank You


Friday 06/25/1999 7:24:30am
Name: Mary Allen
E-Mail: allens2@bellsouth.net

Location: Louisiana
Comments: Looking for info on the PABO/ NEWTON/ SHESHEBONGA families from Leelanau,Benzie,&Manistee Counties,
ELIZABETH(LIZZIE,age 51),daughter of GEORGE BROWN, in 1906 in Gills Pier,Mi. JACOB PABO'S children:
MARY PABO(19)married GEORGE NEWTON(26),son of WILLIAM NEWTON, in 1895 in Northport,MI. They both
died in 1904 in Omena or Honor,Mi.They had 2 daughters,ANNIE NEWTON PABO(1900) and ELLA NEWTON
PABO(1903), married WALTER COLEMAN,and they lived in Flint most of their lives. WILLIAM PABO(22) married
twice, to MISLEAN ANCE(18),daughter of LOUIS ANCE in 1896 in Peshawbytown, and then to MARY ANDREWS
(23),daughter of WILLIAM ANDREWS, in 1916 in Leland,Mi. ISAAC PABO(21)married MARY OLIVE PAROW(18),
daughter of MITCHELL PAROW and MARY ANN ANCE, in 1910 in Peshawbytown,Mi. OLE PABO(30) married
MADELINE ANCE YANOTT(40) in 1920 in Leelanau,Mi .ROSIE PABO,(21),married MOSES SHESHEBONGA,(30)
son of JOHN SHESHEBONGA, in Northport,Mi. in 1901. They had four children that I know of: CASPER(7),LIZZIE,
(5),CHRISTINE(4),& FRANCIS(2). Ages at 1910 census.Also want info on : WILLIAM NEWTON(48),son of OLIVER
NEWBENAQUAY, in Leelanau,Mi. in 1893. WILLIAM NEWTON served in the military ,enlisted at Pentwater and
served for three yrs. in 1863. He is buried in theYuba Cemetery in Grand Traverse County,Mi. Thanks for your help.
. ELLA PABO was my grandmother. From Mary Allen on 6/24/99. allens2@bellsouth.net


Friday 06/18/1999 4:41:44pm
Name: Kelly McKay
E-Mail: keltec1@excite.com

Location: Canada
Comments: Searching Grt-grandmother,Josephte Saseganokwe,b-1783 Mich,married Etienne Lamorandiere abt 1800,MachilaMackinac Mich.Believe Josephte was of the Ottawa's. They had 10 children. Josephte b-1801 Kalamazoo Mich,Julie b-1803 Mackinaw Mich,Alexis b- 1806 Mackinaw Mich,Etienne b-1808 Mackinaw Mich, Marie b-1810 Mackinac Mich,Charlotte b-1812 Mackinaw Mich( married a Bernard St Germain abt-1839 Manitoulin Island),Charles b-1816 Mack Mich. Etienne Lamorandiere was a fur trader on Drummond Island in 1821.Believe they settled in Killarney Ont.,near Manitoulin Island and both died there.

Charlotte's children settled in St Joseph Mich and Sault Mich abt 1860 onward,and Chippewa County. Any info on my grt-grandmother or Charlotte would be greatly appreciated. Also remember the name Farling and Gendron being used by my Great Aunt.


Monday 06/14/1999 1:27:28pm
Name: Cora Mac Tavish
E-Mail: mtavish@culcom.net

Comments: POMEROY/BLACKMER families: My grandfather told me that my grandmother was part Native American. She was born at or near Keeler, Michigan (Van Buren Co.) in 1885. Her parents were George POMEROY and Mary BLACKMER (daugter of George and
Alvira BLACKMER.) Mary was born July 22, 1858. There just isn't much history on these two families that I have been able to find, so far. I do know that my g/grandfather was many years older than Mary. Any info on these two families as to a NA connection would be appreciated. Thank you. C. Mac Tavish


Tuesday 05/25/1999 2:21:55pm
Name: Dawn Brown
E-Mail: crickethunter@juno.com
Location: Michigan
Comments: I am looking for anyone that can help me in my search. My mother was given a piece of Indian necklace from a great Aunt of hers. Her Aunt was Martha GARNER and was supposed to have been married to Cheif PONTIAC. Do not know where to look for info.


Friday 05/21/1999 0:40:16am
Name: jerry daggett
E-Mail: jdag@pullman.com
Location: pullman,WA
Comments: I am searching for my mother's identity. Dorothy Barbara HUFF b. 1914, MI. Other surnames related to her: Jake, Blackmore, Pickerd/Pickard. I believe she was a JAKE, a POTAWATOMI from Michigan. She was adopted by a HUFF. She then lived with Henry BLACKMORE (an American Indian) and Bess PICKERD in MICHIGAN. My father married Dorothy Barbara HUFF in Spokane,WA in 1932. The sequence of events might not be correct but the surnames are. Thank you, Jerry DAGGETT


Friday 05/07/1999 0:14:13am
Name: William Ross
E-Mail: hbastien@tct.net
Homepage Title: Where Is My Family?
Homepage URL: http://members.tripod.com/~SkyatDawn/index.html
Location: Canada
Comments: Just wanted to let you know that I have found my brother Michael and we have spoken on the phone. I also know my brother Kenny's last name and that he is somewhere in London, Ontario. Haven't been able to locate him yet, but really working on it. Thankyou for including my query, and good luck to everyone.


Monday 05/03/1999 1:25:16am
E-Mail: JCUSTODIO@webtv.net
Location: Colorado

Comments: Searching for mu ggGrandmother, FIDELIA CLOUGH, B. abt 1815 in Michigan Territory--she married RICHARD E. LOOMIS in 1837 in what is now Dodge Co., Wis..she was Native American from either the Potawatomi, Oneida or Chippewa tribe.......She had four children: HOMER, B.1839 who fought in the Civil War along with his father, and he married ELIZ. SHERIDAN in Phila in 1865; JANE ELIZABETH B. 1841, married AUGUST PETRON MARCH in 1866. LEONORA LUCINDA, B. 1842, married ISRAEL BAKER in 1868...and HELEN FIDELIA B. 1844, married CHARLES ELLIS MARCH in 1862... FIDELIA CLOUGH LOOMIS died in 1844 and Richard remarried to KENA WHITNEY MARCH.... Don't know for sure if CLOUGH was an adopted name, a previous marriage or her actual maiden name? HELP....THANKS......


Sunday 05/02/1999 7:01:50am
Name: Mark von Destinon
E-Mail: vondesti@cochise.cc.az.us
Homepage URL: http://www.cochise.org/vondesti
Referred By: From a Friend
Location: born in MI, living in AZ
Comments: Searching for a native american woman named Adalaide who was a basketmaker and traveled the resorts of western Michigan selling her wares between 1900 and 1920. In 1910 she lived in Macatawa, Michigan. She and her daughters made baskets, her brothers made birchbark canoes and hunted. They sold baskets, canoes and game at resorts from St. Joseph, MI to Ludington, MI. I recognize this is difficult query without a surname but it is sincere. I have baskets made by Adalaide and a photo of her and her daughters taken about 1910.
Reply to Mark von Destinon, 8022 E. Mi Casita, Tucson, AZ 85715-5114

Sunday 05/02/1999 7:01:10am
Name: Mark von Destinon
E-Mail: vondesti@cochise.cc.az.us
Homepage Title:
Homepage URL: http://www.cochise.org/vondesti
Referred By: From a Friend
Location: born in MI, living in AZ
Comments: Searching for a native american woman named Adalaide who was a basketmaker and traveled the resorts of western Michigan selling her wares between 1900 and 1920. In 1910 she lived in Macatawa, Michigan. She and her daughters made baskets, her brothers made birchbark canoes and hunted. They sold baskets, canoes and game at resorts from St. Joseph, MI to Ludington, MI. I recognize this is difficult query without a surname but it is sincere. I have baskets made by Adalaide and a photo of her and her daughters taken about 1910.
Reply to Mark von Destinon, 8022 E. Mi Casita, Tucson, AZ 85715-5114


Sunday 05/02/1999 6:46:48am
Name: Mark von Destinon
E-Mail: vondesti@cochise.cc.az.us
Homepage Title: Robinson Research
Homepage URL: http://www.cochise.org/vondesti/robinson.htm
Referred By: From a Friend
Location: Born in Michigan, living in Arizona
Comments: Searching for family of Rix ROBINSON, early Michigan fur trader, who married two native american women, Pe-miss-quot-o-quay and Sebequay.
Many of his nephews also married native american women in the Kent, Newyago, Oceana, and Mason county areas. Specifically I am looking for the family of his grand nephew John R. ROBINSON who married Mary Was-wing-ang. They resided in Charlevoix, MI in 1910 and had two sons.
write to me: Mark von Destinon, 8022 E. Mi Casita, Tucson, AZ 85715-5114, e-mail: vondesti@cochise.cc.az.us


Tuesday 04/27/1999 11:20:36pm
Name: Karla Deithorn
E-Mail: willagay@i1.net
Location: Bonne Terre, Mo.
Comments: Looking for info on Elmira Walker, born 1890 (?), Married July 24, 1912 to Arthur A. Deithorn, lived in Pittsburgh, Pa. Date of death unknown. Believed to be Ojibwe or daughter of Ojibwe ancestor I am trying to trace back. Any help any time would be appreciated. It is believed they met in Erie, Pa. before marriage. If you have any info or ideas call 573-358-5677 or email willagay@i1.net


Tuesday 04/27/1999 8:55:22pm
Name: Pat Draper
E-Mail: Fire-Catcher@webtv.com

Comments: 27 April 1999 I am looking for family and am trying to locate my siblings. They are unaware they have a sister. Iwas born on the Saganing Reservation. A neighbor Bennett, Beatrice was present.(mid-wife). Grandfather THOMPSON Barney birth est. between 1887-1903 place Mich.. Grandmother JACKSON Elizabeth birth est. between 1888-1906. Their son THOMPSON LeRoy, Thomas(Ojibway) birth 28 Feb 1923 Pinconning Mich. Date of death Dec.1978. My father. Mother DEFOE, Daisy birth 1919 Mich. My given name at birth THOMPSON, Geraldine birth 12 July 1950 Standish twp. Arenac county Mich. Any information would be very helpful. email Fire-catcher@ webtv.com MIGWETCH!!!

Thursday 04/22/1999 3:57:10pm
Name: Wolf Lahti Duby
E-Mail: work: wduby@paccar.com home: endor@sos.net

Location: Wolf Lahti Duby, 9580 Avon-Allen Rd, Bow WA 98232
Comments: Hannah Maria HART (born 20 July 1821 in New York), wife of Otis PECKMAN and then Sherman WHEELER (born 4 March 1811, Vermont) of Iosco County, Michigan, is said by family legend to have had an Ojibwa/Chippewa mother. Hannah's father was Peter HART (born 1786, probably in New York), the first settler in the Tawas, Michigan, region.

Hannah was active in the Tawas community and was good friends with the local chief.

Does anyone have any information or can suggest a course to follow to track this down?
I have so far been unable to unearth any information about Hannah's mother.

22 April 1999
Wolf Lahti Duby, 9580 Avon-Allen Rd, Bow WA 98232


Tuesday 04/20/1999 4:00:36am
Name: Robert Richardson
E-Mail: maria.rob@sympatico.ca

Comments: Am searching for info on my ggg Grandmother Angelique PAPANAATYHIANENCOE. She was b. 1796 in Lake Huron and died 07 Jul 1864 in Penetanguishene,Ontario. She married Jean-Baptiste Trudeau b.1781 Montreal, Quebec died, 1863 In Penetanguishene, Ontario They both lived on Drummond Island prior to the International border making. They were part of the migration of voyaguers of Drummond island to Penetanguishene in 1829-1831. jean-Baptiste was a blacksmith for the british navy and may have been on Michilimackinac Island during the war of 1812. It is believed that Angelique was Ojibwe. I don't know anything more about her.
Any info pertaining to her would be greatly appreciated, thank you Robert Richardson

Stay tuned for future updates!

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