Old Queries from 2001


Thursday 12/27/2001 12:09:07am
Name: thomas leroy mounts
E-Mail: tats25@frontiernet.net
Location: mondovi wis
Comments: looking for my mothers relativs her name.is PEARL GEOGIA MATTHEWS.marriad to james elmer mounts she was born in ladysmith wis fullblood OBJIWA. adopted by martha MATTHEWS.


Wednesday 12/26/2001 1:37:38pm
Name: Tina
E-Mail: jilote@earthlink.net
Homepage Title: OBJIBWA - Jacksons point Toronto

Comments: We are searching for any friends or relatives of JAMES ROBERT PORTE from the Jacksons point area/Lake Simcoe/Georgian band islands. His father was OBJIBWA and his mother CREE, he had at least one brother by the name of HARRY. He moved from Canada to England after the 2nd World War with his wife Violet(British),daughter Anne and son Peter. A possible family connection is the name JOHNSON as violet often referred to ANNIE PICKLEFEATHER JOHNSON. Jame's family lived by a lake outside the reservation and James played ice hockey for Ontario before the war, we are daughter and grandaughter of JAMES PORTE currently living in the UK,


Saturday 12/15/2001 1:49:52am
Name: Larry D. Goss
E-Mail: larryd27@earthlink.net

Comments: Looking for information on the family name of LaCroix. I understand there may be Indian ancestory in my family, so am looking for any help in seeing if this is so. I had a great grandfather named Eugene LaCroix, married to Octavia Jimerfield ( maybe Jubinville?) He was born in Canada, around 1855, became a naturalized U.S.citizen in 1875, moving to Michigan. Octavia was born in Michigan about 1857. Apparently, older family members hinted at Indian ancestory, but that may not have been fashionable to let on during their lifetime. Their children were born in Michigan - Odille - about 1878, Nellie, 1879, Elsie - 1888, Ellen-1891, and Joseph - 1893. Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


Tuesday 12/04/2001 0:22:32am
Name: connie zvara
E-Mail: cmzvara@yahoo.com

Comments: A great granddaughter of Chief Pontiac and Okemos. Want to fill gaps in tree. Her are some names: John and Jane Riley, Chief William Fisher and wain daw baw ne quay, James ogema and kowanay and peter baldwin and marg ? Im looking in to the past more and if any more inform. on these names as dob, dod ect. thanks much.


Monday 12/03/2001 9:10:26pm
Name: Samanthia
E-Mail: Z@2d.com

Comments: Little River Band of Ottowa Indians
searching for THEADORE,JOHN(1870'S?)married JENNIE HINEMAN (1870'S)= SON THEODORE, THEODORE (12/10/1894-2/12/1975)married PETE, JULIA(below)

(ABOVE) PETE,JULIA (6/8/1899-3/4/1985)


Sunday 12/02/2001 9:36:50pm
Name: gina gerdes
E-Mail: gerdesgina@hotmail.com

Comments: I am looking for info. on patricia mary KING-b.2-21-1937.d.1992.Her mothers name is Hazel martha JOHN.I would like to know who Patricias birth father is and any info. on this family.I'm trying to fill in my son's family tree and don't have his dads side. Any info will help.
Thank You.


Monday 11/26/2001 11:15:35pm
Name: Arykka
E-Mail: arykka@hotmail.com

Comments: Looking for info on Toribio Hidalgo, Saginaw Ojibwa heritage. b. July 28, 1936 Saginaw, MI. Any info is appreciated.

Sunday 11/25/2001 11:57:22pm
Name: Richard Lawrence Slatton
E-Mail: inni@earthlink.net

Comments: Anni LEGONI, a Potawamie from Michigan or Indiana, was my great grandmother. If you have any information please contact.


Saturday 11/24/2001 6:02:53pm
Name: gail houghton
E-Mail: boogalee58@hotmail.com
Location: greenville mich
Comments: looking for ties to the miller family in mich

Monday 11/19/2001 1:26:19am
Name: rick lafave
E-Mail: rick@repairman.com
Location: fair haven, mi(son of walter lafave)
Comments: looking for geneology. possibly from sarnia area & grand parents last michigan address from tawas area.


Saturday 11/17/2001 7:22:54pm
Name: Bo Morrison
E-Mail: Chinsey4@AOL.com e
Location: ohio
Comments: My great grandmothers name was SACJAWHEA and her husbands name was BIG MOOSE. They were indian tribe cheifs. Can you tell me anything about them???


Sunday 11/11/2001 7:21:51pm
Name: Bobbi
E-Mail: Bobbi@Baskerville.com
Location: Atlanta Georgia
Comments: Grandparents on my mothers side are L'Anse Indians....her surname was
Asher and she was born 1925 -- trying to obtain information about the family


Friday 11/09/2001 12:59:00am
Name: Brenda
E-Mail: bgeselman@yahoo.com

Comments: I also was told on the opposite side of the family there is also indian and still do not know how much. My gggrandmother Lucy Mae Lunger who was born in N.Y. or Penn. abt. 1885. She married John Williams who was born 1841 in N.Y.. At some point they moved to the Saginaw and Midland Michigan areas. They had 10 children. Any connection? Thanks in advance, Brenda


Friday 11/09/2001 12:52:21am
Name: Brenda
E-Mail: bgeselman

Comments: I was told that we have some indian in us but do not know how much yet. My grandmother Viola (LaVictor)Bernard was born in Sault. Ste. Marie Michigan and can speak French. Her Father is Peter LaVictor who married Rose Delina LaTundress. LaVictor and LaTundress has been spelt in various ways. Peter LaVictor was born in Quebec, Canada. If anybody knows these surnames and can be of help, I will gladly share info. Thanks in advance, Brenda


Thursday 11/08/2001 5:40:00pm
Name: Christine Sweat
E-Mail: azheni55@hotmail.com
Location: Michigan
Comments: Looking for a Minnie Shaygonabe, Shaygonaby.....The Minnie could be a nick name for Mary. Lived around Cross Village with her husband. He was a Robinson. Years would be 1900-late 1940's they would have been very elderly at this time.
They were my great-grandparents. They lived on what is called Larks Lake Rd.


Thursday 11/01/2001 9:11:16am
Name: Kim Novak
E-Mail: tknovak@home.com
Location: Windsor, CT

Comments: I am searching for information on the KENNEDY line for our native ancestry. Newton KENNEDY married Mary Ann WILLIAMS and moved to MI abt. 1835. Have native photos but no names for ancestry. Ancestors told tribe started with a P or M. Any help is appreciated. Thank you in advance. Kim Novak, 11/1/01.


Tuesday 10/23/2001 9:21:42pm
Name: Nakeesha
E-Mail: Saltay01@aol.com
Location: Michigan

Comments: I am looking for information on a possible Potawatomi member Lulie Boody in Michigan. She was married around 1887. Any information would be very helpful, thanks.


Thursday 10/18/2001 5:47:54pm
Name: Kathy Pritchard
E-Mail: misskitty1664@yahoo.com
Location: JohnDay, Oregon
Comments: My mothers born name was King, She was raised with the last name of Ash. She is 1/2 Chippewa. She was born in Michigan. I think her fathers name was Norman King.She had a Aunt whos name was Archamese not sure of the spelling. Any info at all would be truely greatfull.Thank you


Saturday 09/29/2001 5:11:24am
Name: joe liest
E-Mail: jal03@hotmail.com
Joshua boyd m Catherine Homestead Canada
Comments: Boyd died 1832 in Wis. Homestead remarried? 2 girls brought up in Green Bay wis Kate Boyd m Jauques Porlier aug 7 1850 need information on sister and
Catherine Homestead


Saturday 09/22/2001 7:47:48pm
Name: dianne lavigne
E-Mail: dlavigne7@hotmail.com
Location: michigan
Comments: Marguerite Ouabankikoue .....one of our maternal grandmothers from Michigan
We are looking for relatives.
please email us. thanks.


Thursday 09/20/2001 2:44:10am
Name: Tina Mason
E-Mail: Thill321@aol.com
Homepage URL: http://www.geocities.com/tonyandtina2000
Location: Birmingham, AL
Comments: I am looking for my father RUSSELL MARTIN,he was born in the 1940's I'm told, He lived in the Battle Creek, Mi area where I was born in 1966 to my mother Nancy Hillard. He had also worked for the coca-cola company they used to have there in the 1970's. I am told I have siblings 1 older others younger.Not sure if Potawatomi or chippewa descent as Battle Creek is around 30 miles east of kalamazoo. If anyone has any information on the MARTIN family please Email me asap. Thank You.


Tuesday 09/18/2001 9:41:41pm
Name: Jan M Cooper
E-Mail: jmcooper@yahoo.com

Comments: LETT, Newton; my greatgrandfather, married Miranda NORMAN in August of 1880. He was half African American and half Native American. Was from the Boyne City area. Believe he was Potowatomi, Any help would be appreciated.

Monday 09/17/2001 11:52:02am
Name: Jerilyn Cross Lynn
E-Mail: jsmith1944@aol.com

Comments: I am looking for the Harper Family from Virginia that were American Indians. My Great-Grandmother was a Catherine Harper and married Thomas W. Cross


Sunday 09/16/2001 0:56:02am
Name: linda m.ross-delph
E-Mail: lmrdelph@yahoo.com
Location: ontonagon,mi

Comments: was reading old queries,and noticed an entry from JAMES. he was looking for info on a POIUER person married to a possible relative around iron mountain area. was POIUER the right spelling? my adoptive mothers mother was married to a jaques POUIER,lots of different spellings to that last name.can you give any more info about this.i do have an e-mail address but you could write to the snailmail address linda m.ross-delph 102 island road ontonagon,mi 49953


Sunday 09/16/2001 0:35:08am
Name: linda m ross-delph
E-Mail: lmrdelph@yahoo.com
Location: ontonagon,mi

Comments: i have two queries listed below. i now have an E-MAIL address still no home computer.but can red anything sent at friends or library.thanks linda m.ross-delph 102 island road ontonagon,mi 49953


Tuesday 09/11/2001 0:57:55am
Name: Raymond C. Lantz
E-Mail: rclantz@bellsouth.net

Comments: I am the author and compiler of the books: "Ottawa and Chippewa Indians of Michigan, 1870-1909", "Ottawa and Chippewa Indians of Michigan, 1855-1868" and "Potawatomi Indians of Michigan 1843-1904". As well as two additional books on the Seminoles of Florida. All of my books are published by Heritage Books, Inc. of Bowie, MD


Monday 09/10/2001 2:32:03am
Name: linda m.ross-delph
Location: ontonagon,mi
Comments: i was an adopted person,my b-name was LINDA MARY MORROW,my b-motheris LEONA PEARL(MORROW)LAUER,aunt,ELENER(MORROW)SPENCE.halfsisters nola-debra-shiela maki,brother gene(died).my grandmother,marie,mary,or mariah MORROW, can't remember rest of family names.leona told me that her mother was sisters with fred DEKOTAS MOTHER and that there are lots of relatives.but she has lost touch with people.can anyone give me some help to find my roots.i was a lost person before i found my b-mother.raised with no knowledge of culture.knew i was native american but was made to feel ashamed.i have no home computer i'm on a library computer please write to my snail mail address. LINDA M.ROSS-DELPH 102 island road ontonagon,michigan 49953

Monday 09/10/2001 1:48:11am
Name: linda m. ross-delph
Location: ontonagon,mi.

Comments: my adopted brother died 1995.would like his relatives to know. was told his b-mother was 13 yrs.old when she had him. his adopted name was {edward joseph ross}his birth name wasn't changed much at least thats what i was told.could have been switched around,{joseph edward}last name unknown.born sault ste.marie,mi.born september 20,1948 adopted from marquette,mi marquette catholic orphanage.mother was native american{ojibwa}from sault ste.marie,mi.any question please write snailmail.i'm on a library computer i don't have one at home. linda m. ross-delph 102 island road ontonagon,michigan 49953


Thursday 09/06/2001 9:54:25pm
Name: Victoria Haynes JOseph
E-Mail: vj042846@aol.com
Location: Tampa, Fl. 33615

Comments: My grandfather, HARRY HAYNES, was 100% Chippewa. He married my grandmother, Myrtle Keeney in Lawrence County, Ohio (Chesapeake) around 1902. They had two female children. My mother was born in 1907. My grandfather was driven off the Keeney farm by my great-aunt, Annie Keeney and noone of the Keeneys ever saw him again.


Tuesday 09/04/2001 11:32:26pm
Name: Vicki Nichols
E-Mail: VICNIC143@aol.com

Comments: Greetings: My name is Vicki Nichols. I am writing to you 9-4-2001 regarding my Native American ancestry. Would be very grateful for any assistance you may be able to provide. Have some info. on my 5th grandfather, Alexander ROBINSON (CHECHEPINQUAY), a mixed blood Ottawa. His father was a Scottish trader. He was born around 1762 and died near Chicago April 22, 1872. He married Catherine CHEVALIER, Potawatomi, on Sept. 28, 1826. Specifically I am looking for the names of his three children, especially his son. It may have been Joseph Franklin C. ROBINSON. Any identifying info. would be great (birthdays on the children or names of any grandchildren). I also need to know if Alexander ROBINSON had a wife prior to Catherine (since he was apparently in his 60's at the time of the marriage). Thank you so much for your time and effort. Namaste, Vicki


Monday 08/20/2001 5:13:35pm
Name: StGermaine
E-Mail: shauna@mail.riverview.net
Location: White Cloud , Michigan

Comments: Iam looking for any information on my grandparents, Harriett Hartwell and her husband Joseph Stgermain(e). He and maybe her also were members of the sault ste marie tribe of chippewa indians, i have some info on him , but can find nothing on Harriett.They had many children, some who were in an orphanage in Harbor Springs Michigan. After Joseph Died she married a gentleman with the last name Fetterhoff. Anyone one having any info on either name please email me.


Tuesday 08/14/2001 3:52:32pm
Name: Sandra Longo
E-Mail: Stormy1413@aol.com

Comments: Related to Potawatomi Chief Anaquiba and Chief Topinabee anyone related please e-mail me. Thanks. Sandra Longo


Sunday 07/29/2001 7:27:49pm
Name: Carrot Vogel
E-Mail: carrotpatch33@hotmail.com
Location: Somerset, PA

Comments: I am searching for any information on a Nellie Waterhouse. She is believed to have been my Great - Great Grandmother, and she was Potawatomi. She was on my Mother's side, and my Mother's maiden name was Caldwell..........she was from Detroit. Please, any information would be helpful. Carrotpatch33@hotmail.com or Carrot Vogel at 115 North Rosina Ave. Somerset, PA. 15501


Sunday 07/29/2001 1:43:28pm
Name: Heather Anne Burns
E-Mail: Heat900@aol.com

Comments: Looking for information on Daisy or Lily Martin. Decended from Chief Headgear of the Bad Water Clan of Ojibwa in North Dakota. Any information relating to the Martins, Chief Headgear or the Bad Water Clan would be greatly appreciated.


Sunday 07/22/2001 8:51:27pm
Name: Scott Dano
E-Mail: x2000xman@aol.com

Comments: Looking for Metis with last name of Deneau, Denaut,. Thanks x2000xman@aol.com


Saturday 07/14/2001 11:27:37am
Name: Ellen Newkirk
E-Mail: SweetPotatoFour@aol.com
Location: Michigan

Comments: I am trying to find out the tribe name of James Robert Watchorn Jr. My son is trying to find out more about his heritage and we have lost touch with his father. James Robert Watchorn Jr. grew up in Sault Saint Marie, Michigan. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.


Saturday 07/07/2001 8:01:21pm
Name: Denise LaLonde Ackrman

Comments: Searching for Native American Heritage..
Mother is member of Tribe. Searching fathers Native American Connections.
Steven LaLonde m Clementine Aube(parents Alfred Aube and Delima Danis)
stories passed down on link to Ben Kenawa. Any help appreciated..Moose Creek, Ontario...Stevens Parents (Fabian LaLonde m Odile Charbonea)Fabians father (Moses) Thanks....


Monday 07/02/2001 3:41:37am
Name: Christy Foraker
E-Mail: Punksnotdead13@hotmail

Comments: I am looking for any information on Lucy Eliza THOMPSON or DOSSETT.. She was born in Washtenaw County, Michigan June 6, 1836. We believe she was full blood or 3/4 native, possibly Ojibwe/Chippewa. We have no information on her parents, the family story is that she was raised by the Irish American family of the man she later married and the two grew up together. She married James Dillon Humphreys in Noble County Indiana. Any information would be extremely helpful to my family and her great granddaughter (my grandmother) thank you!


Friday 06/29/2001 11:39:24am
Name: Kathleen Usher (Kalmbach)
E-Mail: karlw@peoplepc.com
Location: Northeast

Comments: I graduated from Owashtanonge Aninishnabe school in Grand Rapids, Michigan, in 1983. My younger brother Fred Kalmbach also attended school there and was on the drum with other locals. The school no longer exists. I would like to find some of the people that were there at that time. We were registered with the government but have lost some of our paperwork (roll cards, diplomas) and would like to obtain copies but don`t know which branch of the government to contact. Thankyou.

Monday 06/25/2001 11:22:25pm
Name: russ lewis
E-Mail: lewdad@aol.com
Location: plainwell, mi

Comments: am looking for info about Jim Pontiac and his kids Cecil and Thelma. Jim is great grandson of Chief Pontiac. My mother in law is supposed to be great grand daughter of Jim. Any info is greatly appreciated.


Thursday 06/21/2001 3:40:35am
Name: Natasha
E-Mail: nmk4@dana.ucc.nau.edu
Location: Flagstaff, AZ

Comments: Greetings- I'm trying to find information about my ggggggrandfather, Benjamin PINE, Potawatomi. I believe he lived in the late 1700's. My ggrandmother, Carey Pulver, b.1890, lived near Three Rivers, MI on Lake Corey and I know that her grandfather settled this area in the 1800's. My assumption is that Benjamin came from near here. Any information would be greatly appreciated!


Tuesday 06/12/2001 10:11:11pm
Name: John Thibert
E-Mail: tbear@t-one.net
Location: Michigan

Comments: Hi
I am looking for information on MARIE MANNON SAUTEUSE INDIAN married ANTIONE LOUIS LABADIE dit DESCOMPS Detroit. We have been told by numerous people she is the daughter of CHIEF PONTIAC. All help appreciated.
John Thibert


Saturday 06/09/2001 11:50:25am
Name: john terberg
E-Mail: johnjbird012671@aol.com
Location: north carorlina

Comments: im trying to find my ancestors of the ottawa tribe of mich i know that the reservation is cross village and the mixed blood line is warren and my grand fathers name is anthoy warren and im looking for all other of my ancestors if any are still alive


Friday 06/08/2001 5:05:34pm
Name: Laurie
E-Mail: pon@planet.eon.net
Homepage Title:
Homepage URL:
Referred By: Search Engine
Location: Herschel twnship , Hastings County
Comments: I am inquiring about my native ancestors. Chief John Baptiste born 1942 -1920 and his wife Madeline Benoit/Benway born 1848 -1914. Any information would be appreciated these are my gg grandparents and lived on Baptiste Lake, Ontario.


Thursday 06/07/2001 3:12:32am
Name: Jane Bradley Swanson
E-Mail: mauiartistjane@aol.com
Location: Makawao, Maui, Hawaii

Comments: Great Grandfather PAYSON(PACING?) WOLF(WOLFE), his mother KIN-NE-QUAY(CHARLOTTE) WAUKAZOO WOLF, his Father MIN-IN GUN(WOLF) . Who is WAN-BA-GAN KAKE(YELLOW FEATHER OR FLOWER), MININGUN'S Mother or Father?There is also an English captive, a beautiful girl with yellow hair who was married to Ween-den-wan, Miningun's grandfather. We can trace our heritage from English side, my G G Grandfather, Rev. george Nelson Smith, founder of Northport who brought his Ottawa tribe from Northport. Need Info On Waukazoo family before Peter Waukazoo and after.


Saturday 06/02/2001 1:54:03am
Name: Dennis Pernaa
E-Mail: dennis@southlake.net
Homepage URL: http://www.southlake.net/home/genealogy.html
Location: Auburn, WA
Comments: Seeking information about grandfather name: Walter Coffin birthplace:somewhere in Michigan birthdate: Aug. 18, 1903 his mother: Mae Coffin, part Native American. his father: ?, full Native American?


Friday 05/25/2001 11:14:33pm
Name: Michael Parker
E-Mail: mick77777@hotmail.com
Location: Rochester, MI

Comments: I am looking for info on Chippewa man named PARKIER. He was married to a non-indian woman name unknown. They lived in Ludington, MI. They had a son on 14 Mar 1869, Lafayette Monroe PARKER. He changed the name from PARKIER to PARKER. Lafayette married Cathrine Woodworth who was from Wales.


Thursday 05/24/2001 1:44:31am
Name: Kelly Murdock-Billy
E-Mail: murdockbilly@usa.net

Comments: McKinney Goslin was the name of my husband's great-grandfather. He was of the Citizen Band Potawatomi. I think he was born around 1890. He and one of his brothers (Hillary Goslin) married two Kickapoo sisters, surnamed Cadue, in Kansas. (McKinney married Sophia; Hillary married Flora). Does any one have McKinney Goslin listed as a sibling or child of anyone in their line? McKinney and Sophia lived in Brown County, Kansas, on the Kickapoo Reservation, and later in Kansas City, Missouri.


Sunday 05/20/2001 11:13:28pm
Name: kewpie doll
E-Mail: keb918@hotmail.com

Comments: i am looking for any information i can find regarding chief weesaw or any of his relation (potawatomi). we believe he was a fur trader in indiana.


Thursday 05/17/2001 10:59:18am
Name: Julie Bacon
E-Mail: serikhwk@aol.com

Comments: I am looking for information concerning the origin of the last name Mitaouamigokoue. According to my research a person with this name enteres my family in the 1600's. These folks were from michigan and were some how tied in with the name Carole Pacherini. Any info on the origins/nationality of these names would be great.


Thursday 05/03/2001 3:33:51pm
Name: Kathleen Alldredge (nee Boyer)
E-Mail: texasyankee1959@yahoo.com
Location: texas, born and raised Michigan

Comments: Site is informative. Have been attempting to research family on mother's side. Great grandfather, or GGreat grandfather married to indian, probably Chippewa (due to area). Name was William Amie. Growing up, no one in mother's family would discuss indian ancestry as it was considered bad that there was indian in the family, now all older relatives w/first hand knowledge gone (deceased). Need to try and locate origin. If anyone familiar with AMIE (or AMY), pls contact me to let me know something, can possibly compare notes? Thank you


Thursday 05/03/2001 7:34:25am
Name: Nora Jackson
E-Mail: GeneA82454@aol.com

Comments: Looking for information of the family of JOHN THOMAS born 1876 in North Dakota. Wife PHILOMENE BIRTHIUM(sp)b. 1881 in ND, her parents are listed as from Canada mother tongue french. Children are PATRICK (PATRICE) b. 2/16/1905, NORA(H) b. 1910 in Belcourt, Rolette, ND, CLARA b. 1912, ALBERT b. 1917, ARTHUR b. 1920, and LEROY b. 1923. I located my grandmother and her family in Pembina Co., ND in 1920 census. I have land paperwork, showing that they are Chippewa. With any information, including search tips, contact me at GeneA82454@aol.com.


Sunday 04/29/2001 1:01:22pm
Name: Trevor K Lawson
E-Mail: tkl7@columbia.edu

Comments: Looking for relatives of Emerald Lawson. Potowatomi. he died in the early 1950's at the age of 46


Sunday 04/29/2001 2:27:20am
Name: Lori Sue Johnson
E-Mail: hunters@home.ionia.com

Comments: I am trying to find info on my gg aunt Martha. Most of the info that I have came from her obituary. I shall retype it here.

The Mining Journal Marquette, Michigan 31 Dec 1973

Mrs. Onnie (Martha) VIRTA, 57, of 2019 Longyear Ave., died Saturday in Baraga County Memorial Hospital, L'Anse. She had been in ill health since 1958 and in the hospital since August.
Born April 14, 1916 in Baraga, she had been a resident of Marquette since 1951.
She is survived by the husband Onnie; a daughter, Mrs. James (Martha) SEAVOY, L'Anse; four grandchildren; one great grandchild; three brothers, George DECOTA, Marquette; Joseph DECOTA, Harvey, and John DECOTA, Milwaukee, Wis.; two sisters, Mrs. Virgil (Josephine) BINNON, Benton Harbor and Mrs. Alvin (Lucy) BAWDEN, Marquette; and several nieces and nephews.
Funeral services were held at 10 a.m. today in St. Christopher's Catholic Church with Rev. John Hascall officiating. Burial was in Northland Chapel Gardens.
Tonella's Funeral Home was in charge of the arrangements.
Escorts were Peter and Michael SHELAFOE, Phillip DEPETRO, William LAPORTE, Douglas DORMER and Kim BENGRY.

From what I have been able to learn, Martha was married to a SHELAFOE, and had her daughter Martha before marrying Onnie VIRTA. It is also believed that she was full blood indian. I am assuming Ojibwa because of the location. Aunt Mart would always reply "Black Foot" to the query, "What tribe?". Many believed her, but it was her own personal joke. Aunt Mart liked to go barefoot, hence, her feet were often black.
She died when I was 6, and would dearly love to find more info on her.


Friday 04/27/2001 9:07:29pm
Name: Caroline (BASNAW) Weber
E-Mail: atticacw@usadatanet.net
Location: Attica, New York

Comments: Seeking information on Joseph BASNAW and Anise VALEE, VALLEY, VALLEE. Joseph was my great grandfather, Anise was his wife. Joseph came to America in 1865 at the age of 12. Family members say that Anise was a Chipewa Indian. I don't know where she was born or where she died. Other names that might be related are, LAROCQUE, LAROUSO AND BASNOW. It is said that the Basnaws came from Canada and changed their name to Basnaw when they came here. I do not know the name in Canada, if anyone can tell me how to find out what their name was in Canada it would be greatly appreciated.

I can be contacted at atticacw@usadatanet.net or Carol Weber, 2002 Clinton St., Attica, New York 14011.


Monday 04/23/2001 10:19:10pm
Name: Diane Hallborg
E-Mail: hallborg@telus.net
Location: Sault St. Marie , Michigan

Comments: Researching : JEAN BAPTISTE PAERRAULT , SR. he was Fur Trader . He married a Chippewa or Ojibwa woman. abt. 1792 .
They had a son named Jean Baptiste Perrault . He came from the home town same place as Sir. John Mcloughlin . He worked as a boat man in the early day;s of the HBC .CO. Iam tring to locate records on Jean B Sr. any help is great . Thank You , Diane


Wednesday 03/28/2001 9:54:03am
Name: Paula M Strouse
E-Mail: pstrouse@bearnet.net
Location: Ashley, Michigan

Comments: I am looking for WINKLEPEE. My great grandmother was Phema CLARK, she married Albert SHAW on Sept. 9, 1876, at Central Lake, Antrim, Michigan. Her mother was a Rebecca WINKLEPEE. I am trying to trace this line. I've been told the tribe was a branch of the chippewas? And the name of TINKAPAW(sp) also has been remembered. Any help would be great. Thank You Paula Strouse
e-mail to pstrouse@bearnet.net


Wednesday 03/28/2001 9:52:34am
Name: Paula M Strouse
E-Mail: pstrouse@bearnet.net
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Location: Ashley, Michigan
Comments: I am looking for WINKLEPEE. My great grandmother was Phema CLARK, she married Albert SHAW on Sept. 9, 1876, at Central Lake, Antrim, Michigan. Her mother was a Rebecca WINKLEPEE. I am trying to trace this line. I've been told the tribe was a branch of the chippewas? And the name of TINKAPAW(sp) also has been remembered. Any help would be great. Thank You Paula Strouse
e-mail to pstrouse@bearnet.net


Tuesday 03/27/2001 1:00:24am
Name: claudia mayberry
E-Mail: gmaybs@earthlink.net
Location: detroit, michigan

Comments: i am searching for my native roots. need information on JOSEPHINE/JOSETTE LAROSE born abt. 1770 in detroit wayne county, died 14 jan 1829 and was buried at st. antoine in monroe, mich. she married on 19 feb 1798 JOSEPH CHAMBERLAND born abt. 1747,died 16 sept 1832. they had 8 children. my ggggrandmother catherine born 1798 married on 25 sept 1814 to claude couture born abt. 1777. i believe JOSEPHINE was of the detroit POTAWATOMI tribe and i would like to know more about her and her family. like her native name and who her parents were, also if she had any brothers and sisters. thank you for any help you can give, i have been searching for many years.... claudia


Saturday 03/24/2001 11:09:36pm
Name: Diana Farless
E-Mail: dgfarless@aol.com

Comments: Searching for John Leonard aka Lenoir and his wife, Elizabeth Walker aka Great Walker: birth dates 1850-1860's - children were Thomas, Jack, Charles "charlie", cecilia, alice, mamie:birth dates in the 1880's approx. Said to be of Chippewa or surrounding Indian tribes. Father may have been mixed blood or white. Appreciate any information no matter how insignificant. It is said that their last name may have been changed or interchangeable with the other, that is why I have added the "aka". Thanks for your help. DGF


Friday 03/23/2001 9:55:31am
Name: Kerry Bowden
E-Mail: imntdrnk@aol.com
Location: Massachusetts

Comments: I am looking for information about my great-grandfather. He name was Charles J. Lockhart, as far as I know he was born in the Rapid River area around 1898. I was told that he also used the last name Hatcher and that he lived in Maine, Massachusetts(where he died in 1940).


Wednesday 03/21/2001 3:11:58pm
Name: Jennie Guthrie
E-Mail: gandg@royell.net
Location: Virden ILL.

Comments: I made an entry into this sight earlier this month and left a g out of my E-Mail
address. Sorry! It is (gandg@royell.net)
I am just getting to know my computer and it gets the best of me often. I am still looking for family members. Maybe some of you could also put me on the right track to finding out about the Chippewa Indian role I and my children were listed in in 1979. The government sent me forms to fill out to be added. But I don't have the paper work any more. Some people have told me we should have a number for each of us. Others Say no. So I am still trying to find out. Any help would be very very welcome.


Tuesday 03/20/2001 10:58:04pm
Name: Rita Nies
E-Mail: ritanies@mediaone.net
Location: Jacksonville FL

Comments: My gggrandfather Jacques Adam dit Laramee married Rosette/Josephte Cloutier abt. 1810 in Mackinaw MI. She was the daughter of an unknown Cloutier and a Mackinaw Indian woman. It is thought he was a furtrader. In our family it has been said that we are Ojibwe. Would appreciate any information which would help me find out who Rosette's parents were.

Rita Nies ritanies@mediaone.net

Wednesday 03/14/2001 12:17:21am
Name: Michelle Margraf
E-Mail: michellemargraf@genealogysearch.org
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Referred By: Search Engine
Location: Minnesota and Michigan
Comments: I'm researching the ancestry of Jean Baptiste Chandonnet (baptised at Fort Mackinaw, MI around 1799), the descendant of Charles F. (Wagacouchin) Agacouchin, son of Aniquiba, and Marguerite "Chippewaqua" Marcot, daughter of John Baptiste Marcot and Marianne "Marie" "Otter" (Nehskesh) Neshkeek. Marianne (born around 1756 on Mackinac Island) was the daughter of KEWINAQUOT (Returning Cloud) and NESXESOUEXITE "Neskes".

I would love to share information. I've had a hard time finding any info on our Potawatomie ancestry and would love to learn more!

Michelle Margraf


Monday 03/12/2001 8:35:22pm
Name: Diana Pastor
E-Mail: odawa16@yahoo.com
Location: Michigan

Comments: I am trying to find my family. My grandmother has confirmed we were chippewa but it could be odawa, regreatfully she has passed away before we could get any real info.My grandma's name was marie shaffer, born Hazel Marie LaBoute.Her father: Edward LaBoute, her mother:Emma Strong aka Amy Tossy. Edward's parents:George LaBonty & Sophia Genia. Emma's parents: James Strong & Mary Biddeau. As far as we know they were from around the Mason Co. area in Michigan. The La Boute's had many spellings of their name,ex. LaBonty,LaBonte,LaButi,LaBoute,LaBute, etc.we believe and originally came from Quebec. May have married into the Native American's during the French-Indian war or later. If anyone can help thank you


Monday 03/05/2001 4:47:24pm
Name: Jennie Guthrie
E-Mail: gand@royell.net
Location: Virden, IL.

Comments: I am trying to find family. I am a member of the Chippewa Tribe. My mothers name is Gladys Russell. My grand mothers name is Edith Bittenbender. My great grandmother is Mamie Bittenbender. My great grandfather is Harry Bittenbender. My great great grandmother is Julia ann McCoonse (wap-ta-he-wa). My great great grandfather is Alfred Bittenbender. His parents are - Samuel and Sarah Bittenbender. My great great great grand mother is Susan ( WOLF) McCoonse (KUP-PE-WAS). My great great great grandfather is Francis McCoonse (ESH-TON-QUOT.If you are related to me please contact me. My adress is 119 South Masterson Virden IL. 62690. I am so ancious to find all of you.


Saturday 03/03/2001 8:21:30am
Name: Amy Huff
E-Mail: huff@chartermi.net

Comments: I am looking for information regarding a supposed "fire" on the Isabella Reservation somewhere around 1865. My great great grandmother was rescued from the fire and given to white people to be raised. How in the world can I trace this? She was 4 when this incident supposedly occurred, and full-blood Indian (we assume Chippewa). Adopted name was Viola Headley. Thank you ---- Amy Huff


Thursday 03/08/2001 2:01:45pm
Name: brian dickey
E-Mail: auntmargret@hotmail.com
Location: london, ontario

Comments: I am looking for any information on Angus frederick DELAUCH(e). He was born in Baycity. He emigrated to canada sometime before WW1 whetre he married my great grandmother mary louise(a) French. any information would be helpful. thank you.

Monday 02/26/2001 9:49:36pm
Name: Greg George
E-Mail: ggeorge@xcelco.on.ca
Location: Kettle Point First Nation

Comments: I am seeking info. on George Mandoka, my Great-Great-Grandfather, his wife was named Charlotte, a Potowattomi who escaped removal by moving to Canada about 1835 and settled in Southwest Ontario. Of particular interest is his Dodem or Clan.
Greg George

Tuesday 02/20/2001 6:39:27am
Name: Janet Nielson Jilote
E-Mail: jilote@earthlink.net
Location: Charleston, SC

I am searching for information on the surname above. I heard of a Chippewa family in Montana by the name of JILOT and was hoping to find more information.

My husband knew little about his family. And now that he is gone I am trying to find Tribal connections for my son, so he does not feel alone on his walk in life.

My g-grandmother was part Native American, but was raised without any recognition of her culture. There is little Native Culture here in SC. We have been to one Pow Wow. And I have had a desire to know more about my past than my future for some time now. I want to honor those that went before me and those that were connected to my son - someone special.

I have found the word "Jilote" which means green corn, or new corn. The only other people with this name I have found were in Guanajuato, MEX. with marriage records dating back to 1649.

Any Help Is Welcomed ~
Janet Nielson Jilote 20/Feb/01


Monday 02/19/2001 2:20:53pm
Name: Benjamin Earl Jones, Jr.
E-Mail: bj.lesjones@gte.net
Location: California

Comments: Great or greatgreatgrandfather-took the surname Jones. Originally from an Ojibwa reservation in Canada, settled in Colorado. Family stories say his Ojibwa name or clan was Bear. Possiibly his first name was Earl.


Sunday 02/11/2001 8:45:51pm
Name: Sharon James
E-Mail: sgjessej@aol.com
Location: Monroe Co. Mich.

Comments: Looking for info on grandmother's family. Her father was Alfred Black,born in Ohio,1829,mother was Mary born in New Jersey,1829. They lived in Monroe Co. Mi. My grandmother,Pearl Swinerton had a photo of a pow wow in her living room. She died when I was twelve & there is no one else to ask. I'm trying to find out if her parents were Indians. Where do I start.


Sunday 02/11/2001 2:48:07pm
Name: Tammy LaForme
E-Mail: wlaforme@home.com
Location: Brantford, Ontario |

Comments: I am looking for information on LaForme's from the New Credit Reserve in Ontario.
Hank LaForme b. approx. 1910-1920
m. Rose Maracle from Six Nations.
They had many children the oldest being William Lloyd Lewis LaForme. William married Lois Johnson and they had several children with the first being William Rodger LaForme. Any help would be greatly appreciated. They are Chippewa.


Friday 01/19/2001 1:47:09am
Name: Charlene Miner
E-Mail: sharlene.miner@sympatico.com
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Referred By: Search Engine
Comments: I am searching for any information on the Dokis family from Ontario.
Meegwetch, Charlene


Tuesday 01/16/2001 8:14:33am
Name: Andrea Wheatley
E-Mail: fxfire35@aol.com
Location: Detroit, Michigan

Comments: I am researching the surnames Wheatley, Walker, Dodge, Tobias and Smith. Wheatley's are from Wasauksing/Parry Island First Nation. Father in law Gib Wheatley was born here in Detroit though in 1928. His parents were William Wheatley and Ida Walker. Seeking anyone knowing any info on this family line. Tobias surname is Ojibway I believe. Clifford Tobias originally from Ontario also moved to Detroit area in the 50?'s. Seeking info on the Dodge's family name from Walpole Island.


Sunday 01/07/2001 0:21:53am
Name: Mary Allen
E-Mail: allendev@home.com

Comments: I have a query on page 16 of your guest book. I need to change the e-mail address to the above e-mail address. Thank you.
Date: 1/6/01


Thursday 01/04/2001 9:50:35pm
Name: Ellen Rininger
E-Mail: jemi_97@yahoo.com

Comments: Looking for My Great Grand mother JENNIE LAFORCE and ALVA PATERSON her husband. Jennie was French Canadian Her husband Alva died in Civil war and she resided in Michigan

Thursday 01/04/2001 9:47:39pm
Name: Ellen Rininger
E-Mail: jemi_97@yahoo.com
Location: Michigan

Comments: Looking for information on William SCHOFIELD who Married Harriet Pruyne
William was one of 13 children son of Chippewa Lady married to Henry Schofield


Wednesday 01/03/2001 5:54:39pm
Name: Cora Mac Tavish
E-Mail: mtavish@culcom.net
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Referred By: Search Engine
Location: Culver, IN
Comments: Does anyone have information of a Native American connection to the names POMEROY and/or BLACKMER? My grandmother was born in VanBuren Co., MI and I was told she was partially of Indian background. Any help in finding more of my family's history would be greatly appreciated. Thank you


Wednesday 12/13/2000 12:25:34am
Name: George Cannon
E-Mail: gecannon@swbell.net
Homepage Title:
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Referred By: Just Surfed In
Location: Oklahoma
Comments: Am attempting to find what and where in Mich. to search for my acestor, Francis McCoonse,(Chief Eshtonoquot) of the Chippewa Swan Creek & Black River band and his Potawatomi son in law, William Turner.
Those two men along with a small band of the Swan Creek &Black River band left MI and settled in Kansas in 1839.

I have been unable to connect my line to its Michigan base because I have not yet found the specific part of Mich to look for the remnents of the Swan Creek & Black River band which remained. Neither have I found any records to search for family ties but I understand some of Chief McCoonse's descendants did not relocate in KS. and are still in Mich.

I will appreciate any help or suggestions.

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