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Northville Genealogical Society

Serving Northville, Canton, Livonia, New Hudson, Novi, Plymouth, South Lyon,

Walled Lake,Westland, and Wixom


Listed below are names and death dates for persons who are Northville residents or have Northville roots. There are obituaries on file.

You may request a scanned copy of an obit to be emailed for a $5.00 fee or a snail-mail copy with a self-addressed, stamped envelope for a $5.00 fee. After your check is received, your obit will be sent.

Please address and mail the check to:  Northville Genealogical Society
P.O. Box 932, Northville, MI 48167-0932

Please contact us by email if you have any questions.

Last Name First Name Death Date
Naath Ravindra S. 5/15/1997
Nacci Jessie Marion Susan 9/11/1996
Nacker Joyce E. Bydlowski 10/15/2002
Nalle James Thomas 8/31
Namet William M 9/22/1996
Nance Harold Clayton 7/29/2003
Naour Gabrielle Y. 12/02/1998
Nash Ruby W 9/12/2003
Nauman Margaret A Matson 12/4/2007
Nazarewicz Virginia P. Sawulski 7/18/1999
Neal Fred Warner 11/96
Needham Jean A Ruttan 11/25/2005
Neil Fred n/a
Neis Dorothy Marie 10/22/1994
Nelson Dennis V 1/17/2004
Nelson Edward E. 9/09/1991
Nelson Elaine P 8/10/1996
Nelson Frank H 10/31/2004
Nelson Harlan Gill 8/2/2007
Nelson Horace H 1/25/1996
Nelson Lillian 10/06/2001
Nelson Margaret 10/16/2000
Nelson Velma D 7/14/1996
Nemzek Claude L 1/12/1996
Nesseldre Hazel 9/11/1990
Nettle Mildred K. 10/13/1991
Neuen C Jay 6/7
Neuman Adolph C 2/8/1994
Neuman Hazel 9/11/1990
Neumann Harriet A. 5/06/1991
Neumann Howard J ca 1975
Nevert Dorothy J 10/13/1996
Neville Anna Marie 5/19/1996
Nevison Hazel M 4/6/1905
Nevius Ellen Emery 4/10/1898
Newbegin Caroline I 1/24/1979
Newby Emily 7/27/2001
Newell Lisa Mary 8/4/1993
Newkirk Myrtle  ca 1/5/1987
Newman Robert B 2/23/2008
Newman Robert B 2/23/2008
Newsome Margery Ettie 4/23'
Newton Caroline H "Lena" ca 11/14/1985
Newton Harry E., Sr. 3/14/2000
Newton James Vernon 6/4
Newton Mary 11/10/2002
Neynabor Roland Stewart 11/20/1992
Nicholis Winifred V 7/19/1993
Nichols Kelli K. 12/31/2006
Nichols Lynn Ann Zurek 3/22/2001
Nichols Victoria Faith 3/22/2000
Niedfeldt Clyde E 10/31/1993
Nield Melvin Miller 3/08/1997
Nield Rosalia Louise Freda 3/01/2002
Nielson Bert R 5/10/1992
Niemi Audrey E. 7/28/2002
Niemi Calvin S 11/19/2004
Nieuwkoop Peter F. 8/10/2001
Niewinski Helen K Mycek 2/10/2003
Nikisch Arthur F. 8/02/1991
Niles Howard R 3/29/1999
Nilsson Guinevere 12/30/1992
Nirider Essie O. 10/06/1998
Nirider Thelma L. Ferguson 3/16/2000
Nitzel Gertrude 3/20/1999
Nitzel Paul E 10/21/1990
Nix Betty V. 7/28/2000
Nix Robert R. 5/04/1997
Noble May 6/1'
Noble Viola 10/02/1991
Noble Ruth M  10/30/2004
Noder Coralie M 3/17/1994
Noetzol Helen J 10/28/2003
Noirot Peggy Grunewald 4/22/2006
Nolte Deloma C 6/11/2005
Noonan Patrick Wade n/a
Nordbeck Elof I 5/25/1996
Nordell Eskel 9/15/1993
Norman John M. 11/16/1999
Norris Arlene 6/21/1997
Northrop Floyd A 4/26/1905
Northrop Julius C Monday
Northrop M. Starr 4/27/1975
Northrop Martha 7/8/1876
Northrop Ross B., Jr. 3/08/1991
Northup Carol J 2/24/1993
Northy Ruth Carlsson 7/29/1999
Nortley Garland P n/a
Norton Marguerite E. Hartner 5/19/2006
Norton Roderick B 4/9/1905
Norton Roderick B 7/1926
Norton Willie L.Hill 7/31/1997
Notarainni Amelio 10/14/2006
Notarainni Virginia M. 8/07/2002
Notarianni Molly L Logan 4/19/2004
Nottingham Eileen May 2/25/1984
Novak Dennis L. 12/14/2002
Nowack Frank S. 6/08/2000
Nowland David F. 10/08/1997
Nowland Janice P Smith 7/05/1999
Nutter Bartlett Edward 8/19/1990
Nye Gunborg 8/19/1994
Nyquist Gladys Ann 2/07/1997
Nyquist Rolland C, Jr. 6/04/1999