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Ideas for Interviews

Local/Family Interview Questions

  1. Please share one memory of your mother.
  2. Please share one memory of your father.
  3. Please share one memory of each brother.
  4. Please share one memory of each sister.
  5. Please share one memory of your mother's parents. ?aunts, uncles or cousins?
  6. Please share one memory of your father's parents. ?aunts, uncles or cousins?
  7. What was the location of your house? Is it still standing? What did it look like?
  8. Do you remember your grandparent's houses? Where were they? Are they still standing? What did they look like?
  9. Were you often into mischief as a child? How strict were your parents?
  10. What chores were assigned to you to do? Did you receive any spending money? If so, what did you do with it?
  11. What were your most vivid memories of your childhood?
  12. Where did you attend school? How far was it from your home? How did you get there?
  13. What subjects did you like best? and least?
  14. Who were your best friends at school?
  15. What memories stand out about your school days?
  16. What did you do during the summer when you were not in school?
  17. Did you ever visit and spend the night with friends or relatives?
  18. What were your favorite toys? games?
  19. What was your favorite song? TV show? Movie?
  20. Were there any unusual events in your childhood ie. moving, storms, floods, fires, etc.?
  21. When did you start dating? What rules were imposed at your house regarding dating ie. chaperone, how late you could stay out, where you could go?
  22. When you went on a date, what did you do?
  23. What were the rules in your house regarding the following: playing cards, going to movies, dancing, eating with the adults, girls wearing slacks to school, and "proper manners."
  24. What neighborhood gatherings do you recall?
  25. Did you attend a church? Where was the church? What was it like?
  26. Were there any special "religious" events in your life you recall?
  27. Did you have a favorite verse? hymn/song?
  28. Do you recall an experience with death as a child or teenager?
  29. Did you participate in any type of recreation or athletics?
  30. Did you or any of your family sing or play musical instruments?
  31. Did you like to read? What were your favorite books as a child? an adult?
  32. Did you learn a hobby or craft as a child or teenager? Did you continue to use it as an adult?
  33. What was your first job? Where? What did you do? How much did you earn?
  34. How did you meet your spouse? Tell me about your courtship, proposal, and engagement.
  35. When and where did you get married? Describe the wedding.
  36. How did you decide what to name each child?
  37. What stands out about each of your children as a small child, adolescent, and teenager?
  38. What houses have you lived in since marriage? Where? Describe them.
  39. What job/s did you/your spouse have to support your family?
  40. Did you continue your education after high school? Where? What field?
  41. What trips have you taken as a family? Which have you enjoyed the most? Any special memories?
  42. What holiday traditions did your family share? Eating certain foods, meeting in certain places, gifts, those invited, etc.?
  43. Do you enjoy participating in music, art, gardening, needlework, sewing, carpentry, mechanics, etc.? Which members of the family did these activities?
  44. What was your first car? How much did it cost?
  45. Name other cars you had over the years. Which was your favorite?
  46. What inventions have particularly changed your "lifestyle"? How?
  47. What do you consider your special talents or abilities? What do you do best?
  48. Are there any "words of wisdom" you would like to pass down to future generations?