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In 1889 there were 44 organized school districts on the county.

Most of the school terms were from 6-10 months.  However a few did have a school year only being 3-4 months.

Teachers were paid a salary of $30-$40 a month.  Two-thirds of the teachers were female as ladies get along better with little children.

School taxes were more cheerfully paid than the other taxes in the county.


Sage Lake School 1907


Georgina Meadows-Teacher

Roxanne Kenyon

Marion Kenyon

?        Heath

Adrian Shattuck

Bessie Brent

Rosy Slater

Jenny Dovecatt

Kenneth Wiltse

Bernice Weir

Sadie Weir

Maltie Devcote

Gladys Withey

Edna Devcote

Claude Hall

Art Hall

Deneil Hall

Chester Wiltse

?   Heath

Dan Hall




Damon School District #3 1882

located on Fairview Rd. and McGregor Rd.


Mary E. Miller-Teacher

William Hubbell age 13

Charles Bell age 12

Ella Bell age 10

Daisy Bell age 8

George Bell age 6

Clide Bell age 4

Mira Cook age 9

Hattie Quackenbush age 8

Florence Daemmer age 7

Cyar Cook age 4

Oscar Hagarman age 8

Gatha Hagerman age 6

Adelbert Vanmarter age 9

Lizzie Sage age 12


1920-1922-Miss Gifford was the teacher


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