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Foster Twp.

Beaver Lake Cemetery

Located on Beaver Lake Trail

only has one remaining headstone



Damon Cemetery

Located on Fairview Rd and Turney Ranch Trail



Fisk Cemetery

Corner of Turney Ranch Trail and Roll Rd

Has been plowed over by the DNR in 1996.  It is currently inside the Kirtland Warbler Preserve and sitting on the corner of Turney Ranch Trail and Roll Rd. sits a cowbird trap.  It was in William Hubbles property after he homesteaded it.  The land went back for taxes in 1927.  I know of 3 babies buried there and one man who froze to death.  The babies died of Diptheria and were buried with only a prayer at their graves.




Rose Twp.

Free Methodist also known as Rose Twp. Cemetery

Located Section 36


Lane Heights also known as Lupton Cemetery

Located on Lupton Rd north of Lupton


Tucker Cemetery

Located on Inman Rd off Wangler Rd




Goddar Twp.

Oak Grove Cemetery

Located on County Line Rd just south of Chain Lake Rd.

transcribed by Huron Shores Genealogy Society




West Branch Twp.

Brookside Cemetery

On Houghton St. behind Michigan State Police, West Branch


Campbell corners Cemetery also known as West Branch Twp. Cemetery

Located on Campbell Rd. just south of State Rd.



Holy Family Cemetery also known as St. Josephs Cemetery

Located on Campbell Rd. just south of Peters Rd.


St. Joseph's Cemetery

Located on Valley St. across from Irons Park

West Branch




Churchill Twp.

Churchill Twp. Cemetery

Located State Rd. and Gerald Miller Rd.




Cumming Twp.

Rose City Cemetery

Located on Page St., Rose City


Logan Twp

Logan Twp Cemetery

Located on Sage Lake Rd and State Rd


Edwards Twp.

Edwards Twp Cemetery

Located on Greenwood Rd. west of M-30



Mills Twp.

Mills Twp. Cemetery

Located on Elbow Lake Rd. just north of Mills Rd.



Richland Twp.

Richland Twp. Cemetery

Located on Schaffer Rd east of Sage Lake Rd.








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