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The First Settlers were the Indians.  There are Indian Earthworks in Ogemaw County. 



W.H. Edwards came up the Pine River from Saginaw Bay.  He settled on the bank of the Tittabawsee River.  This is where he lived and started his lumbering operations in the county.  The township was named after him.



Wright & Weidman made a road through Forest Home Farm

Chapman Bros. and others came but made no permanent improvements.



Henry Craner came with another family to hunt at which is now Richland Twp.  The Craner family decided to stay and farm.



Census showing the post office is in Tawas City

It lists the following names:

John Thorp -owning the farm

Rachel Thorp- wife-Keeps house

Mary Thorp- daughter

Robert Gordon-works on farm

Edward Bushay-works on the farm

Louis Londau-works on the farm

Peter Pelka-works on the farm

Duncan McKinon-works on the farm

Patrick Campbell-works on the farm

John McLanly-works on the farm

Alexander Kelly-works on the farm

Mary Kelly-Keeps house



John Klacking, Christopher Reetz, and Horace Sherman came to farm



William Rose, Alabiades Rose, Scott White, Sherman T.,Decater A. Neal, James Campbell and George Sherman came to farm.  John Regan came to be the foreman at the Weidman & Wright Farm, he started his own farm in 1873.

Captain S.V.Thomas came to run the mill business near Beaver Lake.

Dr. C.L.Nauman became the secretary of the Ogemaw Lumber at Ogemaw Springs.



A.L.Cumming and his two sons, Louis and A.L. Jr. came to settle in their own farms













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