American Flag


Primary Patriots Program Committee

The program "The American Flag, Our Symbol of Freedom" was originally designed to promote patriotism and pride in America among elementary school children. The skit with the costume-clad Betsy Ross, Miss Freedom, and a Narrator is now adapted so that it is appropriate for all ages, school children through adults. The presentation covers the founding of our country, the history of flags, the American flag, the Pledge of Allegiance to the flag of the United States of America, and the National Anthem. The Committee works with schools to schedule the historical program when it complements the classroom teacher's on-going curriculum. The program is also available as a service to community groups. For further information, give us your name and a phone number via e-mail.

DAR Good Citizen Awards & Scholarship Program

Each year local high schools are contacted and invited to select a senior who will be designated as their DAR Good Citizen. Student selection is based on dependability, service, leadership and patriotism. The Good Citizens are honored at an awards ceremony and are eligible to participate in a Scholarship Contest. Three non-DAR judges review the materials of the competing students with the winner's essay submitted to the state scholarship competition. State judges select the top ten in the state and honor them at the DAR State Awards Day. The state winner receives $500; awards to runners-up range from $75 to $150. State winners compete in geographical divisions and finally in the national competition. For further information, give us your name and a phone number via e-mail.

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