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Maplewood Cemetery
Civil War Soldier Service Grave/Lot Nos. Cemetery Name
Caldwell, Tzar Co. E 13 N.Y. Inf. 62 3NW
Calkins, John H.S. Co. B 3 MI Inf. G118 Maplewood Cemetery
Campbell, Duncan Co. M 6 MI Cav. Bowne Cemetery
Campbell, Findley Co. A 10 MI Cav. 56-8 So. Casnovia Cemetery
Campbell, George W. Co. H 13 MI Inf. 4-A-1 Lakeshore Cemetery
Campbell, Harmon Co. H 16th MI Inf. 1-128-1 Seaman Cemetery
Canty, Michael Coopersville Cemetery
Carlisle, Gamaliel S. Co. E 2 MI Cav. Jewell Cemetery
Carlisle, Richard H. Co. I 3rd MI Inf. 46 Maple Hill Cemetery
Carlyle, John Co. G 5 MI Cav. Courtland Cemetery
Carpenter, Charles Co. E 6 MI H. A. 17-159-1 Nunica Cemetery
Carpenter, James J. Co. I, K 21 MI Inf. Winchester Cemetery
Carr, James Co. C 150 PA; Co. M 1 N.Y. Rifles No. Ensley Cemetery
Carroll, Charles Co. E 3 MI Inf. & Co. E 5 MI Inf. St. Mary’s Cemetery
Castle, Sgt. John S. Co. M 7 MI Inf. 21-26b Ottawa Center Cemetery
Caster, Frank Co. E 20 MI Inf. Row 8-1 Crandall Cemetery
Caywood, Corp. David G. Co. B 6 MI Cav. Brooklawn Cemetery
Caywood, John W. Co. C 141 N.Y. Inf. Lot 140 No. Ensley Cemetery
Cathcart, Albert J. Co. B 5th MI Cav. 8 Haire Cemetery
Chaffee, Ezra M. Co. M 6 MI Cav. Courtland Cemetery
Chamberlain, Francis L. Co. F 2 MI Cav. Brooklawn Cemetery
Chapin, Clark C. 2nd OH H. Art. Sullivan Twp. Cemetery
Champion, Corp. Clark Co. B 12th N.J. Inf. Marne Cemetery
Chapel, Lt. George Co. C N.Y. H.A. W-4 Robinson Twp. Cemetery
Chapman, Benjamin Co. L 14 N.Y. HA 22 4SE Grandville Cemetery
Chapman, Lorenzo Co. K 16 MI Inf. 0-361 Greenwood Cemetery
Chase, Charles E. Co. F 10th MI Inf. 45-4 So. Casnovia Cemetery
Chase, Edgar B. Co. F 2nd MI Cav. 33-1 So. Casnovia Cemetery
Chase, James R. Pvt. Co. C 21 MI Inf TD> Parmalee Cemetery
Chase, William Co. A 3rd MI Inf. 45-6 So. Casnovia Cemetery
Cheney, Amherst B. Co. B 21 MI Inf. 0-29/30 Greenwood Cemetery
Cheney, John 1st MI Lt. Art. 110W Marne Cemetery
Chesebro, Oscar J. Co. G 46 PA Inf. East Dorr Cemetery
Childs, Nicholas Co. C 193 NY Inf. Courtland Cemetery
Chrisman, Corp. Silas Co. E 116 N.Y. Inf. Alton Church Cemetery
Chubb, Edward P. Co. I 9th MI Cav. 63-3 So. Casnovia Cemetery
Chubb, Lt. Miles Co. A & F 5 MI Inf and Co. H 3 MI Inf. 80-5 Lisbon Cemetery
Cilley, James I. Co. C 10th MI Cav. G 126 Maplewood Cemetery
Clapper, Corp. Martin 3 MI Inf. Malvern Hill, VA
Clark, Alonzo Co. D 1st U.S. Inf. RB5-68-11X Resurrection Cemetery
Clark, David H. 128 OH Inf. 1WE-47-01 Pilgrim Home Cemetery
Clark, Elisha Co. A 32 NY Inf. O-241 Fairplains Cemetery
Clark, J. N. Co. F 14 MI Inf. Pierson Cemetery
Clark, Josiah R. Co. C 13 MI Inf. E-558 Nashville Nat'l Cemetery
Clark, Luther M. Co. H 20th MI Inf. 38-W Star (Kridler) Cemetery
Clark, Lyman S. Co. H 22nd MI Inf. 03-6 So. Casnovia Cemetery
Clark, Robert Co. G 25 IA Inf. Spring Lake Twp. Cemetery
Clark, Sgt. William D. Co. M 1st MI E & M 1-25 #1 Georgetown Cemetery
Clarke, Rev. Ethan Ray 1 RI Cav. Spring Lake Twp. Cemetery
Claus, Cornelius Co. A 1 MI Art. Bat. 38-4 West Olive Cemetery
Clemons/Clements, James C. Co. G 15th MI Inf. A-298-5 Washington Park Memorial Gardens
Cleveland, Sgt. John Co. D 21st MI Inf. 1-35-8 Seaman Cemetery
Cline, George W. Pvt. Co. G 6 MI Cav / Co. I 1 MI Cav Parmalee Cemetery
Clone, Sgt. James E. Co. G/K 3 NY Lt. Art. 1CW-57-26 Pilgrim Home Cemetery
Cobb, Josiah. Co. M 7 MI Cav. W-1 Robinson Twp. Cemetery
Cochrane, Corp. Norman Co. D 29 OH Inf. 1KO-55-13 Pilgrim Home Cemetery
Cochran, Selea Co. E 4 MI Cav. Moorland Twp. Cemetery
Coats, Leeman J. Co. M 1st MI E&M 126 4SW Grandville Cemetery
Coffey, William Co. C 5th V.R.C. Diamond Springs Cemetery
Colby, Isaac C. Co. E 4 MI Inf. Bowne Cemetery
Cole, Albert Co. D 16 MI Inf. 0-79 Greenwood Cemetery
Cole, James Frank Co. E 2nd MI Cav. 3-25-1 Seaman Cemetery
Cole, James W. Co. K 9th MI Inf. 002-4 Allendale Cemetery
Cole, Thomas Co. A 21 IND Inf. 10-1 West Olive Cemetery
Collar, Allen J. Co. D 137th IL Inf. 144 Maple Hill Cemetery
Colley, Watson Co. D 178 OH Inf. Winchester Cemetery
Collinen/Collins, James W. Co. H 21 MI Inf. Lot 99 No. Ensley Cemetery
Collins, Charles 14th Ind. Batt., MI L. A. 431-1 Rutland Twp. Cemetery
Comstock, Charles Co. D 50 N.Y. Eng. Clark Cemetery
Comstock, William Co. I 3rd MI Inf. 037-2 Allendale Cemetery
Conklin, Andrew Co. B 6th MI Cav. 147 1SE Grandville Cemetery
Conklin, George M. Co. F 13 MI Inf. Courtland Cemetery
Conklin, Isaac Co. E 29 OH Inf. A-76-1 Olive Twp. Cemetery
Conner, Corp. Lorenzo D. Co. C 53 IN Inf., Co. B 30 IN Inf. 13-16-5 Ravenna Cemetery
Cook, Daniel Webster Co. A 6 MI Cav 11-6-3 Ravenna Cemetery
Cook, George Pvt. Co. D 21 MI Inf Parmalee Cemetery
Cook, George W. Co. H 12 N.Y. Inf 3-664 Greenwood Cemetery
Cook, Henry A. Co. F 1st MI E & M 31 Maple Hill Cemetery
Cook, Livingston U.S. Navy 5-15 #2 Georgetown Cemetery
Cook, William H. Co. H 25 MI Inf. Jones Cemetery
Cooley, Sgt. Harvillah Co. F 37th IL Inf. & Co. C 96th IL Inf. E 81 Maplewood Cemetery
Cooley, Henry C. Co. G 21st MI Inf. 166-3 Allendale Cemetery
Coon, Isaac Co. D 180th OH Inf. 81 2SW Grandville Cemetery
Coons, Jacob I. Co. F 27 MI Inf. Bowne Cemetery
Cooper, Luther J. Co. G 110th OH Inf. 19-193-2 Nunica Cemetery
Cooper, Nelson Co. C 10 MI Cav. Jones Cemetery
Copeland, Joseph B. Co. C 10 MI Cav & Co. C 2nd MI Cav. 203 4SW Grandville Cemetery
Coppens, Peter J. U.S. Navy Bowne Cemetery
Coppock, Isaac Co. H 48 OH Inf. Stuller Cemetery
Cornwell, Augustine Co. K 23rd U.S. Inf. 16-137-5 Nunica Cemetery
Cornwell, Erastus B. Co. C 94th N.Y. Inf. 16-137-1 Nunica Cemetery
Corporan, George Co. E 21 MI Cav. Brooklawn Cemetery
Corts, Capt. George Painter 12th & 63rd PA Inf. E 55
Cory, Philip G. Capt. Co. L 6th MI Cav. 3-3 Riverside Cemetery
Courson, Hamilton Co. B 5th MI Cav. & Co. D 3rd U.S. VRC 203 4SW Grandville Cemetery
Coveny, Michael Co. F 44 NY Inf. Spring Lake Twp. Cemetery
Covert, Andrew J. 12 MI Inf. 0-91 Greenwood Cemetery
Cowles, Sgt. Edward Co. H 8 N.Y. H. Art 3-823 Greenwood Cemetery
Cox, Alvin Co. I 23rd OH Inf. 121 1SW Grandville Cemetery
Craig, Francis M. Co. I 2 MI Cav 379-1 Rutland Twp. Cemetery
Crain, Calvin 13 IN Inf. 3-792 Greenwood Cemetery
Crandall, Mead 8 VT Res. Corps. Barber Cemetery
Crandle, Corp. Eber B. Co. B 73 IN Inf. W-4 Robinson Twp. Cemetery
Crofoot, Isaiah Co. I 25 MI Inf. B 1245 Cave Hill Nat'l Cemetery
Crofoot, James H. Co. I 25 MI Inf. H-10006 Nashville Nat'l Cemetery
Cronk, William Co. H 13 MI Inf. Stuller Cemetery
Cronkright, James Co. B 6th MI Cav. 68-G Star (Kridler) Cemetery
Crotty, Daniel O. Co. H 4 MI Cav Oakwood Cemetery
Crotty, Thomas A. Co. A 6 MI Cav 7-7-3 Ravenna Cemetery
Cryderman, John C. Co. A 6 MI Cav 14-8-3 Ravenna Cemetery
Cummings, Frederick M. Co. C 1 MI E & M 0-360 Greenwood Cemetery
Curry, Thomas Kemp’s PA Inf. 126W #3 Georgetown Cemetery
Curtis, William H. Co. A 101st OH Inf. Salem Twp. Cemetery
Cutler, Ira A. Co. A 9 MI Inf. Courtland Cemetery
Cuykendall, Henry Co. B 2nd MI Cav. 1-36-3 Hilton Cemetery

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