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Copyright ©2006 by the Richmond Township Historical Research Society (RTHRS) c/o Ginger Dingus, P. O. Box 254 Palmer, MI 49871.  This index became available January 10, 2007.

Richmond Township Historical Research Society

Aalto, Anselm~1888~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Aartila, Toivo A~1888~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Aas, Olga~25~1909IshpemingYrBk
Abbott, Philip E~1890~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Abbott, Richard W~1895~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Abbott, Stanley~1898~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Abbott, Thomas A~1887~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Abbott, William H~28~1909IshpemingYrBk
Abraham, Bentti~52~1900 Census~
Abraham, George~1875~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Abraham, Hedvig Annala~36~Kujanpaa Family Reunion~
Abraham, Hedvig Annala~43~Kujanpaa Family Reunion~
Abraham, Hedvig Annala~47~Kujanpaa Family Reunion~
Abraham, Hedvig Annala~54~Kujanpaa Family Reunion~
Abraham, Hedvig Annala~55~Kujanpaa Family Reunion~
Abraham, Hedvig Annala~56~Kujanpaa Family Reunion~~
Abraham, Hedvig Annala~57~Kujanpaa Family Reunion~
Abraham, Hedvig Annala~58~Kujanpaa Family Reunion~
Abraham, Hedvig Annala~81~Kujanpaa Family Reunion~
Abraham, John Amme~1897~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Abraham, John~1887~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Abraham, Paul~1881~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Abraham, Salem~1883~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Abrahamson, Axel Ferdinand~1881~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Abrahamson, Frans Adolf~1881~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Abrahamson, Ira A~1893~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Abrahamson, Walter~1899~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Abrams, George Chester~1880~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Abramson, Frank Oscar~1877~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Abramson, William~1880~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Acker, Jacob Henry~1884~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Ackerman, George William~1875~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Ackerman, James Oscar~1899~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Ackland, Brian Peter~46~Kujanpaa Family Reunion~
Ackland, Brian Peter~62~Kujanpaa Family Reunion~
Ackland, Carol Anne~46~Kujanpaa Family Reunion~
Ackland, Carol Anne~59~Kujanpaa Family Reunion~
Ackland, Carol Anne~77~Kujanpaa Family Reunion~
Ackland, David Martin Jr~45~Kujanpaa Family Reunion~
Ackland, David Martin Jr~62~Kujanpaa Family Reunion~
Ackland, David Martin~45~Kujanpaa Family Reunion~
Ackland, David Martin~62~Kujanpaa Family Reunion~
Ackland, David Michael~45~Kujanpaa Family Reunion~
Ackland, David Michael~62~Kujanpaa Family Reunion~
Ackland, Diane Marie~45~Kujanpaa Family Reunion~
Ackland, Diane Marie~76~Kujanpaa Family Reunion~
Ackland, Janet Kathleen~45~Kujanpaa Family Reunion~
Ackland, Janet Kathleen~64~Kujanpaa Family Reunion~
Ackland, Kathleen Marie~45~Kujanpaa Family Reunion~
Ackland, Kathleen Marie~62~Kujanpaa Family Reunion~
Ackland, Lisa Marie~45~Kujanpaa Family Reunion~
Ackland, Lisa Marie~62~Kujanpaa Family Reunion~
Ackland, Nora Randell~46~Kujanpaa Family Reunion~
Ackland, Nora Randell~62~Kujanpaa Family Reunion~
Ackland, Sarah Christine~46~Kujanpaa Family Reunion~
Ackland, Sarah Christine~84~Kujanpaa Family Reunion~
Adamini, Delores~21~Kujanpaa Family Reunion~~
Adamini, Delores~74~Kujanpaa Family Reunion~
Adamini, James~1896~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Adams, Ethel~28~1909IshpemingYrBk
Adams, George Louis~1899~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Adams, George~1891~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Adams, Herbert James~1877~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Adams, John Thomas~1884~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Adams, Lewis Joseph~1874~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Adams, Nelson J~1890~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Adams, Thomas Henry~1875~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Adams, William Sidney~1881~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Adamson, Albin Wilhelm~1898~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Adamson, Anna~28~1909IshpemingYrBk
Adamson, Henry Alfred~1891~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Adda, Frank~1878~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Addison, Cornelius J~1891~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Adler, Sigmund~1886~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Adolph, Hans Peter~1877~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Adolphson, Gust~1884~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Afulis, Gustav~1881~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Agder, John~1882~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Agnew, George Bauke~1881~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Agnew, Romes Phillip~1882~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Agnoli, Bert~1890~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Agnoli, Fred~1893~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Agrella, Giuseppe~1875~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Aha, Matt Wafred~1899~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Ahde, Henry~1892~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Ahern, George Ellsworth~1899~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Ahlberg, Gust~1872~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Ahlert, Oscar~1875~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Ahlholm, Alfred~1883~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Ahlren, Albert~1883~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Ahlson, Ernest~1883~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Ahlstrom, Carl Gunnar~1896~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Ahlstrom, Nestor Wilhelm~1883~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Aho, Alexander John~1874~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Aho, Alexander~1878~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Aho, Antti Rundolf~1890~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Aho, August~1879~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Aho, August~1899~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Aho, Carol~40~Kujanpaa Family Reunion~
Aho, Carol~64~Kujanpaa Family Reunion~
Aho, Charles Emil~1880~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Aho, Charles Mrs~34~Kultalahti Cemetery~
Aho, Connie~53~Kujanpaa Family Reunion~
Aho, Connie~70~Kujanpaa Family Reunion~
Aho, Eino Matt~1893~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Aho, Elias~1874~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Aho, Elias~49~Kujanpaa Family Reunion~
Aho, Elias~52~Kujanpaa Family Reunion~
Aho, Elias~62~Kujanpaa Family Reunion~
Aho, Emil~1881~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Aho, Erick~1889~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Aho, Erie~1885~1910Census
Aho, Frank~1889~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Aho, Gabriel Emil~1880~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Aho, Gary Elias~52~Kujanpaa Family Reunion~
Aho, Gary Elias~62~Kujanpaa Family Reunion~
Aho, Gladys N~05/05/1927~MIDeaths71-96~
Aho, Gust~1895~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Aho, Helen Irene~49~Kujanpaa Family Reunion~
Aho, Helen Irene~52~Kujanpaa Family Reunion~
Aho, Helen Irene~62~Kujanpaa Family Reunion~
Aho, Henrik~1888~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Aho, Henry~1883~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Aho, Henry~1896~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Aho, Hermo~1875~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Aho, Irene Erickson~10~Palmer Reunion~
Aho, Irene Erickson~20~Palmer Reunion~
Aho, Irene~10~Palmer Reunion~
Aho, Irene~1930 census Richmond Twp
Aho, Irene~60~Kujanpaa Family Reunion~
Aho, Irene~70~Kujanpaa Family Reunion~
Aho, Jacob~1887~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Aho, Jalmer~1893~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Aho, Janet Lorraine~53~Kujanpaa Family Reunion~
Aho, Janet Lorraine~82~Kujanpaa Family Reunion~
Aho, John K~1873~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Aho, John~1872~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Aho, John~1873~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Aho, John~1891~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Aho, John~1894~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Aho, Kalle~1885~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Aho, Kalle~1886~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Aho, Katherine Ellen~52~Kujanpaa Family Reunion~
Aho, Katherine Ellen~62~Kujanpaa Family Reunion~
Aho, Laila~60~Kujanpaa Family Reunion~
Aho, Laila~77~Kujanpaa Family Reunion~
Aho, Lameo~1930 census Richmond Twp
Aho, Leimo A~09/17/1910~MIDeaths71-96~
Aho, Leonard~1930 census Richmond Twp
Aho, Lila Ollila~8~Palmer Reunion~
Aho, Lila~8~Palmer Reunion~
Aho, Linnea Adolfiisa~56~Kujanpaa Family Reunion~
Aho, Linnea Adolfiisa~60~Kujanpaa Family Reunion~
Aho, Linnea Adolfiisa~62~Kujanpaa Family Reunion~
Aho, Maria S~03/17/1983~MIDeaths71-96~
Aho, Marie~1930 census Richmond Twp
Aho, Marie~52~Kujanpaa Family Reunion~
Aho, Marie~83~Kujanpaa Family Reunion~
Aho, Marlene~53~Kujanpaa Family Reunion~
Aho, Marlene~83~Kujanpaa Family Reunion~
Aho, Mary~52~Kujanpaa Family Reunion~
Aho, Mary~62~Kujanpaa Family Reunion~
Aho, Matt~1879~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Aho, Matt~1880~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Aho, Matt~60~Kujanpaa Family Reunion~
Aho, Matt~62~Kujanpaa Family Reunion~
Aho, Matte~1873~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Aho, Matthew Paul~52~Kujanpaa Family Reunion~
Aho, Matthew Paul~62~Kujanpaa Family Reunion~
Aho, Michael Elias~52~Kujanpaa Family Reunion~
Aho, Michael Elias~62~Kujanpaa Family Reunion~
Aho, Nicholas Henry~1882~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Aho, Nicholas~19~1900 Census~
Aho, Otto Alarik~1896~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Aho, Peter~25~1900 Census~
Aho, Saimie Riippa~12~Palmer Reunion~
Aho, Sam~1930 census Richmond Twp
Aho, Solomon Alfred~1886~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Aho, Solomon~1930 census Richmond Twp
Aho, Towo Edward~1898~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Aho, Victor~1895~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Aho, Vienna Olson~13~Palmer Reunion~
Aho, Vienna~13~Palmer Reunion~
Aho, Vienna~1930 census Richmond Twp
Aho, Waldemar~1881~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Aho, Walter R~02/17/1924~MIDeaths71-96~
~ Aho, Werner~60~Kujanpaa Family Reunion~
~ Aho, Werner~62~Kujanpaa Family Reunion~
~ Aho, William Elias~1898~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Aho, William~1881~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Aho, William~1887~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Aho, Wlaila~1930 census Richmond Twp
Ahola, Arne~1898~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Ahola, Arthur~1887~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Ahola, Harvey~1898~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Ahola, Jacob~1873~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Ahola, Jacob~1878~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Ahola, Uno U~1890~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Ahonen, Arthur~1893~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Ahonen, Oscar~1882~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Ahro, Carl Wilhelm~1885~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Aimone, Bartalomeo~1878~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Airandi, Michael Julius~1880~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Aird, Phillip~1875~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Aittola, Cathrine~1930 census Richmond Twp
Aittola, Katherine~1920 Census Richmond Twp.
Aittola, Olaf~1920 Census Richmond Twp.
Aittomaki, Nestor~1884~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Aittula, Katarina~1848~1910Census
~~ Aittula, Otto~1847~1910Census
~~ Aiyllari, Jaakko~11~Kujanpaa Family Reunion~
~ Aiyllari, Jaakko~19~Kujanpaa Family Reunion~
~ Aiyllari, Jaakko~24~Kujanpaa Family Reunion~
~ Aiyllari, Jaakko~30~Kujanpaa Family Reunion~
~ Aiyllari, Jaakko~36~Kujanpaa Family Reunion~
~ Aiyllari, Jaakko~43~Kujanpaa Family Reunion~
~ Aiyllari, Jaakko~47~Kujanpaa Family Reunion~
~ Aiyllari, Jaakko~54~Kujanpaa Family Reunion~
~ Aiyllari, Jaakko~55~Kujanpaa Family Reunion~
~ Aiyllari, Jaakko~62~Kujanpaa Family Reunion~
~ Aiylllari, Jaaakko~08~Kujanpaa Family Reunion~
~ Aker, Jenny~16~1900 Census~
~ Aker, Joseph~1896~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Akerlind, Carl E~1891~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Alamayry, Elias Olaf~1880~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Alanen, Arni Herman~1895~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Alanen, Arvid Michael~1897~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Alanen, John Victor~1887~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Alanen, Waino~03/04/1910~MIDeaths71-96~
~ Alanzo, Victor~1898~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Alanzo, Walter~1896~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Alapere, Frank~1880~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Alatalo, Alex~1886~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Alatalo, Amanda~1920 Census Richmond Twp.
Alatalo, Fred M~1894~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Alatalo, Hanna~1930 census Richmond Twp
Alatalo, Herman~1881~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Alatalo, Herman~1920 Census Richmond Twp.
Alatalo, Herman~1930 census Richmond Twp
Alatalo, Sylvia E~03/14/1916~MIDeaths71-96~
~ Alatllo, George~1895~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Alderton, Guy Cecil~1899~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Aldo, Thomas~1887~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Alera, Domenic~1874~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Alesandro, Arsepi~1889~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Alexander, Marie Elena~41~Kujanpaa Family Reunion~
~ Alexander, Marie Elena~85~Kujanpaa Family Reunion~
~ Alfsen, Halvor~1880~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Alfsen, Martineus~1883~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Alho, Adolph~1888~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Alho, Alex~1892~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Alinen, Frank William~1896~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Alka, Herman~1874~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Allanga, Herman~29~1900 Census~
~ Allburt, Harry M~1886~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Allen, Alfred~1887~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Allen, August~1878~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Allen, Dorothy Newman~12~Palmer Reunion~
~ Allen, Ernest Albert~1881~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Allen, Frank Albert~1886~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Allen, Garrofield~1888~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Allen, Heman H~02*~1909IshpemingYrBk
Allen, Heman H~3~1909IshpemingYrBk
Allen, Heman~12*~1909IshpemingYrBk
Allen, Heman~34*,35~1909IshpemingYrBk
Allen, Heman~40*,41~1909IshpemingYrBk
Allen, Heman~42*,43~1909IshpemingYrBk
Allen, Heman~44~1909IshpemingYrBk
Allen, Heman~86~1909IshpemingYrBk
Allen, Isaac Steven~1881~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Allen, James Ethan~1896~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Allen, Osmond~1891~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Allen, William J~1891~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Allen, William James~1879~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Allen, William~1876~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Alleny, Mike~1874~1910Census
~~ Alleraa, Onorino~1893~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Allison, Carl Franklin~1896~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Almquist, Gustaf Adolph~1873~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Alongo, Angela~50~Kujanpaa Family Reunion~
~ Alongo, Angela~62~Kujanpaa Family Reunion~
~ Alongo, Marian~50~Kujanpaa Family Reunion~
~ Alongo, Marian~62~Kujanpaa Family Reunion~
~ Alongo, Steve~50~Kujanpaa Family Reunion~
~ Alongo, Steve~62~Kujanpaa Family Reunion~
~ Alongo, Tara~50~Kujanpaa Family Reunion~
~ Alongo, Tara~62~Kujanpaa Family Reunion~
~ Alonz, Sandra~19~1900 Census~
~ Alonzo, William~1890~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Alpen, Emil~1920 Census Richmond Twp.
Alpen, Marie~1920 Census Richmond Twp.
Alpen, Torini D~1920 Census Richmond Twp.
Alpen, Victor W~1920 Census Richmond Twp.
Alperi, Amy~27~Kujanpaa Family Reunion~
~ Alperi, Amy~62~Kujanpaa Family Reunion~
~ Alperi, Bill~27~Kujanpaa Family Reunion~
~ Alperi, Bill~62~Kujanpaa Family Reunion~
~ Alperi, David Arnold~27~Kujanpaa Family Reunion~
~ Alperi, David Arnold~62~Kujanpaa Family Reunion~
~ Alperi, Emil~1883~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Alperi, Emil~1930 census Richmond Twp
Alperi, Gertrude~27~Kujanpaa Family Reunion~
~ Alperi, Gertrude~64~Kujanpaa Family Reunion~
~ Alperi, Jeanette~83~Kujanpaa Family Reunion~
~ Alperi, Julia~27~Kujanpaa Family Reunion~
~ Alperi, Julia~62~Kujanpaa Family Reunion~
~ Alperi, Marie Jeanette~27~Kujanpaa Family Reunion~
~ Alperi, Mary~1930 census Richmond Twp
Alperi, Michael John~27~Kujanpaa Family Reunion~
~ Alperi, Michael John~62~Kujanpaa Family Reunion~
~ Alperi, Patricia~27~Kujanpaa Family Reunion~
~ Alperi, Patricia~62~Kujanpaa Family Reunion~
~ Alperi, Robert~27~Kujanpaa Family Reunion~
~ Alperi, Robert~62~Kujanpaa Family Reunion~
~ Alperi, Steven Edward~27~Kujanpaa Family Reunion~
~ Alperi, Steven Edward~62~Kujanpaa Family Reunion~
~ Alperi, Toimi~1930 census Richmond Twp
Alperi, William~1930 census Richmond Twp
Alsten, Kaarle Ivar~1885~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Alto, Frank Oscar~1883~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Alto, Frank~1880~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Alto, Leonard~1900~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Alto, Nick~0000~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Alto, Walter~1895~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Altobelli, Leonardo~1895~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Altobello, Michele~1878~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Altonen, John Victor~1875~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Altschwager, Irma~14*~1909IshpemingYrBk
Altschwager, Irma~38,39*~1909IshpemingYrBk
Altschwager, Irma~89~1909IshpemingYrBk
Altschwater, Irma~3~1909IshpemingYrBk
Alvari, John~1898~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Alvord, Charles Benjamin~1881~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Ambola, Jennie~19~1900 Census~
~ Ameen, Per Victor~1892~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Amel, Amede~1873~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Amell, Joseph~1888~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Amell, Margaret~25~1909IshpemingYrBk
Amell, Stephen Howard~1899~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Ames, Jason Otis~1872~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Amesmaki, Edna~1930 census Richmond Twp
Amesmaki, Hugo~1930 census Richmond Twp
Amesmaki, John~1930 census Richmond Twp
Amesmaki, Marie~1930 census Richmond Twp
Amesmaki, Martha~1930 census Richmond Twp
Amidon, James S~1895~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Amlie, Carl M~1892~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Ammermaki, Dekla~1920 Census Richmond Twp.
Ammermaki, Edna~1920 Census Richmond Twp.
Ammermaki, Hilma~1920 Census Richmond Twp.
Ammermaki, Hugo~1920 Census Richmond Twp.
Ammermaki, Jack~1920 Census Richmond Twp.
Ammermaki, John~1920 Census Richmond Twp.
Ammermaki, Marie~1920 Census Richmond Twp.
Ammermaki, Martha~1920 Census Richmond Twp.
Ammermaki, Matt~1920 Census Richmond Twp.
Ammermaki, Mayme~1920 Census Richmond Twp.
Amo, Levi~1881~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Amonino, Joseph William~1900~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Amonino, Louis John~1885~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Amore, Leo Joseph~1885~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Amos, James Vincent~1882~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Amosn??, Hilma~1902~1910Census
~~ Amosn??, John~1867~1910Census
~~ Amosn??, Magone~1904~1910Census
~~ Amosn??, Matt~1906~1910Census
~~ Amosn??, Mervie~1876~1910Census
~~ Amosn??, Sanalona~1897~1910Census
~~ Amosn??, Tyla~1909~1910Census
~~ Anala, Miina~34~Kultalahti Cemetery~
~ Andelin, Anna L~12/12/1998~MIDeaths71-96~
~ Andelin, Anna~1930 census Richmond Twp
Andelin, Arne~11~Palmer Reunion~
~ Andelin, Arne~11~Palmer Reunion~
~ Andelin, Arne~1930 census Richmond Twp
Andelin, Frank~1888~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Andelin, Frank~1920 Census Richmond Twp.
Andelin, George~17~Palmer Reunion~
~ Andelin, George~1930 census Richmond Twp
Andelin, Linda Koskinen~9~Palmer Reunion~
~ Andelin, Linda~1930 census Richmond Twp
Andelin, Linda~9~Palmer Reunion~
~ Andelin, Matt~1930 census Richmond Twp
Andereck, Edward M~1893~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Anderosn, Aili A~1920 Census Richmond Twp.
Anderosn, Sandra~1920 Census Richmond Twp.
Anderson, Adolph Leonard Eugene~1899~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Anderson, Adolph~1893~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Anderson, Adolph~1893~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Anderson, Adolph~28~1909IshpemingYrBk
Anderson, Aili Marie~25~Kujanpaa Family Reunion~
~ Anderson, Aili Marie~27~Kujanpaa Family Reunion~
~ Anderson, Aili Marie~62~Kujanpaa Family Reunion~
~ Anderson, Ainer~1902~1910Census
~~ Anderson, Ainer~1906~1910Census
~~ Anderson, Airie Loytymaki~16~Palmer Reunion~
~ Anderson, Albert Joseph~1879~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Anderson, Albert Peter~1877~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Anderson, Albert R~1892~1910Census
~~ Anderson, Albert R~1892~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Anderson, Albert~08~1900 Census~
~ Anderson, Albin~1885~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Anderson, Alex~1875~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Anderson, Alex~1891~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Anderson, Alexander~1887~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Anderson, Alfred Emanuel~1894~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Anderson, Alice Wallin~5~Palmer Reunion~
~ Anderson, Alice~1930 census Richmond Twp
Anderson, Alice~5~Palmer Reunion~
~ Anderson, Alma A~1920 Census Richmond Twp.
Anderson, Alma~1930 census Richmond Twp
Anderson, Alma~7~Palmer Reunion~
~ Anderson, Amanda~1920 Census Richmond Twp.
Anderson, Amanda~1930 census Richmond Twp
Anderson, Ami~1920 Census Richmond Twp.
Anderson, Andrew A~1920 Census Richmond Twp.
Anderson, Andrew Christ~1882~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Anderson, Andrew Fred~1883~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Anderson, Andrew George~1886~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Anderson, Andrew John~1888~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Anderson, Andrew Peter~1874~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Anderson, Andrew Theodore~1884~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Anderson, Andrew Victor~1881~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Anderson, Andrew W~1909~1910Census
~~ Anderson, Andrew~18~1900 Census~
~ Anderson, Andrew~1881~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Anderson, Andrew~1881~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Anderson, Andrew~1885~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Anderson, Andrew~1930 census Richmond Twp
Anderson, Andrew~29~1900 Census~
~ Anderson, Andrus John~1876~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Anderson, Anice~1920 Census Richmond Twp.
Anderson, Anna M~06/05/1910~MIDeaths71-96~
~ Anderson, Arthur Emil~1893~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Anderson, Arthur Victor~1899~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Anderson, Arthur~1900~1910Census
~~ Anderson, Arvid~1898~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Anderson, Arvid~1930 census Richmond Twp
Anderson, Asel Olaf~1879~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Anderson, August~09A~1880 Census~
~ Anderson, August~09A~1880 Census~
~ Anderson, August~10B~1880 Census~
~ Anderson, August~1893~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Anderson, Axel H~1893~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Anderson, Axel~28~1909IshpemingYrBk
Anderson, Beatrice~1920 Census Richmond Twp.
Anderson, Beatrice~1930 census Richmond Twp
Anderson, Bert August~1881~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Anderson, Bonnie~51~Kujanpaa Family Reunion~
~ Anderson, Bonnie~86~Kujanpaa Family Reunion~
~ Anderson, Carl Eric~1889~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Anderson, Carl Fred~1900~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Anderson, Carl Fredrick~1899~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Anderson, Carl Fritz~1896~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Anderson, Carl John~1884~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Anderson, Carl Joseph Eugene~1897~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Anderson, Carl Joseph~1883~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Anderson, Carl Oscar Victor~1882~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Anderson, Carl Oscar~1883~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Anderson, Carl Oscar~1888~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Anderson, Carl W~1893~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Anderson, Carl~1890~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Anderson, Carl~1896~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Anderson, Carol Leece~5~Palmer Reunion~
~ Anderson, Carrie~1920 Census Richmond Twp.
Anderson, Carrie~1930 census Richmond Twp
Anderson, Charles Emil~1883~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Anderson, Charles Fred~1873~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Anderson, Charles Julius~1878~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Anderson, Charles~10B~1880 Census~
~ Anderson, Charles~1890~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Anderson, Charles~1920 Census Richmond Twp.
Anderson, Charles~1930 census Richmond Twp
Anderson, Christ~1885~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Anderson, Christien~10B~1880 Census~
~ Anderson, Clarence Emanuel~1898~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Anderson, Clarence Rudolph~1898~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Anderson, David Julius~1897~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Anderson, David T~1885~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Anderson, David~1882~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Anderson, Dorothy~28~Kujanpaa Family Reunion~
~ Anderson, Dorothy~40~Kujanpaa Family Reunion~
~ Anderson, Dorothy~66~Kujanpaa Family Reunion~
~ Anderson, Dorothy~72~Kujanpaa Family Reunion~
~ Anderson, Earl R~1888~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Anderson, Edward Carl~1894~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Anderson, Edward Charles~1898~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Anderson, Edward Wilbert~1896~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Anderson, Edward William~1895~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Anderson, Edward~1872~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Anderson, Edward~1896~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Anderson, Edwin E~1888~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Anderson, Einar~1920 Census Richmond Twp.
Anderson, Einar~1930 census Richmond Twp
Anderson, Ellen~10B~1880 Census~
~ Anderson, Elma~28~Kujanpaa Family Reunion~
~ Anderson, Elma~62~Kujanpaa Family Reunion~
~ Anderson, Elmer Theodore~1899~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Anderson, Emanuel~1879~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Anderson, Emil Frederick~1882~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Anderson, Emil Leander~1885~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Anderson, Emil~1886~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Anderson, Erick A~1894~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Anderson, Erick Leander~1891~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Anderson, Ernest Fredrick~1888~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Anderson, Ernest Walfrid~1888~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Anderson, Eskle John~1886~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Anderson, Ester Edward Russell~1895~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Anderson, Ethel~28~1909IshpemingYrBk
Anderson, Evelyn~1930 census Richmond Twp
Anderson, Evert Andrew~1898~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Anderson, Fannie~1920 Census Richmond Twp.
Anderson, Frank George~1893~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Anderson, Frank Howard~1899~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Anderson, Frank Jacob~1885~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Anderson, Frank O~1891~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Anderson, Franz Oscar~1893~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Anderson, Fred A~1891~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Anderson, Fred~1878~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Anderson, George A~1894~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Anderson, George Earnest~1883~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Anderson, George Edward~1886~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Anderson, Gerda~28~1909IshpemingYrBk
Anderson, Godfrey~1886~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Anderson, Gunnar A~1890~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Anderson, Gunnard Walfrid~1897~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Anderson, Gunnard~1893~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Anderson, Gust~1894~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Anderson, Gustaf Oscar~1896~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Anderson, Gustaf Robert~1881~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Anderson, Gustaf~1889~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Anderson, Gustav Ritchell~1888~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Anderson, Gyda~28~1909IshpemingYrBk
Anderson, Hannah~1920 Census Richmond Twp.
Anderson, Hannah~1930 census Richmond Twp
Anderson, Hans Richard~1888~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Anderson, Hans~1875~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Anderson, Harry A F~1890~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Anderson, Hebert William~1894~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Anderson, Helen A~10/12/1914~MIDeaths71-96~
~ Anderson, Helen~28~Kujanpaa Family Reunion~
~ Anderson, Helen~76~Kujanpaa Family Reunion~
~ Anderson, Henning Rudolph~1898~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Anderson, Henning~1895~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Anderson, Henry A~25~1900 Census~
~ Anderson, Henry Andreas~1881~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Anderson, Henry Anton~1875~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Anderson, Henry Hamilton~1889~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Anderson, Henry Walfrid~1892~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Anderson, Henry~1870~1910Census
~~ Anderson, Henry~1877~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Anderson, Henry~1894~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Anderson, Henry~1909~1910Census
~~ Anderson, Henry~1920 Census Richmond Twp.
Anderson, Henry~1920 Census Richmond Twp.
Anderson, Henry~1920 Census Richmond Twp.
Anderson, Henry~1930 census Richmond Twp
Anderson, Henry~1930 census Richmond Twp
Anderson, Henry~1930 census Richmond Twp
Anderson, Herbert Eugene~1900~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Anderson, Herbert N~1886~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Anderson, Herman Theodore~1897~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Anderson, Hilja~1899~1910Census
~~ Anderson, Hilma~1909~1910Census
~~ Anderson, Hilma~1920 Census Richmond Twp.
Anderson, Hilma~1930 census Richmond Twp
Anderson, Hilmer Oscar~1890~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Anderson, Hilmer W~1893~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Anderson, Hugo~1907~1910Census
~~ Anderson, Ida~10B~1880 Census~
~ Anderson, Ida~1880~1910Census
~~ Anderson, Ingrid Kompsi~9~Palmer Reunion~
~ Anderson, J Leonard~1888~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Anderson, Jack~1903~1910Census
~~ Anderson, Jacob Amandus~1873~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Anderson, Jacob Hakala~1882~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Anderson, Jacob~1873~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Anderson, Jacob~1920 Census Richmond Twp.
Anderson, James Christian~1891~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Anderson, Jemina~1930 census Richmond Twp
Anderson, Jennie~1879~1910Census
~~ Anderson, Jennie~1920 Census Richmond Twp.
Anderson, Jergus~56~1900 Census~
~ Anderson, Jim~51~Kujanpaa Family Reunion~
~ Anderson, Jim~62~Kujanpaa Family Reunion~
~ Anderson, Joel~1884~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Anderson, Joesephine~10B~1880 Census~
~ Anderson, Johanna~1876~1910Census
~~ Anderson, John A~1888~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Anderson, John A~1899~1910Census
~~ Anderson, John Elmer~1885~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Anderson, John Emo~1882~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Anderson, John Fred~1874~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Anderson, John Gust~1881~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Anderson, John Henry~1893~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Anderson, John J~1893~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Anderson, John Joseph~1891~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Anderson, John Leo~1900~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Anderson, John Leonard~1899~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Anderson, John Mrs~13~Kultalahti Cemetery~
~ Anderson, John Mrs~15~Kultalahti Cemetery~
~ Anderson, John Mrs~17~Kultalahti Cemetery~
~ Anderson, John P~1887~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Anderson, John Richard~1886~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Anderson, John Sandfrid~1898~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Anderson, John Sigfrid~1898~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Anderson, John W~1871~1910Census
~~ Anderson, John W~1920 Census Richmond Twp.
Anderson, John Walter~1899~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Anderson, John~05A~1880 Census~
~ Anderson, John~10B~1880 Census~
~ Anderson, John~1876~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Anderson, John~1879~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Anderson, John~1881~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Anderson, John~1881~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Anderson, John~1886~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Anderson, John~1890~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Anderson, John~1892~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Anderson, John~1930 census Richmond Twp
Anderson, John~21~1900 Census~
~ Anderson, John~22~1900 Census~
~ Anderson, John~25~Kujanpaa Family Reunion~
~ Anderson, John~28~Kujanpaa Family Reunion~
~ Anderson, John~62~Kujanpaa Family Reunion~
~ Anderson, Jorgen~1844~1910Census
~~ Anderson, Julius N~09/12/1920~MIDeaths71-96~
~ Anderson, Julius~1930 census Richmond Twp
Anderson, Karen S~1848~1910Census
~~ Anderson, Karen~52~1900 Census~
~ Anderson, Karl Iver~1875~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Anderson, Karl~1875~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Anderson, Kathrine~09A~1880 Census~
~ Anderson, Knute Sigurd~1899~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Anderson, Kurtis A~1896~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Anderson, Laura~1930 census Richmond Twp
Anderson, Leander~1878~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Anderson, Lempi~1899~1910Census
~~ Anderson, Lenie~1907~1910Census
~~ Anderson, Leo Joseph~1899~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Anderson, Leona~1905~1910Census
~~ Anderson, Leona~1920 Census Richmond Twp.
Anderson, Leonard J~1888~1910Census
~~ Anderson, Leonard Rudolph~28~Kujanpaa Family Reunion~
~ Anderson, Leonard Rudolph~62~Kujanpaa Family Reunion~
~ Anderson, Leonard~12~1900 Census~
~ Anderson, Leonard~1890~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Anderson, Leonard~1920 Census Richmond Twp.
Anderson, Leonard~1920 Census Richmond Twp.
Anderson, Leonard~1920 Census Richmond Twp.
Anderson, Leonard~1930 census Richmond Twp
Anderson, Leonard~1930 census Richmond Twp
Anderson, Lillian~1910~1910Census
~~ Anderson, Lillian~1920 Census Richmond Twp.
Anderson, Louis Andrew~1898~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Anderson, Lydia ~1920 Census Richmond Twp.
Anderson, Martha~1920 Census Richmond Twp.
Anderson, Martha~1930 census Richmond Twp
Anderson, Martha~22~1909IshpemingYrBk
Anderson, Martha~32*,33~1909IshpemingYrBk
Anderson, Martin~1876~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Anderson, Mary E~1909~1910Census
~~ Anderson, Mary E~1920 Census Richmond Twp.
Anderson, Mary~09A~1880 Census~
~ Anderson, Mathias~1891~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Anderson, Matilda~10B~1880 Census~
~ Anderson, Matt R~01/20/1919~MIDeaths71-96~
~ Anderson, Matt~1920 Census Richmond Twp.
Anderson, Matt~1930 census Richmond Twp
Anderson, Mauda~1875~1910Census
~~ Anderson, Maurice~1873~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Anderson, Michael Alexander~1899~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Anderson, Mildred Lillian~11/08/1944~MIDeaths71-96~
~ Anderson, Mona L~1901~1910Census
~~ Anderson, Mona~1920 Census Richmond Twp.
Anderson, Morley Walton~1875~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Anderson, Nedea Mertens~4~Palmer Reunion~
~ Anderson, Nedea~4~Palmer Reunion~
~ Anderson, Nels August~1879~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Anderson, Nielo~1909~1910Census
~~ Anderson, Odilia~38,39*~1909IshpemingYrBk
Anderson, Olof Benjamin~1878~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Anderson, Oscar Carl~1882~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Anderson, Oscar Carl~1892~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Anderson, Oscar R~06/21/1908~MIDeaths71-96~
~ Anderson, Oscar R~1909~1910Census
~~ Anderson, Oscar R~1920 Census Richmond Twp.
Anderson, Oscar R~1930 census Richmond Twp
Anderson, Oscar~17~1900 Census~
~ Anderson, Oscar~1880~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Anderson, Oscar~1881~1910Census
~~ Anderson, Oscar~1883~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Anderson, Oscar~1884~1910Census
~~ Anderson, Oscar~1885~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Anderson, Oscar~1886~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Anderson, Oscar~1920 Census Richmond Twp.
Anderson, Oscar~1930 census Richmond Twp
Anderson, Otilia~28~1909IshpemingYrBk
Anderson, Otto William~1898~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Anderson, Paul Gust~1895~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Anderson, Paul Oscar~1890~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Anderson, Paul~1896~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Anderson, Peter~09A~1880 Census~
~ Anderson, Peter~1884~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Anderson, Peter~35~1900 Census~
~ Anderson, Pietrantonio~1885~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Anderson, Ra~1920 Census Richmond Twp.
Anderson, Richard Alexis~1884~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Anderson, Richard Gustave~1891~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Anderson, Rose A~28~1909IshpemingYrBk
Anderson, Rose Fern~1920 Census Richmond Twp.
Anderson, Rose S~28~1909IshpemingYrBk
Anderson, Rose~1920 Census Richmond Twp.
Anderson, Rose~1930 census Richmond Twp
Anderson, Roslie F~1907~1910Census
~~ Anderson, Roslie~1884~1910Census
~~ Anderson, Rudolph~1895~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Anderson, Samuel~1885~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Anderson, Santa~29~1900 Census~
~ Anderson, Santon~1870~1910Census
~~ Anderson, Selma~25~1909IshpemingYrBk
Anderson, Severin~37~1900 Census~
~ Anderson, Signe~12/30/1987~MIDeaths71-96~
~ Anderson, Sigurd Arvid~1892~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Anderson, Simon Reuben~1886~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Anderson, Swan~1885~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Anderson, Thomas E~1895~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Anderson, Thomas~40~1900 Census~
~ Anderson, Thure Robert~1890~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Anderson, Tina~51~Kujanpaa Family Reunion~
~ Anderson, Tina~62~Kujanpaa Family Reunion~
~ Anderson, Todd~1920 Census Richmond Twp.
Anderson, Todd~1930 census Richmond Twp
Anderson, Uno~1891~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Anderson, Victor John~1881~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Anderson, Victor Joseph~1876~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Anderson, Victor Manuel~1875~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Anderson, Victor~1874~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Anderson, Victor~1875~1910Census
~~ Anderson, Victor~1920 Census Richmond Twp.
Anderson, Violet Larson~9~Palmer Reunion~
~ Anderson, Walfrid~28~1909IshpemingYrBk
Anderson, Wellie~1905~1910Census
~~ Anderson, William Albert~1878~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Anderson, William B~05/03/1907~MIDeaths71-96~
~ Anderson, William B~1907~1910Census
~~ Anderson, William B~1920 Census Richmond Twp.
Anderson, William Fred~1876~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Anderson, William Henry~1891~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Anderson, William L~1889~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Anderson, William~1861~1910Census
~~ Anderson, William~1920 Census Richmond Twp.
Anderson, William~1930 census Richmond Twp
Anderson, William~40~1900 Census~
~ Anderson, Willie~1902~1910Census
~~ Andolshek, John~1883~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Andreacchi, Domenico~1893~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Andreacchi, Joseph~1889~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Andreacchi, Raffaeli~1894~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Andreacchi, Vito~1876~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Andrew, John Oscar~1880~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Andrew, Richard James~1883~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Andrews, Albert Wesley~1877~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Andrews, Charles~1878~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Andrews, Joseph Lily~1882~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Andrews, William John Jr.~1884~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Andrews, William John Sr.~1876~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Andriacchi, Frank~1882~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Andriacchi, Pietro~1898~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Andriacchi, Salvatore~1895~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Andrino, Domenick~1885~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Anerala, Jacob~1875~1910Census
~~ Angeliec, Dawn~70~Kujanpaa Family Reunion~
~ Angelo, Bosio~1889~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Angelo, Giome~1879~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Angelo, Pifcrett~1888~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Angelo, Tony~1892~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Ann, Staci~62~Kujanpaa Family Reunion~
~ Anna, Forster~1920 Census Richmond Twp.
Annala, Aaro~12~Palmer Reunion~
~ Annala, Anna~1920 Census Richmond Twp.
Annala, Aura~1930 census Richmond Twp
Annala, Charles~1930 census Richmond Twp
Annala, Donald Edward~1898~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Annala, Ellen~1920 Census Richmond Twp.
Annala, Eric~10~Palmer Reunion~
~ Annala, Eric~2~Palmer Reunion~
~ Annala, Erick~1930 census Richmond Twp
Annala, Eslie~1920 Census Richmond Twp.
Annala, Ester Salmi~20~Palmer Reunion~
~ Annala, Ester Salmi~4~Palmer Reunion~
~ Annala, Gertrude~1930 census Richmond Twp
Annala, Gust~08~Kultalahti Cemetery~
~ Annala, Gust~1876~1910Census
~~ Annala, Gust~1920 Census Richmond Twp.
Annala, Henry J~07/25/1908~MIDeaths71-96~
~ Annala, Hilma~35~Kultalahti Cemetery~
~ Annala, Jacob~30~1900 Census~
~ Annala, John August~1894~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Annala, John~1904~1910Census
~~ Annala, John~1920 Census Richmond Twp.
Annala, Julia~1909~1910Census
~~ Annala, Julia~1920 Census Richmond Twp.
Annala, Krist~1875~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Annala, Lizzie~1930 census Richmond Twp
Annala, Saima Elizabeth~07~Kultalahti Cemetery~
~ Annala, Saima Elizabeth~08~Kultalahti Cemetery~
~ Annala, Saimi~1920 Census Richmond Twp.
Annala, Sana~1882~1910Census
~~ Annala, Sanna~02/03/1979or 02 03 1879~MIDeaths71-96~
~ Annala, Sanna~1920 Census Richmond Twp.
Annala, Sarma~1920 Census Richmond Twp.
Annala, Sviana~1902~1910Census
~~ Annantytar, Sanna Ulrikka~31~Kujanpaa Family Reunion~
~ Annantytar, Sanna Ulrikka~33~Kujanpaa Family Reunion~
~ Annantytar, Sanna Ulrikka~81~Kujanpaa Family Reunion~
~ Annear, Joseph James~1889~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Annelik, Mario~1887~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Annelin, Elmi Makela~4~Palmer Reunion~
~ Annelin, Evald Waino~1897~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Annelin, Evertt Alexander~1891~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Ansaldo, Frank~1889~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Anselmi, Emil~1920 Census Richmond Twp.
Anselmi, Jennie J~1920 Census Richmond Twp.
Anselmi, John P~1920 Census Richmond Twp.
Anselmi, Johna~1920 Census Richmond Twp.
Anselmi, Lempi~1920 Census Richmond Twp.
Anselmi, Vera~1920 Census Richmond Twp.
Anselmi, Vianna~1920 Census Richmond Twp.
Anselmi, William~1920 Census Richmond Twp.
Antela, Oscar Antela~1884~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Antela, Victor K~1886~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Antell, John~1882~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Anthony, Edward James~1881~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Anthony, Fred Hook~1898~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Anthony, Irving J~1895~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Antila, Frank Oscar~1883~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Antila, Knosta~1880~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Antilla, Carl Axel~1880~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Antilla, Elsie~20~Kujanpaa Family Reunion~
~ Antilla, Elsie~21~Kujanpaa Family Reunion~
~ Antilla, Henry~1895~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Antilla, Herman~26~1900 Census~
~ Antilla, John~28~1900 Census~
~ Antilla, Lempi A~09/15/1907~MIDeaths71-96~
~ Antilla, Mary~34~1900 Census~
~ Antilla, Matti~32~1900 Census~
~ Antilla, Sandra~1930 census Richmond Twp
Antilla, Selma~04~1900 Census~
~ Antio, Gust~1884~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Antonio, Court~25~1900 Census~
~ Antonis, Cavallo~1878~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Antonoff, Ellis N~1879~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Anttila, Alfred Emanuel~1896~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Anttila, Arvid~1920 Census Richmond Twp.
Anttila, Eaver Henry~1900~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Anttila, Emil~1920 Census Richmond Twp.
Anttila, Fannie D~1920 Census Richmond Twp.
Anttila, Hilma~1920 Census Richmond Twp.
Anttila, Jacob~1876~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Anttila, John Axel~1897~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Anttila, John~1889~1910Census
~~ Anttila, Matt~1920 Census Richmond Twp.
Anttila, Sarah~1920 Census Richmond Twp.
Anttonen, Aili Koski~17~Palmer Reunion~
~ Anttonen, Martha~01/20/1916~MIDeaths71-96~
~ Aorbela, Hilda~1930 census Richmond Twp
Aorbela, John~1930 census Richmond Twp
Apbelberg, Ida~1868~1910Census
~~ Apbelberg, Lembi~1909~1910Census
~~ Apbelberg, Nelo~1868~1910Census
~~ Apbelberg, Ruth~1907~1910Census
~~ Apbelberg, Siegrid~1893~1910Census
~~ Aplund, Matt~1920 Census Richmond Twp.
Apostle, James~1896~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Apostle, Louis~1880~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Apostle, Peter~1896~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Apostoloff, Todor~1899~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Appelberg, Hero J~1930 census Richmond Twp
Appelberg, Ida M~1930 census Richmond Twp
Appino, Baptisa~1873~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Appleberg, Hero~6~Palmer Reunion~
~ Appleberz, Ida~1920 Census Richmond Twp.
Appleberz, Lempi~1920 Census Richmond Twp.
Appleberz, Nels~1920 Census Richmond Twp.
Appleberz, Ruth~1920 Census Richmond Twp.
Appleberz, Urho~1920 Census Richmond Twp.
Arbclius, Arne~1930 census Richmond Twp
Arbclius, Eugene~1930 census Richmond Twp
Arbclius, Hilda~1930 census Richmond Twp
Arbclius, Lillian~1930 census Richmond Twp
Arbclius, Martha~1930 census Richmond Twp
Arbclius, Roy~1930 census Richmond Twp
Arbclius, Sylvia~1930 census Richmond Twp
Arbclius, Syvester~1930 census Richmond Twp
Arbelias, Anna M~1920 Census Richmond Twp.
Arbelias, Lyla~1920 Census Richmond Twp.
Arbelias, William~1920 Census Richmond Twp.
Arbelius, Antti~1887~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Arbelius, Douglas A~01/27/1970~MIDeaths71-96~
~ Arbelius, Eugene~14~Palmer Reunion~
~ Arbelius, Eugene~19~Palmer Reunion~
~ Arbelius, Leo E~10/03/1924~MIDeaths71-96~
~ Arbelius, Leo~1930 census Richmond Twp
Arbelius, Lillian Baker~11~Palmer Reunion~
~ Arbelius, Lillian~19~Palmer Reunion~
~ Arbelius, Martha O’Berti~15~Palmer Reunion~
~ Arbelius, Martha~19~Palmer Reunion~
~ Arbelius, Sylvester~1889~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Arbelius, Sylvia Colombo~8~Palmer Reunion~
~ Arbelius, Sylvia~19~Palmer Reunion~
~ Arbelius, Walfred A~01/10/1920~MIDeaths71-96~
~ Arbelius, Walfred~1930 census Richmond Twp
Arbelius, Willis~1884~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Arcari, Vincenzo~1875~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Archambeau, John~1891~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Archambeau, Leonard Sifton~1900~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Archambeau, Louis Eldridge~1873~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Archibald, Ralph Snodgrass~1884~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Argal, Jeannette A~28~1909IshpemingYrBk
Argall, Albert James~1892~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Argall, Flossie~28~1909IshpemingYrBk
Argall, Fred~1884~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Argall, Irving Harry~1884~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Argall, John James~1892~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Argall, Richard Pearce~1892~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Argall, Russell Thomas~1896~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Argall, Sidney~1885~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Arhannen, Tovio~1893~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Ark, John V~05/30/1911~MIDeaths71-96~
~ Arkkukangas, Jacob~1877~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Armati, Bernardo~1891~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Armstrong, Ernest Henry~1897~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Armstrong, William F~1890~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Arneth , Cora~22~1909IshpemingYrBk
Arneth, Frederick George~1900~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Arneth, Jacob J~1887~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Arneth, John Joseph~1895~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Arneth, John~1889~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Arnold, Shirley I~12/19/1930~MIDeaths71-96~
~ Arntson, Charles Ludwig~1875~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Aro, Kaleb Lewi~1888~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Aro, Yijo Maki~1896~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Arola, Earl Henry~1900~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Arola, John~34~1900 Census~
~ Arpentigny, Michael~1884~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Arpentigy, Wilfred~1896~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Arpianian, Daneli~1888~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Arrieri, Frank Santo~1878~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Arscott, Dewey Elmer~1898~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Arscott, Frederick~1874~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Arsenault, Earl~1898~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Arsenault, Joseph~1874~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Arseneau, Charlie~1885~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Arseneau, John~1884~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Arseneau, John~1889~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Arseneau, Joseph~1892~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Arseneau, Oscar~1880~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Arseneau, William James~1895~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Arseneault, Edwin Joseph~1896~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Arvidson, Edward Emanuel~1881~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Aschert, Gustave Carl Johannes~1888~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Asckamen, Tobias~1892~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Asgaard, Iver~1884~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Asgaard, Ole Jr.~1886~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Ashleman, Frank Charles~1879~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Ashurst, William H~1888~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Ashwood, Edward~17~Kujanpaa Family Reunion~
~ Ashwood, Edward~62~Kujanpaa Family Reunion~
~ Asikainen, Anthony~1897~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Asikainen, Antti~1877~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Asire, Myron J~1893~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Askenberg, Carl Oskar~1873~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Asman, Charles~25~1900 Census~
~ Asman, Victoria~15~1900 Census~
~ Aspholm, Matt Wilhelm~1884~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Asplund, Aina~1920 Census Richmond Twp.
Asplund, Aino Kangas~2~Palmer Reunion~
~ Asplund, Aino Kangas~9~Palmer Reunion~
~ Asplund, Aino~1930 census Richmond Twp
Asplund, Alfred J~1920 Census Richmond Twp.
Asplund, Alfred~1930 census Richmond Twp
Asplund, Anna~1930 census Richmond Twp
Asplund, Annie~1920 Census Richmond Twp.
Asplund, Arne~1920 Census Richmond Twp.
Asplund, Arne~1930 census Richmond Twp
Asplund, Aune~1930 census Richmond Twp
Asplund, Axel A~1894~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Asplund, Axel A~1920 Census Richmond Twp.
Asplund, Axel~1930 census Richmond Twp
Asplund, Carl Einar~1892~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Asplund, Ella~1930 census Richmond Twp
Asplund, Erik Alfred~1880~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Asplund, Ewald F~1893~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Asplund, Gust Arthur~1895~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Asplund, Helma~1930 census Richmond Twp
Asplund, Henry Emanuel~1898~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Asplund, Ida~1920 Census Richmond Twp.
Asplund, Ida~1930 census Richmond Twp
Asplund, Johan A~1888~1910Census
~~ Asplund, John A Jr~1888~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Asplund, John~1862~1910Census
~~ Asplund, John~1920 Census Richmond Twp.
Asplund, Josephine~1860~1910Census
~~ Asplund, Josephine~1920 Census Richmond Twp.
Asplund, Josephine~1930 census Richmond Twp
Asplund, Kano~1930 census Richmond Twp
Asplund, Lempi J~1905~1910Census
~~ Asplund, Lempi J~1920 Census Richmond Twp.
Asplund, Lempi~1930 census Richmond Twp
Asplund, Lidia~1930 census Richmond Twp
Asplund, Lydia~1920 Census Richmond Twp.
Asplund, Mamie~1930 census Richmond Twp
Asplund, Matt~1892~1910Census
~~ Asplund, Matt~1930 census Richmond Twp
Asplund, Mattie~1892~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Asplund, Mayme Goyen~17~Palmer Reunion~
~ Asplund, Nano~1920 Census Richmond Twp.
Asplund, Olga Wainio~4~Palmer Reunion~
~ Astela, Frank~1892~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Asuntila, Matt~1890~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Athanen, Charles~1881~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Atwell, Thomas Clyde~1899~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Atwood, Earl Joseph~1892~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Atwood, Rex Arthur~1891~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Audette, Alan Reginald~41~Kujanpaa Family Reunion~
~ Audette, Alan Reginald~62~Kujanpaa Family Reunion~
~ Audette, Delaval Edward~37~Kujanpaa Family Reunion~
~ Audette, Delaval Edward~40~Kujanpaa Family Reunion~
~ Audette, Delaval Edward~62~Kujanpaa Family Reunion~
~ Audette, Karen~41~Kujanpaa Family Reunion~
~ Audette, Karen~62~Kujanpaa Family Reunion~
~ Audette, Michael~41~Kujanpaa Family Reunion~
~ Audette, Michael~62~Kujanpaa Family Reunion~
~ Audette, Shelly~41~Kujanpaa Family Reunion~
~ Audette, Shelly~62~Kujanpaa Family Reunion~
~ Audette, Sherry~41~Kujanpaa Family Reunion~
~ Audette, Sherry~62~Kujanpaa Family Reunion~
~ Audette, Susan Marie Louise~40~Kujanpaa Family Reunion~
~ Audette, Susan Marie Louise~73~Kujanpaa Family Reunion~
~ Audette, Vera Wilhelmena~37~Kujanpaa Family Reunion~
~ Audette, Vera Wilhelmena~40~Kujanpaa Family Reunion~
~ Audette, Vera Wilhelmena~62~Kujanpaa Family Reunion~
~ Audette, Virginia~41~Kujanpaa Family Reunion~
~ Audette, Virginia~62~Kujanpaa Family Reunion~
~ Augustson, Andrew~1881~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Augustson, Carl Russell~1898~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Augustson, Edward Gustaf~1892~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Augustson, George Anord~1900~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Augustson, Nanny J~12/03/1997~MIDeaths71-96~
~ Augustson, Rudolph Emanuel~1895~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Augustson, Walfrid August~1891~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Aune, Linda~40~Kujanpaa Family Reunion~
~ Aura, John Arvid~1895~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Aura, John~1920 Census Richmond Twp.
Auranen, John~1875~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Austin, George Louis~1874~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Austin, Minnie~22~1909IshpemingYrBk
Austin, Raymond~1893~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Austin, Rowland~1883~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Autio, Jonas~1891~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Autio, Jonas~1920 Census Richmond Twp.
Auvinen, Abraham~1878~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Avigne, Leo F~1896~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Ayers, Jill Elizabeth~16~Kujanpaa Family Reunion~
~ Ayers, Jill Elizabeth~67~Kujanpaa Family Reunion~
~ Ayott, Clarence~28~1909IshpemingYrBk
Ayotte, Albert~1895~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Ayotte, Charles Oliver~1884~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Ayotte, Clarence W~1893~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Ayotte, Florence Louis Risku~13~Kujanpaa Family Reunion~
~ Ayotte, Florence Louise~17~Kujanpaa Family Reunion~
~ Ayotte, Florence Louise~82~Kujanpaa Family Reunion~
~ Ayotte, Frank~1885~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Ayotte, Fred~1899~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Ayotte, Henry James~1891~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Ayotte, Henry Joseph~1897~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Ayotte, Henry~1875~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Ayotte, Jerry~1889~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Ayotte, Ovid~1893~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Ayotte, Theophile~1877~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Ayotte, Wilfred Joseph~1899~WW1 Draft Reg Card
Ayutte, Gary~29~Kujanpaa Family Reunion~
~ Ayutte, Gary~62~Kujanpaa Family Reunion~
~ Ayutte, Tammy Marie~29~Kujanpaa Family Reunion~
~ Ayutte, Tammy Marie~62~Kujanpaa Family Reunion~