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1838 - 1867

Below is a table of marriages that occurred in our four-corner area.  As this covers four different counties, I have added a field called County.  This section tells you which courthouse you can order the certificate, if you so choose.

Links to the four county courthouses:

  1. Ingham County                                                     

  2. Livingston County                                              

  3. Jackson County                                     

  4. Washtenaw County


I have two different tables.  You will need to pick which way you would wish to view the database, alpha by bride or alpha by groom.

I do not have them all done, as there is a lot of information here and I'm the only person typing the info, but I will be uploading new content as I get the information typed.  I felt it was important to get the information up instead of waiting until I get a complete database.  So keep coming back and checking the website.

Bride's Name                                                        Groom's Name


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