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World War One Project

    The Stockbridge Area Genealogical/Historical Society needs your help.  We are working on a book to showcase World War One soldiers from this area.  If you have a World War One ancestor, please contact the society by e-mail at or by snail mail at:  Stockbridge Area Genealogical/Historical Society, Attn:  Cynthia Grostick, PO Box 966, Stockbridge, MI  49285. 

    We are looking for letters, diaries, as well as pictures of your soldier ancestor.  These items will be returned to you.  We are hoping to put all this information into a book format and publish.  The cost will help the society to save other records in the community.  Thank you in advance for any help you can provide.

This picture is of Orson Ramsdill.  He was born
and raised in Stockbridge.  The photo is courtesy
of Richard Ramsdell.

    The area covers Bunker Hill, Stockbridge, and White Oak Townships in Ingham County; Unadilla, Iosco, and Putnam Townships in Livingston County; Waterloo Township in Jackson County; and Lyndon Township in Washtenaw County.  Listed below are soldiers that we have been able to identify so far:

Ingham Livingston Washtenaw Jackson
Anderson, Robert Alexander, Nairn W. Boyce, John Walter Adams, Frank
Aseltine, Carl Martin Arnold, Archie E. Crosby, Perry Yale Archenbronn, William G.
Beatham, Delyle H. Backus, Lee Allen Fisher, William Walter Assfabil, Herman
Beeman, Ivan Hubbard Beach, Sherman Fisk, George Thomas Bailey, William Everett
Benjamin, D.G. Bell, Mark J. Kennedy, Laverne Joseph Barber, William Hiram
Berry, Cletus T. Blades, Edwin Winans Lavey, George William Briggs, Clair M.
Brattin, George Elliott Bowman, John Kirkland Lavey, Michael Leo Brooks, Percy D.
Bravender, Ray H. Braley, Wm. Nathaniel List, Carl Jacob Brown, Claude Cecil
Brooks, Lloyd G. Brandell, Leo F. Marshall, Clarence E. Brown, Paul L.
Brown, Herman Duane Breningstall, Lester Albert Morse, George Edward Bunker, C. George
Brown, Victor Harrison Briggs, Richard Earl Otto, Ralph Bunker, William B.
Bunker, Cleo M. Brogan, William Patrick Rowe, Claire Ernest Bunker, William Henry
Campbell, James M. Brown, Charles C. Rowe, Floyd Dunne Butler, William Hiram
Campbell, Theodore Brown, Clare Wilton Smith, James E. Casper, Tony
Cavender, Merlin C. Bruff, Lester Robert   Clark, Grant
Cavender, Richard Felix Bussellman, William   Clarke, Arlo V.
Cavender, Robert J. Carpenter, Clayton Eugene   Collins, Robert Emmett
Cavender, William F. Chipman, Clair Elmer   Coon, Ralph Warner
Childs, Thomas F. Chubb, Milo J.   Coon, William Glenn
Clark, James R. Clements, Glenn T.   Cowden, George M.
Clark, Lyle E. Clements, Wilmer J.   Cowing, Willard Newton
Clark, Simeon Clinton, Casimir James   Crouse, Clarence R.
Clickner, Ernest Cooper, Harrison Floyd   Cutler, John Sumner
Cobb, Jay Corser, Wallace W.   Davison, Homer G.
Cullen, Thomas J. Cranston, D.O.   Durbin, Earl T.
Curtis, Clyde Crofoot, Arthur B.   Durbin, John Harry
Curtis, Leon L. Darrow, Kenneth Earl   Fleming, Justin P.
Dancer, Paul C. Docking, Lester   Ford, Harold Douglas
Dancer, Robert B. Douglas, Earl W.   Forner, Robert Boswell
Daniels, George B. Drown, Disco    Garris, Orla A.
Dean, Everett R. Drown, Herba   Green, Daniel D.
Dean, Virgil M. Dunne, John W.   Green, Harold D.
DeCamp, Morris E. Eisele, Wilbur Francis   Grimes, Clarence Maxon
Dewey, Samuel Shorey Emmons, Amos D.   Grimes, Friend D.
Draper, James Euler, Dwight Edward   Gykes, Vern G.
Duffey, Vincent Clestine Fisk, William   Hankerd, George P.
Ellsworth, Arlo Fitzsimmons, Christopher   Hardt, Percy Alvin
Farrell, Cletus B. Fitzsimmons, Emmett M.   Hardy, Joseph
Farrell, Emmett E. Foster, Martin R.   Harr, Lynn G.
Felton, Frank  Foster, Phillip M.   Harr, Theron L.
Field, Thomas F. Foster, Richard A.   Harr, Vanderlyn V.
Forbes, Lloyd W. Foster, Wesley B.   Havens, Howard Clare
Force, Albert F. Frost, Harry Albert   Hoffman, Aaron Carl
Foster, Lavander Frost, Thomas Wayne   Hoffman, Carl W.
Fuller, Leon Gardener, Glenn   Hoffman, Florenz Henry
Garrison, Melvin Gehringer, Albert   Hoffman, Victor B.
Gay, Maurice G. Gladstone, Roy   Hoyt, Archie N.
Glover, Alfred William Glenn, Jay Taylor   Hudler, Cornelius F.
Gordon, Ray Irving Glover, Carl E.   Hudler, Mathew J.
Green, Delbert David Greene, James A.   Huttenlocker, Carl
Grieve, Harold Greiner, Joseph   Kellogg, Albert Nelson
Hardy, Joseph Hacker, Arthur E.   Kelly, Cecil T.
Harlow, Gordon Haines, Frank Charles   Kutt, J. Murray
Hatt, Lester A. Haines, Vernon Clifford   Kutt, Verl W.
Hayner, Orla A. Hall, Alger James   Lecca, John S.
Heying, A.C. Hamburger, Fred   Lehman, Emory C.
Holmes, Howard Hamburger, Ralph   Lehman, William H.
Holmes, Irving Harper, Robert Homer   Lowden, Joseph Early
Hubbard, Russell H. Harris, Henry   Lutz, Walter
Hynes, Grover Harris, Louis J.   Main, Eslie
Hynes, Jr., John Harris, Raymond   Mattice, Roy Dayton
Lantis, Alfred Paris Harris, Roy   Mayer, Lucerne
Marrissey, Harley Francis Hart, Allen A.   Miles, XC
Marshall, Lyle Ernest Hicks, Roy James   Miller, Charles J.
May, Floyd Hinchey, Percy D.   Miller, Morris D.
McCourtie, Carl A. Holben, George   Mollenkopf, Henry F.
McCreery, Harry David Hopper, Merle Eugene   Moore, Archie O.
McCreery, Paul Howard, Ervin   Nims, DeWitt Elmer
McIntyre, Benjamin H. Ingels, Lesel S.   Palmer, Faye
Meirndorf, Richard Jackson, Harry G.   Pasmore, Clark H.
Miller, Earl Jeffries, William   Paxson, Robert Charles
Moffat, Fred R. Kellogg, Cecil Clare   Peck, Archibald Howard
Morehouse, Clayton B. Kennedy, Claude Henry   Pickett, Milton H.
Nott, Elwood  Killenberger, Otto Kern   Ready, Herbert C.
Oakley, Clifford B. King, Emmett Lee   Reithmiller, Floyd
Patrick, Dennis Fitz Kuhn, Guy H.   Reynolds, Ralph Guy
Patrick, Roy Calos Kuhn, Kenneth   Ryan, Whiting J.
Pixley, Howard Kuhn, Paul W.   Schaeffer, Edward J.
Pulling, James Langfitt, Charles   Spencer, James P.
Ramsdill, Orson R. Lavey, Leo Charles   Taylor, Lee E.
Raymond, Fred Perl Lavey, Norbert   Titus, Lloyd Addison
Reason, Allie E. Ledwidge, Liam   Tucker, John William
Rice, Ivan George Longnecker, Alexander   VanDorn, Merl Henry
Richmond, Ernest Stuart Longnecker, John W.   Weeks, Wayne Westel
Richmond, James Paul Loree, Norman   White, Lisle J.
Richmond, Leslie M. MacKinder, Joseph     
Richmond, Lloyd R. Marlatt, Glenn W.    
Ripley, Dennis O. Mastic, William Bertie    
Ripley, Rockford S. McClear, Mard Edward    
Sharland, Wayne McClear, Wilfred James    
Sharp, Henry W. McCluskey, J. Bernard    
Siegfreid, James Ernest McCluskey, Lucien Maurice    
Smith, Charles P. McGee, Ross    
Smith, Earl Miller, Maro    
Smith, Raymond Monks, Claude F.    
Smith, Robert G. Mortenson, Percy    
Steffey, Daniel H. Mowers, Percy Henry    
Stringham, Orren E. Munsell, LaVern    
Strobel, Verne B. Murphy, Ambrose Harris    
Titus, Lloyd Addison Nicholas, Erwin Earl    
Townsend, Earl Adelbert Nicholson, Charles R.    
Tyler, Clarence Parsons, Arthur Duncan    
Welton, Clayton W. Peterson, Warren    
Westfall, Wilbur Quick, Roy    
Wilson, Benjamin Rainey, Cecil D.    
Wilson, Leon J. Reason, Walter James    
Winters, Arthur A. Ressinquie, Orson    
  Richmond, Bangs N.    
  Rolfe, Edmund    
  Satterlee, James    
  Secor, Lorenzo W.    
  Sibley, Clyde J.    
  Smith, Charles    
  Smith, Flex    
  Smith, Yapple    
  Sprout, R. Sidney    
  Swarthout, Lester Lorenzo    
  Swarthout, William Howard    
  Teachout, Stanley Leo    
  Thompson, Walter Francis    
  Tiplady, Lee James    
  Topping, Carl Emerson    
  Tunnard, Laverne Joseph    
  Tyler, Clarence    
  VanBuren, Cleve H.    
  VanGorder, Clyde    
  VanHorn, Clifford Culver    
  VanHorn, Glenn    
  VanHorn, Lee    
  VanKeuren, Lee J.    
  Walker, Charles D.    
  Washburn, Albert    
  Watson, John Douglas     
  Williams, Arthur    
  Williams, Fred    
  Worden, Arlo    
  Worden, Vere F.    

If you can help us with this project, please contact us by email at
or by snail mail at SAGHS, Attn:  Cynthia Grostick, PO Box 966, Stockbridge, MI  49285

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