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SGS Historian's Book 1994
SDC13872 Cover
SDC13873 Tom McDonald and Carrigan, Mrs. Mary A.
SDC13874 First State Champion Basketball Team
SDC13875 Lugtharts Christmas - Herbert T. Himmelein & Genealogical Society
SDC13876 Lugtharts Christmas - John E. Day, Freeman W. Coates & Libraries expand offerings
SDC13877 Neighbors' babies switched at birth
Chance meeting reunites brothers separated as children
SDC13878 Eric Bloomquist-Fort Niagara
Genealogy workshop
SDC13879 F.A.C.E.S smile on cultural center
SDC13880 Collages showcase early Saginaw VIPs
SDC13881 Library group raising funds
SDC13883 Students offer views on today's hot issues
SDC13884 Aviation aficionados seek museum at Wurtsmith
SDC13885 George Schemm, Conrad J. Roth
SDC13886 Gardening in Eden
SDC13887 Book describes 100-year history of CMU
SDC13888 Adolph does the Riess thing
SDC13889 Historical Society organizing
SDC13890 Clinton ancestor a traveling man?
SDC13891 Robert H. Campbell and William G. Eddington Jr, and E. Brady Denton
SDC13892 Photographer copies shots, saves black families histories
SDC13893 Good memories of South Saginaw
SDC13894 Mary Nechterlein
SDC13895 Dill, Rose Esther
SDC13896 The day a sticky mass of death flowed
SDC13897 An Historic Block Gone
SDC13898 Shull, Pauline E. & Parshall, Joan Waldron Shea
SDC13899 Tri-City Airport Goes to War
SDC13900 Kind Words for Saginaw
SDC13901 May seek tax boost
It was auto versus Horse
SDC13902 City within a city
Brownhoist site may fall, not its story
SDC13903 Share offers food, dignity
SDC13904 Old cemetery has lively supporters
SDC13905 board Oks building racetrack on Civil War site
SDC13906 Church already looking to future
SDC13907 What's in a name? A mouthful as more take pride in ethnic roots
Steven M. Bow
SDC13908 Saginaw loses link with past
SDC13909 Vets recall otherwise forgotten 1944 Anzio Landing
Small town's not very lively, but you can say this about it.
SDC13910 Help truly wanted
Richir, Leo F.
Business women honor Argyle
Bir, Ellen Gage
Centennial farms added to list
SDC13911 Potter station's looks to change with new roof
SDC13912 Religious refurbishing
SDC13913 Libraries make book on new friends network
Savage, Steven Michael
SDC13914 Last stop for trolleys
Coolidge, Mrs. Leah Schust
blackmer, Harry L.
SDC13915 Hurricane Flags were Flying
SDC13916 Solution of mystery changes the life of former Flint resident
SDC13917 It was home 
SDC13918 Black Americans find African roots
SDC13919 Tripp, Mrs. Edna
Himmelein, Maurice (John)
George, Mrs. Sarah M.
SDC13920 Photo may depict Abraham Lincoln at age 34
SDC13921 Village, townships ponder taxing for fire protection
SDC13922 Going up: Wall of Liberty
William J. Koerber
Gene & Maryon Koerber
SDC13923 rewriting history in the classroom
Saginaw Woman celebrates her 90th-Louise A. Collison
E. Brady Denten
SDC13924 Scholarship Applications Available
SDC13925 In your face
SDC13926 Daily newspaper: All in the family
Women's war told in letters of loneliness
SDC13927 Not in Saginaw
Contest winners teen trip to Ireland
Agnes Rambo
SDC13928 DNA Test may detect fakes
SDC13929 West's oldest synagogue discovered on Nevis island
SDC13930 Make copy negatives of precious family pictures
SDC13931 Schools give rich cultural history
SDC13932 DNA Test may detect fakes
SDC13933 A Trail of Crime
SDC13934 Theirs was duty done
SDC13935 Imker, Betty Arlene
Gilmour, John T.
Gilbert, Mr. Richard
SDC13936 Niles family's legacy painful
SDC13937 Man, part of family reunited, but search goes on
SDC13938 austin Centennial Farm speaker
Myrtle Porterfield
Slick history
SDC13939 Haas pens songs for all to sing
SDC13940 Haas 
Charles C. Coulter
SDC13941 Maryland Marriages' adds to genealogical collection
Rockwell M. Kempton
R.M. Kempton
SDC13942 Stay healthy-peel back bark of your family tree
SDC13943 One way to get there
SDC13944 Old hotel unused, unwanted
SDC13945 ByGone Days
SDC13946 ByGone Days
Walter Martin
SDC13947 Landmark offers views of yesteryear
SDC13948 Photos
SDC13949 Photos
SDC13950 Family cookbook launches writer's sweeping novel
SDC13951 West Side Approved Bond Issue For Two Schools
SDC13952 Babe played here!
SDC13953 Coalition forms to save 104 year old bridge
DeLorean cited for unpaid fees
Nigl, Helen D.
SDC13954 Moved whole town
SDC13955 It's an old bridge, but we love it
SDC13956 Sobecki, Edward J
SDC13957 Those Good Old Days - Their Memory Lingers
SDC13958 Pine Stump Preserves
Evelyn and Wallace Green
SDC13959 Last link to family circle finally completed
SDC13960 Coffins give clues to early colonists
SDC13961 Frontier life lives through woman's diary
SDC13962 Logging era recalled in community's 114th year
SDC13963 Public hearing on grant draws suggestions for use
Hohman, Mae F.
SDC13964 Bank Cuts Branches
SDC13965 Parishioners celebrate refrbished Church-St. Mary's
SDC13966 U.S. pushes for less arcane citizenship oath
Martha Payne Allen
Callous reporting
SDC13967 Charles C. Coulter
SDC13968 Exhibit details nurses history
SDC13969 Nurses
SDC13970 County board pay is out of control
SDC13971 Rohn, Catherine A. 
SDC13972 Great year Saginaw High girls
SDC13973 Teams wage gentle tug of war over bridge
SDC13974 More blasts at the Feige
Williams a pioneer who opened doors
SDC13975 Roeser, Elmer E.
Rohn, Ernest L
School honors advocate for bears
SDC13976 DeGuise: Sell tickets to blow up the Feige
SDC13977 World's greatest Pianist
Damore, Michael J.
SDC13978 Death of a policeman
Bierlein, Robert Walter
SDC13979 Exhibit focuses on Cemetery Art
SDC13980 Cemetery plan criticized
Irish eyes are smiling on News contest victor
Historical status forces delay in replacing Parshallburg Bridge
SDC13981 Photos
SDC13982 Photos
SDC13983 Little Alex was alive-orphaned teen finds grandmother
SDC13984 Effort on to move centennial school
SDC13985 Wilber M. Brucker and David C. King
SDC13986 Fire Guts City Landmark - Lufkin
<SDC13987> Fred Poterfield
Nowadays, Frankenmuth youth learning German in …Germany
<SDC13988> Sprinklers were off - Lufkin
<SDC13989> Officials say Lufkin Rule fire was arson
<SDC13990> James R. Tuck
<SDC13991> For the love of a bridge
SDC13992 Bed and Breadfast operators invite strangers into homes
SDC13993 Federal budget cuts slowly dismantling Lib. Of Congress
ByGone Days
Bierlein Cos. Founder dies
SDC13994 What's in Sanford Lake?
SDC13995 What's in Sanford Lake?
SDC13996 Student paper good news for Swan Valley High
SDC13997 June Ormsby left mark on county life
SDC13998 June Ormsby left mark on county life
SDC13999 William and Anna McGowan
Reinke, Norman S.
Cruz, Santos
Charles H. Chamberlain
Clara L. Hamlin
SDC14000 Home, family the difference
SDC14001 Espinoza
SDC14002 Excursion to Ireland leaves contest winner wanting more
Anne Ladebauche
SDC14003 Mexican-American community has groups that promote unity
SDC14004 Water St. edifice soon history
Donations rain on octagonal barn
Stawinski, Frank T.
SDC14005 Feige's 
SDC14006 Feige's 
SDC14007 USS Saginaw a victim of military downsizing
SDC14008 Victims of fire live in memory 100 years later
SDC14009 Fete take to repair octagonal barn
Fred Rindhage
SDC14010 Fete take to repair octagonal barn
Victims of fire live in memory 100 years later
Fred Rindhage
SDC14011 Uss Saginaw a victim of military downsizing
SDC14012 Young musicians win scholarships-Joanne E. Robertson
Centennial Farms join roster
Jerome Brenner
Barcia and guns
Survivors remember Ukrainian famine of 60 years ago
SDC14013 Wenzel, Warren George
SDC14014 DNA cinches ID of kidnap victim
SDC14016 Mystery from WWII ends in cemetery-Donald Zielinski
SDC14018 Eleanore and Walter Ruhlig
She can't find past, but the future beckons-Lopez
Godard, Joseph
Symons, Sam E.
SDC14019 Vela
SDC14020 Call Howard-to the podium, for an arts award-Howard W. Vasold
SDC14021 Mid-Michigan farms on centennial list
Flathau, Esther Ann
Reynolds, Ralph W.
SDC14023 The Big One - Gene Tunney, Jack Dempsey
Russell J. Purchase
Sovey, Alvin
SDC14025 Festival's title found in archives
The Bugle Told the Story - Arthur D. Eddy and R. Perry Shorts
SDC14026 Memories for vets, final rest for dead-Military cemeteries dot foreign lands
SDC14027 Friends discover after a yeaar they're sisters
SDC14028 New York, New Jersey tangle over turf
Gene L. Koerber
Pamela M. Wenzel
SDC14029 Artist's work a change of scene
Cartoon-Drawings sprout at township park
Adeline Waskoviak
SDC14030 Neglected mansion painfully restored
SDC14031 Neglected mansion painfully restored
SDC14032 Neglected mansion painfully restored
SDC14033 Neglected mansion painfully restored
SDC14034 Neglected mansion painfully restored
SDC14035 Neglected mansion painfully restored
SDC14036 Neglected mansion painfully restored
SDC14037 Group plans festival to save historic barn
SDC14038 Bank hunts old photos for Saginaw history
SDC14039 Photo
SDC14040 Shea, Elinor Brandi
SDC14041 Barnes Farm gets picture Award
Rockwell M. Kempton
Gerald and Theo Klisch
SDC14042 Historic Homes - William McCorkle, Rios, Trombley
SDC14043 Historic Homes - William McCorkle, Rios, Trombley
SDC14044 Historic Homes - William McCorkle, Rios, Trombley
SDC14045 Historic Homes - William McCorkle, Rios, Trombley
SDC14046 Flying dad best part of parade - Kris Robb
SDC14047 Return Engagement-It's a walk on beach second time around D-Day
SDC14048 Part of D in D-Day stands for Defoe
SDC14049 Memorial World War II was far from over that holiday 50 years ago-Frank Castillo
SDC14050 Memorial Day Facts, figures, trivia
SDC14051 The flight and fight after chat with Ike
SDC14052 Strobel Well briefed, "We were ready to go"
SDC14053 D-Day Normandy legend transcends actual event
SDC14054 D-Day Normandy legend transcends actual event
SDC14055 Key figures in the Normandy invasion
SDC14056 D-Day  
SDC14057 Saginawians Remember D-Day, Anita Smith, Fred Porterfield, Clarence R. Curtindale, Dr. Richard D. Mudd, James N. Alcock, and Wilma Schactner
SDC14058 It's hard when you never really know
SDC14059 Grainy bit of film tells of life and death  
A frequent Vistor
SDC14060 Interest in Beets
SDC14061 Pouring it on
SDC14062 Pouring it on
SDC14063 Pouring it on
SDC14064 Booth's Pistol
Sheila Wynn
Polish Immigrants
SDC14065 Town celebrates early settlers birth
Kostrzewas plan a big bash-Reunion
Six Saginaw County Farms get centennial family status
SDC14066 City keeps control of cemeteries
Shabby conditions at cemetery raise ire
SDC14067 Couple's back yard is tombstone territory
SDC14068 Ruth E. Freeland
SDC14069 Bones have lots to tell
Whitewater joke
SDC14070 Gad! Dad had a tad-Stanley G. Lemanek
SDC14071 Is it Washington's hair? DNA Test inconclusive
Archivist shows off Capitol restoration at Hoyt
SDC14072 Detective on trail of his past
SDC14073 Family's medical history can impact your future
Feige fate still food for satire
Pat and Harold Evans
Cosby Watson, Arlene Buehler, Peggy Lugthart, Nancy VanWormer, Joyce Foster, Dorothy Borchard
SDC14074 Rampant razing ruins Saginaw
SDC14075 Railway Museum puts power under the hood
SDC14076 Railway Museum puts power under the hood
SDC14077 Chicago Bound 1893 Fair-John Ryan, George Brookins, Edward Foster, Judd Brookins, Robert F. Dobson, George Traylor, John R. Smith, Billy Jones, Charles Foster, George S. Crabbe, Stine, Louis Pflueger, George Traylor, Donald D. Smith, Edward F. Hartwick.
SDC14078 When Saginaw was "Jitneyville"
SDC14079 Who wants a 100-year-old bridge with strings attached?
SDC14080 Old paperwork chronicles story of Hudson's Bay
SDC14081 Marching for Jesus-Women bring global event to Saginaw-Ruth Freeland
SDC14082 Gera turns 100
SDC14083 Gera turns 101
SDC14084 Race files' fate given victims
Always a force - South Saginaw 1948
SDC14085 Introduced at Riverside Park
SDC14086 Chunks from Berlin Wall a memento of freedom
SDC14087 Niagara
SDC14088 History sails in
SDC14089 Niagara
SDC14090 Poles remember a bold-but doomed - uprising
SDC14091 Care, copying saves family video memories
Tape recorder is a fine way to preserve family's history
SDC14092 Chesaning student learns family history
A Living Petition - Jacob S. Caxey
SDC14093 An afternoon of sport-Union park 1896-Oliver T. Mosier, W.H. Kurtz
SDC14094 Last to get prize money
Search for answers
SDC14095 Nevada Gambling Here???  1947
Rohn, Victoria June
SDC14096 Home marks 77 years as residence for seniors
SDC14097 A thousand words later, debate rages over photo
SDC14098 Snakehopping on Garden Island-Indian cemetery, but no human inhabitants
SDC14099 Snakehopping on Garden Island-Indian cemetery, but no human inhabitants
Watson, Leona A.
Carstensen, Ceilia
SDC14100 Sarah Parshall
Wascher, Margaret Ann
Ladebauche, Lillian Z.
Foster, Donald W
Hirst, Gordon H.
SDC14101 Kench, Beatrice C.
Nuechterlein, Carrol H (Bob)
Klink, Paulina O
Hayner, Catherine E.
SDC14102 Fate leads editor to quilt story-Jean Ann Frances Eitel, Shirley J. List, Shelley Green
SDC14103 In Spring, Great Lakes Eye gets new look
SDC14104 Shipwrecks surface-briefly
Shipwreck buffs can't get enough of Fitzgerald
SDC14105 Cemetery vandalism sparks rift
Pam Wenzel
SDC14106 Text Books were Free- John S. Estabrook, Saginaw High 1881, Wellington R. Burt
SDC14107 WAR-Women secretly joined the ranks
Richard and Donna Hodge
Randall Robertson
Civil War women fought, died as men
SDC14108 Civil War history comes alive during Biss Park reenactment
Library turns page
SDC14109 Albert R. Meatte
SDC14110 Civil War's black troops get their day
Battlefields fading away
SDC14111 Battlefields
SDC14112 Vote Nov. 8
SDC14113 Say yes to libraries
SDC14114 Mistake or not, Feige gets razed
SDC14115 Man flags graves of Civil War vets
Dig yields details of Civil War soldier's last hours
SDC14116 Curiosity draws some into family history
SDC14117 Claudia Writer recalls Cagney Lacey
SDC14118 Grounded in the Midwest
SDC14119 Composer receives Presidential appreciation
SDC14120 Proposal A dilemma for library
Lewis and Marian Bird
SDC14121 Biggest and Best Ever-Edwin C. Cherry, Clifford S. Borden
Services scheduled for Prout
Honors for mothers
SDC14122 Memorial Honors 77-Harry Hawkins, Julius A. Ippel, Irl M. Brock
prout, William
Harold Evans
SDC14123 The Auto Takes over 1917
SDC14124 Barn 
SDC14125 Barn 
SDC14126 Fate of Feige begins
Census takers
SDC14127 Vocal Feige supporter pays final homage
SDC14128 Our readers are quick to share what makes their friends so special
SDC14129 Our readers are quick to share what makes their friends so special
SDC14130 Our readers are quick to share what makes their friends so special
SDC14131 Our readers are quick to share what makes their friends so special
SDC14132 Ruffin gave more than he received friends say
SDC14133 Ruffin gave more than he received friends say
SDC14134 Ruffin  
SDC14135 Ruffin
SDC14136 Civil War era is bliss for this
SDC14137 Civil War era is bliss for this
SDC14138 Michigan's 16th Infantry
SDC14139 Lutz among honorees
Fire destroys historic depot
SDC14140 Hispanic pride overcame barriers
SDC14141 Great Year for Michigan 1925-Harry Hawkins, Jack Lovette, Benny Friedman and Charles Grube
SDC14142 Spanish War Veterans
Plaques cite public servants
Mary Lou Case
Raleigh, Joseph D.
SDC14143 Dead police, firemen honored
Milano, Richard L
SDC14144 Dead police, firemen honored
SDC14145 Plaques cite public servants
SDC14146 Landmark Lands
SDC14147 Landmark Lands
SDC14148 State Police Here 1920
Message from the 50s
SDC14149 Historical Society aids family research
Saginaw's History lives
SDC14150 Legend started her
SDC14151 Arthur Hill 100 years
SDC14152 A Ghost at St. Charles?
Library tax
SDC14153 Showplace of the Thumb-Bay Port Hotel
SDC14154 Aleda Lutz-Lasting legacy
SDC14155 Aleda Lutz-Lasting legacy
SDC14156 Civic leaders earn fame for deeds
Albert Rohn
SDC14157 State police give honors to heroes
Raymond, John E.
SDC14158 Yaklin Family
SDC14159 Yaklin Family
SDC14160 Long ago death murder-Dennis McAuliffe
SDC14161 Libraries
SDC14162 Military cemeteries fill up as WWII vets die
Battle sites tell bloody tales of history
SDC14163 Battle -Little Big Horn
SDC14164 Puzzling over an old road
C.J. Watson
Guttowsky, Marjorie
SDC14165 Retired miners mark discovery's anniversary
SDC14166 House of woman pioneer lives on as foster home
SDC14167 Feige's
SDC14168 Don't toss out family histories
Bodies unearthed in flood reburied
Robert Symons
Mattie Crump
John Day
SDC14169 Downtown Feige building demolished timber by timber
SDC14170 Family revives historic house
SDC14171 Ceremony honors Tri-City people lost on Great Lakes
SDC14172 "Eat" Marked the Spot-Charles F. Hack
Fauver, Edward H.
SDC14173 A Record-Board of Trade
Eynon, Miriam L. (McDowell)
SDC14174 Bargain of a house contains slice of history
SDC14175 Emerson, Luella
Mendel, Steven L
Rindhage, Betty
SDC14176 Linden
Rindhage dies
SDC14177 Who is buried in John Wilkes Booth's grave
SDC14178 Walter Martin
SDC14179 Thank you from library
SDC14180 Talent in Many Fields-Dr. H.M. Bishop
Cooper, Sarah F
SDC14181 Most Notable Event 1906
Waskoviak, Jacqueline A.
SDC14182 Hoyt open Eddy room
SDC14183 Dr. Mudd collection goes to library
SDC14184 Richard D. Mudd - Lincoln Collection
SDC14185 Richard D. Mudd - Lincoln Collection
SDC14186 To set the record straight - Mudd
SDC14187 To set the record straight - Mudd








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