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Genealogy Tips

Table of Contents of Tips
Slotting your electronic documents on your hard drive
Downloading your files from Family Tree Maker to Excel

Slotting your electronic documents on your hard drive:

Here is the folder structure in which I use to store my electronic genealogy documents:

Downloading your files from Family Tree Maker to Excel:

1.  Open:           Family Tree Maker

2.  Select:          View/Reports/Custom

3.  Select:           Contents/Items to include in report

                           a.  Select the item(s) from the left side you want in your report.  Select  > to move them to the right side.  Select "OK".

4.  Select:           Contents/Individuals to include in report

5.  Select:            Selected Individuals/Individuals to include...

6.  Search:           Search for the individual ancestor you want to do the report on his/her decendants

7.  Select:            Click on the persons name and then select "Decendants>".  This will now load all the names to the right. Select "OK"

8.  Select:             File/Export Report/To Spreadsheet (CSV)...

9.  Name File:       Give the file a name.  ex.  "My descendants" 

10. Select:             Save

11. Select:             Select "OK" from the "Export Complete" box that will appear after you have select "Save" in step 10 above.

An Excel file has now been created on your hard drive.  To open the file do the following:

1.  Open:               Open Excel

2.  Select:               File/Open

3.  Select:               In the Open box select the drop down box from the "Files of type" and select "All Files"

4.  Select:              Select the file you just named.  ex. "my descendants" from step 9 above.  Select "Open"

You will now see the excel document with all of your names and information you selected in your Family Tree Maker Report.








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