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Make checks payable to the Saginaw Genealogical Society.  To receive your membership card, simply attend a meeting and get your card from the membership chairperson, or send a stamped self addressed envelope.



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Within USA-Circle One:  SINGLE DUES:   $20.00       FAMILY DUES:  $25.00

Send check or money order to:

Saginaw Genealogical Society, P.O. Box 3767, Saginaw, MI 48605-3767


Our society was founded in 1971 and incorporated under the appropriate laws of the State of Michigan in 1973.  We are an active member society in the Michigan Genealogical Council. We were granted tax exemption under the Federal Laws of the United States, under Internal Revenue Code section 501(a)(2) so all donations to the Society are tax deductible.

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