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The Saginaw Genealogical Society is actively working on many projects that will benefit people looking for information on their ancestors in Saginaw County.  Below you will see many people are working on one or more projects.  Some are only able to contribute in small ways while others contribute more.  If you would like to help in any way please contact the society by email at  Let us know how much time you are able to spend and what project you are interested in.  We will add you to that project.  If you only like to work from the comfort of your own home in your pajamas we can still use your help.  We have other projects we would like to work on but we need to complete these projects first.  The more people helping the quicker we can offer the information on the website. 
Project Team Members Description Status of Project

Timber Town Log

Dorothy Annear

Darlene Hudson

Jerri Sierocki

Barb Falkenhagen

Team works together with editor to find/write, articles of interest, review information for accuracy, help with collating and mailing. Last issue of 2009/2010 has been mailed to members

Oakwood Cemetery

Jerri Sierocki

Carol Obertein

Betty Coleman

This team works together to organize the photographing and transcribing of Oakwood Cemetery headstones to ready them to be added to the SGS website   10,489 photographed and transcribed
Courthouse Project Betty Coleman

Carol Obertein

Ken Himmelein

Phil Fetting

Randi Patteen

Bob Szczypka

Thurman Kratz

Rose Houser

Jerri Sierocki

This team will work together to organize and track transcriptions and ready transcriptions for addition to the website Birth Records to be Transcribed   

Birth Records Transcribed 

Marriage Records to be Transcribed

Marriage Records Transcribed

Death Records to be Transcribed

Death Records Transcribed

350 pages


205 pages


2395 pages


225 pages


1687 pages


171 pages

St. Vincent's Records Betty Coleman

Carol Obertein

Mary Felton

Helen Gengler

This team will work together to organize and track transcriptions of St. Vincent's orphanage records and ready an index for addition to the SGS website Child Cards photographed and transcribed

Book from late 1800s transcribed and photographed

Baptism records being transcribed  

4476 Cards



155 pages



to be announced

Society Notebook Project Carol Obertein

Betty Coleman

Jerri Sierocki

This team will work together to organize, index and photograph all past SGS notebooks and make them ready to be added to the SGS website. 27 notebooks to be done

4 completed and on website

Membership Label's Betty Coleman

Dorothy Netzley

Jerri Sierocki

Liz Demand

Rose Houser

This team will work together to ensure membership name, newsletter names, timbertown log names, and email contacts are kept current and a label list created. 50% complete
Website Carol Obertein

Marianne King

Jerri Sierocki

This team will work together to determine items to add to website, update and add website pages Ongoing
New Member's Packet Susan Warner This team will compile items to be given to new members of the SGS New project
Cemetery Project Carol Obertein This team will help organize the photographing and transcribing of all Saginaw Cemeteries for Carolyn Obertein's website.  There are about 20 cemeteries photographed that still need transcribing Photographed and on website

Cemeteries to be transcribed

Need photographing

61 cemeteries


Abt 20

5 cemeteries








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