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Timbertown Log

We would like to Welcome you to the Saginaw Genealogical Society.  Membership is open to anyone interested in family history, genealogy, Saginaw County history and or research on any related topics. As a Society member, you will receive our  publication, the Timbertown Log, which is published three times per year, with an every name index and table of contents for the year. The Log as it is occasionally called, is the product of the membership of our society, reflecting the varied interests in genealogy by our members. This results in a quarterly which offers original land records, early federal censuses, cemetery records, church membership records, baptisms, births and marriages.  The Log also contains excerpts from old newspapers and other Saginaw County publications through the years. You will find many useful aids to your research projects, such as cemetery readings and copying of local records, are done by the society and published in their quarterly magazine (Timbertown Log) or in special publications.  Additional back issues may also be purchased.  Persons joining after the beginning of our fiscal year are automatically sent the back issues of that year.

Other noteworthy items include Family lines, Bible records, research tips, genealogical book news, maps detailing areas covered by early land purchases, as well as local assessment rolls and articles contributed by members, guests and outside authorities.  Each member is invited to make three free inquires per issue, which can then be read throughout the country. Our exchange program, begun several years ago, is very extensive and covers every major library and genealogical society in the United States.

A surname file is maintained at the Hoyt Main Library in the Local History and Genealogical Collection.