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Sanilac County


Local Libraries


Aitken Memorial Library
100 N Howard Ave
Croswell, MI 48422-1224
Phone: (810) 679-3627
(Census and Jeffersonian on microfilm) 

Brown City Public Library
4205 Main St
Brown City, MI 48416
Phone: (810) 346-2511

Deckerville Public Library
3452 Main St
Deckerville, MI 48427-9701
Phone: (810) 376-8015
(great website with great 
Genealogy information)

Elk Township Library
29 E Lapeer St
Peck, MI 48466
Phone: (810) 378-5409

Charles H. Moore Public Library
7239 Huron
Lexington, MI 48450
Phone: (810)359-8267

Marlette Township Library
3116 Main St
Marlette, MI 48453-1234
Phone: (517) 635-2838

Sandusky Public Library
26 West Speaker St
Sandusky MI 48471
Phone: (810) 648-2644

Sanilac Township Library
7130 Main
Port Sanilac, MI 48469
Phone: (810) 622-8623

Local Churches


Applegate United Methodist Church
4792 Church
Applegate, MI 48401
Applegate Wesleyan Church
2595 Old M 51
Applegate, MI 48401-9720
Brown City
Brown City Missionary Church
Brown City, MI 48416
Rev. Richard Black
2935 Peck Rd
Brown City, MI 48416-9147
Calvary Baptist Church
4296 Main St

Brown City, MI 48416
Calvary Baptist Parsonage
4297 1st

Brown City, MI 48416
Fellowship Bible Church
2935 Peck Rd

Brown City, MI 48416-9147
First Baptist Church Of Brown City
6910 Cade Rd
Brown City MI 48416-9140
First United Methodist Church
7043 Lincoln St

Brown City MI 48416-9709
Immanuel United Methodist Church
4346 First St.
Brown City, MI 48416
North Goodland Baptist Church
8508 Clear Lake Rd
Brown City MI 48416-9670
Omard United Methodist Church
2055 Peck Rd
Brown City, MI 48416-9146
Sacred Heart Hall
7069 Reed
Brown City, MI 48416
Carsonville Assembly Of God 
96 N Main St. 
Carsonville, MI 48419-9481
Port Sanilac Baptist Church 
6363 E Sanilac Rd. 
Carsonville, MI 48419-9756 
United Methodist 
3953 Sheldon 
Carsonville, MI 48419
Pastor Dennis A Buehlmaier 
7681 Black River Rd Croswell, MI 48422-9759
Buel United Methodist Church 
2165 Peck Rd. 
Croswell, MI 48422-9736 
Community Baptist Church 
5501 Peck Rd. 
Croswell, MI 48422-9108 
Croswell Christian Assembly 
5242 N Black River Rd. 
Croswell MI 48422-1265
Croswell United Methodist Church 
13 N Howard Ave 
Croswell, MI 48422-1222 
Croswell Wesleyan Church 
200 Peck Rd. 
Croswell, MI 48422
Croswell Wesleyan Rock 
41 W Sanborn Ave. 
Croswell, MI 48422-1347
 First Presbyterian Church 
7 S Howard Ave. 
Croswell, MI 48422-1315
Reorganized Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter Day Saints 
122 Croswell Ave. 
Croswell, MI 48422-1326 
St Patrick Parish 
105 W Sanborn Ave 
Croswell, MI 48422-1353
Decker United Methodist Church 
1401 Church St. 
Decker, MI 48426-9758
Deckerville Bible Church 
3025 Ruth Rd. 
Deckerville, MI 48427-9785
East Marion Baptist Ch 
3995 Goetze Rd. 
Deckerville, MI 48427-9203
First Baptist Church Of Deckerville 
3383 Main St. 
Deckerville, MI 48427-9701
First Presbyterian Church 
2426 Black River St 
Deckerville, MI 48427-9302
Wheatland Missionary Church 
4525 Reinelt Rd 
Deckerville, MI 48427-9321
Lexington United Methodist Church 
5597 Main St 
Lexington, MI 48450-9386
Living Word Missionary Outreach Church 6320 Lakeshore Rd 
Lexington, MI 48450-9300
 St Denis Catholic Church 
5366 Main St 
Lexington, MI 48450-9383
St Matthew Lutheran Church 
7155 Huron 
Lexington, MI 48450 
Trinity Episcopal Church 
5646 Main St 
Lexington, MI 48450-9387
Bethel Church Of CMA
8445 S Van Dyke Rd
Marlette, MI 48453-9103
First Presbyterian Church
6590 W Marlette Rd
Marlette, MI 48453-9203
First United Methodist Church
3169 Main St,
Marlette, MI 48453-1268
Good News Assembly Of God
4011 S Van Dyke Rd
Marlette, MI 48453-9101
Grace Bible Church
6480 Cranbrook St
Marlette, MI 48453-1150
Hope Lutheran Church
2510 Juhl Rd
Marlette, MI 48453-8950
Lamotte Missionary Church 
6445 Adams Rd 
Marlette, MI 48453-9760
Marlette Apostolic Church 
2736 Lamotte St 
Marlette, MI 48453-1034
Marlette Baptist Church 
6469 Chard St 
Marlette, MI 48453-1008
Marlette Nazarene Parsonage 
3068 Fenner St 
Marlette, MI 48453-1221
Marlette Second Presbyterian Church 
Wood and Frenchline Rd 
Marlette, MI 48453
Our Savior Lutheran Church 
6770 W Marlette Rd 
Marlette, MI 48453-9203 
 Our Savior Lutheran Church Parsonage Marlette, MI 48453 Reorganized Church Of Jesus Christ Latter Day Saints 
3391 Main St 
Marlette MI 48453-1238
 St Elizabeth Catholic Church 
6817 W Marlette Rd 
Marlette, MI 48453-9139 
Melvin Baptist Church 
7971 Washington St 
Melvin, MI 48454-9707
Williams Otho Cottage 
7971 Washington St 
Melvin, MI 48454-9707
St Johns Lutheran Church 
6600 Ruth Rd 
Palms, MI 48465-9706
St Patrick's Convent 
1801 Palms Rd 
Palms, MI 48465-9604
St Patricks Parish Center 
1803 Palms 
Rd Palms, MI 48465-9604
Peck Assembly Of God Church 
76 W. Lorraine 
Peck, MI 48466 Peck
Buel and Melvin United Methodist Parish 
40 E. Lorraine 
Peck, MI 48466
St Catholic Church 
5335 S Sandusky Rd 
Peck, MI 48466
Port Sanilac
United Methodist Parsonage 
7209 Main 
Port Sanilac MI 48469
St John Lutheran Church 
244 N Ridge St. 
Port Sanilac, MI 48469-9737 
St Mary Church 
7066 Main 
Port Sanilac, MI 48469
Cash Church Of God 
1270 S Sandusky Rd 
Sandusky, MI 48471-9318
Countryside Free Methodist Church 
912 W Sanilac Rd 
Sandusky MI 48471-9789
Emmanuel Baptist Church 
635 E Forester Rd 
Sandusky, MI 48471-9115
 First United Methodist Church 
68 Lexington St 
Sandusky, MI 48471-1254
Holy Redeemer Lutheran Church 
85 E Miller Rd. 
Sandusky, MI 48471-9412
Mooretown Brethren In Christ 
2484 W Snover Rd. 
Sandusky, MI 48471-9747
New Covenant Living Outreach Center 
1150 Davis Rd. 
Sandusky, MI 48471-9113
Open Door Missionary Church 
770 W Sanilac Rd. 
Sandusky, MI 48471-9704
 Peace Lutheran 
58 N Flynn St. 
Sandusky, MI 48471-1011
      Reorganized Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter Day Saints 
1175 W Sanilac Rd. 
Sandusky, MI 48471-9712
Sandusky Baptist Church 
34 Gaige St. 
Sandusky, MI 48471-1402
Sandusky Church Of The Nazarene 
71 N Fulton St. 
Sandusky, MI 48471-1110
Sandusky Presbyterian Church 
104 Lexington St. 
Sandusky, MI 48471-1256
St Johns Episcopal Church 
39 N Delaware St. 
Sandusky, MI 48471-1006
Faith Free Methodist Church 
2380 Deckerville Rd. 
Snover, MI 48472-9319
Heritage United Methodist Church 
3329 Washington St. 
Snover, MI 48472-9728
Shabbona United Methodist Church 
4045 Decker 
Snover, MI 48419



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