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[St. Clair County Marriges & Deaths]

Extracted from
History of St. Clair County, Michigan
by A.T. Andreas

History of St. Clair County

Columbus Township.

[732] The first permanent settlers of Columbus Township were Charles Hunt, Barney Curley, H. Hunt, G. S. Granger, John and James Graham, K. Kilroy, the Cross and Maybin families. The churches and schools of the township are well administered. The oak and ash forest of pioneer days has given place to fertile fields and happy homes; improvements have been annually effected, until now the equalized valuation of the town is estimated at $358,600. The population at Columbus in 1845, was 315; in 1854, 659; in 1864, 1,028; in 1874, 999, and in 1880, 1,327, including 470 children of school age. The number of acres in the town is 22,644.


The purchase of the United States lands situated in this township, was inaugurated in 1833, when Walter G. Porter, entered 160 acres in Sections 32 and 33. In 1835-36-37, the entire land for sale may be said to have been in the hands of settlers or speculators. The land purchases here in 1836 were made by the persons named in the following list: Josiah Lindsay, S. P. Rolf, Silas Joslin, John Starkweather, O. C. Grosvenor, Section 1; Patrick Kelly, R. Love, William Bliss, T. J. Dudley, Ed. Spring, Section 2; George Dwight, Samuel Swift, Section 3; Bowen Whiting, Joseph Pitcairn, Henry McLaughlin, John Kilroy, John Savage, Patrick Burke, Section 4; George Geary, David Phelps, Charles Mulloy, and Barney Curley, Section 5; Alfred Bailey, John Gilliland, Caleb Rice, and William B. Stewart, Section 6; L. Clark, S. Warren, Luke Hemmingway, Samuel Swift, Section 7; William Noyes, Darwin Hall, Section 8; Eli Stone, M. H. Webster, H. B. Webster (1837), Section 9; F. Dwight, Samuel Swift, J. Eldridge, F. R. Morgan and Josiah A. Sterns, Sections 10; John Gilliland, Theodore Bathy, Christopher Bliss, Francis Dwight, Section 11; James Edwards, John Gilliland, Eldredge and Morgan, and Bowen Whiting, Section 12; G. M. Williams, P. Desnoyers, C. Baxter, W. Steele, W. Sweat, Lucretia Haskin, L. Clark, S. Warren, B. Mizner, B. Clark, Section 13; Newell Smith, S. Wood, A. Seymour, Theodore Bathy, Henry Tolan, George Smith, G. B. Bull, William Cullen Bryant, Section 14; Caleb Rice, Josiah Snow, William E. Marvin, Richard Marvin, Section 15; John Stephenson, Lyman Granger, Aaron Bemis, B. B. Kercheval, H. Forbes, William Maxfield, Section 17; L. Clarke, S. Warren, Lyman Granger, H. N. Stafford, Section 18; F. Dwight, L. B. Mizner, L. Granger, J. M. Soverhill, John Thomas, Henry Dwight, Section 19; Dwight and Mizner, L. Granger, B. Whiting, R. Ramsey, Mary A. Palmer, Section 20; Elias Palmer, W. Barber, Denis Harty, Section 21 (1837); David Phelps, William Robinson, John Myers, W. J. Pease, R. D. Miller, Section 25; John Starkweather, H. R. Jerome, Section 26; Zara Granger, T. McKeel, Rhoda McKeel, J. Thomas, L. B. Mizner, S. Clark, S. Warren and Joseph Pitcairn, Section 27; G. A. O'Keefe, Peter Flemming, T. McKeel, Isaac S. Bathy, B. Whiting, Olive Hart, Reuel Smith, H. Forbes, Section 23; Edward Fay, William H. Savage, G. M. Williams, Peter Desnoyers, Erastus W. Savage, Section 24; John Drew, John Howard, Mizner and Dwight, George A. O'Keefe, J. S. [733] Parker, F. Dwight, Section 28; John Drew, I. N. Norton, L. B. Mizner, L. Granger, Joseph Pitcairn, Maria L. Granger, Section 29; Z. H. Grey, John Dods, David McNiel, Morton Shearer, Eleazer Mighell, Jr., Section 30; W. T. Beer, J. Snook, S. Warren, L. Clark, M. Shearer, David Weeks, Nehemiah Bishop, L. B. Mizner, Section 31; W. G. Porter (1833), T. J. Ewell, John Drew, Esther Kittredge, Clark and Warren, Mizner and Dwight, Benjamin Kittredge, Eliza A. Cook, Nathan Cook, Section 32; W. G. Porter (1833), Zara Granger, Gardner Johnson, Oliver Westbrook, Ebenezer Westbrook, Section 33; Zara Granger, Clark and Warren, D. J. Boyd, W. P. Hallett, Violetta Westbrook, H. R. Jerome, Section 35; Martha Harris, William T. Westbrook, George Hosmer and James Edwards, Section 36.


The names of Supervisors and Justices elected in this township are as follows:

Supervisors - Theodore Bathy, 1837; Commissioners' Board, 1838-41; Daniel Weeks, 1842; John S. Parker, 1843; David Weeks, 1844; John S. Parker, 1845-46; Morton Shearer, 1847-48; Charles Baker, 1849; Lester Cross, 1850; David Weeks, 1851-52; G. S. Granger, 1853-54; J. S. Parker, 1855; James S. Durfee, 1856; G. S. Granger, 1857; J. S. Parker, 1858-59; C. R. Canfield, 1860; G. S. Granger, 1861-67; J. S. Parker, Jr., 1868-69; James Quick, 1870; G. S. Granger, 1871-73; H. W. Smith, 1874-75; J. S. Parker, 1877; George S. Granger, 1878-81.

Justices of the Peace - Theodore Bathy, 1837; Alfred Bailey, 1839; Erastus Cross, 1839; Lyman Granger, 1840; Nathan Cook, 1841; Theodore Bathy, 1842; Elias Palmer, 1843; Erastus S. Cross, 1844; Julius Lovejoy, 1844; James Graham, 1845; Charles Baker, 1846; Edward Fay, 1847; David Weeks, 1848; George Bathey, 1848; David Weeks, 1849; Chauncey R. Canfield, 1850; Erastus S. Cross, 1850; Lester Cross, 1851; David Weeks, 1853; Patrick Malloy, 1857; Erastus Cross, 1858; Darius Jones, 1858; C. R. Canfield, 1859; John S. Parker, 1860; James S. Durfee, 1862; Patrick Malloy, 1862; C. R. Canfield, 1863; E. C. Cross, 1864; Alexander McCall, 1869; Abram Maxson, 1871-75; John Graham, 1875-76; Ira P. Burke, 1872-76; George S. Granger, 1874; Ambrose West, 1874; Alexander McCall, 1875; Peter Grunnell, 1877; Patrick Malloy, 1878; John Whittaker, 1878; Thomas Graham, 1879; W. A. Bonker, 1880; George S. Granger, 1880; Joshua Houghton, 1881.

The entire Democratic ticket was elected in April, 1882, as follows: Supervisor - G. S. Granger; Clerk - E. Pierce; Treasurer - J. Dilworth; Highway Commissioner - P. Kelley; Drain Commisioner - D. Dayton; Justice of the Peace - F. Malloy; School Inspector - R. Shanahan, one year; J. Berney, two years; Constables - G. Ellison, O. Savage, C. Malloy, A. McPherson.

Bathy Grange, No. 462, P. of H., was organized September 29, 1876, with Maurice Shanahan, A. E. Waterloo, Theodore Bathy, William A. Bonker, John Wagner, Ephriam Pearce, Gotfried Fritz, F. H. Bathy, Thomas W. McCall, M. J. Waterloo, L. Voorheis, M. E. Bonker, and S. Shanahan, all of Columbus Township, charter members. The charter was granted by National Grange, July 21, 1874.

Columbus, in the township of that name, twenty miles southwest of Port Huron, is located on Belle River. It has its churches, schools, and a manufacturing industry in the shape of a good grist mill.


Theodore Bathy

Capt. Greenlief Brown

Charles Wagner