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[St. Clair County Marriges & Deaths]

Extracted from
History of St. Clair County, Michigan

by A.T. Andreas

History of St. Clair County

East China Township

[725] East China Township was organized in 1859, with H. A. Baird, Supervisor. It is a fractional township, embracing a small area of level land, bordering on the St. Clair. It is watered by Pine and Belle Rivers. The population of China proper and East China in 1845 was 870. In 1864, the population of the little township was 204; in 1870, 297, and in 1880, 337. The area is 3,833 acres, and the equalized value $138,205. The number of children of school age in this township is 116, and the amount of Primary School fund allotted for 1881-82, $122.96.

Among the first permanent settlers were the Recors, Bairds, Phillips, Jeromes and Clarks. The land buyers, from 1824 to close of 1836, in this township, are named as follows: Samuel Ward, Jonathan Kearsley, Samuel W. Dexter, Daniel Stewart, in 1824; Edward H. Rose, Nancy A. Bissell, Horace R. Jerome, Benjamin Bissell, Reed Jerome, Edwin Jerome, Shilometh S. Hall, Mary Clark, Andrew Westbrook, Abram Edwards, previous to 1834. Private claims within the township are known as numbers in Tp. 4. N. R. 16, E.


H. Baird, 1859; L. T. Remer, 1860-72; William D. Hart, 1873-80; Laurence T. Remer, 1881-82.


John C. Parry, 1859; Laurence T. Remer, 1859; James S. Clark, 1859; Benjamin Bissell, 1860; Benjamin A. Owen, 1860; James P. Hagerman, 1861; Reed Jerome, 1862; James Moore, 1863; Stephen Parlton, 1865; W. H. Bakewell, 1866; H. N. Hammond, 1866; A. P. Phillips, 1867; Peter A. Marshall, 1867; Lawrence T. Remer, 1867; Charles N. Baker, 1869; Peter A. Marshall, 1872; A. P. Phillips, 1872; Henry Baird, 1873-74; L. T. Remer, 1873-74; Charles Recor, 1873; John S. Clark, 1874; B. S. Denis, 1874; Charles W. Phillips, 1875; P. A. Marshall, 1875; A. T. Young, 1876-80; Joseph Brown, 1876; B. S. Denis, 1877; Ira Jerome, 1877; L. T. Remer, 1879; Ira Jerome, 1880; James Lamb, 1881; H. N. Hammond, 1882; John C. Young, 1882.

In East China, L. T. Remer was re-elected Supervisor by a majority of one in 1882.

[726] The early history of East China is related in the general history, and in that of the older adjoining townships.


William F. Allen

Maj. Charles N. Baker

George Beal

Capt. W. T. Brown

Horace N. Hammond

W. D. Hart

Reed Jerome

Mrs. Abzina Kinyon

P. Kinyon

Neil McNaughton

Henry Rankin

Charles W. Recor

Lambert Recor

L. T. Remer

Mrs. Susan (Baird) Westbrook