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[St. Clair County Marriges & Deaths]

Extracted from
History of St. Clair County, Michigan
by A.T. Andreas

History of St. Clair County

Emmett Township.

[760] Emmett Township was organized in 1852 with Patrick Kennedy, Supervisor. Among the pioneer settlers were Patrick Donegan, Patrick Kennedy, M. Harrington, Rev. Lawrence Kilroy and J. Dorhemy. The township is peculiarly adapted to agriculture, the land being slightly undulating and very fertile. The name Emmett was conferred on the district by its first organizers in honor of Ireland's young patriot. The Catholic Church of Emmett is located within two miles of Kenockee. The schools are well attended and the administration of local government affairs watched jealously.

In 1836, the United States lands in this township were first entered. Among the early purchasers were Nathan Dickinson, Alexander Forbes, Polaski Jacks, H. Imley, George Beach, Elisha Jenkins, Nathan H. White, R. T. Leach, Ashbel Chandler, William Ramsdell, Jere Allis, Normon Perry, John S. Fox, Patrick Donegan, Michael Harrington.

St. Patrick's Society of Emmett was organized in 1877, with Rev. Patrick A. Tierney, President; James Cogley, W. H. Butler, Ed. Gallagher, David Donohue, Thomas Butler and William Power, members associating.


Patrick Kennedy, 1852-56; Patrick Fitzgerald, 1857-58; John Carelry, 1859; Patrick Fitzgerald, 1860; Patrick Kennedy, 1861; Thomas Kennedy, 1862; D. Carney, 1863; Thomas Kennedy, 1864-65; John Cavenaugh, 1866-67; D. Carney, 1868-72; W. H. Butler, 1873-74; William Power, 1875-78; W. H. Butler, 1879-80; William Power, 1881-82.


Patrick Fitzgerald, 1858; Bryan Kelly, 1858-60; Thomas Kennedy, 1859; Thomas Byrne, 1862-66; C. S. Wixon, 1862; Patrick Kennedy, 1863-70; Cor. L. Carroll, 1863; John Purtell, 1864; David McCall, 1864; Malcolm McLaren, 1865; W. J. Parkinson, 1867; Patrick Fitzgerald, 1868-72; Bryan Kelly, 1868-74; John Purtell, 1871; Patrick McGill, 1871; Duke McKenzie, 1873; Patrick Kennedy, 1874; P. K. McGill, 1875; W. E. O'Neil, 1876; B. Popplewell, 1877; Henry A. Cope, 1878; Thomas Byrne, 1879; P. Kennedy, 1880; B. Popplewell, 1881; James Cogley, 1882; Patrick McGill, 1882.


In the following pages are given the biographical sketches of the pioneer and prominent citizens of this township. This very important section of the work has been very fully treated; so that the history of this district may be said to be complete in every respect.

Frank Brogan

John Buckley

Thomas Butler

William H. Butler

Maurice Cary

James Cogley

William Lewis

Fred Miller

John O'Connor

William Enright O'Neill

John F. Ryan

George Vanorman

Nathan Vanorman

John Waltz