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[St. Clair County Marriges & Deaths]

Extracted from
History of St. Clair County, Michigan
by A.T. Andreas

History of St. Clair County

Grant Township.

[748] Grant Township was organized in 1867, with Thomas Dawson, Supervisor. Its area is 19,072 acres, watered by Black River, Silver and Plum Creeks. The population of the township in 1845, with Burchville, of which it formed a part, was 358. In 1880, the population of the town, separately, was 1,357. The equalized value is $412,240. Among the first permanent settlers were John McGill, Cyrus and Nelson Potter, H. Cadwell and William Bice. Gratiot Centre and Jeddo are the only villages in the township.


Among the first land buyers in this district were Jonathan Burtch, James E. Bettney, Charles H. Carroll, Silas Dean, Joseph Granger, J. M. Geel, Lemuel Palmerly, T. Jones, F. Stephens, W. Truesdail, Hugh M. Moffat, C. M. Hayward, Arden H. Bullard, Lorenzo M. Mason, Eben Batcheller, Nelson Potter, Horace Cadwell, Hiram Birch, Asa O. Robinson, C. L. Gage, Nathan Ward, Samuel Swift, Sheldon Thorp, Allen Fish, J. L. Kelsey, Hiram J. Witherell, Daniel B. Harrington, Cummings Sanborn, Timothy J. Wheaton, Alvah Sweetser, John Beard, Cyrus Moore, H. W. Delevan, William Steele, Elisha Dowd, L. A. Whitford, George Brown, Patrick Brady, Alonzo Crittenden, William J. Edson, John McDonald, James Smith, Allen R. Atkins, James Cooley, James Beard, Louis Thibault, B. White, George N. Bower, the Gagnion brothers, Charles Peltier, Ai Beard, Clift Comstock, William Atkins, Charles Farr, Abner Coburn, W. P. Barber, Owen Ransom, A. A. Bradley, William Hoffman, Hugh Robinson.


Thomas Dawson, 1867-69; John McGill, 1870-72; D. G. Finlayson, 1873-74; John McGill, 1875-80; Clark Strevel, 1881-82.


John Hickey, 1874; Nelson Potter, 1875; John McGill, 1876; Michael Myron, 1877-81; John Hickey, 1878; D. F. Finlayson, 1879; John McGill, 1880; Thomas Myron, 1881; John D. McDougall, 1882.

The officers elected in April, 1882, were: Supervisor - Clark Strevel; Clerk - Eugene Carey; Treasurer - Michael Myron; Highway Commissioner - Nathaniel Kerr; School Inspectors - Two years, William Myron, Jr.; one year, N. D. Campbell; Justice of the Peace - J. D. McDugald; Constables - James O'Connor, William Burns, John Cure, William Elliott.

[749] Jeddo, in Grant Township, seventeen miles northwest of Port Huron, is in the midst of a good agricultural district.


The biographical sketches which follow deal with the personal history of many of the pioneers, together with that of old settlers and others, whose history is closely identified with this township:

William Austin

N. R. Avery

Martin Baker

William Bice

H. Cadwell

Edward Campbell

Neil D. Campbell

Eugene Carey

William Henry Carey

Abraham Cline

Alfred Comstock

James Coon

Jacob Dawson

Thomas Dezell

Smith Walter Downs

D. G. Finlayson

William J. Gardner

Joseph Gibbons

William Graham

Robert Harris

Paschal Lamb

Moses Locke

William H. Lynn

Donald Matherson

A. McDonald

George McNary

Dennis Merchant

Michael Myron

William Newberry

Charles Potter

Nelson Potter

Daniel J. Pray

Patrick Quinn

William Rattray

John A. Ross

William Sage

Elmer Spalding

Norman Strevel

Wesley Strevel

Dougald Thompson

George Todd