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[St. Clair County Marriges & Deaths]

Extracted from
History of St. Clair County, Michigan
by A.T. Andreas

History of St. Clair County

Kenockee Township.

[785] Kenockee Township was organized in 1855, with Abel Stockwell, Supervisor. The area of the town is 21,828 acres, watered by Mill Creek and other streams. The population of Kenockee in 1864 was 783, and in 1880, 1,591. The number of school children is estimated at 647, and the equalized valuation at $361,170. Among the first settlers were Abel Stockwell, Waldron Ward and Allen Bills. Kenockee Village is the only small center of population in the township.

The land buyers of 1836 in this township, were Martin S. Gillett, J.W. Edmunds, A. Beard, A. Coburn, N. Dickenson, C. and J. Seymour, James Abbott, W.T. Westbrook, James Williams, H.W. Delevan, R.M.D. Mill, John H. Westbrook, O.W. Turner, L. Kingsley, L.D. Cowles, F.G. Macy, Thomas Murphy, George Whiting and S.W. Hollenshead, Cummings Sanborn, Harmon Chamberlain, and other well-known residents of the county purchased lands in this township subsequently.


[786] Abel Stockwell, 1855-56; Patrick Daheny, 1857-64; S. Coady, 1865; Daniel Smith, 1866-69; George Strevel, 1870; Sylvester Coady, 1871-78; Martin Stapleton, 1879-80; Sylvester Coady, 1881; Martin Stapleton, 1882.


Waldron Ward, 1855; George Strevell, 1857; Porter Plasted, 1857; Lawrence O'Loughlin, 1858; Daniel Smith, 1859; Henry Burnham, 1860; Samuel Thomas, 1861-65; A.F.M. Sharp, 1862; Duke McKenzie, 1862; Daniel Smith, 1863-67; Luther H. Ward, 1864; George Strevell, 1865; Henry Burnham, 1866; Salathiel Butler, 1868-73; A.W. Telfer, 1869; Duke McKenzie, 1870-73; A.F.M. Sharp, 1870-78; Daniel Smith, 1871-75; Duke McKenzie, 1876; Henry Burnham, 1877; David Bryce, 1878; Thomas Ward, 1879; Frederick Brinkman, 1880; J.A. Anderson, 1881; Samuel E. Martin, 1881; Arthur M. Sharpe, 1882.

The following were elected officers of the township of Kenockee, April, 1882: Supervisor - Martin Stapleton. Clerk - Amos A. Haskill. Treasurer - John A. Anderson. Justice - Arthur M. Sharpe. Highway Commissioner - Jackson Ward. School Inspectors - Samuel Bingham, one year; William Cogley, two years. Drain Commissioner - Ephriam Green. Constables - James McKinsie, Edward Gates, Fred Gooden, Edward Grams.

Kenockee is a small village in the township of that name, eight miles north of Emmett, on the G. T. & C. R. R.


Delemere Brown

Henry Burnham

Ezra Freeman

David Miracle