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[St. Clair County Marriges & Deaths]

Extracted from
History of St. Clair County, Michigan
by A.T. Andreas

History of St. Clair County

Lynn Township.

[779] This town was organized in 1850, with A. A. Dwight, Supervisor. The lands of this township were purchased since 1836. Among the first purchasers were Nathan Dickenson, David Mack, Elon Farnsworth, C. C. Trowbridge, Sylvester Sibley, H. Imley, George Beach, Lyman Burgess, Cullen Brown, S. P. Murphy (1851), John Lloyd, Daniel Alverson, James Leslie, Benjamin F. H. Witherell, Kezia Hill.

The settlement of this district may be said to have begun in 1850. In that year the population was only 55; in 1854, it reached 167; in 1864, 457, and in 1880, 788. The area of the town is 21,008 acres; the equalized value is $164,470; the number of children of school age, 342.

Among the pioneer settlers of this township were Joel Bonney, Henry Morgan, A. Sevoy, L. B. Sprague and John Houghton.

The post office village of Lynn is the only center of population in the district.


Alfred A. Dwight, 1850; Daniel Alverson, 1851-53; William Allison, 1854-59; W. B. Munson, 1860-63; John Houghton, 1864-70; George Bullock, 1871-72; R. Leach, 1873; George Bullock, 1874; John Houghton, 1875-77; Robert Leach, 1878-80; Eugene E. Murphy, 1881-82.


Alfred A. Dwight, 1850; Henry Brown, 1850; Daniel Alverson, 1850; Samuel J. Fincher, 1850; William B. Preston, 1853; Samuel Fincher, 1854; Henry Morgan, 1857-72; W. G. Walker, 1858; William Houghton, 1858; Norman H. Sharp, 1860-68; Simon P. Murphy, 1861; C. D. Bryce, 1862; John D. Wait, 1863-70; M. T. Roberson, 1863; Robert Leach, 1867; William Rogers, 1870-73; Hiram Mills, 1873; William Bullock, 1874; Robert Leach, 1875-79; John D. Wait, 1875; Henry Morgan, 1876; John L. Clink, 1876; John Drennon, 1877; John Allen, 1878; Simon P. Murphy, 1879-80; George Locke, 1881; George Mussey, 1882; Munson Hosner, 1882.

The election of April, 1882, passed off with considerable interest, and some excitement. There were no party tickets, and party spirit seemed to have no influence on the result. There [780] were two tickets, Union and Citizens. The Union ticket was elected, with the exception of Drain Commissioner. The following are the names, with their politics as far as known, and their majorities: Supervisor - Eugene E. Murphy, G. B., 29. Clerk - Elston Huffman, G. B., 28. Treasurer, John Stevens, Republican, 27. Justice of the Peace - (Full term) George Murray, Republican, 12. Justice of the Peace - (Fill vacancy) Munson Hosner, G. B., 15. Highway Commissioner - William Weaver, Republican, 26. Drain Commissioner - John Shearsmith, Republican, 15. School Inspector - (Two years) Robert Willoughby, Republican, 42. School Inspector - (One year) Richard Houghton, Republican, full vote, 120. Constables - Hugh Clink, John Dorhman, G. B., James Bryce, Andrew Curry; Republican, with an average majority of 28.

The proposition to raise $500 for building a town hall was voted down, the vote standing, for, 17, against, 95.

Lynn, in the township of that name, is thirty miles northwest of Port Huron. It is a small county village.


We complete the history of this township with the biographies of many of its most public-spirited and best citizens. In the pages devoted to them, much that is historically valuable is given.

James Campbell

Martin Lavell

Lewis Presley

John Shearsmith

James M. Sterling