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Margaret Koski-Dust's Collection


Dust, Lindow, Mass, Thralls, Tucker

The following records were gathered by
Margaret Koski-Dust and graciously donated for online posting. They are for personal use and NOT for commercial profit.

Thank you very much, Margaret!

Last Name, First/Middle/(Maiden) Names

Drews, Dorthea Elisabeth Johanna

Drrews, Friederich Carl Theodor

Dust, Bernhard

Dust, Bertha Caroline Johanne

Dust, Carl

Dust, Carl "Charles"

Dust, Carl Christian Frederich

Dust, Carl Christoph (1) (2)

Dust, Carl Christoph Theodor (father)

Dust, Carl Christoph Theodor (son)

Dust, Carl Friederich (1) (2)

Dust, Carl Friedrick Wilhelm Christian

Dust, Carl Johann Friederich

Dust, Caroline

Dust, Catharina Maria (1) (2)

Dust, Catharina Sophie Maria

Dust, Catherine

Dust, Charles

Dust, Christian Friederich

Dust, Christian Heinrich Frederich Theodor

Dust, Christoph (1) (2) (3)

Dust, Erdmann Carl Fredrich Ludwig

Dust, Ernest

Dust, Ernest Carl Johann Joachim

Dust, Frederick Johann Martin August Carl

Dust, Frederika Maria

Dust, Frederike Marie Johanne

Dust, Frederike Sophie Bertha

Dust, Fredrich Wilhelm Christian

Dust, Friderich Theodore Vigilius

Dust, Friederich Christoph

Dust, Friedrich (1) (2)

Dust, Friedrich Wilhelm Christian

Dust, George Christoph

Dust, Hanne Marie Dorthe

Dust, Heinrich

Dust, Heinrich Johann Friedrich

Dust, Heinrich Wilhelm Carl Friederick

Dust, Henrietta

Dust, Henry Theodore

Dust, Ida Sophie Caroline Johanne

Dust, Ira

Dust, Joachim Frederich

Dust, Johann

Dust, Johann "John"

Dust, Johann Carl Friederich

Dust, Johann Christoph

Dust, Johann Frederich Ludwig Martin

Dust, Johann Frederick

Dust, Johann Friederich Wilhelm Christian

Dust, Johann Heinrich

Dust, Johann Wilhelm Frederich

Dust, Johanna Maria Carolina Christiana

Dust, Johanna Maria Dorthea

Dust, Johanna Maria Fredericka

Dust, Johanna Maria Frederika

Dust, Johanna Sophiea Friederica Christiana

Dust, Johanne Christian Christoph

Dust, Johanne Martin

Dust, Lottie

Dust, Maria Carolina

Dust, Marie Caroline Dorothea

Dust, Maria Dorthea Carolina

Dust, Maria Elisabeth

Dust, Marie Friederike Caroline

Dust, Marie Johanne Wilhemine

Dust, Martin (1) (2)

Dust, Minnie (daughter of Henry Theodore)

Dust, Minnie (daughter of William Harvey)

Dust, Myrtle

Dust, Olive

Dust, Roy

Dust, Sophia Dorothea Frederike

Dust, Sophia Friederica Christiana

Dust, Sophia Maria Christiana

Dust, Sylvester

Dust, Wilhelm

Dust, Wilhelm Carl Friederich

Dust, Wilhemine Sophie Friederike

Dust, William H.

Dust, William Harvey

Dust, William R.

Dust, William T.

Hoffarber, Marie

Kater, Anne Mare

Koch, Friederica Carolina Christ

Laarz, Maria Christina

Lampe, Sophie

Lindow, Alvah

Mass, Dorthea

Mass, Fredrich

Mass, Maria

Matthies, August Friederick Wilhelm Theodor

Matthies, Carl Ernest Friederich Theodor

Matthies, Carl Friederich Thedor

Matthies, Catharina Maria Sophia Wilhelmina

Matthies, Ernst Julius Fiederich Theodor

Matthies, Johann Carl Christoph Wilhelm

Matthies, Johann Carl Friederich Wilhelm

Matthies, Johanna Maria Wilhemina Dorthea

Matthies, Maria Friederica Carolina

Muller, Friederike

Prabel, Frederick

Prabel, Sophie Dorthea

Rohden, Maria

Tamm, Sophie Tamm

Thalls, Charlotte

Tucker, Susan

Carl "Charles" Dust
Father: Martin Dust
Wife: Wilhelmenia Kromrie (some doubt on surname - daughter Helen married a Kromrie)
- Lottie (Dust) Bull
- Henry Dust
- Minnie (Dust) Vesper
- Helen(Dust) Kromrie
- Charles Dust
- Ferdinand Dust
- Fritz (nickname) Dust
- William Dust
Source: fellow Dust researcher from New York

Carl Christoph Dust
Wife: Maria Rohden
Married: May 9, 1817, Kastorf, Germany
Source: German Church Records

Carl Christoph Theodor Dust
Father: Carl Christoph of Wolde
Wife: Dorthea Elisabeth Johanna Drews
Married: October 16, 1829, Zwiedorf, Germany
1) Sophia Maria Christiana, (b. Kastorf, Germany)
2) Sophia Friederica Christiana, (b. Kastorf, Germany)
3) Johann Carl Friederich, (b. Kastorf, Germany)
4) Carl Christoph Theodor, (b. Kastorf, Germany)
5) Johann Friederich Wilhelm Christian, (b. Kastorf, Germany)
Children's Godparents: George Christoph Dust of Fahrenholz, Carl Johann Friederich Dust of
Kastorf, Christian Friederich Dust of Grischow
Source: German Church Records

Carl Friederich Dust
Wife: Maria Christina Laarz
Child: Catharina Sophie Maria, (b. May 23 1838, d. May 24, 1838)
Source: German Church Records

Carl Friedrick Wilhelm Christian Dust
Born: July 23, 1850, Schossow, Demmin, Vorpommern, Prussia
Godparents: Johann Dust of Gutzkow and Sophie Dust of Kastorf
Source: Birth Record/Christening

Caroline Dust
Born: 1845
Died: May 23, Tutzpatz, Germany; 21 years, 7 months old
Source: German Church Records

Christoph Dust
Died: June 6, 1810, Schossow, Germany
Age: 46 years old
Source: German Church Records

Ernest Dust
Wife: Charlotte Thalls
Children: Sylvester, Myrtle, Henrietta, William H., Carl
Emigration: October 15, 1856; Boysen to New York, with Henry and Johann Dust

Friederich Christoph Dust
Wife: Anne Mare Kater
1) Hanne Marie Dorthe, (b. 1822, Kastorf, Germany)
Source: German Church Records

Friedrich Dust
Wife: Friederike Muller
1) Wilhemine Sophie Friederike, (b. Altenhagen, Germany)
2) Frederike Sophie Bertha, (b. Altenhagen, Germany)
Children's Godparents: Christoph Dust & (wife) Sophie Lampe and Bernhard Dust, all of Altenhagen
Source: German Church Records

Heinrich Johann Friedrich Dust
Born: February 26, 1855, Schossow, Germany
Residence: cities surrounding Marine City, St. Clair Co, Michigan
Died: St. Clair, Michigan
Source: (birth) German Church Records

Heinrich Wilhelm Carl Friederick Dust
Wife: Friederica Carolina Christ Koch
Child: Johanna Sophiea Friederica Christiana (b. July 8, d. July 25, 1852)
Source: German Church Records

Henry Theodore Dust
Wife: Susan Tucker
Children: Ira, Roy, Minnie
Home: Ira Township
Emigration: October 15, 1856; Boysen to New York, with Ernest and Johann Dust

Joachim Frederich Dust
Died: March 6, 1834, Schossow, Germany; 82 years old
Source: German Church Records

Johann "John" Dust
Wife: Charlotte Ahl
Buried: St. John Lutheran Cemetery
Source: fellow Dust researcher from New York

Johann Christoph Dust (or Mass)
1) Maria Elisabeth (d. December 8, 1801, Schossow, Germany; 12 weeks old)
Source: German Church Records

Johann Heinrich Dust
Wife: Dorthea Mass (her father lived in Schossow, Germany)
Married: 1844, Schossow, Germany
Occupation: Carriage Driver
Children: 5, all born in Germany - (2 died in Germany, 1 daughter who stayed in Germany [unable to locate information], 2 came to USA)
1) Frederick Johann Martin August Carl Dust
Born: December 6, 1846, Schossow, Germany
Died: March 27, 1851, (Scarlet Fever)
Godfathers: Friedrich Dust of Wolkow, Johann Dust of Gutzkow and Martin Dust of Rockwitz
2) Ernest Carl Johann Joachim
Born: January 10, 1849
Residence: Alpena, Michigan
Died: 1923, Alpena, Michigan
Godparent: Maria Mass of Schossow
3) Frederike Marie Johanne
Born: January 23, 1851, Schossow, Germany
Note: Don't know what happened to her
4) Johann Frederich Ludwig Martin
Born: October 1, 1853, Schossow
Died: November 18, 1853, (Cholera)
Godfathers: Fredrich Mass of Schossow
Emigration: October 15, 1856; Boysen to New York, with Ernest and Henry Dust.
Homes: (1) Detroit, 10th Ward, (2) Cottreville, MI
Source: German Church Records

Johanna Maria Fredericka Dust
Married: No
Child: Johanna Maria Carolina Christiana, (d. November 8, 1841, Tutzpatz, Germany; 13 days old)
Source: German Church Records

Johanne Martin Dust
Baptized: January 23, 1836; 47 years old in Tutzpatz, Germany
Married: 1) Sophie Tamm, 2) Sophie Dorthea Prabel
1) Sophie (Tamm) Dust:
- Father from Barkow, Germany
- Children:
--- Johanne Christian Christoph, (b. Tutzpatz, Germany)
--- Johanna Maria Frederika, (b. Tutzpatz, Germany)
--- Johanna Maria Dorthea, (b. Tutzpatz, Germany)
- Died: August 8, 1823, Tutpatz, Germany
2) Sophie Dorthea (Prabel)
- Married: December 13, 1824, Tutzpatz, Germany
- Children:
--- Carl Christian Frederich, (b. Tutzpatz, Germany)
--- Marie Caroline Dorothea, (b. Tutzpatz, Germany)
--- Johann Wilhelm Frederich, (b. Tutzpatz, Germany)
--- Christian Heinrich Frederich Theodor, (b. Tutzpatz, Germany)
- (Johanne & Sophie's) Children's Godparents: Heinrich Dust of Gutzkow, Maria Carolina Dust of Tutzpatz, Catharina Maria Dust of Barkow, Frederick Prabel, Frederika Maria Dust of Barkow
Source: German Church Records

Lottie Dust
Parents: William T. Dust & Mary W. Weible
Husband: Charles A. Martz
1) Katheryn L. Martz m. Ralph G. Forsyth; (daughter) Ann G. Forsyth
2) Charles W. Martz
3) Genevieve D. Martz m. Clarence D. Blessed; (daughter) Sally L. Blessed

Maria Dorthea Carolina Dust
Husband: unknown
1) Friderich Theodore Vigilius (latin), (b. May 29, 1827, Tutzpatz, Germany)
2) Sophia Dorothea Frederike, (b. November 16, 1817, Tutzpatz, Germany)
Children's Godfather: Johann Frederick Dust of Barkow
Source: German Church Records

Martin Dust
AKA: Casper Martin Thedor Dust (in Germany)
Born: circa 1814 or 1817/18
Married: July 24, 1849 in Schossow, Demmin, Vorpommern, Germany
Wife: Wilhemina "Minna" Johanne Magdalena Dorthea Seeman (1st marriage to Johann Stavenhagen, d. 1849)
- Wife Born: about 1816-1828
- Wife Immigration: came to America on the Elise Rubecke from Hamburg, Germany on Oct 15, 1856 to New York with 3 children: Johann* 9 yrs, Ludwig* 8 yrs and Carl 5 yrs - (Johann and Ludwig believed to be the sons of Johann Stavenhagen)
Census: 1860 - Gardenville, New York
- Martin, Lena (Wilhemina), John, Louis, Charles
Census: 1870 - Gardenville, New York
Census: 1880 - West Seneca, Erie County, New York
- Martin Dust: White, Male, Married, 66, b. Mecklenburg, Germany, Parents b. Mecklenberg, occ. Farmer
- Wilhelmina Dust, White, Female, Married, 62, b. Prussia, Parents b. Prussia, occ. Keeping House
- Johann (John) Dust, White, Male, Married, 35, b. Prussia, Parents b. Prussia
- Charlotta Dust, Wife, White, Female, Married, 30, b. Mecklenburg, Parents b. Mecklenburg
- Louisa Dust, Daughter, 10, b. New York
- Anna Dust, Daughter, 9, b. New York
- Herman Dust, Son, 5, b. New York
- Louis Dust, Son, 4, b. New York
Census: 1900 - City of Buffalo, New York
Census: 1910 - City of Buffalo, New York
Census: 1920 - City of Buffalo, New York
Census Source: fellow Dust researcher from New York

Olive Dust
Parents: William T. Dust & Mary W. Weible
Husband: Arch F. Marks
1) Robert W. Marks
2) Mary Beth Marks

Wilhelm Dust
Wife: Marie Hoffarber
1) Friedrich Wilhelm Christian, (b. Tutzpatz, Germany)
2) Ida Sophie Caroline Johanne, (b. Tutzpatz, Germany)
3) Wilhelm Carl Friederich, (b. Tutzpatz, Germany)
4) Bertha Caroline Johanne, (b. Tutzpatz, Germany)
5) Marie Friederike Caroline, (b. Tutzpatz, Germany)
6) Erdmann Carl Fredrich Ludwig, (b. Tutzpatz, Germany)
7) Fredrich Wilhelm Christian, (b. Tutzpatz, Germany)
8) Marie Johanne Wilhemine, (b. Tutzpatz, Germany)
Source: German Church Records

William Harvey Dust
Wife: Alvah Lindow
Children: Minnie, Catherine (married a Bohne, lived in NY), Charles

William R. Dust
Parents: William T. Dust & Mary W. Weible
Wife: Rinnie???
1) Nora Dust
2) Olive Dust m. Ralph Franklin; (daughter) Judy Franklin
Died: 1919

William T. Dust
Parents: Fred Dust & Johanna Mass
Immigration: 1857, with his father
Wife: Mary W. Weible
Children: Lottie, William R., Olive
Residence: (very respected man in) Detroit, Wayne Co, MI; Birmingham, MI

Carl Friederich Thedor Matthies
Wife: Catharina Maria Dust
1) Maria Friederica Carolina, (b. Kastorf, Germany)
2) Johann Carl Christoph Wilhelm, (b. Kastorf, Germany)
3) Carl Ernest Friederich Theodor, (b. Kastorf, Germany)
4) Johanna Maria Wilhemina Dorthea, (b. Kastorf, Germany)
5) Catharina Maria Sophia Wilhelmina, (b. Kastorf, Germany)
6) Johann Carl Friederich Wilhelm, (b. Kastorf, Germany)
7) August Friederick Wilhelm Theodor, (b. Kastorf, Germany)
8) Ernst Julius Fiederich Theodor, (b. Kastorf, Germany)
Children's Godparents: Carl Friederich Dust of Gramerten, Christoph Dust of Wolde, Friederich Carl Theodor Drrews of Kastorf
Source: German Church Records