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Lenton Collection


Bedford, Dailey, Dixon, Emes, Lenton, McFarlane, McLain/McLean, Taylor

The following information has been gathered by James Steinbrecher and graciously donated for online posting. It is for personal use and NOT for commercial profit.

Thank you very much, James!

Last Name, First/Middle/(Maiden) Names

Bedford, Alexander

Dailey, Bridgett

Dixon, Florence Ethel

Emes, Mary Elizabeth / Elizabeth Mae

Lenton, Agnas

Lenton, Annie

Lenton, Curtis

Lenton, Daniel

Lenton, Daniel Fredrick

Lenton, David

Lenton, Ella

Lenton, Ella Ann

Lenton, Fred

Lenton, Hazel Sarah Mae

Lenton, Harry

Lenton, James (c 1863)

Lenton, James (1921-1979)

Lenton, James A.

Lenton, John Henry

Lenton, Joseph Austin

Lenton, Joseph L.

Lenton, Josepha

Lenton, Levi

Lenton, Matthew A.

Lenton, Ruth

Lenton, Sarah

McFarlane, Isabelle

McLain, Elizabeth W.

Taylor, Henry

Mary Elizabeth Emes
AKA Elizabeth May Emes
Parents: Levi Emes & Eliza Bradley
Spouse: Joseph L. Lenton
1920 Census: Immigration in 1883
Cause of Death: Complications of a Broken Hip
Burial: December 1952, Loomis Cemetery, Washington

Agnas Lenton
Born: 1862, Lynn Twp, St. Clair Co, MI
Parents: Daniel Lenton & Elizabeth McLain
Died: 1889, Averill, Michigan
Cause of Death: Suicide

Annie Lenton
Born: April 5, 1887
SSN: 371464110
Died: March 1981, Michigan 48450

Curtis Lenton
Born: October 29, 1905
SSN: 427282560
Died: January 1981, Michigan 48505

Daniel Lenton
Born: about 1830, England
Christened: 1832, Lincolnshire, England; (LDS)
Married (1): August 6, 1846, Michigan
- Child: John Henry Lenton
Married (2): Bridgett Dailey/Daily, (or Ruby Ring), about 1853, Michigan
- Children : Daniel F. and maybe Rosa
Married (3): Elizabeth McLean/McLain, September 30, 1857, Michigan
- Children: Joseph, Sarah and maybe Matthew
- 1860 Census: Lynn Twp, St. Clair Co, MI, page 64, line 33; Daniel (30)(Farmer), Elizabeth (23), Joseph (7), Sarah (4), Matthew (3), and Levi (13 months?)

Daniel Fredrick Lenton
Born: November 28, 1864, Lynn Twp, St. Clair Co, MI
Parents: Daniel Lenton & Elizabeth McLain
1870 Census: Lynn Twp, St. Clair Co, MI, ED 283, page 4, line 14
Residence (1): 1880, Romeo, Macomb County, Michigan; age 16, Servant, Farm Labor
Married (1): Isabelle McFarlane, December 25, 1888, Romeo, Macomb Co, MI
- Bride's Residence: December 25, 1888, Romeo, Macomb County, Michigan
- Bride's Age: 18 years old
- Bride's Parents: James McFarlane & Emily Edwards
- Minister: Isaac E. Springer
Residence (2): December 25, 1888, Romeo, Macomb County, Michigan; married at age 25
Residence (3): 1891, 199 Champaine, Detroit, Michigan
Residence (4): 1895, 16 Pine Street, Detroit, Michigan
Residence (5): 1897, 58 Farr Street, Detroit, Michigan
Residence (6): 1899, Woodward Avenue, Detroit, Michigan
Residence (7): 1902, 99 Miami, Detroit, Michigan
Married (2): Florence Ethel Dixon, August 1906 - September 1907, Detroit, Wayne Co, MI
- Bride's Paretns: Otho Dixon & Annie Armstrong
1920 Census: Ward 6, Detroit, Wayne Co, MI, ED 190, page 8b, line 96
Residence (8): 1920, 336 West High Street, Detroit, Wayne Co, Michigan
Residence (9): April 1925, 5108 Martindale, Detroit, Michigan
Occupation: Jewler for Watch Company (1920), Watchmaker & Jewler at 3445 Woodward Ave.
Detroit, MI (1943)
Residence (10): October 28, 1943, 12110 Wyoming, Detroit, Wayne Co, Michigan
Died: October 28, 1943, Detroit, Wayne Co, MI
Funeral: 1943, Residence 12110 Wyoming, Detroit, MI
Burial: October 30, 1943, Woodmere Cemetery, Lakeview, Lot 467, Detroit, Michigan

Ella Lenton
Born: May 10, 1911
SSN: 370701575
Died: July 1979, Michigan 48475

Ella Ann Lenton
Born: July 1898, Nighthawk, Okanogan Co, Washington
Married: VanOrsdal
Died: about June 01, 1972, Seattle, Washington

Fred Lenton
Born: October 4, 1889
SSN: 377343129
Died: August 1970, Michigan 48475

Harry Lenton
Born: June 4, 1899
SSN: 377097162
Died: July 1969, Michigan 48475

Hazel Sarah Mae Lenton
Born: June 15, 1892, Nighthawk, Okanogan Co, Washington
Parents: Joseph Lenton & Mary Emes
Married: Jack Holland
Died: January 22, 1971

James Lenton
Detroit Business Directory: (1863), page 260; "146 Larned w."

James Lenton
Born: September 21, 1921
SSN: 428267367
Died: June 1979, Michigan 48505

James A. Lenton
Obituary of Martin Roach, a relative: "Death of Martin Roach - August 1919, Newmarket Era Newspaper, Ontario - Martin Roach, who came to Canada on an old time gailing vessel when 10
years of age and who married his second wife, Catherine Gooney of whitechurch in 1887, is
dead. He was born in Kearney, Ireland in 1833 and settled with his parents in Scott Township.
He moved to Saginaw, Mich. where his death occured last week. He leaves 53 descendants, of whom 14 are great grandchildren. The survivors are: Mrs. P. Gooney of Oak Ridges, Ont; J. S. Roach of Mimico, Ont.; Robert Jacob and Mrs T. Wheeler, of Winnipeg, Man; Cephas and Frank of Saskatchewan, Jas. A. and Mrs Lenton, of Detroit, and Edgar and Agnes, of Saginaw. The late Mr. Roach was a Liberal in Politics and resided at Lemonville for many years."

John Henry Lenton
Born: about 1847, Lynn Township, St. Clair Co, MI
Father: Daniel Lenton
1880 Census: Lynn Twp, St. Clair Co, MI, ED 381, page 2, line 1; states born in England, Farm Laborer for H. B. Morgan, in Lynn Township

Joseph Austin Lenton
Born: June 26, 1894, Nighthawk, Okanogan Co, Washington
Parents: Joseph Lenton & Mary Emes
Died: June 08, 1982, Nighthawk, Okanogan Co, Washington

Joseph L. Lenton
Born: September 30, 1853, Lynn Twp, St. Clair Co, Michigan
Parents: Daniel Lenton & Bridgett Dailey
Married: Mary Elizabeth / Elizabeth May Emes, June 17, 1890, Spokane Falls, Washington
Died: October 21, 1923, Nighthawk, Okanogan Co, Washington
Cause of Death: Cancer of the Pancreas
Burial: October 1923, Loomis Cemetery, Washington

Josepha Lenton
Born: March 22, 1891
SSN: 372050232
Died: October 1980, Michigan 48475

Levi Lenton
Born: November 1859, Lynn Twp, St. Clair Co, MI
Parents: Daniel Lenton & Elizabeth McLain

Matthew A. Lenton
Born: 1857, Lynn Twp, St. Clair Co, MI
Parents: Daniel Lenton & Elizabeth McLain
1870 Census: listed as Mathew Bedford, living with his mother, says he was born in Scotland, but must be an error
1900 Census: Kentucky; Matthew (Doctor), Emma (School Teacher)
Married: Emma Katherine, in Kentucky?

Ruth Lenton
Born: February 3, 1917
SSN: 362289369
Died: June 1986, Michigan 48227

Sarah Lenton
AKA Sarah Ann or Sarah Mae
Born: October 11, 1856, Lynn Township, St. Clair Co, Michigan
Parents: Daniel Lenton & Bridgett Dailey
Married: John M. Cutchie, (AKA Jack), July 23, 1890
Died: January 10, 1907, Okanogan County, Washington

Elizabeth W. McLain
AKA Elizabeth McLean, Elizabeth Lenton, Elizabeth Bedford
Married (1): David Lenton, September 30, 1857, Lynn Twp, St. Clair Co, MI
Married (2): Alexander Bedford, September 24, 1865, Lynn Twp, St. Clair Co, MI
1870 Census: Lynn Twp, St. Clair Co, MI, page 5, line 10; Elizabeth Bedford (32), with Mathew (14), Levi (10), Agnes (8), Daniel (6), Stephen (4), and William (25)
1876 Platt Map of Lynn Twp: Henry Lenton & Elizabeth Lenton; neighbor named Bedford
1880 Census: Lynn Twp, St. Clair Co, MI, ED 381, page 2, line 4; John (33), Matthew (23)(Farmer), Levi (20)(Farm Laborer), Elizabeth Bedford (mother)
Married (3): Henry Taylor, 1886, St. Clair County or Macomb County, MI
1900 Census: Bruce Twp, Romeo, Macomb Co, MI, ED 50, page 3, line 49; Elizabeth Taylor and Levi Lenton (Day Laborer) in Macomb Co. The Taylors have been married 14 Years. Elizabeth immigrated from Scotland in 1857.