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Ontario Marriages
The following marriages of 1907 took place in Lambton County, Ontario, Canada.
This list was originally shared on the mailing list, August 2004.
They are listed here as they involved people from Port Huron and surrounding areas.
There are more Ontario marriages like these so, please, visit Mary Crandall's site.

Registration No.;
Groom; age; occupation, birthplace; residence; his parents;
bride; age; birthplace; residence; her parents;
witnesses; marriage date and place.

Charles BAKER, 22, farmer, Lapeer Mich., same, s/o Edward BAKER
Susan STONE, married Annie BAKER, 18, Astibula Ohio, Lapeer, d/o James
BAKER & Nettie ROBB, 15 April 1907 at Sarnia
Daniel BATES, 29, widower, laborer, Smith Creek Mich., Port Huron, s/o Gilbert BATES & Helen BENNETT,
Veretta ROLES, 25?, East Lowers (Sowers?) Mich., Port Huron, d/o Moses ROLES & Ellen ODELL,
Robert & Mary E. RUTHERFORD of Sarnia, 25 March 1907 at Sarnia
William COSENS, 36, laborer, Grand Rapids Mich., Port Huron Mich., s/o Samuel COSENS & Mary CLOTHIER
Elizabeth OLMSTEAD, 34, Freemont Mich., Port Huron, d/o Richard OLMSTEAD & Elizabeth WILSON
6 April 1907 at Sarnia
James Oscar DANN, 26, laborer, southern states, Port Huron, s/o Allen DANN & Mary RICE,
Maud HARNDEN, 23, Port Huron, same, d/o A. HARNDEN & Sarah PRICE
Helen E. OLIVER & Robert RUTHERFORD, both of Sarnia, 9 March 1907 at Sarnia
George Charles DAY, 20, merchant, Port Huron, same, s/o James R. DAY & Lida COATES
Olive A. CONNELLA, 18, Cass City Mich., Port Huron, d/o John CONNELLAN & Sarah DE LONG
J. T. & Eunice E. FULLER of Sarnia, 16 April 1907 at Sarnia
Horace FIRMAN, 44, merchant, Sanalac Co. Mich., Brown City Mich., s/o William FIRMAN & Maria BRADSHAW
Ellenora CLUFF, 35, Seaforth, Brown City, d/o William CLUFF & Jane GRIFFIN
Robert RUTHERFORD of Sarnia, 12 March 1907 at Sarnia
Henry Ray HALL, 31, mail carrier, New York, Marysville Mich., s/o H.J. HALL & Sophia LEGG
Ethel CRYDERMAN, 29, Goderich, Marysville Mich, d/o Charles CRYDERMAN & Hannah GREENWELL
George L. PHILLIPS & Robert RUTHERFORD, both of Sarnia, 24 April 1907 at Sarnia
Frank C. LAWRENCE, 39, merchant, St. Catharines, Detroit, s/o Charles LAWRENCE & Elizabeth SILLS
Louie JESSETT, 36, London England, Detroit, d/o George JESSETT & Rebecca BAILEY
10 April 1907 at Sarnia
Frederick LINCE, 38, teamster, Sanalac Co. Mich., Port Huron, s/o Christian LINCE & Elizabeth LASHBROOK
Bertha Irene CHASE, 18, Port Huron, same, d/o Julius CHASE & Matilda MILLER
Ed ROBERTSON of Sarnia & A. CHURCHILL of Pt. Huron Mich., 27 Feb 1907 at Sarnia
William Forbes McBEAN, 28, farmer, Michigan, St. Clair Co. Mich., s/o Leslie McBEAN & Jane HORN
Carrie RINGLER, 18, of St. Clair Co., d/o Samuel RINGLER & Susie (Lucie?) NEUCHAN
Sophie L. CURTIS & Helen E. OLIVER, both of Sarnia, 18 Jan 1907 at Sarnia
Arthur J. McCLEMMENS, 22, laborer, Port Huron, same, s/o John McCLEMMENS & Lois MARK
Dolly L. McDONALD, 23, Marysville Mich., Port Huron, d/o James McDONALD & Bella MOORE
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas STEVENS of Detroit, 20 April 1907 at Sarnia
Robert William McKENZIE, 35, farmer, Michigan, Emmett Mich., s/o Robert McKENZIE & Mary DINGMAN
Anna Josephine NEWMAN, 25, Detroit, Smith Creek Mich., d/o Edward NEWMAN & Anna ADAMS
Maude HARRISON & Mary RUTHERFORD, both of Sarnia, 1 May 1907 at Sarnia
Daniel C. MERRILL, 32, banker, Kalamazoo Mich., same, s/o Albert MERRILL & Mary C. CLARK
Maud Alice FENTON, 26, Lexington Mich., Kalamazoo, d/o Lewis FENTON & Elizabeth STURBRIDGE
Ethel M. VIRGO & Helen E. OLIVER, both of Sarnia, 15 May 1907 at Sarnia
William E. SEIGLE, 27, carpenter, Indiana, Port Huron, s/o Joseph SEIGLE & Mary JONES
Stella McKAY, 19, Michigan, Pt. Edward, d/o Robert McKAY & Agnes BARRY (Parry?)
18 May 1907 at Sarnia
Charles SEIGMUND, 25, laborer, Germany, Maxwell St. in Sarnia, s/o John SEIGMUND & Auguste BERNHARTE
Gertie BISSELL, no age given, Sarnia, Maxwell St. in Sarnia, d/o Alonzo BISSELL & Ada SPALDING
Julia POUSSETTE & May Winifred EVANS, both of Sarnia, 28 May 1907 at Sarnia
Doyle SHIRLEY, 25, mechanic, Clearfield PA, same, s/o Allen SHIRLEY
Babetta LAGRODICE, 25, Germany, Detroit, d/o Frederick & "unobtainable", 16 April 1907 at Sarnia
Clifford SHORT, 25, farmer, Brooke twp., Alvinston, s/o John SHORT & Sarah J. CLEMMENS
Edna BROWN, 19, Euphemia twp., same, d/o Wesley BROWN & Mina BROUGHTON
24 April 1907 at Sarnia
Bernard SMITH, 20, sailor, Algonac Mich., same, s/o C.C. SMITH & Anna RATTERY
Doretha E. AMES (Amis?), 18, Algonac Mich., same, d/o Charles AMES & Ella LECROIX
Helen E. OLIVER of Sarnia & Charles NUNN of Colborne, 20 March 1907 at Sarnia
John SPANIER, 40, butcher, Lansing Mich., same, s/o John SPANIER & Mina GREELY
Melissa KENNY, 40, widow, St. Clair Co. Mich, Port Huron, d/o Allen MATTHEWS & Clarissa WILLIAMS
23 April 1907 at Sarnia
Thomas L. STEVENS, 22, sailor, Alpena Mich., Detroit, s/o Colin STEVENS & Josephine ROSE
married Florence CARTER, 22, Marysville Mich., Detroit, d/o Edward CARTER & Eva MORE
Dolly McDONALD & Arthur J. McCLEMMENS, 20 April 1907 at Sarnia
Guy J. STREETER, 27, carpenter, Jeddo - St. Clair Co. Mich, same, s/o Henry STREETER & Lucinda ROBERTS
Pearl Isadore SNYDER, 20, Jeddo Mich., Cadilac Mich., d/o James SNYDER & Louisa FAREWELL
18 May 1907 at Sarnia
John VAN VALKENBURG, 22, farmer, Huron Co., Mich., Emmett - St. Clair Co. Mich., s/o George VAN VALKENBURG & Sarah HAND
Narciss COREY, illegible age, Sanalac Co. Mich., Emmett, d/o Lars COREY & Octavia McKINISTRA
Dewitt WEST & Mrs. WEST, both of Michigan, 4 Feb. 1907 at Sarnia
Dewitt WEST, 20, farmer, Sanalac Co. Mich., Emmett - St. Clair Co. Mich., s/o Alfred WEST & Etta McKINTRY
Minta VAN VALKENBURG, 19, Huron Co. Mich. Emmett Mich., d/o George VAN VALKENBURG & Sarah HAND
Narciss COREY & John VAN VALKENBURG, both of Michigan, 4 Feb 1907 at Sarnia
Leo E. WILSON, 21, farmer, Richmond Mich., Brown City Mich., s/o Charles B. WILSON & Evaline KIRK
Rebecca HILLIS, 18, Brown City, same, d/o Samuel HILLIS & Mary MARION
22 May 1907 at Sarnia (Mennonite)