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Death list of St. Clair and vicinity for 1904

The following names were taken from the 1904 files of the REPUBLICAN. The list comprises residents and former residents of this city and vicinity.

Submitted by Joan Thomson.

Mrs. John Pinger, Jan. 2.
Almon T. Atwood, Jan. 15.
Mrs. Wm. Thompson, Jan. 22.
Mrs. Dale Rumsey, Jan. 22.
Mrs. Julia A. Fleury, Jan. 21.
Fred B. Blood, Feb. 5.
Mandeville Poole, Feb. 14.
Joseph Webb, Feb 20.
Geo. Redfield, Jr., Feb. 18.
Mrs. Agnes Gerow, Feb. 19.
Betsey Elizabeth Fulton. (no date)
Mrs. H. D. Bovnton, Feb. 14. - [Boynton?]
Mrs. Elizabeth Linsen, Feb. 18. - [Linsey?]
Rev. John Mc Eldowney, March 6.
Nelson Mills, March 16.
Mrs. Wm. Grace, April 4.
Mrs. Alex Simpson, April 2.
Thomas L. Kemp, April 8.
Mrs. W. A. Herren, (no date)
Mrs. Fronia L. Almas, April 21.
Mrs. Della E. Stone, April 24.
Dr. Emma Louise Clawson. (no date)
Mrs. Phineas Kenyon, May 4.
Edward M. O'Brien, May 1.
Mrs. Charlotte Ruff, May 29.
Martha Jane Cox, May 25.
August Zaetsch, June 2
James A. St Bernard, June 7.
William Henry Davis, June 18.
Mrs. Margaret B. Kirk, June 19
Emil P. Kahler, July 4.
Mrs. Margaret Kuhnlein, July 7.
Mrs. Daniel Morrison, July 11.
George Ophengelt, July 19.
John Rankin, July 14.
Ralph Koenig, July 25.
Capt. Thomas Black, July 26.
John Graham, August 2.
Mrs. Margaret Steward, August 8.
Mary E. Robinson, (infant). August 19.
Mrs. Stephen Beaudean, August 18.
Miss Mary Elspass, September 8.
Mrs. Joel Robertson, September 7.
Mrs. Eugene Hill, September 15.
Henry O. Cox, September 14.
Joseph Uplegger, September 25.
Alexander Cathcart, September 27.
Edmund W. Hodgson, Oct 5.
Mrs. John H. Christy, Oct. 10.
Mrs. Henry Whiting, Oct 11.
Mrs. Sanford Irons, Oct. 12.
Joseph D. Smith, Oct. 24.
Samuel R. Fairman, Oct. 29.
George W. Stanley, Oct. 25
Carl August Weitzman, Nov. 19.
Mrs. G. N. Kennedy. (no date)
Mrs. David Rust, Dec.11.
Miles C. Hickman, Dec. 10.
Mrs. Joseph Shater, Dec. 21.
Alfred Davis, Dec. 24.
Charles Watson, Dec. 28.
Sylvia Autterson, Dec. 29.