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John & Joan Thomson's Collection


Agens, Bacon, Chamberlin, Coppernoll, Gustin, Hayward, Kenyon, Mills, Morley, Oakes, Powers, Sheldon, Thomson, Vince, Wescott

The following information was gathered by John and Joan Thomson and graciously donated for online posting. It is for personal use and NOT for commercial profit.

Thank you very much, John and Joan!

see also the Kenyon Collection

Last Name, First/Middle/(Maiden) Names

Agens, Alice

Agens, Hattie

Agens, John L.

Bacon, Donna Claire (Mills)

Bacon, Walter S.

Chamberlin, John D.

Coppernoll, George T.

Coppernoll, Susan W. (Waterbury)

Denman, H. Belle (Thomson)

Gustin, Marion (Thomson)

Hayward, Dr. Roy G.

Kenyon, Alfred Phineas

Kenyon, Frank W.

Kenyon, Hazel R. (Littlefield)

Kenyon, Myron

Kenyon, Phineas / Phinius

Kenyon, Phineas D., II

Kenyon, Roy Augustus

Kinyon, Ella M.

Kinyon, G. Robert "Bob"

Morley, Maryette (Alverson)

Oakes, David

Parker, Blanche

Parker, Henry

Powers, Isa Dora

Sheldon, Alice (Agens)

Sheldon, Charles

Smith, Duncan Morrison

Smith, Lydia E. (Terry)

Thomson, Ada R.

Thomson, Alice A. (Poole)

Thomson, Dorothy A. (Frank)

Thomson, Edward (b 1879)

Thomson, Edward (m 1926)

Thomson, John

Thomson, John S.

Thomson, John S., Jr.

Thomson, Lulu May (Stevens)

Thomson, Rose G.

Thomson, William Gilbert "Gib"

Vince, Rose

Westcott, Charles H.

John L. Agens - Obituary
Died: 1897

Donna Claire Bacon - Obituary
Husband: Walter S. Bacon

Walter S. Bacon - Obituary - 1947-48 Deaths listed in Times Herald
Died: 1947

George T. Coppernoll - Obituary
Died: 1920

Susan W. Coppernoll - Obituary
Died: 1905

H. Belle Denman - Obituary
Parents: Edward H. Thomson and Lulu Stevens

Marion Gustin - Obituary
Died: 1974

Dr. Roy G. Hayward - Obituary
Died: 1976

Mr. and Mrs. David Oakes
"Tin Wedding - On Thursday evening last a few (numbering about 40) of the many friends of Mr. and Mrs. David Oakes, of West China, paid them a visit, the occasion being the tenth anniversary of their wedding day. The suprise of Mr. and Mrs. O. may be better imagined then described, as they were totally unaware of the intended appearance of such a company until the latter had all formed in line prepartory to marching into the house, and even then not until the tin horns (which formed a part of the wares with which the company were provided) had sounded the alarm. The many blooming faces of the lady guests and the rattle of the gifts presented, made a tintin abulation of the belles such as Poe never dreamed of. The evening was passed in social conversation, the company partaking of a bountiful repast. About midnight they seperated for their respective homes, all wishing they might live to meet Mr. and Mrs. Oakes on the anniversary of their "silver wedding"."

Source: St Clair Republican, St Clair, Michigan, Tuesday, February 11, 1868

Isa Dora Powers - Obituary
Died: 1949, Death record has Lexington as place of death.
Submitted by
John & Joan Thomson.

Information on Isa Dora (Smith) Powers can also be found in the Trott Family Report, submitted by Jane Devlin.

Alice (Agens) Sheldon - Obituary
Died: 1895

Charles Sheldon & Allie Agens
"Miss Allie Agens and Charles Sheldon were quietly married a few days ago by Rev. J.M. Fuller. both are prominent parties and their numerous friends wish them much joy."

Source: Sunday Tribune, Port Huron, Saturday, July 14, 1883

Ada R. Thomson - Obituary
Died: 1893

Alice A. Thomson - Obituary
Died: 1964

Dorothy A. Thomson - Obituary
Died: 1958

Edward Thomson - Obituary
Died: 1970

Edward Thomson & Blanche Parker
"A pretty home wedding took place Friday night at the residence of Mr. and Mrs. John Thomson, Adams and Sixth street, St. Clair, when Miss Blanche Parker, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Fred Parker, and Edward Thomson, son of Mr. and Mrs. John Thomson, were united in marriage. The service was preformed by Rev. Matt Liston of this city, pastor of the Reorganized church of L.D.S. Wild daisies and ferns decorated the home and the bridal couple spoke their vows under an arch of ferns and oak leaves. The bride was attired in salmon collored georgett while her matron-of-honor, Mrs. Alger Thomson, of Detroit, wore American beauty crepe. The ring bearer was Miss Jeanette Thomson, of Detroit, and Mr. Alger Thomson, brother of the groom, was best man. After the motor trip through northern Michigan the couple will reside in Detroit where Mr. Thomson is employed. Only the immediate families were present for the wedding service."

Source: The Port Huron Times Herald, Port Huron, Michigan, Saturday, June 26, 1926

John Thomson - Obituary
Died: 1944

John S. Thomson - Obituary
Died: 1917

John S. Thomson, Jr. & Rose Gertrude Vince
"On Wednesday evening, June 3rd, occurred one of the prettiest home weddings of the season when Mr. John S. Thomson Jr. and Miss Rose Gertrude Vince were united in marriage at the residence of Mrs. Emma Thomson on Vine St., in the presence of one hundred and twenty-five guests-the fireman (of which company the groom is a member), attended in a body. The parlors, dining-room and hall were beautifully decorated in white and green and cut flowers everywhere. At eight o'clock, the strains of the wedding march from Lohengrin announced the approach of the bridal party. The bride looked sweet (as brides in June should), in a beautiful gown of white silk with garniture of lace and pearl passamenterie and carried a bouquet of carnations. The maid of honor, Miss Helen Powers, was becomingly gowned in white and carried pink carnations. The best man was Mr. Charles Roberts. The ceremony, a very impressive one, was performed by Rev. Dr. McEldowney. After receiving the congratulations of their many friends, refreshments were served and then guests repaired to the rink, where they "tripped the light fantastic" until "the wee small hours". The young couple were the recipients of many beautiful and useful presents in silver, china, cut glass, linen and furniture. Mr. and Mrs. Thomson will be at home to their friends after June 15th, at their cottage on Witherell street. Among the out of town guests at the wedding were Mr. and Mrs. Thos. Vince, of Chatham, Ont., parents of the bride; Mrs. H. Oldfield, Mrs. William Thomson and son Frank, and Mrs. Will Oldfield of Port Sanilac; Prof. Parker and daughters May and Allie, Marine City, Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Coppernoll and daughter Marion, of Port Huron; and Master Tom Hosmer, of Des Moines, Ia."

Source: Newspaper Clippings Scrapbook, St. Clair Historical Museum, St. Clair, Michigan

Lulu Thomson - Obituary
Maiden name Lulu May Stevens

Rose G. Thomson - Obituary
Died: 1963

William Gilbert "Gib" Thomson - Obituary
Died: 1992

Charles H. Westcott & Hattie Agens
Charles H. Westcott, age 24, born: Ingham County, Michigan; residence: Detroit
Hattie Agens, age 21, born: Newark, New Jersey; residence: St. Clair, Michigan
Married: January 24, 1871 in Detroit, Wayne County, Michigan