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Newspaper Articles Detailing the Removal of Bodies
from the Old Cemetery (Pinewood?) to Lakeside Cemetery
(1886 & 1892)
submitted by Kay Mitchell

Source: 15 March 1886, Sunday Commercial
The Cemetery
"A large number of removals are being made daily from the old to the new cemetery. Following is a list of those who have been moved under the direction of Superintendent Clark. All those mentioned have exchanged lots and moved of their own accord: Henry Brown, Luther Cummins, S. B. Brown, Penney Brothers, James H. Hazlett, Aaron Smith, Judge Stevens, David Bratt, Henry Wilcox, Edward Miller, Robert Bean, Hyde and Townsley, Mrs. Manuel, David Cowan. Applications for removals have been received from Henry Howard, Mrs. Joseph Jones, Harvey Hall, Mrs. Christian, Thomas Sutherland, Mrs. Henry Wells, Brandimore and Causley families. It is expected a large number of applications will be received the coming week. In all, from private lots and the common ground, 222 bodies have already been removed."

Source: 22 March 1886, Sunday Commercial
"The following removals from the old to the new cemetery were made during the week ending March 20th. From lots owned by Henry Howard, Mrs. Manuel, Paul Roberts, Rufus Brandimore, Andrew and Wm. Causley. Applications have been made by J.E. Miller, C.F. Harrington, Theodore Luce, Mrs. Crawford, Mr. McMartin, Nelson Roberts, Charles Riley, James Schoolcraft and Dr. Jordan. In all about 130 bodies were removed during the week."

Source: 29 March 1886, Sunday Commercial
Still More Removals
"During the week ending March 27th, Supt. Clark reports 92 bodies removed from the old to the new cemetery. Removals were made from plats owned as follows: A. and M. Youngs, Francis and Mary Ruf, J.E. Miller, Sylvester Andrews, Wm. Allen, Ed. Kaesemeyer, Mr. Brown, Jas Schoolcraft, Thos. Sutherland, S.W. Hamilton, Isaac Hamilton, John Davidson, L.S. Burton and Harvey Plaisted. Quite a number of applications are in for removals the coming week."

Source: 19 April 1886, Sunday Commercial
Still More
"The following persons have had bodies removed from the old to the new cemetery during the week: Hall & Hitchens, Mrs. Dessint, A.W. Clark, Geo Adams, John Hoffman, May family, M. French, James Toft, Theo. Luce, Gould & Facer, Mrs. Crawford, Mrs. McCain, Alex. Reed, Mrs. Post, J.P. Minnie, Capt. Hartman, and Dr. Fechet. One hundred and thirty-two bodies for the week. One grave that was opened the plate of the coffin was found in good shape, and marked the age of the person buried to have been 106 years at the time of death. About all the bodies have been removed from the Potter’s Field. All those wishing to have bodies removed will have to make application at once as the work will have to be stopped shortly on account of warm weather."

Source: 26 April 1886, Sunday Commercial
Cemetery Removals
"The following persons have had bodies removed from the old to the new cemetery during the past week: Wm. W. Smith, Baptist church, Jas. Moffat, Geo. Mitts, Jas. A. Hope, D.W. Runnels, Mrs. McGinn, Capt. McElroy, Frank Welcome, M. Martin, Wm. McMillan, Wm. Cline, Mrs. Wiley, Geo. Huntington, Stephen Miller, Wm. Corbett, Wm. Flanagan, Jessie King Estate, Donald McMartin, Harder Estate, Jas. J. Boyce. Total number of bodies for week 87."

Source: 3 May 1886, Sunday Commercial
Still More Removals
"Bodies have been removed from the following lots in the old to the new cemetery during the week ending Saturday, May 1st. Jas. Gains, C. Chapman, Mrs. Wallace, Herbert Sanborn, Geo. Brooks, R. Davis, John M. Trese, Col. Robinson, Malcolm McKay, Horace Williams, Wm. Davis, Allen Fish, Henry Fish, H.N. Wright, Jas. Pettingill, Thomas S. Skinner, John Braithwaite, Mrs. Simpson, Ben Lauzon. Seventy bodies in all."

Source: 17 May 1886, Sunday Commercial
More Removals
"The following persons have had bodies removed from the old to the new cemetery during the past two weeks: Mrs. Col. Cavis, Mrs. Gilbert, Wm. Bottomley, John Holt, Capt. Merryman, Chas. Danger, Jas. M. Schell, Dennis Jones, Cornell Glasbie, John Buzzard, Dr. Kibbie, Ed. Flanigan, G. Saety, F. Young, Lewis Brockway, J.F. Batchelor, Mrs. Kerwin, D. McArron, W.W. Campfield, Capt. Bedford, Geo. Taylor, Oswald Unger, G.W. Pinkham, John Harley, O.D. Conger, C.B. Conger, Stratton Phillips, making 91 bodies removed in the past two weeks."

Source: 31 May 1886, Sunday Commercial
The Changes
"The following people have removed bodies from old to the new cemetery during the week: John Yates, Capt. Sinclair, Chas. Samberg, Frank Hazel, Joseph Miller, Mrs. Armstrong, Geo. Brown, Mrs. C.W. Robinson, Arnold Saph, W.D. Brown, Martin Armstrong, Emily Smith, Mr. Lawrence, Thos. Biddlecomb, Mr. Palmateer, Robt. French, Nelson Bryant, Mrs. James, Ed. Smith, Mrs. Perry Dale, T.C. Curtis, Henry Hillier, Mrs. Smith. Total for the week 85 bodies. This makes a total of 1,102 bodies removed since the work commenced, Feb. 11th, 1886. The work will now be stopped till the first day of October."

Source: 11 October, Sunday Commercial
The Work Commenced
"The work of removing bodies from Pinewood to Lakeside cemetery has again commenced, and before this time next year it is expected all will be moved. Since October first Superintendent Clark reports the following removals: Adam Helmer, Geo. Bolio, Mr. Pratt, Mrs. Gutcheon, Thompson Estate, W.A. Eldridge, Jacob P. Haynes, Chas. Reilly, D.C. Curtis, L. S. Nobel, J.J. Boyce, Col. Archie Campbell, Richard Brown, Mrs. Isabell, Mrs. Stoddard, Adam K. Ash. Total number of bodies removed from the above lots 63. Several applications are in for removals for the coming week."

Source: 18 October, Sunday Commercial
The List
"Supt. Clark reports bodies moved from the following lots in Pinewood to Lakeside cemetery. Gage Inslee, Dr. L.A. Hubbard, Mrs. Dunn, John Cole, E.J. Inslee, Mr. Putnam, Elizjah Burtch, Dr. John Traverse, James Bennett, Elizabeth Hayes, Simon Petit, John Billenstein, John S. Crellin, Mrs. Klop, Robert McArthur, Robert Simms, Mrs. Bratford, making 76 bodies removed during the week."

Source: 24 October 1886, Sunday Herald
"I see the Sunday Herald this week spoke of the Indian burying ground where the custom house is. I helped remove the bodies from there to the old burying ground, near where Dem. Carleton lives. Dr. Nash got the citizens toether and had the bodies moved. I remember one Indian who was buried where the engine house is. He was evidently some big chief. His body was enclosed in birchen bark, and a snow white blanket was wound round the body. Twelve scalps were buried with him.

In reference to Dr. Nash, to whom Mr. James refers, as interesting the citizens in moving the bodies of the Indians, a subscription is being taken up in the city this week to have his remains removed from the Schryver lot in Pinewood cemetery where they were laid to rest a dozen or so years ago, to Lakeside cemetery. So works the whirligig of time."

Source: 8 November 1886, Sunday Commercial ?
Bodies Moved
"During the past two weeks bodies have been removed from lots in Pine Grove to lots in Lakeside cemetery by Supt. Clark, as follows: F.F. White, Amos Haskell, Henry Smith, A. Carroll, Mr. Brown, J.E. Swales, Mrs. Carpenter, Mrs. Stoddard, Hiram Barnett, Michael Plant, Mrs. Birney, Mr. Houghton, W.T. Mitchell, Mrs. Geo. Brockway, Frank Shaw, Mrs. Peck, Mrs. Lyman Wadleigh, 67 in all."

Source: 22 November 1886, Sunday Commercial ?
Bodies Removed
"During the past two weeks Supt. of Cemeteries, S.D. Clark, has removed bodies from the following lots in the old to the new cemetery: Mr. Mann, C.G. Meisel, Jed. Spalding, L.K. Snider, A.J. Bigelow, W.P. Edison, Mr. Renville, S.B. Carl, Morgan Flood, Mr. Niggaman, Mr. Benton, Antoine Densmore, Mr. Cruickshank, W.P. Wheeler, Mr. Brown, Mr. Younghusband, M.E. Hitchings, B.D. Bemis, Wm. McClary, A. Harkness, William Sherman, Chas. McCormick. Seventy bodies in all."

Source: 16 February 1892, Sunday Commercial Newspaper in Port Huron, Michigan
Between Five and Six Thousand Burials at Lakeside Cemetery
Much Improvement will be Made During the Present Year
The Grounds at Mout Hope Cemetery will be Improved

"A Times representative ran across S.D. Clark, superintendent of the Lakeside cemetery, on Saturday. Mr. Clark says that many improvements will be made to the cemetery this year. The entire swamp on the east will be filled in and cleared up. The northern portion of the cemetery has been staked out and will be platted as soon as spring opens. The Board have concluded to take a new departure in the sale of lots in the new addition. Heretofore lots have been sold for $25.00 and the question of grading has been left to the owners. As a result about one-third of the lots have been neglected and the beauty of the cemetery spoiled. A uniform price of $50. will be charged for the new lots and all grading, etc., will be done by the Cemetery Board.

“How many people are buried in Lakeside cemetery?” asked the reporter.

"We moved over 2,000 bodies from the old Pinewood cemetery,” replied Supt. Clark.

"In addition to these there have been about 3,500 interments in the cemetery, making a total of 5,500.”

“Are there many people buried in the potter’s field?” asked the reporter.

“You will be surprised when I tell you that there are over 1,000 buried on public grounds. You would be further surprised if I told you the many people who use the common ground for their dead. Hundreds of stillborn children are buried there, when the parents are perfectly able to purchase lots.”

Water pipes will be extended into the new addition to the cemetery. The new pumping engine is of sufficient capacity to furnish all the water for the beautifying of the place of the dead.


Last season the water pipes were extended to Mt. Hope (Catholic) cemetery. This was not found satisfactory and the city presented the trustees of that cemetery the small pumping engine formerly used at Lakeside and the coming season water will be pumped direct from the lake. Pipes will be laid through the cemetery and extra efforts will be made to make it an attractive place."