Hillside Wesleyan Church

also known as:
First Pilgrim Holiness Church of Port Huron
First Wesleyan Church of Port Huron

previous location:
13th Street and Lapeer Avenue

Hillside Wesleyan Church had its orgin in a series of tent meetings held on a vacant lot at Howard and 14th Streets in the City of Port Huron during the summers of 1925 and 1926. In October 1926 a small house was purchased at 703-13th Street. In October of 1928, a white frame church building was purchased near Applegate, Michigan and moved to the lot where a basement had been constructed. From 1928-1968, this congregation was known as the First Pilgrim Holiness Church of Port Huron. On June 26, 1968 the National Pilgrim Holiness group and the Wesleyan Methodist Organization merged to form the Wesleyan Church. Our church then became the First Wesleyan Church of Port Huron. In 1989, the congregation purchased its current building from the North Hills Nazarene Church on North River Road. The Nazarenes had built under a vision from God of great ministries being done on the side of the hill. In order to fit with the new geography, the church name was changed to Hillside Wesleyan Church.