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St. Clair County, Michigan
Index to Death Records

The following information was copied and transcribed by Suzette Bromley, with permission from the St. Clair County Clerk, and with the cooperation of the St. Clair County Public Library. It is intended for personal use and not for profit.

Please be sure to check for spelling variations.

To find the surname you are looking for, find the first letter of the name, followed by the first vowel. Names begining with vowels, lacking a second vowel, should be found under the vowel listed twice.


Anderson = Ae

Smith = Si

Elz = Ee

Aa Ae Ai Ao Au Ay

Ba Be Bi Bo Bu By

Ca Ce Ci Co Cu Cy

Da De Di Do Du Dy

Ea Ee Ei Eo Eu Ey

Fa Fe Fi Fo Fu Fy

Ga Ge Gi Go Gu Gy

Ha He Hi Ho Hu Hy

Ia Ie Ii Io [No Listings for "Iu" or "Iy"]

Ja Je Ji Jo Ju [No Listings for "Jy"]

Ka Ke Ki Ko Ku Ky

La Le Li Lo Lu Ly

Ma Me Mi Mo Mu My

Mca Mce Mci Mco Mcu Mcy

Na Ne Ni No Nu Ny

Oa Oe Oi Oo Ou Oy

Pa Pe Pi Po Pu Py

Qua Qui [No Listings for "Que", "Quo", "Quu" or "Quy"]

Ra Re Ri Ro Ru Ry

Sa Se Si So Su Sy

Ta Te Ti To Tu Ty

Ua Ue Ui Uo Uu Uy

Va Ve Vi Vo Vu Vy

Wa We Wi Wo Wu Wy

[No listings for "X"]

Ya Ye Yo Yu [No listings for "Yi" or "Yy"]

Za Ze Zi Zo Zu Zy

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