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St. Clair County, Michigan



Book 3

The following is a collection of county marriages, compiled by Lois Wedge and Helen Whiting, and graciously donated for online transcription to Suzette Bromley. This collection was transcribed directly from the marriage log books located in the St. Clair County Clerk's office. These records are open to the public during normal business hours. I have noted the book numbers for those interested in viewing the originals. You will have to refer to the indexes for these books in the clerk's office for specific page numbers. There are occurances of marriages being filed many years later, so be sure to look through all the records. It is for personal use and not for profit.

Date of Marriage, Place of Marriage, Date of Record
Groom's Name, age, race, residence, born, occupation, P: parents
Bride's Name, age, race, residence, born, occupation, P: parents
Witnesses and residences; Minister/Justice of the Peace (JP)
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17 Feb 1866
James Stover, 25, Chatham, Canada West
Harriet Dowling, 18, Sombra, Canada West
Joseph Stover, of Sombra, Canada West & Martha Lark, of Chatham, Canada West; V.A. Saph, JP

12 March 1866
John C. Hawthorne, 25
Catherine Bell, 18
Howard Lash & June Lash, of Marine City; V.A. Saph, JP

20 March 1866
Hiram Fuller, 46, Hazelton, Michigan
Dorlisco Wadworth, 35
Henry & Jane Clark, of Cottreville; V.A. Saph, JP

25 May 1866
Thomas Sweet, 21
Alice Laird, 17
Samuel Hubbard & Christianna McInnis, of Florence; V.A. Saph, JP

22 July 1866
George E. Lonsbury, 21
Jane Curry, 19, Smithville, Canada West
Joseph Curry & Elizabeth Wood, of Sombra, Canada West; V.A. Saph, JP

18 Aug 1866, Marine City
Joseph McClavon, 27, Indianapolis, Indiana
Mary Edington, 27, Thomasville, Canada West
V.A. Saph, JP

1 Sept 1866, Marine City
Fred A. Emony, 32, Chicago, Illinois
Catherine J. Caswell, 19, Marine City
Henry & Mariah Balfour, of Marine City; V.A. Saph, JP

Recorded 10 March 1868
Stephen Baker, 40, Sombra, Dominion of Canada
Prudence Harris, 20, St. Clair
Madlin Ticknor & Lizzy M. Langes, of Marine City; V.A. Saph, JP

1 Jan 1867
Alvin B. Marks, 28, Cottreville
Sarah R. Mallory, 16, St. Clair
Hiram Robertson & M. Millard, of St. Clair; V.A. Saph, JP

27 May 1867, Marine City
James Reuben, 32
Elizabeth Comer, 17
Andrew Comer & Fanny Comer, of Warwick, Canada West Dominion; V.A. Saph, JP

13 June 1855, Columbus
Ira Marks, Jr., 34, Ira
Favenetta Irons, 17, Ira
Stephen R. Crop & Hannah Crop, of Columbus; E.S. Crop, JP

14 Feb 1865, Casco Twp
Friedrich Wilhelm Wirth, 21, Casco Twp
Augusta Sehna Gossmann, 25
George Helbro & Edward Mirpelba?, of Casco Twp; Jacob Pluss joined them in marriage; Leonard Gottfried Hilmer, Pastor of the German Evangelical Church of St. Jacob, Casco Twp

24 July 1853?
Charles G. Morse, Richmond
Lois Toohy, Riley
Andrew Loun & Jacob Loun; John B. Frost, JP

2 Jan 1867
Solomon Gilbert, 57, St. Clair
Mariah Wheeler, 23, Kimball
William Boman & Loreno Boman, of St. Clair; James Lathom, Minister

15 Aug 1857, China
William B. Morse, 21, St. Clair
Margaret Brown, 19, St. Clair
Charles Rice & C.C. Slyfield, of China; James S. Clark, JP

12 Oct 1860
George Caster, 24, Berlin
Lynthia Carpenter, 28, Berlin
James B. Fort & John E. Carpenter; David McCrasson?, JP

15 Oct 1866
Abraham Spragur?
Mary Ann Robbins
Esther Raymond & Guy Raberson; James A. Roberson, JP

26 April 1863, Lakeport
Henry Herner, 27
Mary Ann Branagan, 19
Abner Stringer & Thomas O'Connor; A.P. Seyton [Sexton], JP

1 Aug 1858, minister's house, Port Huron
Richard Norton
Catharine Murphy
"Done at Minister's house in Port Huron with forms to usuages of the Protestant Episcopal Church of the USA" - Norman Nash, Presbyter of said Church

17 Feb 1879, Fort Gratiot
John Griffin, 55, White, Port Huron, b. Ira, Sailor
Ellen McDonald, 31, White, St. Clair, b. Pennsylvania
Thomas Dwyer & Mary J. Dunlap, of Fort Gratiot; Julius Granger, JP

25 April 1859, Ruby Parsonage
William H.H. Smith, 29, Emmett
Margaret McDermot, 18, Emmett
Mrs. E.J. Sutton & Miss S.A. Dilliabaugh; J.S. Sutton, Minister of Gospel

28 Sept 1879, Algonac Village
Thomas G. Taylor, 37, Chatham, Dominion of Ontario
Sarah Jane Berchell, 23, Chatham Twp, Ontario
John J. Hardick, of Lambton, Ontario & Lucy P. Stewart, of Algonac; A.P. Stewart, JP

20 Sept 1861
John M. McCane, 34, St. Clair
Alice Lanibe Redfield, 15, St. Clair
Matilda Newton & John L. Spink, of St. Clair

16 Dec 1881, bride's residence
Joseph Cobel, 45, White, Riley, b. England, Farmer
George Anna Compo, 37, White, St. Clair Twp, b. Amburgh Twp, Canada
Mrs. M.J. Langley & Henry C. Stone, of St. Clair; Joshua W. Houghton, JP

14 Jan 1845
William H. Freeland
Harriet Lucinda Nelsen
John Clunas, Jr. & Mathew Kinney; Rueben Crandell, Minister of Gospel

26 April 1886, Ira Twp
Franck Lambyrs, 22, White, Ira, b. Michigan, Farmer
Alice Day, 20, White, Clay, b. Michigan
Frank Roman & Anna Fasbender, of Ira; Charles Fasbender, JP

25 Dec 1874
George W. Crawford, 26
Caroline Kingsley, 17
Eli McLane & Mary Reeves; John McGill, JP

26 Jan 1865, St. Clair
Henry J. Olney, 27, Lakeport
Miss Isabella Harrington, 22, Lakeport
Mrs. Percilla Hess & Mrs. Mary Smith, of St. Clair; A.A. Carleton, JP

18 Sept 1864, Capac Village
Dewitt Walker, 21
Miss Meleson M. Caswell, 22
D.C. Walker & Harvey Caswell; William B. Preston, JP

8 July 1868, St. Clair
Hercules J. Aird, 26, White, Harrisville, MI, b. Detroit, Lumberman
Amanda M. Bartley, 22, White, St. Clair, b. St. Clair
Barnie Daniels & Margaret Bartley, of St. Clair; M.H. Miles, JP

17 Sept 1859
Edward Cutcher, Oakville, Halton Co, Canada
Matilda Barnes, Oakville, Halton Co, Canada
Jacob Barnes & Amanda Cutcher; Alexander T. Green, Minister of W.M. Church, of Canada

10 March 1872, Fort Gratiot
Ralf Stevens, Fremont, MI, b. 25 April 1840
Sarah Ann Thompson, Greenwood, b. 7 Feb 1854, in Ontario
Edwin R. Towsley & Deborah Towsley, of Fort Gratiot; Edward Barry, Minister of the Gospel

16 Dec 1893, Casco
William Miller, Ira
Elizabeth Basney, Ira
Martha Warwick & Otis Fish; Alexander Chase, JP
"Mrs. Augusta Fish, of Wasseca Co., and Mr. & Mrs. Almira Warwick, of Chesterfield, Macomb Co., being duly sworn, depose and say that above married by our Father, Alexander Chase, JP, at his residence in Casco." - Jacob L. Kellar, Notary Public

31 Oct 1865, Richmond
Mancer Green, 28, Wales
Sarah Smith, 15, Wales
Mrs. Mary Tobin & Mrs. Amy Stoughton; Rev. Fayette Hurd

Married 5 March 1867, Port Huron, recorded 8 Jan 1895, in Flint, Michigan
Samuel B. Carll, Port Huron
Josephine Brown, Port Huron
A.J. Bigelow, Minister of Methodist Episcopal Church

24 Dec 1865, bride's residence
Zimri Mithcel, 24, St. Clair
Hannah Ann Conklin, 25, Columbus
Jas. Conklin, of Columbus & William Mitchel Sen., of St. Clair; Job Gibson, Minister

2 Feb 1880, Kimball Twp
Reuben Daniels, Kimball
Sarah Jane Johnson, Kimball
John Farquhar & Mary H. Farquhar; Jason Gee, Minister of Gospel, M.P.C.

1 March 1855, St. Clair
Owen Williams, 28, St. Clair
Eliza Robinson, 22, St. Clair
Jos. Ryerson & Susannah Campbell; William Cook, JP

1 Feb 1866
Amos L. Cole
Charlotte Coleman
Henry T. Gaffield, of Smith Creek & George Coleman, of near Smiths Creek, formerly of St. Clair; Adam Gaffield, JP
"This affidavit is made because there is no record of the marriage to be found."

5 Dec 1868
Charles W. Frey, 26, White, Wales, b. Saxe Weisuer, Europe, Carriage Maker
Catherine Wunderlich, 19, White, St. Clair, b. Bohemia, Europe, Widow
M.H. Miles, JP

11 July 1871, St. Clair
John Fink, St. Clair
Miss Johanna Gertrude John, St. Clair
Rudolph Schafer, of Detroit & Henretta Gertrude John, of St. Clair; Rev. John Renhenbach?

9 Jan 1866, Casco
Robert Peak, 19, White, Casco, b. Marion, Sanilac Co, Farmer
Ester Anna Springstead, 22, White, Casco, b. Canada
Herman Lach & Anna Lache, of Casco; William Miller, JP

21 Oct 1866, at bride's father's, Berlin
Schuyler Jones
Matilda M. Powers
Margaret Chapman & Mary Power; Rev. J. Armstrong

5 Dec 1868, Lakeport
Edward Buckeridge, 23, Port Huron, b. Southwould, Canada West, Sailor
Phebe Hillman, 21, Port Huron, b. Canada West
Phebe Ann Maynard & Euya? Holt, both of Burtchville; John Holt, JP

21 Oct 1866, Ruby
Richard D. Larvere, 28, Clyde
Susan McKenzie, 24, Burtchville
Alex McKenzie, of Burtchville & Mrs. Withey, of Ruby; J.B. Withey, Minister

8 Oct 1857
Henry Parker, China
Rosanna H. Haines
D.K. Oakes & Mary Oakes; Silas Finn, Minister of Gospel

2 Nov 1869
Oliver Dumis, 28, P: Peter Dumis & Ursula Erave
Ellen Laforet, 19, P: Nicholas LaForest & Teresa Vincent
Nicholas LaForet & Anthony Thomas; A.J. Lambert, Catholic Priest

18 Dec 1855
John Phillips, Marine City
Ellen McKenzie, Marine City
Mary Stringham & Mrs. E. Schackenson; J.P. Stringham, Minister of the Gospel

3 Aug 1867
James Rodocke, Port Huron
Elizabeth Shelerrn, Port Huron
Albert Rodocke & Abigail Rodocke; John McNeil, JP

20 Dec 1866, Port Huron
Albert B. McCollum, 23, Memphis
Eunice A. Inslee, 24, Port Huron
J.J. Mannaning & Miss Amelia Jones, of Port Huron; James S. Hoyt

27 Feb 1871, Port Huron
Hiram Hicks, 33, White, Mainistee, MI, b. Norwich, Ontario, Farmer
Elizabeth Orms, 22, White, Port Huron, b. Ohio
Hiram Hamilton & Eva McLain, of Port Huron; John McNeil, JP

9 Aug 1874, Wales Twp
Newell Bowen, 30, White, Wales, b. New York, Farmer
Martha An Mitchell, 23, White, b. Ontario, Canada West
Mr. and Mrs. McLennan & William I. Lashbrook, of Wales; William J. Cowles, Esq., JP

28 Jan 1843, Port Huron
Josiah H. Hulett, 25 years 6 months, Plimoth, Wayne Co, MI
Miss Jane L. Carll, 13, Port Huron
Samuel Carll & Nancy Brakeman; P.F. Brakeman, JP

7 Oct 1866, Port Huron
Peter A. Mitts, 36, Port Huron
Emma Wixson, 28, Port Huron
Mrs. George Mitts & Mrs. George Mitts, of Port Huron; J. Donnelly, Jr., Pastor of Baptist Church

10 Oct 1870, Memphis
Henry Bowen, 31,White, Wales, Farmer
Margaret Herring, 31, White, Wales
Frank Gleason & Ellen Hazen, of Memphis; Ezra Hazen, JP

27 March 1872, Grant
Joseph Tacia, 34, Fair, Grant, b. New York, Farmer
Margaret Womsley, 23, Fair, Grant, b. Canada
James King & Joseph Turner, of Grout [Grant?]; C.P. Farr, JP

1 Oct 1857, Lakeport
Charles Jordon Armes, 21, Burtchville
Mary Abagal McClintock, 16, Lakeport
James Bingham & Joseph Stevenson, of Lakeport; A.P. Sexton, JP

22 Sept 1884
George Spencer, Riley
Laura Lewis, St. Clair County
Hannah H. Jones & Mattie L. Jones; John D. Jones, JP

23 May 1881, Smiths Creek
Thomas Gracy, St. Clair County
Alvira Palmer, St. Clair County
Mrs. Mary Wright & Mrs. Lillian Wright; Rev. William Wright

4 July 1873, Capac
Joseph Saunders, Armada
Porcila Tibbetts, Armada
B.L.E. DerMotte & Anna E. Shepard; A. Shepard, Minister of Gospel

1 Jan 1863
George E. Thomas, Kenockee
Mary Jane Woodward, Lynn
Mary Slade & Bedelia Potter; T.G. Potter, Minister of Gospel

27 Aug 1863, Port Huron
Thomas Dunford, 28, Port Huron
Miss Sarah Pace, 20, Port Huron
Samuel D. Pace & Amanda Pace; John McNeil, JP

10 May 1868, Wales
Charles Leaym, 24, Wales
Frances J. Lee, 18, Wales
Robert Story & Mearietta Story, of St. Clair; Drury F. Willoughby, JP

10 Oct 1875, Kenockee Twp
John Houghton Bartlette, 21, White, Kenockee Twp, b. Canada, Farmer
Jane Levings Dilree, 30, White, Kenockee Twp, b. Richmond, MI, Widow
Nicholas Dettmore & Adeline Dellmore, of Greenwood Twp; Duke McKenzie, JP

22 Feb 1870, Columbus
Henry C. Stone, 25, Columbus
Althea Brown, 19, St. Clair
Julius Jones & Rhoda Tinney, of Columbus; E.S. Crofs, JP

16 July 1878, Port Huron
James A. Wall, Port Huron
Freelove Bennett, Port Huron
Thomas Bennett & Jennie Nickolson; A.C. Leonard, JP

12 Jan 1877, Port Huron
Alfred Carley, Detroit
Maggie Doig, Mandaumin, Ontario
Colin McLachlin & Henry Snyder, of Port Huron; Malcolm McKay, JP

2 Aug 1866, Port Huron
John W. Babbitt, 30, Ypsilanti, MI
Florence E. Smalley, 19, Ypsilanti, MI
Gottleib Meisel & Charles H.P. Stowe, of Port Huron; William Stowe, Rector of Grace Church

10 Oct 1866
Bernard Walker, 25, Capac
Ruth A. McGeorge, 23, Berlin
Anna M. Roberts & Hamit A. Roberts, of Berlin; Peby Mattison, Minister of Gospel

13 Oct 1866, St. Clair
John Johnson, 22, Mooretown, Canada West
Mary Ann Dennitt, 20, Mooretown, Canada West
Elvira L. Collins & James Hearmitton; George Collins, JP

16 Sept 1866, Berlin
Henry Loucks, 24
Susan Adle, 18
T.J. Bragman & Hannah Loucks; Nathan Hunt, Jr., JP

15 Oct 1866, Memphis
John Gamble, 22, Greenwood
Emma Westbrook, 22, Clyde
Joseph Beast & Sarah Sage, of Memphis; William Benson, Minister of Gospel

4 Oct 1866, Casco
Theodore Wolf, 23, Casco
Fredrick Heansch, 19, Casco
John Koch & Mina Heansch; Henry Kroll, Pastor of German Methodist Episcopal Church

6 Sept 1866, Kimball Twp
Michael Bashamp [Beauchamp?], 46
Harriet Valentine, 17
Alexander Boshaw & Eliza Boshaw; George McCormick, JP

16 Sept 1866
Joseph E. Boshaw, 25, Kimball
Emma E. Mattison, 26, Kimball
Alex Boshaw & Angeline Boshaw

8 Oct 1866, St. Clair SCC
Joseph Reneau, 24, St. Clair
Mary Randeau, 18, St. Clair
Moses Coutor & Elizabeth Randeau, of St. Clair; John Reichenback, Minister

18 Oct 1866, residence of James S. Freligh
J.F. Heilliken, 31, Berlin
Elizabeth Hall, 21, Berlin
James S. Freligh & William Hall; J.F. Kellogg, Minister of Gospel

4 Sept 1866, residence of Abram Kilborn
Albert J. Raymouil, 19, Berlin
Matilda Kilborn, 16, Berlin
Abram Kilborn & Julius Raymond; J.F. Kellogg, Minister of Gospel

8 Nov 1866
George Secker, 28, West China
Catherine Distlerath [Distelrath], 17
John Distlerath & Catherine Seifert; Rev. John Rickenbock
Helena Sicher.

13 Oct 1866, Brockway
Alfred Woodward, 23, Lynn Twp
Minnie Sterling, 16, Lynn Twp
Herman Cole & Maritte Cole; Jesse A. Cole, JP

15 Aug 1866
Michael Arnold, 26, Kimball
Julia A. Hagle, 25, Columbus
Nancy Williams & John Hagle; Josiah West, JP

13 Feb 1866
John M. Young, Port Huron
Sarah A. Lymburner, Port Huron
Peter Lymburner & Hamit Lymburner; W.H. Shier, Minister of Gospel

Unknown date
John Hubbard, Emmet Twp
Margaret Wees, Emmet Twp
Henrietta A. Shier & Hamett Wright; W.H. Shier, Minister of Gospel, Methodist Episcopal Church

24 March 1866
Edward Soper, Port Huron Twp
Fanny Shepard, Port Huron Twp
John McCoy & Wilson Shepard; W.H. Shier, Minister of Gospel

4 April 1866, Methodist Episcopal Church, Port Huron
Henry Fenton, Cleveland, Ohio
Louisa Hagedon, Port Huron
D.N. Hagedon & Maynard Hagedon; W.H. Sheir, Minister of Gospel

29 Sept 1866, Berlin
Alanzo Hoover, 22, Berlin
Maria Anderson, 17, Brooklyn, Macomb Co, MI
Loretta Demott & Melissa Hebden; Charles Hebden, JP

9 July 1861
Langdon Case, 21, Riley
Mary E. Parker, 20, Riley
John Parker & Daniel Parker; Henry Rix, JP

6 Aug 1861
Anthony Welch, 28, Brockway
Melenda Fergeson, 17, Brockway
Elica Rix & Alice Rix; Henry Rix, JP

26 Dec 1860
Joshua Perry, 24, Riley
Mary E. Kimball, 17, Riley
Daniel Parker & Phebe Perry; Henry Rix, JP

Sept 1862
Joseph F. Merrill, 27, Port Huron
Eliza Howe, 21, Port Huron
Ella Hanstad & Alice Rix; Henry Rix, JP

11 Jan 1865
Daniel Fishney, 30, Canada West
Matilda Morger, 29, Canada West
William Ann More; Henry Rix, JP

1 June 1865, St. Clair Co
Joseph W. Caughill, 21, Columbus
Joanna Allen, 30, Columubs
Eliza Rix & Silva Roberts; Henry Rix, JP

3 April 1866
James Wilson, 28, Columbus
Charlotte Decator, 17, Columbus
Nicholas Dysinger & Robert Philbrick; Henry Rix, JP

3 June 1866
Albert Lewis, 38, Riley
Harriet Ney, 28, Riley
Henry Heu & wife; Henry Rix, JP

3 Sept 1866
Sylvester Aply, 24, Wales
Hamit Potter, 21, Wales
Ezra Rix & Silva Roberts; Henry Rix, JP

20 April 1866, Port Huron
Michael H. Higgins
Caroline V. Jex, Victoria
Margaret Jex & Charles A. Jex; Disciple W.H. Sheir, Minister of Gospel, Methodist Episcopal Church

25 April 1866
Alfred Lamner, St. Clair
Janet Linkleter, Kimball
Disciple W.H. Shier, Minister of Gospel

30 June 1866
John McArthur M., Port Huron
Ann E. Whiting, Port Huron
Charles H. McArthur & John G. Layton; W.H. Shier, Minister of Gospel

14 July 1866, Port Huron
Jannis B. Popplewell, Lamdon [Lambton?] Co, Canada West
Eliza J. Bowman
Dan R. Shier & Henrietta A. Shier; Disciple W.H. Shier, JP

21 Aug 1866
Samuel Brachett, Port Huron
Lucy M. Fick [Fish?], Port Huron
Henry Fish, Father of the Bride; W.H. Shier, Minister of Gospel

22 Sept 1866, Port Huron
Eli R. Caswell, Port Huron
Mina Van Arman, Port Huron
Rensom Van Arman & Henry Hannah; W.H. Shier, Minister of Gospel, Methodist Episcopal Church

12 Nov 1866, Marine City
John M. Aldinger, 38
Maria Anna Mullen, 48
Kathrina Krill & Joseph Heisler; Henry Krill, Pastor of Methodist Episcopal Church

8 Nov 1866
Barney Mills, 33, Vixburg [Marysville?], St. Clair County
Mary M. Wright, 35, Vixburg [Marysville?], St. Clair County
John Hudson & Ruth Hudson, his wife; L.P. Spilman, Minister of Gospel

10 Oct 1866, Detroit
John Weil, 31, Casco
Elizabeth Holstein, 19
John Holstein & John Ruppel, of Casco; Leonhard Gottfried Hilmer; Pastor of Church

7 Oct 1866
Bernhard Fredrick Seubs
Anna Elizabeth Sattler
R.H. Brederman, Minister of Lutheran Church

18 Nov 1866, St. Clair
James O. Roberson, 23, China
Sarah J. Cryderman, 23, St. Clair
Charles & Carolyn Rowley, of St. Clair; John Kelly, Minister of Gospel

5 Dec 1866
Reubin Daniels, 33, China
Jane Chaffer [Chaffee], 20, St. Clair
Bania [Barna] Daniels & W. Chaffer, of St. Clair; D.C. Maybin, Minister of Gospel

12 Nov 1866, St. Clair
William H. Cheet, 23, Canada
Alice L. Bowman, 18, St. Clair
William B. Boman & Melissa Boman, of St. Clair; D.C. Maybin, Minister of Gospel

4 Sept 1866, Port Huron
Henry Palmer, 22, St. Clair
Augusta McGouegal, 25, Sacketts Harbor, New York
Elvira Palmer & Mrs. J.S. Hoyt, of Port Huron; Rev. J.S. Hoyt

29 Nov 1866
John Burns, 35, Buffalo, New York
Anna Bessa, 28, Moore, Canada West
Mrs. Mary Ann Hopkins & Electra L. Muncey, of St. Clair; Rev. L.P. Spelman

25 Nov 1866, Casco
John Koch, 26, Casco
Wilhelmine Schroeder, 17, Ira
John Schroeder & Charles Koch; J.S. Uahn, Minister of Lutheran Church

19 Nov 1866
Andrew Causley, 24, Port Huron
Elizabeth McDonville, 23, Port Huron
George Jones & Mary McDonville; L. Kilroy, Catholic Missioner

17 Oct 1866, Kenokee
George Kelly, 27, Kenokee
Mary Ann McClosky, Kenokee
Leroy Kilroy & Ellen McGuin; L. Kilroy, Catholic Missioner

25 Oct 1866, Port Huron
Patrick Walsh, 30, Port Huron
Mary A. Wardell, 19, Ingersoll, Canada West
Charles Dugas & Mary Richardson, of Port Huron; L. Kilroy, Catholic Missioner

19 Nov 1866, Port Huron
Cyrus James Shooke, 25, Port Huron
Ellen McCarthy, 20, Port Huron
Michael Manley & Ellen O'Brian; L. Kilroy, Catholic Missioner

27 Nov 1866
Michael Newill, 30, Port Huron
Julia Meagher, 23, Port Huron
John Brithwith & Mary Meagher; L. Kilroy, Catholic Missioner

5 Oct 1866, Lutheran Church
Dirk Autous, about 33, Marine City
Johanna D. (Dorothea) Marsfeld, 35
Joherma F. Autous & Moritz Mengel; C. Ide, Minister

18 Nov 1866, Lutheran Church
Daniel Rojs, about 22, Port Huron
Margantha Hill, 20, Port Huron
Michael Hill & Peter Hill; C. Ide, Minister

5 Oct 1866, Lutheran Church
F.H. Dien [Diem?], 22, China
Emilie Weidel, 21, China
H. Diem & F.G. Weidel; C. Ide, Minister

30 Dec 1866, Port Huron
James McCann, 24, Sarnia, Canada West
Joanna Cornwell, 25, Sarnia, Canada West
B.C. Farrand & T.J. Huelson; H.L. Stevens, JP

15 Oct 1866, Port Huron
John Chrysler, 36, Burchville
Charlotte Kendrick, 18, Greenwood
A.R. Stringer & John Hickey, of Burchville; H.S. Stevens, JP

4 Sept 1866, Port Huron
Randolf Keeler, Petrolia, Canada West
Isabella Ennis, Petrolia, Canada West
John Parsons & Anna Keeler, of Petrolia, Canada West; I. Dounly, Jr., Pastor of Baptist Church

4 Sept 1866, Port Huron
John Parsons, Petrolia, Canada West
Anna Keeler, Petrolia, Canada West
Mr. J. Dounelly, Jr. & Miss Mary Sawden; I. Dounelly Jr., Pastor of Baptist Church

7 Sept 1866
Henry C. Osmer, Fort Gratiot
Mary J. Mathews, Port Huron Twp
Anna Matthews & Asa Samul; I. Dounelly, Jr., Pastor of Baptist Church

8 Sept 1866
George Rutheford, 20, Port Huron
Mary Blair, 20, Port Huron
S.G. Mill & Matilda Blair, of Port Huron; I. Dounelly, Jr., Pastor of Baptist Church

12 Sept 1866, Port Huron
G. McCort, 24, Oil Springs, Canada West
Maria Morgan, 20, Oil Springs, Canada West
Asa Lamul & William Hartsuff, of Port Huron; I. Dounelly, Jr., Pastor of Baptist Church

17 Sept 1866, Port Huron
John Wright, Fort Gratiot
F.L. Strohn, Fort Gratiot
Edward Wright & Daniel Strohm; I. Dounelly, Jr., Pastor of Baptist Church

18 Sept 1866
William Stockes, 23, Sarnia, Canada West
Rebecca Dennis, 21, Sarnia, Canada West
Samul Stockes & Nancy Dennis, of Sarnia; I. Dounelly, Jr., Pastor of Baptist Church

7 Oct 1866, Riley
Peter A. Mitts, Port Huron
Emma A. Wixon
George Mitts, of Port Huron & Mrs. George Mitts; I. Dounelly, Jr., Pastor of Baptist Church

26 Dec 1866
Alonzo Bowman, Dumville, Canada West
Anna Saunders, Port Huron
John Saunders & Mary Saunders; I. Dounelly, Jr., Pastor of Baptist Church

17 Dec 1866
John A. Fetting, 27, Casco
Louise Hillman, 19, Casco
William Krumbach & William Hillman, of Casco; I.G. Hahn, Minister of Lutheran Church

3 Dec 1866
William Roberts, 22, Port Huron
Sarah Prince, 20, Ostiway, Canada West
John Airs & H. Kasemeyir; Herman Henzog, JP

15 Dec 1866, Port Huron
Phillip Ettling, 25, Port Huron
Rosina Krenkel, 22, Port Huron
Martin Hamen & Herman Mayer; Herman Herzog, JP

2 Aug 1866, Port Huron
Johnson Longtree, 28, Abarader, Canada West
Catherine Nicols, 21, Delaware, Canada West
Robert Steer, of Port Huron & William Mills, of Canada West; Herman Herzog, JP

10 Aug 1866
Martin Haner, 27, Port Huron
Anna Umlauf, 21, Casco
E. Arttenburger & James Bollinger, of Port Huron; Herman Herzog, JP

12 Aug 1866, Port Huron
William W. Wilde, 24, Chitlananga, New York
Louisa Trombley, Bay City, Michigan
James Godinct & Thomas Fitzerald, both of Bay City; Herman Herzog, JP

25 Oct 1866, Port Huron
William Ernest, 36, East Saginaw
Anna Louisa Woelfel, 20, Lexington
Nicholas Woelfel & Barbara, of Lexington; Herman Herzog, JP

25 Oct 1866, Port Huron
William Woelfel, 24, Lexington
Mina Deuzin, 20, Lexington
Nicholas Woelfel & Barbara Woefel, of Lexington; Herman Herzog, JP

25 Dec 1866, Port Huron
James Mitchell, Strathray, Canada West
Jane Dounelly, Strathray, Canada West
Addie Dounelly & Mrs. Sarah Emmerson, of Port Huron; J. Dounelly, Jr., Baptist Minister

26 Dec 1866, Port Huron
S. Gravely, 21, Deuheim, Canada West
E.R. Fraser, Wyoming, Canada West
Miss C. Fraser & W. Williamson, both of Wyoming, Canada West; J. Dounelly, Jr., Baptist Minister

29 Oct 1866, Port Huron
William Davis, Burchville
Agnes McArthy, Burchville
James McArthy & Miss Ellen E. Thomas, of Fort Gratiot; J. Dounelly, Jr., Pastor of Baptist Church

31 Oct 1866
Richard Laurence, Port Huron
Maggie McArthy, Port Huron
Mary Lawrence & Mr. J. Dounally, Jr.; J. Dounelly, Jr., Pastor of Baptist Church

20 Dec 1866
Charles A. Jex, Port Huron
Maggie Seymour, Plympton, Canada West
Mrs. F. Downer & Mrs. F. Dovner?; J. Dounelly, Jr., Pastor of Baptist Church

11 Dec 1866
Frank D. Welcome, Port Huron
Mary H. Boyne, Port Huron
P.M. McElroy & Mrs. P.M. McElroy; J. Dounelly, Jr., Pastor of Baptist Church

24 Dec 1866, Port Huron
John Ried, Petrolia, Canada West
Emily Cribbins, Port Huron
Malcom McKay; J. Dounelly, Jr., Pastor of Baptist Church

27 Dec 1866
Duncan McKellar, 30, Komoko, Canada West
Elizabeth Wellman, 18, Komoko, Canada West
P.J. Flaherty, of Port Huron & Euphenia Robinson, Komoko, C.W.; J. Dounelly, Jr., Pastor of Baptist Church

6 Nov 1866
Wilber L. Moore, 27, Clyde
Christina McKenzie, 25, Seforth, Canada West
John R. Westbrook & T.J. Westbrook; O. Westbrook, JP

15 Dec 1866, residence of O. Westbrook, Clyde
Elishar McCauly, 20, Greenwood
Mary Jane Hull, 16, Greenwood
Mr. Charles Fraser & Miss Mary M. Cauly; O. Westbrook, JP

25 Dec 1866
William J. Gardner, 23, Burchville
Elsie M. Brown, 18, Clyde
Lewis Brown & Sarah Brown; O. Westbrook, JP

22 July 1866, Columbus
Jesse R. Howe, 34, Richmond
Emeline A. Ayers, 26, Columbus
Chancey R. Canfield & John Ayers; W.P. Russell, Minister of Gospel

18 Dec 1866, Columbus
Charles S. Gilbert, 25, Richmond, Macomb County
Matilda E. Pierce, 28, Columbus
Rhoda M. Gilbert & Emma M. Gilbert, both of Richmond; W.P. Russell, Minister of Gospel

17 Aug 1866
Thomas Davis, 25, Sarnia, Canada West
Elizabeth Washington, 25, Sarnia, Canada West
Samuel Edison, JP

19 Sept 1866
George Megesson, 37, Scott, Canada West
Martha Wasure, 27, Scott, Canada West
Samuel Edison, JP

1 Oct 1866
Aminizo McMartin, 22, Fort Gratiot
Sarah Davy, 20, Fort Gratiot
Samuel Edison, JP

27 Nov 1866
Thomas Snowden, 21, West Williams, Canada West
Fanny Campbell, 19, West Williams, Canada West
Samuel Edison, JP

29 Nov 1866
Charles A. Washington, 38, Port Huron
Jans Wardon, 22, Port Huron
Samuel Edison, JP

19 Dec 1866
Nathan Steete, 56, Stratford, Canada West
Fanny Carroll, 32, Stratford, Canada West
Samuel Edison, JP

25 Dec 1866
William Salsbury, 18, Fort Gratiot
Elizabeth Sharlon, 14, Fort Gratiot
Samuel Edison, JP

15 Dec 1867
James McGregor, 42, Brockway
Mary Anne McKenzie, 32, Brockway
Janet McGregor & Robert Bruce Brown, both of Brockway; L. Brown, Minister & JP

21 Oct 1866, Ruby
Richard D. Lamere, 28, Clyde
Susan McKenzie, 26, Burchville
Alex McKenzie, of Burchville & Mrs. T. Wethy, of Ruby; I.B. Withey, Minister of Gospel

20 Nov 1866, Clyde
George F. Maxwell, 27, Port Huron
Lauisa E. Merrite, 24, Clyde
William Merritt & Mary C. Merritt, both of Clyde; I.B. Withey, Minister of Gospel

25 Oct 1866, Port Huron
Charles Haley, 28, Clyde
Adaline Smith, 20, Clyde
Mr. Schryver & Mrs. Schryver, both of Port Huron; I.B. Withey, Minister of Gospel

4 Dec 1866
Moses H. Livergood, 21, Greenwood
Mary Jane Nichols, 18, Greenwood
Mr. & Mrs. Nichols, of Greenwood; J.B. Withey, Minister

20 Nov 1866
George Smith, 21, St. Clair
Martha J. Shinn, 23
Alfred Baltey & Mary A. Perry; A.R. Laing, Minister of Gospel

24 Nov 1866
Robert McCormick, 41, Kimball
Almira Sheffer, 28, Lexington
Ann McCormick & Arminda Laing; A.R. Laing, Minister

1 Jan 1867, China
Sanford L. Payne, 28, China
Eliza A. Clarke, 15, China
Asa R. Stowell & Addie McIntyre; John Kelly, Minister

30 Oct 1866, house of bride's father
E. Chamberlin, 43, New Baltimore
Helen M. Smith, 27, Clay
Arranzel Smith & Esther Tyler; Eli Regal, Minister

8 Oct 1866, house of W. McKenzie
Henry Hewitt, 26, Burchville
Mary Graham, 31, Burchville
John Hickey & Martha Stafford; L. McGregor, Minister, Baptist Church, Burchville

7 Jan 1867, St. Clair
John LeBeau, 30, St. Clair
Elizabeth Rondeau, 19, St. Clair
Albert Coutoe, of Corunna, Canada West & Mary Rondeau, of St. Clair; Rev. John Reichenbach

4 Dec 1866, Algonac
John Laparl, 25, Clay
Isabel Yax, 20, Clay
Alexander Laparl & Sarah Klein, both of Clay; Isaac Klein, JP

6 Sept 1866, St. Clair
Christopher C. Park, 32, St. Clair
Kate Louks, 27, St. Clair
Thadeus W. & Clara Bacon, both of St. Clair; Minister Joseph B. Pritchard, Trinity Church, St. Clair

21 Oct 1866, Marine City
John Densheiss, 23, Ocean County, Michigan
Mary Viger, 24, Marine City
James Bushnell & Florence Hazel; Joseph B. Pritchard, Minister

27 Nov 1866, Algonac
Addison S. Hayward, 19, Cottreville
Kate E. Sherwood, 20, Algonac
H. Sherwood, of Algonac & Edgar Armstrong, of Port Colburn, Canada West; Andrew Jamieson, Minister, Protestant Episcopal Church

4 Dec 1866, East China
Charles B Huse, 24, Manchester, New Hampshire
Hellen C. Woodbury, 21, East China
Benjamin Woodworth, of Detroit & Addie McIntire, of East China; Joseph B. Pritchard, Minister

28 Dec 1866, Berlin
Alexander Shepherd, 31, Berlin
Jane Reid, 22
Joseph Reed & Peter Brown, both of Berlin; Horace R. Williams, Minister

7 Oct 1866, Port Huron
Lionel Phenin, 19, Columbus
Hellen Graves, 16, Columbus
G.A. & Eliza Winn, both of Port Huron; Rev. James S. Hoyt

7 Jan 1867
William A. Huff, 22, Port Huron
Eunice Sheldon, 17, St. Clair
Wilbur & Eliza Sheldon; Joseph H. Marsh, JP

26 Dec 1866, Port Huron
Thomas King, Petrolia, Canada West
Ellen A. Manley, Petrolia, Canada West
Thomas Cosgrove & Henrietta Shier; William H. Shier, Methodist Episcopal Church

27 Nov 1866, Port Huron
Antoine Guro, 34, Port Huron
Mrs. Mary Divine, 38, Port Huron
William Germo & Lora Parent, both of Port Huron; James H. Hoyt, Minister

20 Dec 1866, Port Huron
Albert S. McCallum, 23, Memphis
Eunice A. Inslee, 24, Port Huron
J.J. Manwaring & Amelia James, both of Port Huron; J.S. Hoyt, Minister

13 Dec 1866, Port Huron
Allen Cameron, 23, Sarnia, Canada West
Charlotte Howard, 18, Sarnia, Canada West
Alexander Cameron & Euphemia Taylor, both of Sarnia; J.S. Hoyt, Minister

2 Oct 1866, Port Huron
David Suris, 32, Port Huron
Amelia Hutchings, 32, Port Huron
Walter Suris & Harriet Smith, both of Port Huron; J.S. Hoyt, Minister

10 Oct 1866, Port Huron
Robert Garanie, 24, Enniskulen, Canada West
Eliza Terry, 17, Enniskulen, Canada West
Henry & Elizabeth Gooden, both of Enniskulen, Canada West; J.S. Hoyt, Minister

5 Jan 1867, house of Mrs. Elisabeth Johnston, China
Joseph Gardner Thompson, 27, Detroit
Mary McAdams, 24, New York City, New York
Elisabeth Johnston, of China & Harriet Culverl, of Marquette; Rev. L.P. Spelman

11 Jan 1867, house of Sam F. Hopkind
William Andrew Herren, 24, St. Clair
Rebecca Ellen Fleury, 19, St. Clair
Charles A. Fridlender & M.E. Spelman, both of St. Clair; Rev. L.P. Spelman

16 Oct 1866, Port Huron
Miner L. Hammond, 26, Wales
Caroline McCall, 24, Yarmouth, Canada West
John J. & Martha A. Hoyt, both of Port Huron; J.S. Hoyt, Minister

29 Oct 1866, Marysville
Henry G. McMorran, Port Huron
Emma C. Williams, Marysville
Henry Batchelor & Hannah Williams; Rev. William H. Shier

30 Oct 1866, Port Huron
Jacob Seligman, Pontiac
Nellie Fritzs, Port Huron
G.A. & Maria Cooper; Rev. William H. Shier

16 Nov 1866, Port Huron
Andrew E. Sloan, 28, Port Huron
Mrs. Frances E. Robson, 31, Port Huron
W. Charles Thompson & William J. Mulford, both of Port Huron; Rev. James S. Hoyt

2 Oct 1866, Wales
Ezra Frantz, 22, Richmond
Emma Cole, 16, Wales
William Kaepfgen & Alice Cole, both of Wales; Joseph Dutton, JP

27 Oct 1866, Wales
Edward Smith, 20, Wales
Emily J. Lawrence, 16, Wales
Frank Wilcox & Alice Cole, both of Wales; Joseph Dutton, JP

24 Nov 1866, house of bride's father, Wales
Thomas Storey, 21, Wales
Freelove Lashbrooks, 19, Wales
Harvey & William Lashbrooks; Joseph Dutton, JP

8 Jan 1867, house of Martinas Bentley, Riley
Dennis Cornwell, 22, Mount Bridges, Canada West
Nancy E. Sherman, 22, Memphis
Charles Laford & Sarah Tuttle, both of Riley; Joseph Dutton, JP

27 Nov 1866, Port Huron
Major Samuel J. Wilson, Missouri
Stella M. Buffington, Port Huron
H.C. Buffington & John Johnston; William Shier, Minister

25 Oct 1866, Clay
Francis Skinner, 21, Clay
Sarah Ann Philips, 17, Clay
Sarah McCay & Elizabeth Geer, both of Clay; J.W. Geer, JP

3 Dec 1866, Port Huron
George A. Stockwell, Port Huron
Mary A. Barnes, Port Huron
D. Barnes & C.M. Stockwell

12 Dec 1866, Port Huron
William H. Hart, Port Huron
Emma Layman, Armada
Dan B. Shier & M. Bessac; William H. Shier, Minister, Methodist Episcopal

22 Jan 1867
Joseph P. Phelps, 30, Clay
Agnes E. Pemberton, 19, Clay
Mary Ann Coombs & George Phelps, both of Clay; J.W. Geer, JP

16 Jan 1867, Port Huron
Harrison D. Wood, 24, Little Falls, New York
Clara Spaulding, 20, Port Huron
Edgar Spaulding & Nancy Sanborn, both of Port Huron; James S. Hoyt, Minister

5 Nov 1866, Lakeport
Ebenezer C. Winslow, 25, Tafar Falls, Minnesota
Adelia Pettys, 25, Lakeport
Rice & Marion Graham; George Wilson, Minister

1 Feb 1867, Lakeport
John Rouse, 32, Rutland
Catherine Pollock, 25, Port Huron
Eliza Wilson & Alvira Dunn, both of Lakeport; George Wilson, Minister

15 Jan 1867, Port Huron
Daniel N. Bestor, 30, Chardon, Ohio
Sarah K. Bostwick, 24, Champlain, New York
Bennett Walton & Carrie Beach, both of Port Huron; James S. Hoyt, Minister

27 Jan 1867, Casco
Charles Elsholz, 23, Casco
Dorthea Hartman, 17, Casco
John Hartman & William Elsholz, both of Casco; J.G. Hahn, Minister

24 Jan 1867, St. Clair
Neil Camble, St. Clair
Jane McArthur, St. Clair
Alexander & Christina Kennedy; John Kennedy, JP

1 Jan 1867, Wales
William Brooks, 24
Susannah Quade, 21
Byron S. Parker & John A. Lamb; John Damb, JP

25 Nov 1866, house of Betsy Dewey
Philo Warner, Wales
Betsy Dewey, Wales
Diane Dewey & Henry Newton; John Damb, JP

1 Jan 1867, Capac
Henry A. Cope, 23, Emmett
Mary J. Hillman, 18, Emmett
George V. Cope & Tariohorn Lothio, both of Emmett; Peleg Matteson, Minister
Susan Kenyon.

24 Nov 1866, Ira
Jules Jacques Ray, Tulois, Balmont County, Daus, in France
Adele Moniot, Ira
Annie Moniot & J.C. Mathey; Richard Matyn, JP

10 Feb 1867
James Derr, 24, St. Clair
Sarah E. Johnston, 23, Ohio
Lovina Marsh & Isaac Burch; Joseph Marsh, JP

31 Aug 1865, Burchville
David Thompson, 60, Kenokee
Phobe D. Whitford, 56, Burchville
Lerwis Brown & Samuel Dell; George Strevel, JP

7 Feb 1867, St. Clair
Thomas Gardiner, 44, Port Huron
Mrs. Rachel Butts, 39, Port Huron
Charles Freidlender & Mary Ann Hopkins; Rev. L.P. Spelman

20 Jan 1867
John O'Connor, 25, Burchville
Mary Ann Phenix, 20
Margaret & Loretta Atkin, both of Clyde; William Atkin, Jr., JP

1 Jan 1867
James Burt, 34, Mussy Twp
Susan Killbreth, 26, Mussy Twp
John Burt, Lucy Burt & Elizabeth Burt; Charles Hebden, JP

5 Feb 1867
Augustus M. Hodges, 33, Memphis
Clara S. Nye, 32
W. Seth, T.Hall & Charity E. Hall; William Benson, Methodist Episcopal Church Minister

18 Nov 1867
George Yale, 28, Fort Gratiot
Lucy Reynolds, 24, Berlin
Eugene Chaise & Zenas Chaise; David Mooney, JP

2 Feb 1867
William Hardy, 23, Port Huron
Hester Jackson, 19, Port Huron
George Dinsmore & Hannah Flewellen; Daniel Mooney, JP

17 Dec 1866
Robert Bellow, 22, Kimball Twp
Ellen Berden, 17, Kimball Twp
Caleb Y. Mallory & Job Berdan; George McCormic, JP

5 Feb 1867
Patrick Gleason, 26, St. Clair
Bridget Mengher, 22, St. Clair
Charles Reneay & Susan Bennet; Rev. John Reichenback

11 Jan 1867
Wilhelm Lindemann, St. Clair
Mrs. Friederick Schultz
Rev. R. Biedermann, Lutheran

13 June 1859
Joseph Squires, 20, Worth, Sanilac County
Susan Allen, 16, Worth, Sanilac County
Edwin Facer & Esther Squires; A.P. Sexton, JP

17 March 1867
Michael Miron, 21, Burchville
Harriet Annis, 23, Burchville
Hiram Annis & A.D. McGill; M. Abraham Sloat, Baptist Minister

30 March 1867
Stephen Avery, 22, Burchville
Emor Potter, 20, Burchville
William Potter & Joseph Avery; M. Abraham Sloat, Baptist Minister

3 March 1867
John Dirt, 36, Casco Twp
Mary Lorlling, 20, Casco Twp
John Lorlling & Charles Lorlling; J.G. Hahn, Pastor

17 Sept 1864
William Jackson, 20, St. Clair
Elizabeth ?, 22, St. Clair
Iand Shafry & Mary Baier; Joseph B. Prichard, Rector, Trinity Church, St. Clair

31 Jan 1866
Homer M. Wall, 21, Wales
Eliza J. Hoffman, 20, Wales
Hattie Potter & Rebecca Drew; Joseph H. Dutton, JP

17 Dec 1866
Hugh Caughill, 39, Port Hope
Emily Cox, 38, Port Hope
William Sims & Richard Olmsted; William Stowe, Rector, Grace Church, Port Huron

20 Dec 1866
William Spence, 24, St. Clair
Ann McIntyre, 18, St. Clair
Lucinda Harrington & Mary A. Prevost; John Kelly, Minister of the Gospel

17 Dec 1866
Alonzo A. Cox, 19, Port Huron
Cordelia F. Allen, 18, Port Huron
John Caughell & Frank Gotelengof; William Stowe, Rector, Grace Church, Port Huron

27 Dec 1866
Daniel Walworth, 30, Port Huron
Margaret Lindsay, 25, Port Huron
Reuben Osborne & Margaret Shane; William Stowe, Rector, Grace Church, Port Huron

11 Dec 1866
William Wanless, 31, Port Huron
Eliza Tersa Gain, 27, Port Huron
Robert Gain, James Terrins & Elizabeth Scott; William Stowe, Rector, Grace Church, Port Huron

10 March 1867
Henry J. Parker, 29, New Hampton, Chickosaw Co, Iowa
Camelia Gardner, 21, Clyde Twp
William Gardner & John W. Gardner; Allen Atkins, Minister of the Gospel

21 Jan 1867
C.W. Frederick Wallintin, 36, Emmett Twp
S.M. Christiana (Tiana) Schroeder, 40, Emmett Twp
Henry Gushman & John Schmidt; C. Roehm, Minister of Gospel

7 March 1867
Frederick Emhee, 30, Mussey
Dorothy Heman, 26, Washington, Macomb County
Michael Broom & John Datman; C. Roehm, Minister of Gospel

29 Jan 1867
William Bruder, 41, Casco, formerly from Basiralk, Pomerania, Prussia
Mrs. Frederiki Deehlke C. Frederick, 42, Casco, formerly from Landen, Uerkermark, Prussia
Mrs. Louise Dehlke & Mr. Heinrich Leonhard; Gottfried Hilmer, Pastor, German Church of St. James, Casco

1 July 1866
Francis W. Butler, 22, Argentine, Michigan
Emma Mariah Hirson, 16, Berlin
James Fort & Eliza Graves; Oliver Dodge, JP

2 Feb 1867, Lesterville
Joseph Cobbledick, 34, Riley
Sophia Ann Bearborn, 30, Berlin
James Cobbledick & Sarah Cobbledick; John M. Thomson, Minister

9 Feb 1867
Joseph H. Reish, 22, Wales
Clary A. Haght, 18, Wales
A.D. Laing & Mrs. Markale Partridge; Dreery F. Willoughby, JP

23 Feb 1867
Welmot Demott, 21, Riley
Jennett Burt, 14, Riley
Laura Smith & Sarah Fisher; Oliver Dodge, JP

4 March 1867
Francis Yoit?, 21, Brockway
Adeline Ducet, 19, Brockway
Moses Ducet & Mary Ducet; D. Brown, JP & Minister of the Gospel

4 Feb 1867
Thomas Stephenson, 36, Wales
Ann R. Green, 31, Wales
Leonard Sylvester & Josephine E. Sylvester; Joseph H. Dutton, JP

7 Feb 1867
Daniel Byse, 21, Riley
Sarah Fitch, 16, Wales
Leonard Sylvester; Joseph H. Dutton, JP

10 Feb 1867, bride's father's house
J.L. King, 23, Wales
Julia A. Hammond, 16, Wales
Frank Wilcox & Ella Wilcox; Joseph H. Dutton, JP

10 March 1867, Bride's Father's house
John Smith, 22, Wales
Mary E. Shirkey, 16, Wales
George W. Shirkey & Martha Smith; Joseph H. Dutton, JP

29 Dec 1866
Stephen J. Hale, Port Huron
Almeda Brown, Port Huron
Alexander Brown & Fanna Brown; J. Donnely, Jr., Minister, Baptist Church

27 April 1867
David D. Engler, 24, Veina Station, Genesee County
Sarah Fload, 20, Greenwood, Genesee County
J.H. Larnard & Mrs. Hartary; J. Donnely, Jr., Parson, Baptist Church

1 Jan 1867, Port Huron
William Harrison, New York
Martha Wardell, Guelph, Canada West
Sidney Walter, of Pontiac & Miss Marci Goring, of St. Catherines, Canada West; J. Donnely, Jr., Pastor, Baptist Church

6 Jan 1867
Edward Percival, Port Huron
Mary Ann Hickling, Port Huron
Mr. J.W. Stroit & George B. Gardens, both of Port Huron; J. Donnely, Jr., Pastor, Baptist Church

25 Feb 1866, Port Huron
G. Frederick Ash, 21, Port Huron
Mary A. Dodge, 20, Port Huron
Miss Jennie Dodge & George B. Man; J. Donnely, Jr., Pastor, Baptist Church

4 April 1867, Port Huron
William Bedford (Bradford), Strathray, Canada West
J.L. Odell
Alexander J. Donnely, Jr. & Malcom McKay; J. Donnely, Jr., Pastor, Baptist Church

12 March 1867
Melvin C. Hawley, 23, Kalamazoo
Phebe Fae, 18, Georgetown, C.C.
Mr. Thomas Whitnee & Addie Downey, both of Port Huron; J. Donnely, Jr., Pastor, Baptist Church

4 April 1867
Franklin Decker, 30, Petrolia, Canada West
Elizabeth Hamilton, 29, Petrolia, Canada West
Ben F. Taylor & G.W. Lismar, of Port Huron; J. Donnely, Jr., Pastor, Baptist Church

26 April 1867, St. Clair
Calvin Chamberlin, 25, Marine City
Elizabeth H. Bernard, 20
Alexander H. Bernard & William H. Davie; D.C. Maylin, Minister of the Gospel

23 March 1867, Clay
I.W. Lamphere, 23, Lenox, Macomb County
Marila Webster, 18, Clay
George Morris & Cynthia Morris, of Clay; R. Ransom, Minister of Gospel

Married 18 Aug 1866, recorded 3 May 1867
John McMeetrie, 29, Canada West
Angeline Spencer, 26, Lynn Twp
Martin Lavall & James Sprague; M.T. Robinson, JP

23 Oct 1862, Algonac
Henry Smith, 25, Thomas, Canada West
Sarah King, 16, Clay
Albert King & Mary Ann King, of Clay; Samuel Russel, JP

16 Oct 1853, Columbus Twp, recorded 6 May 1867
Horace Cartwright, 26, Michigan City, Indiana
Jane M. Cross, 18, Columbus Twp
Erastus Cross & Lester Cross, both of Columbus; William P. Russell, Minister

9 Jan 1867, Riley
William T. Stephens, 20, Riley Twp
Rosetta Tibbits, 20, Riley Twp
John M. Sumner & Michael J. Ward, both of Armada; W.P. Russell, Minister

9 April 1867, Columbus
James S. Dutton, 21, Richmond
Celia A. Canfield, 21, Richmond
Joel Canfield, of Columbus & Mary A. Chase, of Detroit; W.P. Russell, Minister

21 Feb 1867, Columbus
M. Eugene Bailey, 22, Lenox
Amelia Weeks, 21, Columbus
George Bailey, of Lenox & Alice Weeks, of Columbus; Rev. Fayette Hurd

6 May 1867, Ira Twp
Friederik Kaehlor?, 29, Ira Twp
Friederika Mueller, 25, Ira Twp
Andrew Cain & Gottfried Neuman, both of Casco Twp; I.G. Hahn, Minister

16 May 1867, China Twp
Charles L. Clayton, 20, China Twp
Marion E. Houston, 20, China Twp
Rebecca M. Kirk & Anna E. Rankin, both of China; Chester Rankin, JP

18 Dec 1865, Berlin
John L. Douglass, 54, Berlin Twp
Lydia Beach, 20, Berlin Twp
Ebenezer Heartwill & Allen Brown, both of Berlin; John B. Frost, JP

12 Oct 1865, St. Clair
James Collard, Michigan
Lena R. Payette, Michigan, Widow of Nelson Payette
F. Vander Born, Catholic Priest

19 May 1867, Casco Twp
Henry Deutsch, 28, Casco Twp
Auguste Spann, 16, Casco Twp
Dietrich Hanker & William Elsholz, both of Casco; I.G. Hahn, Minister

5 May 1867, Port Huron
James Purdy, 45, Kimball
Jane Marsh, 35, St. Clair
Antha Bigelow & Christine Dunn; Luther Lee, Minister

18 Feb 1867
Albert E. Kuddock, 21, Port Huron
Abigal M. Brooks, 19, Clyde Twp
Miss Cornelia Westbrook & Mrs. Elizabeth Westbrook, both of Clyde; O. Westbrook, JP

22 Feb 1867
Sylvester A. Flanigan, 23, Clyde Twp
Mary Jane Forbes, 17, Clyde Twp
Edward Forbes & Lady, his wife, both of Clyde; O. Westbrook, JP

17 March 1867
James G. Meddaugh, 22, Greenwood Twp
Angeline Campbell, 17, Clyde Twp
Edward Philips & Lady, of Kenockee; O. Westbrook, JP

26 April 1867
Thomas J. Lossing, 26, Adrian, Lenawee County
Mrs. Abbey Lawson, 32, Clyde Twp
Barney Smith & Mrs. Elizabeth Smith, his wife, of Clyde; O. Westbrook, JP

29 May 1867, St. Clair County
Hugh L. Marsh, 25, Sombra Twp, Canada
Mary Ann Dawson, 17, Sombra Twp, Canada
Urices Dawson & Sarah Ann Chesney, both of Sombra Twp, Canada West; V.A. Saph, JP

27 May 1867, St. Clair County
James Reuben, 32, Harwick, Canada West
Elizabeth Corner, 17, Harwick, Canada West
Andrew Corner & Fanny Corner, of Hartwick, Canada West; V.A. Saph, JP

30 May 1867, St. Clair County
Alfred Livingston, 25, Casco Twp
Lucinda Metcalf, 30, Riley Twp
E.T. Errin & Susan W. Church; William Miller, JP

18 Nov 1866, house of Rob Davis, Clyde
Cornelius Flag
Hester Ann Parcher
Rob Davis & wife, Henrietta, of Clyde Twp; William R. Goodwin, JP

21 May 1867, house of Richard Goodwin, Clyde Twp
William H. Brown, Port Huron
Mary Ann Horton, Clyde Twp
Richard Goodwin & George Horton, of Clyde; William R. Goodwin, JP

1 June 1867, Memphis
George Ferns, 24, Almont
Susan Clark, 24, Berlin Twp
Charles M. Eaton & Hattie B. Benson; William Benson, Minister

21 April 1867, Mussey
Henry Aman, 28, Mussey
Wilhelmina Jagel, 24, Mussey Twp
Charles Mindt & William Hartwig; C. Roehm, Minister

11 June 1867, Memphis
Arthur Tappen Smith, 25, Memphis
Mille M. Merrich, 18, Memphis
Henry C. Mansfield & John Mansfield, of Memphis; William Benson, Minister

14 May 1867, St. Clair
John Duker, 23, St. Clair
Agnes Wolf, 19, St. Clair
Peter Fosbinder & Eugenia Wolf, both of St. Clair; Rev. John Reichenback

26 May 1867, Clyde Twp
Adam Summerer, 26, Clyde
Ellen A. Henres, 26, St. Clair
Clara E. Huling & D.R. Smith, both of Clyde; Daniel Smith, JP

26 Jan 1867, Port Huorn
Cornelius Carroll, 32, Emmett
Emily Hyde, 26, Emmett
Edward Atkinson, of Port Huron & Elizabeth Cuttle, of St. Clair; L. Kilroy, Catholic Missioner

14 Jan 1867, Kenockee Twp
Martin Stapleton, 29, Kenockee
Mary Dunnigan, 28, Emmett
James Dunnigan & Elizabeth Kennedy?, both of Emmett Twp; L. Kilroy, Catholic Missioner

2 Feb 1867, Port Huron
James Weldon, 48, Brockway
Hanna McCallon, Greenwood
Daniel Sexton & Mary Ann McCallon, both of Greenwood; L. Kilroy, Catholic Missioner

30 April 1867, Columbus Twp
Cornelius O'Donnell, 24, Columbus Twp
Catherine Conaway, 20, Lenox, Macomb County
Thomas Conaway & Catherine Clancy, of Lenox, Macomb County; L. Kilroy, Catholic Missioner

13 May 1867, St. Mary's Church, Kenockee
James Kennedy, 22, Emmett
Elizabeth Kennedy, 19, Emmett
Lawrence Kennedy & Mary Kavanagh, both of Emmett; L. Kilroy, Catholic Missioner

6 June 1867, Emmett
Michael Shea, 40, Emmett
Bridget Shea, 50, Emmett
Maurice Brun & Honore Driscol, both of Emmett; L. Kilroy, Catholic Missioner

28 April 1867, East China
Lonie Weikenan, 23, Sombra, Lambton Co, Canada West
Ellen Mary Sprouse, 17, Sombra. Lambton Co, Canada West
Charles Goddard & Anna Jane Goddard, of Sombra, Canada West; P.A. Marshall, JP

5 June 1867, East China
Edward C. Recor, 22
Nancy J. Parsons, 20, East China
Deacon? William Parsons & Mr. D.R. Oakes, of China; D.C. Maybin, Minister

19 May 1867
Johann Hukle, 28, Port Huron
Elizabeth Stiebinge, 23, Port Huron
Philipp Eichhorn & Michael Hill; C. Cole?, Minister, Evangelical Church

16 Feb 1867, St. Clair County
Francis P. Phenix, 28, Columbus Twp
Elizabeth Catherman, 17, St. Clair Twp
Benjamin Derr & Rebecca Johnson, of St. Clair County; Josiah West, JP

30 May 1867, Port Huron
Michael Darcy, Brockway
Margaret A. Baiday, Portland, Maine
Elizabeth Hitchings & Ellen Hitchings, both of Port Huron; Rev. James S. Hoyt

22 May 1867, Port Huron
A.K. Conners, Esq., Port Huron
Julia A. Small, Port Huron
John Small & Isaac Small, both of Port Huron; Rev. James S. Hoyt

22 May 1867, Port Huron
G.W. Summerer?, 26, Port Huron
Catherine Baker, 22, Port Huron
James A. Minton & M. McKay, both of Port Huron; Rev. James S. Hoyt

10 April 1867, Port Huron
Charles E. Stover, 27, Port Huron
Rachel Carolina Parker, 24, Port Huron
Asa Larned & Christian G. Meesel, both of Port Huron; Rev. James S. Hoyt

9 April 1867, Port Huron
Joseph Bowers, 28, Port Huron
Frances Armstrong, 23, Port Huron
George M. Webster & William Sheutier, both of Port Huron; Rev. James S. Hoyt

21 March 1867, Port Huron
Leonard McTaggart, 31, Usburne, Canada
Mrs. Sara Willis, 38, Usburne, Canada
Ira Osborn & Mrs. Martha Hoyt, both of Port Huron; Rev. James S. Hoyt

31 Jan 1867, Port Huron
Barnabus B. Austin, 42, Clyde
Mrs. Harriet Smith, 36, Port Huron
Samuel L. Beyce & Mrs. Amelia Servis, both of Port Huron; Rev. James S. Hoyt

27 Feb 1867, Port Huron
Anthony Easenan, 23, Bay City, Michigan
Adelade Eagan, 16, Petrolia, Canada
Edward Sloick? & Julia Eagan, both of Petrolia, Canada; H.L. Stevens, JP

11 April 1867, Port Huron
Albert S. Owen, 28, Redfield, Michigan
Elizabeth Thompson, 17, Petrolia, Canada West
John Beasley & Mary Ann Slayno, both of Petrolia, Canada West; H.L. Stevens, JP

6 May 1867, Brockway
Nathan B. Russel, 24, Kenockee
Elizabeth Martin, 19, Kenockee
Amos Fisher & Mary Fisher, both of Kenockee; Clark Washborne, JP

Unknown date
William Orr, 35, Cararlere/Caroden, Canada West
Eliza Sallmore/Sallgrove, 33, Cararlere/Caroden, Canada West
O'Brian J. Atkinson & John Long, both of Port Huron; John McNeil, JP

19 May 1867, Greenwood Twp
Nicholas Owen, 28, Greenwood
Margaret Vannorman, 15, Brockway
James O'Leary & Susan O'Leary, both of Kenockee; Patrick Fox, JP

6 June 1867, Port Huron
Dav Brown, 27, Buffalo, New York
Sarah Leggett, 23, Wyoming, Canada
A. Western & Margaret Weston, both of Wyoming, Canada West; Harmon L. Stephens, JP

9 June 1867, Brockway
Peter McDonald, 27, Brockway
Sarah Jane Williams, 23, Brockway
M. Brown & P. Bruce Brown, both of Brockway; David Brown, Minister & JP

9 June 1867, Port Huron
Edward Hall, 24, Port Huron
Irena Zimmarman [Zimmerman], 18, Port Huron
H.W. Stevens & Frederick Hirsch, both of Port Huron; H.L. Stevens, JP

10 June 1867, West China
John Lambrecht, 21, West China
Florendina Drimer, 20, West China
Gustavus Radike & Christina Radike; Henry Krill, Pastor (German), Methodist Episcopal Church

12 June 1867, Ruby
Dugald G. Gray, 35, Detroit
Jennie Beard, 21, Ruby
William C. Dodge & Mary Dodge, both of Ruby; J.B. Withey, Minister

15 June 1867, Marine City
Charles Berger, 45, West China
Mrs. Cathrine Bachman, 49, Detroit
Catherine Krill & Catherine Berger; Henry Krill, Pastor, German Methodist Episcopal Church

24 June 1867, Port Huron
Milers Newkirke, 22, Fort Gratiot
Mrs. Agness Calder, 29, Port Huron
Roderick Uquhart & Mrs. Mary Green, of Fort Gratiot; H.L. Stevens, JP

3 July 1867, Port Huron
Julius Truesdale, 23, Stateline Town, New York
Elizabeth C. Slack, 23, Petrolia, Canada West
Harmon W. Stevens, of Port Huron & Robert E. Slack, of Petrolia, Canada West; Harmon L. Stephens, JP

1 Aug 1867, Port Huron
Thomas Conner, 25, Avon, New York
Elizabeth Stewart, 19, Woodstock, Canada
Murdock McDonald, of Beverly, Canada & Julia Morreson, of Canada; H.L. Stevens, JP

1 March 1867, Port Huron
William McKenny, Greenwood
Margaret Young, Greenwood
Mrs. Henrietta A. Sheer & Mrs. C.W. Robinson; William H. Sheer, Minister, Methodist Episcopal Church

4 March 1867, Port Huron
Antoine Desnoyer, Kimball
Nancy Maria Brooks, Kimball
Mrs. H.A. Sheer & Mrs. C.W. Robinson; William H. Sheer, Minister, Methodist Episcopal Church

19 March 1867, Port Huron
Thomas Conway, Oil Springs, Canada West
Elisa Wilson Ganday, Oil Springs, Canada West
Mrs. H.A. Sheer & Harriet Wright; William H. Sheer, Minister, Methodist Episcopal Church

13 May 1867, Port Huron
William H. Smith, East Tawas
Clara A. Burton, Port Huron
M.N. Beesae & Mrs. H.A. Sheer; William H. Sheer, Minister, Methodist Episcopal Church

21 May 1867, Port Huron
Andrew Laing, Gratiot
Ruth Dredge, Canada West
Mrs. H.A. Sheer & M.N. Bessae; William H. Sheer, Minister, Methodist Episcopal Church

4 July 1867, Port Huron
Wesley Campfield, Ruby
Mary Jane VanLuren, Grant
Henry James & Emily E. James; William H. Sheer, Minister, Methodist Episcopal Church

13 July 1867, Port Huron
Townsend Limburner, Gratiot
Alice M. Stevens, Gratiot
Dan R. Sheer & Harriet Wright; William H. Sheer, Minister, Methodist Episcopal Church

30 July 1867, Port Huron
James Compton, Port Huron
Harriett A. Howard, Port Huron
Mrs. H.A. Sheer & Harriett Wright; William H. Sheer, Minister, Methodist Episcopal Church

2 Aug 1867, Port Huron
John Lavien, Grand Rapids
Ann Jane Gallagher, St. Marys, Canada West
Mrs. Henrietta A. Sheer & Adeline Carver; William H. Sheer, Minister, Methodist Episcopal Church

3 Dec 1866, Port Huron
William Roberts, 22, Port Huron
Sarah Prince, 20, Oshawa, Canada West
John Neis & Theodore Krismeyer, both of Port Huron; Henry Herzogg, JP

26 May 1867, Riley
John C. Donaldson, 18, Richmond, Macomb County
Harriet E. Warner, 17, Riley
Isaiah Williams & Jane Ellis, both of Riley; George W. Chillson, JP

26 June 1867
Noah Bear, 21, Burnside, Lapeer County, b. Canada
Mary Einder, 18, Maple Valley, Sanilac County, b. Germany
Chawney Hayton & Magdelany Hayton, both of Burnside; Norman Sharp, JP

30 March 1867, Cottrelville
Thomas Collins, 29, Cottrelville
Sarah E. Field, 20, Cottrelville
John Harson, Mary Gaylord & Sarah Donaldson, all of Cottrelville; T. Donaldson, JP

29 Jan 1867, Marine [City]
John Dunn, 30, Sombra, Canada West
Hannah M. Kowan?, 18, Sombra, Canada West
Samuel Landon, Louisa Saph & Susan Tickner, all of Marine City; T. Donaldson, JP

17 Jan 1867, Marine [City]
Hugh McRay, 27, Wallaceburg, Canada West
Ellen Fallock, 17, Wallaceburg, Canada West
John McDonald & Rhoda Siddel, both of Wallaceburg, Canada West; T. Donaldson, JP

7 July 1866, Marine City
Lewis Paran, Marine Village
Mary L. Lipscomb, Marine Village
T. Donaldson, JP

21 March 1867, Graham house
Alonzo Loucks, 28, Gratiot
Eliza J. Davis, 28, Gratiot
Rice? Graham & Marion Graham; Nelson Gould, JP

22 Oct 1866, Fort Gratiot
Walter Slingerland, 48, Clyde
Anthay Jane Putman, 29, Clyde
Annie M. Clark & Allie Clark, both of Fort Gratiot; Alexander W. Clark, JP

27 May 1867, home of bride's father
Willis Humphrey, 27, Connecticut
Phebe P. St. Clair, 19, St. Clair
Dr. Palmer & A.C. King, both of St. Clair; Rev. W.P. Wastill, St. Clair Congregational Church

1 June 1867, home of bride's father
John Chamberlin, 24, China
Blanch Kenyon, 18, China
Riley Worden & Charles Recor, both of China; Rev. W.P. Wastill, St. Clair Congregational Church

3 Feb 1863, St. Clair
Charles Harger, 23, St. Clair
Latina Brazell, 21, Gordon Twp, Canada
S.Ck. Baner & Anton Muss, both of St. Clair; A.H. Baner

9 Jan 1866
John Hecke?, Port Huron
Mary Stein, St. Clair
? Stein & Mary Zimmer; F. Vander Bon, Catholic Priest

13 May 1867, Algonac
W.H. Stoddard, 26, Wayne County
Mary Ann Atwell, 19, Cottreville
John Atwell & Margaret Atwell, both of Algonac; Andrew Jamison, Minister

12 June 1867, Port Huron
John Kilgore, 21, Wales
Lucinda Vanderlip, 19, Wales
Williams Sanders & Thomas McNeil, both of Port Huron; Michael McArron, JP

Sept 1865, Marine City
George Cumming, 30, Marine City
Mary Jane Hake, 21, Marine City
William ? & Mary ?, both of Marine City; V.A. Saph, JP

15 Oct 1865, Marine City
Daniel Lovejoy, 19, Cottrellville
Eliza J. Williams, 18, Cottrellville
John Williams & ? Baldwin, both of Cottrellville; V.A. Saph, JP

21 Oct 1865, Marine City
William C. Smith, 25, Wallaceburg, Canada
Mary Vincent, 20, Wallaceburg, Canada
George L. Vincent & Eliza Smith, both of Wallaceburg, Canada; V.A. Saph, JP

20 Oct 1866
William G. Kiddle, 23, Algonac
Susannah Bradshaw, 17, Cottrellville
Warren Bradshaw & J.? Bradshaw, both of Cottrellville; V.A. Saph, JP

30 Oct 1865, Marine City
John Pool, 30, Wallaceburg, Canada
Elizabeth Hookt/Hookth, 22, Wallaceburg, Canada
Paul Cook & Margaret Hookt/Hookth; V.A. Saph, JP

11 Nov 1865, Marine City
Andrew Lonsaw, 34, Sombra, Canada West
Mary Thomas, 18, Sombra, Canada West
Patrick Carwand & Lewis Dubai, both of Marine City; V.A. Saph, JP

6 Dec 1865
Ira Sturdevant, 56, Sombra, Canada West
Emma Salsbury, 36, Sombra, Canada West
William Selman & Gillas E. Saph; V.A. Saph, JP

1 Jan 1866
George I./J. Geary, 21, Cottrellville
Susan Hiller, 17, Cottrellville
F.F. Horton & Thomas Rutledge, both of Marine City; V.A. Saph, JP

16 Jan 1866
Nathan Thomkins, 23, Canada West
Elizabeth Iaqus?, 21, Canada West
? Thomkins & Florence Haskings, both of Canada West; V.A. Saph, JP

4 July 1867, Fair Haven
Joachim Burmeister, 30, Casco
Anna Hossmann, 34, Casco
David Drigaw & John Peters, both of Casco; J.G. Hahn, Pastor

7 July 1867, Port Huron
James Thompson, Point Edward, Canada
Alicia Reynolds, Point Edward, Canada
Euphemia Holder & Daniel Holder, both of Point Edward, Canada; Rev. James Hoyt

10 July 1867, Berlin
Philip Short, 27, Armada, Macomb County
Angeline V. Wolman, 21, Armada, Macomb County
Mary J. McCrossen & Frank P. McCrossen; M.P. Angell, Minister

21 July 1867, Casco
John Johnson, 26, Casco
Caroline Mau, 27, Casco
August Fetting & Frederick Johns, both of Casco; J.G. Hahn, Minister

29 July 1867, Port Huron
Peter McMartin, Port Huron
Maria Anne Gamble, Port Huron
? McMartin & Cecilia Gamble, both of Port Huron; James G. Hoyt, Minister

3 Aug 1867, Casco
Henry Cars, 24, Ira
Anna Berlin, 24, Ira
Charles Falgerts & Frederick Johnson, of Clay; J.G. Hahn, Minister

3 Aug 1867, Memphis
John Huffman, 25, Riley
Emily Sherrett, 16, Richmond, Macomb County
Frederick Oliver & William Sherrett, both of Memphis

3 Feb 1866
Adam Lornicker, 30, St. Clair
Maria Weng, 26, St. Clair
George Metzger & Barbara Metzger, both of St. Clair; D.D. O'dell, JP

21 Feb 1866, St. Clair
Samuel McAe, 25, Canada
Maria Bainbridge, 16, Canada
A.R. Stowel & John Bainbridge; D.D. O'dell, JP

3 March 1866, St. Clair
Abram Cummings, 33, St. Clair
Armina Rivard, 22, St. Clair
Sarah E. Parsons & Artlica Smith; D.D. O'dell, JP

8 March 1866, St. Clair
John Renick, 21, St. Clair
Amanda Leach, 18, St. Clair
Charles Leach & William Leach; D.D. O'dell, JP

21 April 1866, St. Clair
Harrison Stuart, 25, St. Clair
Hulda A. Hill, 16, St. Clair
William Stuart & Jennie Hill; D.D. O'dell, JP

14 May 1866, St. Clair
William D. Seaburn, 46, St. Clair
Jessie Cole, 24, St. Clair
James Cryderman & Sophia Cryderman; D.D. O'dell, JP

21 May 1866, St. Clair
Joseph Laffery, 24, St. Clair
Barbara Metzger, 23, St. Clair
James Duchane & Rickey Hiersch; D.D. O'dell, JP

20 Aug 1866, St. Clair
Thomas Ryan, 22, St. Clair
Lucetta C. Black, 19, St. Clair
Ellen Devine & Mary Devine; D.D. O'dell, JP

25 Aug 1866, St. Clair
Alex Anderson, 22, Marine City
Mary McCamm, 17, Marine City
H.P. Wands & R.B. Ross; D.D. O'dell, JP

26 Sept 1866, St. Clair
William Mason, 25, St. Clair
Nancy Burnside, 23, St. Clair
A.L. Padfield & John Mason; D.D. O'dell, JP

7 Dec 1866, St. Clair
Charles T. O'Dell, 30, St. Clair
Sarah E. Voice, 15, St. Clair
Thomas Riddle & Eliza Voice; D.D. O'dell, JP

23 Dec 1866, St. Clair
Francis A. Fick, 22, Port Huron
Catherine Fisher, 18, Port Huron
William Trusdail & M. Pool; D.D. O'dell, JP

24 Dec 1866, St. Clair
Bartlett T. Tison, 27, St. Clair
Fannie ?, 18, St. Clair
William G. Shephard & Nancy Clark; D.D. O'dell, JP

9 June 1867, St. Clair
Andrew Kitchen, 24, St. Clair
Rosetta Lerengood, 17, St. Clair
James Duchane & Anne Boyce; D.D. O'dell, JP

26 June 1867, St. Clair
Samuel Selman, 25, Canada
Sarah Ann Tunmore, 23, Canada
William H. Nicol & Charlotte Tunmore; D.D. O'dell, JP

26 June 1867, St. Clair
Samuel Spencer Bishop, 30, Canada West
Margaret Rebecca Tunmore, Canada West
William H. Nicol & Charlotte Tunmore; D.D. O'dell, JP

5 Aug 1867, St. Clair
Alfred Gouthier, 21, St. Clair
Sarah Yax, 18, St. Clair
Joseph Gouthier & Louisa Gouthier; D.D. O'dell, JP

10 April 1867, Port Huron
William Percival, 28, Port Huron
Elizabeth Bennett, 18, Port Huron
Patrick Flaherty & Catherine Morrissey; William Stowe, Pastor, Grace Church

31 May 1867, Kenockee
Luther Allen, 21, Kenockee
Emma Carles, 16, Kenockee
George Brown & Esther Brown, of Kenockee; Samuel Thomas, JP

29 July 1867, home of bride's father
James Walker, 23, Grant Twp
Elizabeth McKenzie, 17, Grant Twp
William McKenzie & Maria Walker; Donald McGregor, Baptist Minister

7 Aug 1867, Fort Gratiot
John Clark, 23, Gray, Canada
Catherine Buchanan, 21, Gray, Canada
John Wright & M.A. Wright, both of Port Huron; Rev. William Stowe, Grace Church

15 Aug 1867, Port Huron
Charles Brady, 23, Wyoming, Canada
Rhoda Shaw, 25, South Whold, Canada
A.E. Fhet? & Grace Stowe, both of Port Huron; Rev. William Stowe, Grace Church

22 May 1867, Algonac
Henry Street, 28, Algonac
Louisa Moore, 18, Algonac
Margaret Ritchie & Martha McGregor; Isaac Klein, JP

26 May 1867, Algonac
Peter Linear, 46, Macomb County
Maselo (Or)an Jacket, 32, Port Huron
Ann Parker & Sarah Klien, both of Algonac; Isaac Klien, JP

28 May 1867
James Linklater, 30, Kimball
Julia E. Root, 18, Kimball
Jannette Linklater & Jannette Tanner; E.H. Brener, JP

21 July 1867
Carl Frederick Wilhelm Behnke
Mrs. Anna Marie Heesch
R. Biedermann, Lutheran Church

11 June 1867, Clay
Charles Summerfield, 22, New Baltimore
Adaline Thompson, 19, New Baltimore
George Day & N.J. Geer; J.W. Geer, JP

2 July 1867
Richard Hayes, 22, Greenwood
Mary McDowell, 26, Greenwood
John A. Brien & Bridget McDowell, of Norwich, Canada West; L. Kilroy, Catholic Missioner

10 April 1867
Frederick Colburg, 27
Amanda Cadney, 21
W.H. Morgan & Julia A. Brown

1 Aug 1867, house of Henry Morgan
James Sterling, 21, Lynn
Lydia I. Morgan, 18, Lynn
A.C. Morgan & Sarah Holoback, both of Lynn; Henry Morgan, JP

19 Aug 1867
Michael Dunigan, 27, Emmet
Agnes Brogan, 26, Riley
James Dunigan & Catherine Brogan, of Emmet; L. Kilroy, Catholic Missioner

19 Aug 1867, Kenockee
John Trainor, 26, Greenwood
Elizabeth McKenny, 22, Greenwood
Richard McKenny & Mary Riley, both of Greenwood; L. Kilroy, Catholic Missioner

18 Aug 1867, Brockway
William Heath, 20, Greenwood, b. Riley Twp
Ema Barbera, 18, Greenwood
Lusina Shearer & Moriah Morgan, both of Brockway; Clark Washburne, JP

30 July 1867, Ruby
Roryl Hill, 21, Burchville
Mary Ann Sedgle, 18, Burchville
Lester Westover & Silas Green, both of Ruby; William W. Green, Minister

26 June 1867, Nathaniel Heath's house
Henry Menorman, 21, Greenwood
Abagal Hicks, Greenwood
Nathaniel Heath & Elizabeth Heath, both of Greenwood; William Green, Minister